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Mailing List Companies: List of Top Mailing List Brokers in USA

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mailing list companies usa

15 Best Mailing List Companies In USA: A Guide for 2024

As a marketer or business owner, you might have noticed that some of the most promising marketing campaigns you developed never achieved the desired results. Maybe you had the right message, the right offering, the right tools, and yet you fell short on results.

In most cases, the mailing list is the reason for such failures or subpar results. Even after spending ridiculous amounts of money on mailing lists, businesses may not get the desired results. Having validated contacts in your marketing list is not good enough if it doesn’t have the relevant target audience.

mailing list companies usa

Your marketing campaigns can only succeed if you pitch your marketing idea to the right people. Hence, choosing a reliable mailing list provider is vital before implementing your marketing campaigns. An ideal marketing list may include:

  • Targets relevant audience
  • Contains accurate and verified contact information
  • Constantly updates its database

Listed below are some of the US’s leading and most promising direct mailing list companies. We have also made it a point to highlight the most significant benefits of using each of these mailing list providers for your business. Take a closer look at these mailing list providers and compare them against your marketing requirements to determine the best fit for your business.

1. PostGrid – All-in-One solution for List Procurement, Designing, Mailing, Tracking & Automating

PostGrid tops the list of mailing companies in the USA for reasons beyond its extensive range of mailing lists. It offers a holistic solution that automates and optimizes the direct marketing process. It means you can

  • Get high-quality mailing lists
  • Personalize and print your mailers (You can even use the inbuilt templates)
  •  Send it to the target audience via USPS.

Target Anyone Anywhere

PostGrid offers a variety of direct mailing lists to its clients to target audiences based on specific needs. It offers four types of mailing lists to choose from, and they are:

  • High-Quality Main List: Enables you to target your ideal prospects based on unique requirements
  • Saturated Mail List: It targets the majority of addresses in specific ZIP or postal code
  • Targeted Mail List: You can use it to target defined groups or communities of the audience without blanketing the whole neighborhood
  • Retargeted Mail List: Retarget customers based on demographic, psychographic, or behavioristic characteristics. You can also combine it with digital marketing campaigns to overcome problems like cart abandonment and high bounce rates

Customized Mailing Lists And Mailers

With PostGrid, you can get a customized mailing list specifically made for your business. Furthermore, you can send personalized mailers to the addresses in the mailing list using the same tool. You can access PostGrid’s extensive templates for printing postcards, letters, and invoices.

Mailing Lists Verified Against USPS Address Database

One of the major offerings of PostGrid is its advanced address verification API. The API is SERP-certified which implies that it can access the official address database of the USPS. You can use the API for checking the validity of your address database or mailing list. In other words, you can use it to create a master mailing list that only contains quality address data by combining different lists.

Complete Automation

PostGrid is a one-stop destination for all your direct marketing needs. It lets you get a high-quality mailing list, design, personalize, and print your mailer, and finally deliver it via USPS. As a result, it makes the otherwise complex direct mail process simple for your business. You even get advanced tracking features and the convenience of managing your direct mail campaigns from a central hub.

2. LeadsPlease

LeadsPlease is one of the most popular mailing list services in the US. The mailing list provider is loved by its customers because they always deliver the mailing lists that they promise. In other words, you get what they tell you. Being reliable is always a huge plus when it comes to mailing lists.

Specialized Data Across Various Industries

One of the reasons LeadsPlease is such a popular choice for mailing lists is that they specialize across all industries. So, you can find a relevant mailing list for your business, whether you are in finance or healthcare or any other industry for that matter.

Large Amounts Of Consumer/Business Data

Another significant advantage of using LeadsPlease as your mailing list is the sheer volume of consumer/business data they provide.

LeadsPlease provides businesses access to a wide range of databases across numerous industry verticals. Hence, LeadsPlease is a good choice for businesses seeking quantity and quality.

Customizable Mailing Lists

LeadsPlease also provides customizable mailing lists to businesses. It can be a massive advantage for companies that target a specific audience. Better targeting your audience leads to better results for your marketing campaigns.

