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address verification software

Verify Addresses Across US, Canada & 245+ Countries using
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Capture the right address every time. 245+ Countries Covered.
Get Accurate Global Address Data Everytime.


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Address Verification & Validation Software

Verify addresses across 245+ countries instantly using platform or API. Get tens of thousands of addresses verified in seconds. It’s easy, simple, and automates the verifying process. Verify using our tool or REST API.

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Real-time Address Verification & Address Validation Software

Our top real-time address validation software checks all the existing and upcoming addresses in your database and matches them with the address details available in the official postal service provider’s data. An address validation system service verifies if a customer’s address is listed with major shipping carriers or not. The address verification process is generally used by eCommerce stores to reduce checkout errors, boosting conversion rates throughout the process.

The Address Verification System is a tool that allows merchants to verify the billing address provided by the clients or customers. It also adds up to the security when talking about customers with credit card accounts to avoid fraud. With the help of our address verification software, you can check tens of thousands of addresses’ accuracy in seconds and ensure that the other data entering your system is correct and complete. So, next time you send any mailpieces to these addresses, you know that your money or resources are not going to waste, including the number of lost and returned direct mail will reduce significantly.

Let’s find out how the wrong address details impact your business growth.

How Do Wrong Addresses Cost Your Business in General?

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Lost Sales Opportunities

When you send your mailer to the wrong address, the person who is meant to serve may not be able to receive the provision you offered in it. Chances are that the person was willing to go ahead with that offer, hence you missed a clear-cut sales opportunity here. Plus, if there are a number of wrong addresses in your database, the cost of lost sales opportunities multiplies tremendously. Eventually, this practice will cost you a lot of business.

Loss of Money

You may not realize it, but sending your direct mail to the addresses will cost you per month just for the postal address verification services. The mailers will return and sometimes you’ll need to reship them because of some general typo in the address provided.

Additionally, if we talk about marketing direct mail, the wrong addresses will not only cost you the shipping fees but also the printing and personalizing costs. So, technically, one simple mistake can cost you significantly a lot of business growth and money.

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Annoyed Prospects and Customers

You may think about how much a mistake can cost. In business, let us assure you—a lot. If you keep sending irrelevant offers or discounts to your unrelated prospects or customers because of a simple typo, they may get frustrated. And this frustration may result in them opting out of your services or never buying from you again. Hence, you lost some of the customers for life. And that’s a huge loss to the business. Especially when you know you’re sending thousands, if not millions, of direct mail regularly.

Loss of Resources

Have you ever noticed, that apart from money, a tremendous amount of physical and human resources are involved in direct mail marketing? When you mail a significant amount of mailpieces to the wrong or incomplete addresses, not just the money, the sales, and networking opportunities, but also the resources involved suffer a considerable loss. However, it can be avoided with the best address validation service tool, like PostGrid.

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Ruined Brand Image

When you send mailers to the wrong addresses or with typos on them mentioned on the mailpiece envelope, you may face significant problems. The first problem is that direct mail is not only about marketing, but you use it to send letters too, and sometimes they may contain sensitive information in them.

Mailing such reports to the wrong address may get you in serious trouble, and the customers probably wouldn’t be willing to do more business with you. The second thing to note is that if you mail your prospects or clients with a typo in their names or addresses, they might think you’re not a professional, which may hurt your brand reputation.

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Benefits of Address Verification Software

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Minimized Number of Returned Direct Mail

With real-time address validation software in place, you can significantly reduce the number of returned or lost mail. Depending on the software and its limitations, you can increase your savings significantly. As PostGrid not only lookups up addresses using API, corrects the wrong addresses and makes sure that none of them is incomplete, it also removes the duplicate addresses from your system or list. This way, you can save money you’d otherwise spend on direct mail delivered multiple times.

Save Time, Money, and Resources

With an automated system in place, you can avoid almost all the manual tasks and save the cost of labor, time, and other resources.

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Reduced Turnaround Time

With the addresses provided to the official postal services in the right format, you can decrease the delivery time by one to two days. Plus, with PostGrid, you can verify multiple addresses in seconds, and eventually be done with tasks in minutes that would have otherwise taken days.

Scalable Services

If you keep scaling your direct mail marketing and expect to go from 1000 to 1M+ direct mail, you need software that can – check your addresses. This way, you have a vast yet targeted audience. With PostGrid, it’s possible.

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Boost to Brand Reputation

You can expect strategic sales, marketing, and timely deliveries by implementing our address verification software. All this will improve your customer satisfaction and boost your brand presence. Customers are the key determiner of the success of your business. A good reputation will bring more customers and easily retain existing ones. 