Avail In-House Print Services

The mailing list provider goes a step further by offering you print services. It means you can get your mailing list and print your marketing material from the same place. However, LeadsPlease is still primarily a mailing list company, and its print capabilities are minimal.

3. Caldwell List Company

Another one of the popular mailing list provider available in the market is the Caldwell List Company. Although they are not ideal for getting super fast mail lists, they are preferred by businesses for their extensive set of parameters for creating specialized lists.

Identify The Best Possible Mailing List.

Caldwell List Company has dedicated list managers who can directly help you identify your business’s best possible mailing lists. Although some may feel that talking to a representative in person or via phone is slightly inconvenient, the net result is worth the trouble.

Intent-Based Mailing Lists

Another significant advantage of mailing lists from Caldwell List Company is that you can get intent-based mailing lists. In other words, you can get reliable mailing lists based on the specific intentions of your direct mail campaign. They provide you with a mailing list based on your description of the direct mail campaign’s intent.

Customize Mailing Lists Based On Your Requirements

As you can guess, creating intent-based mailing lists for a business requires heavy customization. Luckily, Caldwell List Company can customize its mailing list based on the customer’s unique budget and geographic requirements.


As the name suggests, specializes in direct mail services, and providing quality mailing lists is a part of it. However, there are more reasons why is on our list of best mailing list providers.

Effective Blend Of Marketing Techniques And Tools

The quality of its mailing lists is not the main reason you should consider as your source for mailing lists. Don’t get us wrong. We are not implying that they don’t have a decent mailing list.

However, what makes it more attractive is the combination of marketing techniques and advanced tools. It enables business organizations to enhance the impact of their direct marketing efforts through advanced analytics capability and data quality.

9 Industry Specialities specializes in 9 specific industries that depend on direct mail as a primary marketing channel. The upside of this is that can provide high-quality, curated lists for select industries. However, if a business does not fall under one of the 9 industries, is not a viable option.

5. Conquest Graphics

Perhaps, the most attractive feature that Conquest Graphics has to offer its customers is its mailing list configurator. It allows you to customize the qualifiers for your mailing list based on your unique requirements.

As a result, you can get more relevant mailing lists, leading to better outcomes for your marketing campaigns.

Quality Customer Support 

One of the strong points of Conquest Graphics is its quality customer support. Its customer support is so good that you will face no problems even if you are entirely new to the mailing list acquisition process. The company offers support via web chat, email, phone, and more so their clients can choose the most convenient option.

Quality Data

Another advantage that tops the list for the mailing list provider is the quality of their data. Every mailing list provider claims they provide high-quality address data. However, Conquest Graphics is one of the few companies that are true to its words regarding data quality.

Mailing Lists Based On Geographic Target

One of the attractive features offered by Conquest Graphics is the mailing lists based on your geographic target. All you have to do is describe your direct mail marketing intentions and the geographic area you want to target. Conquest Graphics will generate a mailing list based on your specific requirements.

6. Melissa Data

Melissa Data is one of the US’s most convenient mailing list providers. It provides a convenient way for businesses to get a quality mailing list for their marketing campaigns and implement the same. In other words, it gives you access to all the direct mail tools you need for executing a direct marketing campaign.

Access To 15 Million Company Records

Melissa Data gives your business access to 15 million company records! Such extensive data enables you to widen your reach significantly and pitch your business to more relevant audiences. It makes Melissa Data an excellent choice for companies struggling with data scarcity.

Fully Customizable Selects

Another advantage of employing Melissa Data as your mailing list provider is its fully customizable selection. Customizing the selects enables you to narrow down the most desirable or relevant direct mail audience for your direct mail campaigns. In other words, it allows you to identify prospects more likely to purchase your product/service.

Deliverability Guarantee

Melissa Data is confident about the quality of the data they provide and they guarantee a 93% to 97% deliverability rate. As a result, you can avoid sending mailers to No-Stat or Inactive addresses, saving you valuable time and effort.

No-Stat or Inactive Addresses can affect your direct mail campaigns, draining your time and money badly.

7. Prospects Influential

You may have already heard of Prospects Influential and their free in-depth consultation. The company often uses its free consultation as a key selling point to prospective clients. Although the consultations are free, it is by no means short on quality. The company even has an expert team to conduct these consultations.

Hence, businesses can get valuable insights from these free consultations from Prospects Influential. It can help you build a variety of mailing lists such as:

  • Business lists
  • Consumer lists
  • Specialty lists

Prospects Influential can create these mailing lists from pre-existing templates or a custom list from their clients.

Expert Recommendations And Knowledgeable Insights

Prospects Influential is one of the best direct mailing list companies for your business if you want expert recommendations and helpful insights. It allows you to deal directly with a list broker over the phone or in person. As long as you are not adamant about having online interactions with the mailing list provider, Prospects Influential can work well for your business.

One-On-One Service

Many mailing companies in the USA provide similar mailing lists to all their customers. But, Prospects Influential takes a one-on-one approach which ensures your mailing lists are created specifically for your needs.

Hence, they can present vendors with mailing lists based on their specific requirements. Furthermore, Prospects Influential uses multiple sources for creating mailing lists instead of a single database. As a result, the companies get access to a much wider database of prospective customers.

8. List Giant

LISTGIANT is one of the top mailing list companies in the US. It offers one of the most informative websites among the mailing list companies listed here. Furthermore, you can also notice that the whole layout makes the visitor take their time to explore their website and learn about mailing lists.

24/7 Access To Mailing List Tools

LISTGIANT allows its clients to access their mailing list tools anytime they want. The mailing list tools include list creation and review tools, which means that you can create a mailing list whenever inspiration strikes.

High Customization And Parameter Setting Capability

Like most of the mailing lists we have discussed so far, LISTGIANT also supports superior customization capability. However, their parameter setting power is worth mentioning. It allows you to select multiple advanced parameters for your mailing lists for more accurate targeting of your direct mail campaigns.

Free Trials

LISTGIANT offers a free trial that allows you to try out their list-building portal. It is an effective way for businesses to feel the tool and see how it works. Hence, companies get a chance to check whether the tool lives up to their expectations and make an informed decision.

9. Experian

Experian is a mailing list provider with established operations in over 40 countries. It is one of the biggest mail list providers in the US, including international mailing lists. Furthermore, Experian has more than 2 decades of experience delivering high-quality mailing lists for campaigns.

Extensive Data Source

Experian has one of the largest data sources of the mailing list companies listed here. It includes a whopping 245 million consumers and more than 32 million businesses. Furthermore, it also has other proprietary data assets and insights that can significantly help your direct marketing campaigns.

Understand Your Target Better

By combining your marketing data analytics with Experian’s internal customer data, you can better understand your target audience. You can identify your audience’s key characteristics and buying behaviors across different channels or mediums.

Categorize Your Prospective Customers

You can leverage Experian’s marketing data sources for categorizing your prospective customers based on the most profitable audience. Additionally, it will help you improve the cost-effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and drive fresh leads to your business.

10. Thomson Data

Thomson Data is among the best mailing list providers in the US for business marketing. The company is so good at what they do that they have often created a trend that even their competitors and market leaders started following them.

Leading Data Experts and Market Analysts

Many businesses often choose Thomson Data for their marketing needs because of their data experts and market analysts. Their team of experts is famous for creating top-notch marketing databases. The company even appends and cleanses your existing database based on unique requirements.

50 Million Verified Contact Records

The company boasts of having a massive 50 million verified contact records. As you can imagine, there are many verified contact details for creating highly-targeted marketing campaigns. You can either buy a mailing list or enhance your existing lists with the help of a mailing list provider like Thomson Data.

Regular Contact Detail Updates 

Thomson Data regularly updates its mailing database to ensure that it has accurate information at all times. Usually, these updates happen every 60 days. Furthermore, the company also ensures that all their data are compliant with the anti-spam laws.

11. Zoominfo

Zoominfo is a leading database brand with almost 20 years of experience offering reliable mailing lists to its clients. It helps marketers and business owners reach out to the decision-makers of various business organizations.

Complete Professional And Company Profiles

One of the advantages of using Zoominfo is that they provide you with a detailed profile of the professionals and companies. The target’s detailed profile generally includes valuable data such as:

  • Verified email addresses.
  • Direct-dial business phone number.
  • Mobile numbers.
  • Job Responsibilities
  • Employee/revenue growth of the company.