Improvement in Marketing Outcomes

Boost your marketing strategies by unleashing the power of real-time address verification. It would help you reach the right potential lead with appropriate marketing messages. Accurate address data will improve the effectiveness of your advertising plan.

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Build a High-Quality Address Database

An address verification software will cleanse incorrect or poorly formatted addresses from your database. Features like real-time validation can automatically detect missing address information, such as street name, apartment number, postal code, etc. Your address database will always remain up-to-date and free from incorrect addresses. Ultimately, your customer database will only have high-quality data for business operations.

Key Insights to Customer Behavior

A reliable address verification software like PostGrid gives you vital insights into customer demographics. This data can be crucial for making crucial marketing and business decisions. When you choose our API, you get precise and consistent address information to understand your customer base.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Get an accurate picture of your customer demographics with high-quality, precise, and consistent address information.

It lets you serve your customer base better and tend to their requirements. PostGrid’s address verification software helps you get accurate data on demographics, enabling marketing personalization.

Identify Households

Ensure address standardization and eliminate the cost and effort of mailing promotional materials to wrong or non-existent addresses.

You can cross-check all mailing lists before mailing. Thus, your customers get the correct correspondence on time, streamlining your operations and avoiding confusion.

Improve Data Quality

Reduce manual labor, boost data quality, and optimize business processes with automatic address verification technology. Access high-quality data at your fingertips to make quick business decisions, conduct marketing campaigns, and more.

PostGrid’s address verification software and API allow organizations to cross-check mailing lists, add missing details, and enhance databases. It lets them get ahead of the competition by taking advantage of opportunities and conducting effective acquisition and retention programs.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Ensure that the addresses across all databases follow a standardized format, such as the USPS address format. Such standardization allows businesses to find customer records faster and mail promotional, compliance, and other items without trouble. Also, it improves your data management activities, ensuring your system only has organized records your staff can use whenever needed.

Understand your customer base in terms of households and run targeted campaigns to pitch relatable service offerings.

How Does Address Verification Software Work?

Sending direct mail to the wrong address blows away all of your chances of increasing sales, building relationships with prospects, or maybe nurturing the networks with clients or customers.

Plus, all the money, resources, and time that goes into processing these also go in vain for no reason. Besides that, a simple typing error, spelling mistake, or formatting mistake can also affect your brand’s reputation. Hence, it’s essential to keep the correct data in your database and watch for incorrect or incomplete data entering your system.

All of these problems can be solved when you have perfect address verification software, like PostGrid, in place. We’ve elaborated on the process of how an address verification software works in a few simple steps.

  • It checks the addresses at the point of entry to keep your database from the wrong addresses.
  • If you already have a list of addresses in your system, you can simply integrate it with the tool, fetch the data, and get them checked within seconds with the United States’ standard postal services.
  • The tool standardizes all the addresses according to the local country format.
  • It parses the addresses into its components using lexicons and rules.
  • It checks and informs you about the delivery status of each address separately.
  • Eventually, you have a clean database, and all of your mailers reach the exact right location, where they should be delivered.

Features of Our Address Verification Tool

Bulk Data Analysis

The software can also analyze and match the data in bulk. You can check tens of thousands of addresses with an address verification tool in seconds. Hence, save time and resources and still get the mail delivered to the right locations.

Delivery Point Verification

Get the delivery status of each address in your database and ensure timely mail shipment to the correct address and double your sales chances. With the help of this feature, it becomes significantly easier for you to determine whether the mailer you’re trying to send will reach its final destination or not and whether the chances of the errors have been reduced.

Matching Technology

Eliminate all the duplicate addresses from your database, so you can print and mail faster. It helps you reduce the money, time, and resources wasted on the mail sent multiple times.

Address Validation

Collect only accurate data by integrating the PostGrid address validation service API in your system. Each time your customers type an address, they’ll get standard verified addresses to fill in space. It reduces the time they spend on filling in the details and gives them the feel of you being a legitimate company in the business for years.


Save your customers’ time with PostGrid’s autocomplete address feature and quickly get them to the signup button. It helps to take the customers, prospects, or potential clients to reach the final call to action as quickly as possible. And along with that, it also helps in making the process easier for them.

Accurate Data

The address accuracy software tool matches the data available or entering your system through standard postal services data, and hence, provides you with the best data for your mailers.

Address Parsing

Get each address into its different component, viz., address line 1, address line 2, street, city, state, and zip code.

Data Cleansing

Complete the CRM integration with PostGrid and get rid of the misinformation and gaps from the fetched data. Use our bulk address validation tool to verify your addresses in a CSV file.


This time-saving tool can help you get all the captured addresses in the standard US postal address format.

Legitimate Data Analysis

The software also verifies the other data like users’ phone numbers, IP addresses, email addresses, and further details along with the shipping addresses. After this analysis, it instantly lets you know if the data that the particular user is providing is risk-free and legitimate or not. Eventually, it saves you from spam too.

CASS & SERP Certified

Stop spending money and resources on lost and duplicate direct mails. Yes, we have 100% accurate CASS & SERP Certified addresses in our system.

Rapid Data Verification

Get thousands of addresses verified in seconds with PostGrid, and save tons of hours of tedious work.

Low Cost with High Returns

Unlike our close competitors, we provide tens of thousands of address verification at a very affordable price. And with reduced misspending, you gain 30% more in revenue.

24-Hour Customer Support

Our support team is available 24 hours a day. If you ever get stuck anywhere in the process, you can dial our toll-free number, and we’ll get in touch with you instantly.

International/Global Address Verification

We also provide international/global address verification of more than 245+ countries globally. Sign Up to test our API.

Routing Information

Get additional information from your addresses instead of just ensuring accuracy and standardization. PostGrid's address verification software provides extra details on zip code and delivery route information. This data can be handy for optimizing shipping logistics and delivery routes. You can save a lot of transit costs by avoiding lengthy and inefficient directions.

Customizable Dashboard

Customize your entire address verification dashboard when you use PostGrid's API. It enables you to view and manage address verification activities with ease. Users simplify their workflows with customization options and achieve better results. 

Global Geocoding

Get pinpoint locations of users with accurate coordinates (latitude and longitude) by using our address verification software. It can geolocate addresses for over 245 regions and territories.

Address Component Searching

Search any address by entering its components, such as street name, postal code, etc. It gives you a quick method of finding and verifying addresses on the go. Users get more convenience while entering their addresses into your systems. 

USPS and Canada Post Discounts

Most postal organizations, including Canada Post and USPS, offer postal discounts when you verify your mailing addresses beforehand.

You can use PostGrid’s address verification software to standardize and validate addresses and claim bulk discounts on most shipments. It is among the best ways to save money on shipping expenses and take a streamlined approach to fulfilling orders.

Also, it benefits businesses that send marketing, compliance, and other correspondence via the post.

Easy-to-Use Dashboard

Simplify your address verification tasks by using our customizable and easy-to-use dashboard.

PostGrid lets you keep your preferred features at your fingertips, facilitating address standardization, bulk verification, and geocoding. You can also use the dashboard to check past API requests, payments, contacts, etc.

Residential Delivery Indicator

Known as RDI, the Residential Delivery Indicator is a handy data tool provided by the United States Postal Service (USPS). It informs you whether a specific address is residential or commercial, which is crucial information for those shipping packages.

This distinction is significant because private shipping companies often charge higher prices to deliver to residential addresses. Some may even impose fees if you mistakenly label an address, such as marking it as a business when it's a residential one.

RDI works seamlessly with Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) certified address validation software, such as PostGrid's USPS address verification tool. This integration allows us to fetch data from USPS, aiding in formatting, correcting, and organizing your address lists.

For instance, if you use PostGrid's CASS-certified address verification tools, you can access RDI tools and datasets, ensuring accurate and efficient address management.


SuiteLink helps enhance business addresses by incorporating secondary location information, primarily suite details. This addition is invaluable for optimizing USPS delivery sequencing in scenarios where it is otherwise challenging.

Records must undergo the CASS Certified ZIP+4 address matching software to identify suitable candidates for SuiteLink processing.

This innovative feature addresses the intricacies of business addresses, especially those in high-rise structures. SuiteLink ensures a more precise and efficient delivery process for postal services by appending relevant suite information.

PostGrid's address verification software offers the SuiteLink tool where conventional methods might fall short. It enhances the accuracy and completeness of address data to facilitate seamless USPS delivery sequencing.

The synergy between CASS Certified ZIP+4 and SuiteLink is impeccable, offering a comprehensive solution for businesses aiming to optimize their address data and ensure successful delivery operations.

ZIP+4 Codes

The ZIP+4 verification software meticulously confirms addresses in the United States down to their USPS 9-digit ZIP code.

When engaging in address verification utilizing ZIP+4, users gain the ability to locate an address within a few blocks. Although many individuals are not familiar with their ZIP+4, PostGrid automatically appends the ZIP+4 to every recognized address. This proactive approach ensures smooth delivery processes, saving time and money.

ZIP+4 verification software operates seamlessly on both the front and back end. On the front end, the ZIP + 4 integrates seamlessly upon entering the address.