Buyer Intent Engine

Another aspect that makes Zoominfo stand out among the best mailing list companies is its Buyer Intent Engine. The company claims it can capture real-time buying habits or signals from prospective companies. It is possible by researching relevant topics and keywords associated with the clients and their products/services.

Third-Party Data Partners

Zoominfo partners up with several third-party data providers. It enables Zoominfo to create detailed profiles for relevant professionals and companies in their mailing lists. Furthermore, it also uses reliable public information, including the latest M&A, government feed updates, and even social media.

12. D&B Hoovers

D&B Hoovers is somewhat of a classic business research company in the US. The origin of the company dates way back to the 90s, and it has thrived through some radical technological changes over time. Most marketers trust Hoovers for their mailing lists as it is a subsidiary brand of Dun and Bradstreet.

Enormous Database

D&B Hoovers is famous for its enormous database. It has a database of over 85 million companies! Hence, it is no surprise that numerous B2B companies prefer D&B Hoovers for an accurate mailing list. However, that is not all. Their database also consists of 100 million users! Therefore, it is an ideal option for retail businesses too.

Industry-Specific Databases

Sometimes, it can be painstaking for businesses to get in touch with the industry’s top executives. D&B Hoovers offers one of the most extensive collections of industry-specific mailing lists. Hence, it plays a crucial role for many companies to reach the right audience.

Common Data Foundation

D&B Hoovers believe that silos are a strict no-no for data. It helps your business to have a common data foundation from which you can get a shared view of the three main components of your database:

  • Customers
  • Partners
  • Suppliers

13. Mail Prospects

One of the strong points of Mail Prospects as a mailing list provider is their incredible research team. The company works around the clock to serve its precious customers. It is a relatively new company compared to many others on this list. However, in the short span since its inception, Mail Prospects has already established itself as a reliable source for high-profile business contacts.

High-Quality, High-Profile Business Contacts

Mail Prospects is top-rated for their high-profile business contacts. It enables B2B companies to pitch their products/services directly to the decision-makers of reputed enterprises across the country. Furthermore, Mail Prospects ensures all their contacts are of top quality at all times.

Verified And Regularly Updated Mailing Lists

A crucial advantage of using Mail Prospects as your mailing list provider is that its mailing lists are verified. Hence, you can ensure minimal return mail and avoid any unnecessary losses in direct mail campaigns. Additionally, the provider regularly updates its mailing list so that its high-quality mailing does not lose its quality.

Well-Segmented, Custom-Built, And Responsive

The customers of Mail Prospects often agree that it provides well-segmented mailing lists. It also lets businesses access custom-built mailing lists created explicitly for the customer’s unique needs. More importantly, the provider is responsive whenever its customers need any help regarding the mailing lists.

14. Data Axle USA

Data Axle USA, originally called InfoUSA, is one of the best mailing list providers for businesses to get highly targeted direct mail lists. The mailing lists from Data Axle USA include additional details of the recipient, such as their phone numbers.

Curate Your Direct Mail’s Design And Message

Data Axle USA has a creative team to help businesses curate their direct mail message. It also offers to design unique illustrations and templates. You can even print and deliver the mailers directly through Data Axle USA.

Reliable Data Sources

Data Axle USA uses several different sources for creating high-quality mailing lists for businesses. Primarily they compile the necessary data from a variety of public authorities. Furthermore, mailing lists often undergo constant updates to ensure the accuracy of the data.

Quality Customer Care

It is not worth having a mailing list provider unless they provide quality customer service. Many data providers often fail in this aspect but not Data Axle USA. Their customer service team is always ready to help you build your business’s most relevant mailing list.

15. Blue Mail Media

Blue Mail Media was quick to establish itself as a mailing data provider brand from its inception in 2002. The company gives prime importance to the accuracy and deliverability of its mailing list data. Furthermore, the company ensures quality service across more than 50 countries globally.

B2B Marketing Experts 

Blue Mail Media is particularly popular for its expertise in the B2B market. The company is among the few top b2b mailing list companies with a team of skilled B2B marketing experts.