Simultaneously, with back-end address correction software, the ZIP + 4 is either added or corrected for all existing addresses. This dual functionality enhances accuracy and completeness in address data, contributing to a more efficient and cost-effective delivery experience.

Use Cases of an Address Verification Software

The primary use of the address validation services tool is to ensure that the data entering your system is correct, free from errors, complete, and exists. Besides that, it also checks for the other details and keeps the spam from entering your database, similarly, you can also check the already registered addresses in your system for accuracy. The software will analyze and match all the addresses with the standard data available in your country’s postal services.

Here’s what businesses can use address validation services for:

E-commerce Sites

All e-commerce sites need to deliver products to a number of addresses on a daily basis. And sending the mailers regularly to the wrong shipping addresses can cause them way too much money, and eventually decrease their returns. Hence, address verification software is essential for these companies to not only maintain profit but also to gain high returns.

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Most businesses start to sell – the products available in their stores – online and offer shipping options to their customers for convenience. However – in an era of online payment – delayed delivery or sending the packages to the wrong address may ruin the stores’ reputation and cause business loss. That’s why most such companies contact us to get PostGrid for verifying the addresses in their database.

The Third-Party Logistics

Some 3PL companies – that contract with the online brands and other product selling businesses for shipping their products – usually take address verification software like PostGrid. These services help them serve their clients better with minimum returns.

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Short-term Rental Homes Service Sites

Most of the time, when a new user lists their property on a site like this, it becomes necessary to confirm the location to prevent the end-user from getting lost or having difficulty finding the homes. It’s especially essential for users opting to pre-book homes or hotels. Top address verification software tools like PostGrid help businesses gain the trust of their customers by providing them with accurate data.

Credit Check Services

Banks or other financial services companies – which are not directly related to shipping mailpieces – can benefit from the address validation services like PostGrid for saving money. To connect the people offering and needing a loan, the companies require a credit check. And despite the accuracy of the data provided, they need to get the job done. That’s why PostGrid offers address accuracy verification services for a wide variety of businesses. It helps avoid misspending.

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Nonprofit Organizations

These entities can verify the mailing addresses of their potential and existing donors with the help of our address verification software. It helps them improve their communication strategies and targeting with fundraiser campaigns. Nonprofit organizations often have limited budgets for marketing. The effective use of PostGrid's API ensures deliverability and reduces return mail for marketers to lower campaign costs.

Government Authorities

Confirm mailing addresses for official documents and correspondence with faster and more reliable address verification software. Citizens can ensure compliance requirements for their address accuracy. At the same time, government authorities get the peace of mind that only intended recipients receive the mail pieces. 

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Financial Services

PostGrid’s address verification software enables financial services companies to capture and manage valid client information. It ensures high satisfaction, fraud detection, acquisition, and retention.

These companies need the address verification solution to manage incorrect, duplicate, and incomplete location details that result in regulatory infractions.

Also, establishing completeness and accuracy becomes difficult when financial institutions expand to omnichannel experiences. PostGrid ensures all data from online and offline sources are updated, standardized, and verified!


Companies in the telecommunications industry often talk to customers and require their mailing addresses. They must speak on calls, answer queries, send the necessary correspondence, and perform more tasks within minutes.

Thus, address verification software comes in handy for customer care executives.

Otherwise, it might slow down the reps and compel them to waste time asking customers to repeat their addresses and cross-check the data. Also, it can hamper productivity and lead to employee frustration.

Inaccurate customer details can affect customer satisfaction negatively because reps would have difficulty finding the correct records.

Educational Institutes

Schools, colleges, and universities must reach the correct people to boost admission rates. The increasing competition needs them to engage more candidates and advertise themselves.

However, incorrect and unorganized data keeps them from organizing profitable marketing campaigns. Since educational organizations need data from networking events, tours, admission drives, and donation efforts, they need address verification software.

It lets them validate students and their parents’ mailing addresses, helping them send promotional direct mail.

Also, valid records allow educational institutions to send admission forms, registration documents, pamphlets, report cards, etc., to the correct delivery addresses.


Healthcare professionals and organizations handle vast patient records. They need a HIPAA-compliant solution to validate these details and store accurate databases.

Accurate data allows them to maintain HIPAA compliance and establish operational efficiency. It also helps them send medical documents, like diagnostic reports, statements, discharge summaries, consent forms, etc., to the patients on time.

PostGrid’s address verification software allows healthcare businesses to deduplicate data records and match patient entries for streamlined operations.

Common Challenges with Address Verification Software

Every address verification software focuses on eliminating incorrect information. However, accuracy and inconsistency are the biggest hurdles for professionals and brands. It becomes harder to standardize addresses since different countries have different address systems.