You can rely on Blue Mail Media for pretty much anything from researching B2B customers to prospecting them.

Impressive Data Hygiene

One of the things that Blue Mail Media is especially good at regarding their mailing lists is data hygiene. Every piece of data in their mailing list is appended and cleaned regularly to ensure the best quality of their lists.

Extensive Details Of The Customers

The mailing list from Blue Mail Media includes more than just the name and address of the audience. You can access a variety of data of the contacts in the mailing list, such as the following:

  • Email address
  • Social media account
  • Phone number
  • Fax and more

The variety of data available in the mailing list can even help you develop and implement an omnichannel marketing campaign for your business.

PostGrid for powerful features, minimum efforts

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How To Ensure You Get Quality Mailing Lists For Your Business?

Every company has its unique marketing requirements, and it can change drastically across different industry verticals. However, certain aspects are common to all mailing lists, and you can use them to ensure that you have top-notch mailing lists. Listed below are four steps for ensuring the reliability of your mailing list provider.

Step 1: Defining Your Target Audience

Every business marketing campaign needs to have a well-defined target audience. It is the most fundamental thing you need to know before strategizing your marketing efforts. Furthermore, a business can have more than one target audience based on the type of products or services it sells.

However, it might not be suitable to take the same marketing approach or strategy for a different audience. Even the marketing channel you use can vary significantly based on your target audience. Hence, make sure that the mailing list brokers you consider allow you to define your target audience freely.

Step 2: Picking Your Mailing Strategy 

Before implementing a direct mail campaign for your business, you need to develop an effective mailing strategy. Find out what mailing list technique can work best for maximizing your reach to a specific target audience.

Some of the primary considerations while selecting a suitable mailing list for your business are the following:

  • Your budget
  • Your timeline
  • Short and long-term campaign goals

Saturation mailing and targeted mailing are two of the most popular choices for direct mail campaigns. The former is relatively less expensive but also has a lower response rate. On the other hand, targeted mailing lists get you more quality leads but are often more costly. Make sure that the listserv companies you are considering allow you to choose your mailing strategy.

Step 3: Segmentation Of Your Mailing Lists

The next thing you should do is check whether the mailing list companies you are considering allow the segmentation of mailing lists. Segmentation is a vital part of creating successful marketing campaigns for your business. It enables you to provide more relevant offers to your customers based on their needs.

In other words, you can focus your marketing efforts on a closely- defined group of people. Some of the standard segmentations you can try for marketing your business includes the following:

  • Geographic
  • Demographic
  • Behavioral
  • Psychographic

Step 4: Testing Your Mailing Lists

Before picking a mailing list provider for your business, you must take the final step to test their list. Most established mailing list providers such as PostGrid offers a free trial or demo. Use the trial or demo from the mailing list company to check whether they meet your expectations.

A few elements you can consider when testing out the mailing lists are:

  • Segmentation
  • Formatting
  • Offers/Pricing
  • Creative Elements

The points above give you an idea of what you should check during the testing phase. Ensure that you consider all your unique business requirements before testing your mailing list. Furthermore, you should also consider other factors such as budget and time contractions during this phase.

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Mailing Lists can potentially decide how well or how bad your marketing campaigns go. It is, therefore, necessary to choose from the top mailing list companies to ensure the best results for your business. However, with so many mailing list providers in the US, it can be challenging to choose one from them.

Above, we have discussed all the major companies you can consider for getting your mailing lists. PostGrid is the clear winner when it comes to providing high-quality mailing lists for your direct mail campaigns.

As a mailing list provider, PostGrid goes way beyond providing an accurate mailing list for business organizations. It gives businesses an end-to-end solution for all their direct mail marketing needs. You can get quality mailing lists and send personalized mailers to the people on the list, all from one central hub.

The SERP-certified software solution from PostGrid allows you to validate the deliverability of your addresses. Furthermore, as all your direct mail processes are carried out over a central hub, you get more control over the campaigns.

Using a single direct mail solution significantly reduces the cost of running direct mail campaigns. Add the fully automated direct mail capability to the mix, and you have a clear winner from the list of best mailing list providers.

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