The complications increase further when you consider that some states and cities don’t have an official address system. A trustworthy solution is necessary to ensure the legitimacy of the address data. It must consider official databases like USPS, Canada Post, Royal Mail, etc.

Some people in some areas still need to become more familiar with streets and addresses. They live in areas with no particular names or numbers. Only landmarks can be handy for people to inform vendors about their location.

E-commerce businesses will find this the most challenging scenario while dealing with address data. International deliveries are a big headache with this inconvenience.

Why is Integration Vital for an Address Verification Software?

Almost every business uses an existing tech stack, CRM, marketing automation tool, etc. An address verification software without integration could be a critical reason for inefficiency, unproductivity, and poor operations. PostGrid address verification API can integrate easily with multiple software programs to enhance address capture's precision, efficiency, and convenience.

You don't need extensive effort or time to integrate our API with your web forms, CRM systems, payment gateways, or e-commerce platforms. Our solution reads correctly and stores customer information securely to save you from hassle and incorrect entries.

Apart from this software, PostGrid's API can also integrate with enterprise resource planning software, accounting apps, shipping/logistics solutions, and email marketing tools. The zero-code integration makes it simple for professionals and business owners to access address verification tools from their existing system.

They don't have to spend time learning coding to facilitate integration. It allows professionals to manage customer information automatically without much manual effort.

PostGrid’s address verification software and API do not need extensive time or effort to connect with your CRM systems, forms, eCommerce stores, or payment gateways. Our services save you from daunting processes and invalid entries by correctly capturing and verifying customer information.

Also, PostGrid’s API integrates with many accounting apps, shipping platforms, enterprise resource planning software (ERPs), email marketing, and other tools.

You can benefit from the zero-code and native integrations because it simplifies adding verification features to existing systems and incorporating the address checker into the workflows.

Professionals and businesses require integrations to smoothen the process and use address verification without dedicating hours to it.

They require solutions that don’t demand them to put effort into coding to simplify integrations. Thus, PostGrid helps companies integrate our software or API into their systems without technical expertise.

Since most businesses have an existing tech stack or marketing automation CRMs, it makes sense to make integrations hassle-free. Otherwise, it can lead to poor operations, inefficiency, and unproductivity. PostGrid address verification software can integrate with many applications to improve efficiency, address capture precision, and convenience.

How to Select the Right Address Verification Tool for Your Business?

Choosing the appropriate address verification software depends on many factors, such as cost, accuracy, convenience, integration capabilities, and more. Market research, noting features, and drawing comparisons are vital to finding the most suitable solution for your business. Here are some tips you can consider;

Create a List of Your Requirements

Users must define their preferences and needs before searching for the ideal address verification solutions. The first list must have the product’s basic needs, like cross-checking addresses, CASS certification, etc. Its primary aim is to understand different choices and how well they suit the brand’s requirements.

Then, companies can shortlist the required features and add other solutions, like geocoding, DPV validation, etc.

It allows them to filter the best choices and invest in the best.

Consider the Implementation Cost

After all, it is your hard-earned money, so it must be a noteworthy investment. The cost is the most critical factor to consider while investing in address verification software. An affordable solution is a must, especially when looking for a long-term solution. However, don't only look for budget-friendly software but also a solution that fulfills your business needs. It would be advisable to get something that provides flexible pricing options.


Have an open-ended conversation with vendors about your requirements and ask about the prices in the first meeting.

Many companies offer bulk discounts on large-volume plans. However, you can start small with a free or a low-volume plan to test the features. Also, you might remove or add features to negotiate prices and get better opinions.

How Accurate is the Solution?

Only a few address verification software provide high accuracy by cross-checking with multiple data sources. The solution must verify information with official databases like USPS, Canada Post, Royal Mail, etc. Only ensuring that an address exists doesn't mean it matches with other data of a user. Looking for a solution that runs multiple checks before providing results would be advisable.

Ease of Use

There's no point in spending hours learning how to verify addresses with the software. A user-friendly and easy-to-use tool will save you time and investment in training your team. There should be a dedicated dashboard for every option to verify addresses in real time without any learning curve.

Compatibility with Existing Systems

Your choice of address verification software should provide easy integration with your existing system. Look for a solution that gives compatibility with the maximum number of tech stacks, CRM software, accounting software, marketing automation tools, logistics software, etc. It would ensure that your workflows will be streamlined and efficient.

Data Security

You cannot trust anyone with your vital customer data. If you ignore this, you are inviting potential malicious attacks and even legal consequences. Ensure your address verification software provider maintains regulatory compliance and hosts data on secure servers. It would protect your customer information from fraud and identity theft.


When investing in address verification software, look for solutions that provide consistent availability and performance. Look for reviews and customer testimonials to determine the reliability of the software. If you are getting poor availability and performance, it is a sign of upcoming problems.

Automation Capabilities

Manual verification of address takes a lot of time and effort. Businesses often don't have the time or additional staff for a manual process. An address verification software must provide automation features to smoothen the verification flow and keep costs low. It will also decrease your waiting time for verifying addresses and obtaining customer information.

Get Demos

Product or service demos allow buyers to compare two or more choices from the ones they shortlisted. Only a few address verification software might fit their preferences. Thus, getting demos can be an excellent step to make final decisions.

Also, please test products with similar use cases.

It’s advisable to test the products with the same use cases. During demos, buyers should closely scrutinize the user experience and usability of the product and check whether the product features function as advertised.

Geolocation Capabilities with PostGrid

The address verification API by PostGrid also provides geolocation capabilities to pinpoint addresses on the map. Businesses can use this data for identifying geographic patterns, managing customer data, analyzing address data, personalizing services based on location, etc. You can obtain the corresponding coordinates (longitude and latitude) for each address from your database. It could be a remarkable feature to avoid fraud and delivery issues. Get confidence in each location from your lists.

Location verification software utilizes either real-time location data or the user's current IP address, cross-checking it against an IP database to verify if their location aligns with the address provided during onboarding.

Most users typically create accounts and make significant purchases from familiar and trusted locations, such as their home or workplace. Consequently, their geolocation closely matches or approximates the address they input. Nonetheless, discrepancies may arise if a user is outside these trusted locations during the address verification process.

PostGrid also offers reverse geocoding – converting geographical coordinates into readable addresses. Businesses can use it for data mapping, location-based advertising, and other purposes.

Why Consider Investing in Address Verification?

As a business, you cannot undermine the value of reliable customer data. High-quality address data management should always have a top priority in your organization. Accurate address data is necessary for fulfilling orders, delivering marketing messages, receiving timely payments, and more. 

Vital address data can be missing or incorrect at the data collection point. It can lead to massive errors and confusion among your team. Even if you collect data correctly, the quality of this data may change over time. It will help if you stay updated with the latest address changes. 

The Negative Impact of Bad Address Data 

  • Increased material and packaging costs: An unreliable and inaccurate address database means increased return mail. You must invest more resources into material and packaging for redelivery attempts. 
  • Loss of Time and Higher Labor Costs: Bad address data makes you spend more time correcting and assigning more professionals to resolve discrepancies. Time and resources are vital for any business. 
  • Increase in Mailing and Shipping Costs: When you attempt deliveries in undeliverable addresses, you pay unnecessary mailing and shipping costs. Poor address data can extensively deplete your resources and provide no results. 
  • Cash Flow Problems Due to Late or Non-Existing Payments: The incorrect or improperly formatted addresses can lead to receiving payments and cash flow issues. 
  • Negative Impression: Delayed or lost packages are a big turn-off for customers of any business. Poor address data can be a significant contributor to this problem.   

Three Elements of PostGrid Address Verification Software 

The address verification process can take place in two steps;

  • Upfront
  • Referential

An address verified is “upfront” when your customer fills in location information in a search field. Our API rectifies any problems with incorrect inputs or missing data during the search. The real-time verification feature prevents users from entering incorrect information with autocomplete suggestions.


The address verification process operates retroactively, known as “referential” validation technology. It occurs when a user enters an address, and the system cross-checks the data against postal information databases. This feature serves businesses in various ways:

  • Cleansing
    The API diligently corrects typographical errors or inaccuracies in address data. It ensures every address in the database is accurate and error-free.
  • Standardization
    The address verification software ensures that input data aligns with the address format requirements of the respective postal service (USPS, Canada Post, Royal Mail, etc.). It formats the address using appropriate abbreviations.
  • Supplementing
    When necessary, the address verification tool adds missing components to the address data provided by the user. It saves time for both the user and the business.

What is the Difference Between Address Verification and Address Validation? 

PostGrid's address verification API goes beyond standard validation of the existence of addresses. It gives you confirmation on whether or not an address is correct and deliverable by comparing it against official databases and third-party sources. The software will even fix addresses whenever necessary to optimize your address database. 

PostGrid with Superior Data Enrichment 

We help businesses with data enrichment to get third-party data for addresses and geolocations. It enables them to understand demographics, firmographics, or risk-related information. This information can allow you to make data-driven decisions for superior customer engagement, predictive analytics, and risk assessment.

The Impact of Address Verification Software on Sales

E-commerce and retail businesses must consider collecting accurate shipping addresses. Every customer expects the smoothest experience and faster delivery times. The moment a customer complete their purchase, they anticipate getting their package as soon as possible. 

Address verification software provides corrections in real time based on official databases. This way, your packages are always deliverable to the right customer. When you validate the delivery point, your business can increase conversions, enhance customer experience, and reduce delivery failures. 

Reasons to Get PostGrid Address Verification Software 

  • Huge Coverage: Our software lets you verify addresses across US, Canada, and covers over 245 countries, regions and territories worldwide. It can increase the reach of your business and its expansion plans. 
  • Cost-Effective: We provide cost-effective, flexible pricing plans that help businesses implement superior address verification software without breaking the bank. 
  • Get Postal Discounts: When you use our software, you can also expect to get postal discounts for your bulk mail consignments. 
  • High Accuracy: PostGrid uses official databases of USPS, Canada Post, Royal Mail, and other third-party data sources to provide the most accurate address verification results. 
  • Dedicated Customer Support: If you have concerns or are stuck using our software, our dedicated team of customer executives will help you. We are available 24/7 to help our clients.

Our Comprehensive Offerings

PostGrid’s address validation service includes a powerful restful API for parsing, standardizing, verifying, cleansing, and formatting address content. A simple integration automatically adds all missing address elements by comparing them with the most recent datasets. Below is the list of our offerings:

  • A best-in-class data parsing engine and data sets on global locations
  • Avail discounts on mailing lists and services by qualifying for postal discounts
  • Reduce the cost of returned mail by validating and correcting customer address data
  • Datasets from more than 245 countries are available
  • Processes up to 3 million addresses per hour
  • Improves Data Quality

How to Use Our Address Verification API

With PostGrid address verification API, you can check any number of addresses either in bulk or at the point of entry within milliseconds. It cleans up all the invalid, and incorrect data and fills the information gaps. Here’s how to use it, explained in a few simple steps:

  • Create an account on PostGrid
  • Log in and open the PostGrid dashboard
  • Secure your account by adding trusted domains only
  • Click on setting → Addresses → Copy your API keys
  • Paste the API URL in your browser

Once you’ve followed the steps described above, you’ll get a successful API call. If you face any difficulty in the process or you’re unable to get a successful call, you can contact us or check our FAQs page.

Why Do You Need PostGrid for Address Correction Services?

  • Reduced Mailing Costs: Save time and money by avoiding mailing marketing materials to wrong or incorrect addresses
  • Target Correct Households: Run targeted marketing campaigns to pitch relatable services to your customer base based on their households
  • Enhanced Operational Productivity: Using address validation technology, you can streamline your workflow while improving data quality and optimizing business processes
  • Customer Loyalty: Faster delivery can boost brand perception and increase customer loyalty by improving mailing accuracy
  • Customer PainPoint Identification: Getting high-quality, precise, and consistent address information will provide you with an accurate picture of your customer demographics
  • Address Standardization: Ensure that all databases contain addresses and are standardized in the same format following the USPS mailing standards

Address Validation Service: What Will You Get?

Get the correct address using the leading solution for validating, editing, and standardizing international addresses. Avail of the following as a part of your address validation services:

  • Easy Integration: You don’t have to learn or manage a new system to integrate PostGrid’s Address Verification API with any application
  • Enriched & Data-Driven Values: Geocoding, demographic, lifestyle, and socioeconomic data can enrich your address data
  • Certified Address Correction: With PostGrid, you earn mailing discounts when verifying addresses in certified mode from different countries
  • Auto-Complete: PostGrid’s restful API automatically completes addresses with just a few keystrokes

PostGrid Takes Care of Your Complete Address Validation Cycle

  • Import/Upload: Integrate and upload data from different sources
  • Data Profiling: Get instant data quality reports and automate data quality checks
  • Cleansing/Correcting Addresses: Perform various operations on datasets to standardize and transform them
  • Address Matching: Perform data matching on datasets with industry-standard algorithms
  • Deduplication & Correction: Preserve data uniqueness by eliminating duplicate values and records
  • Merge & Purge: Make the most of your data by configuring merge and survivorship rules

Overcoming the Hurdles Related to Address Correction

  • CASS- Certified Address Validation: All addresses are verified and ensured as per postal standards. Using standard address API, you can qualify for significant postal discounts. Business addresses and rural addresses are included. Furthermore, PostGrid allows you to add additional data elements, including names of counties, time zones, etc.
  • Change of Address Updation & Processing: The NCOA technology enables the Move Update Module to implement change-of-address modifications for individuals, families, and businesses before your mail enters the stream. It is available for 18 months and 48 months as per the NCOA standards
  • Postal Presorting: There is strong support for First Class, Enhanced Carrier Routes, Periodicals, and EDDM/Walk Sequence/EDDM Sorting in PostGrid. Embedded Intelligent Mail barcodes function on postcards, envelopes, trays, and packages
  • Mailing List Management: Save your time by uploading CSV files or mailing lists before sending direct mail to save time and money. With PostGrid software, you can manage your mailing lists with offerings like Custom Dupe-Detection, Merge or Purge, and more
  • Postal Forms & Analytical Reports: The PostGrid program generates all required postal forms and receptacle tags that include CASS Certificates, Qualification Reports, Mailing Statements, and much more. You can create your own customized reports and track your progress
  • Package or Postal Processing: Parcel jobs are electronically verified by PostGrid software through the USPS’s Shipping Manifest file. Now send packages, parcels, and a lot more without worrying about the hustles

Top Address Verification Software

Address validation software online aims to validate, parse, correct, and standardize the residential and corporate mailing addresses and the related data.

Additionally, address verification software online is related to data quality software from a functional standpoint. However, it differs from the same as it focuses on location data and relies on authoritative data sources for address verification. It makes it distinct from data quality software.

Here is the list of the top 7 Address verification software online:

  1. PostGrid Address Verification
  2. Melissa Clean Suite
  3. Informatica – Data Quality & Governance Cloud
  4. WinPure Clean & Match
  5. Smarty
  6. DataMatch
  7. Loqate – Address Capture & Verification

Our Service Enhancements For Address Validation

Top-Notch Data Quality: PostGrid performs address validation against the world’s best address databases to ensure that their delivery addresses are accurate and complete. Our address data comes from a range of sources, including the United States Postal Service, Canada Post, Australia Post, UK’s Royal Mail, and many others.

Global Delivery Network & Coverage: Due to the wide variety of international postal address formats and alignments, it can be difficult to produce clean international addresses. More than 245 countries and territories continually change their languages, scripts, and address formats. We make it easy for you to verify addresses using PostGrid.

PostGrid For Address Correction: Fuzzy Error Prevention

At PostGrid, our intelligent fuzzy matching capability is the best on the market. We correct misspellings, complete abbreviations, and fill in the missing information. Below is what we deal with:

  • Spelling Errors: Our address verification tool can understand what you meant to write even if you do not know the spelling of words or accidentally hit the wrong key. Additionally, this can be extremely useful for internal systems where addresses are taken over the phone and spelled differently than the way they sound.
  • Switched or Misplaced Words: Typists are notorious for switching adjacent letters in words, as in Raod (Road) and Mian (Main). This is detected by our tool, and we can help you understand what your user wants. PostGrid’s address validation service will help you find your address even with missing words and letters.
  • Abbreviations or Nicknames: Our Restful API can even identify the correct address if words are shortened, using abbreviations – such as Blvd for Boulevard, or if you use familiar, regional names, even if the suburb has been absorbed into the city’s jurisdiction.
  • Dealing with Extra Space: Street names and places can be confusing because they can be made of one or two words, or maybe they’re hyphenated. Despite unclear spacing or accidental additions of too many spaces between words, our address correction or verification API locates the address.

PostGrid: Our Workings to Correct Address

We also help you validate incoming postal addresses in real time using our address API. Occasionally, customers forget to enter their apartment number or misspell their street name.

When you integrate address verification API, our servers check the customer’s information against the US Postal Service’s or the Canadian Postal Service’s database. The user will be prompted to try again if the information is incomplete or inaccurate. By doing so, you will be able to effectively move packages since you will only accept valid contact credentials.

Our checkpoints are as below:

  • PostGrid’s address checker can successfully verify both US and Canadian postal addresses in real-time or via batch upload
  • We have an intuitive platform that automatically corrects a minor misspelling when it is made and does not interrupt the end-user
  • By simply collecting the street address and zip code, you can speed up the registration process. The city and state data will automatically fill in

Final Decision

Buyers can choose the best option based on the demo results. They must answer questions like—Does the software fulfill their needs? Is it within their budget?

These answers help make correct choices they can use for the long term.

Since users need to test duplicate entries and autocomplete features a few times, the demo is essential to give you an idea. Also, they can contact the vendor if they encounter features that don’t solve their problems or create complexities.

Luckily, PostGrid offers the lowest prices on address verification, enabling all businesses to benefit from this solution. Also, our customer support team is available 24/7 to assist you when integrating the software or using our services.

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