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Autocomplete, Verify, Validate, Lookup and Standardize addresses to local postal standards for better deliverability, up-to-date records, and eliminating return mail.


Benefits of
Address Verification Software

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Minimized Number of Returned Direct Mail

With address verification software in place, you can significantly reduce the number of returned or lost mail. Depending on the software and its limitations, you can increase your savings significantly. As PostGrid not only lookups up addresses using api, corrects the wrong addresses and makes sure that none of them is incomplete, it also removes the duplicate addresses from your system or list. This way, you can save money you’d otherwise spend on the direct mail delivered multiple times.

Save Time, Money, and Resources

With an automated system in place, you can avoid almost all the manual tasks and save the cost of labor, time, and other resources.

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Reduced Turnaround Time

With the addresses provided to the official postal services in the right format, you can decrease the delivery time by one to two days. Plus, with PostGrid, you can verify the multiple addresses in seconds, eventually be done with tasks in minutes that would have otherwise taken days.

Scalable Services

If you keep scaling your direct mail marketing and expect to go from 1000 to 1M+ direct mail, you need software that can – check your addresses. This way, you have a vast yet targeted audience. With PostGrid, it’s possible.

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How Does Address Verification Software Work?

Sending direct mail to the wrong address blows away all of your chances of increasing sales, building relationships with the prospects, or maybe nurturing the networks with clients or customers.

Plus, all the money, resources, and time that goes into processing these also go in vain for no reason. Besides that, a simple typing error, spelling mistake, or formatting mistake can also affect your brand’s reputation. Hence, it’s essential to keep the correct data in your database and watch for the incorrect or incomplete data entering your system.

All of these problems can be solved when you have perfect address verification software, like PostGrid, in place. We’ve elaborated on the process of how an address verification software works in a few simple steps.

  • It checks the addresses at the point of entry to keep your database from the wrong addresses.
  • If you already have a list of addresses in your system, you can simply integrate it with the tool, fetch the data, and get them checked within seconds with the United States’ standard postal services.
  • The tool standardizes all the addresses according to the local country format.
  • It parses the addresses into its components using lexicons and rules.
  • It checks and informs you about the delivery status of each address separately.
  • Eventually, you have a clean database and all of your mailers reach the exact right location, where they should be delivered.

Features of
Our Address Verification Tool

Bulk Data Analysis

The software can also analyze and match the data in bulk. You can check tens of thousands of addresses with an address verification tool in seconds. Hence, save time and resources and still get the mail delivered to the right locations.

Delivery Point Verification

Get the delivery status of each address in your database and ensure timely mail shipment to the correct address and double your sales chances. With the help of this feature, it becomes significantly easier for you to determine that the mailer you’re trying to send will reach its final destination or not and whether the chances of the errors have been reduced.

Matching Technology

Eliminate all the duplicate addresses from your database, so you can print and mail faster. It helps you reduce the money, time, and resources wasting on the mail sent multiple times.

Address Validation

Collect only accurate data by integrating the PostGrid address validation service API in your system. Each time your customers type an address, they’ll get standard verified addresses to fill in space. It reduces the time they spend on filling in the details and gives them the feel of you being a legitimate company in the business for years.


Save your customers’ time with PostGrid’s autocomplete address feature and quickly get them to the signup button. It helps to take the customers, prospects, or potential clients to reach the final call to action as quickly as possible. And along with that, it also helps in making the process easier for them.

Accurate Data

The tool matches the data available or entering your system through standard postal services data, and hence, provide you with the best data for your mailers.

Address Parsing

Get each address into its different component, viz., address line 1, address line 2, street, city, state, and zip code.

Data Cleansing

Complete the CRM integration with PostGrid and get rid of the misinformation and gaps from the fetched data. Use our bulk address validation tool to verify your addresses in a CSV file.


This time-saving tool can help you get all the captured addresses in the standard US postal address format.

Legitimate Data Analysis

The software also verifies the other data like users’ phone numbers, IP addresses, email addresses, and further details along with the shipping addresses. After this analysis, it instantly lets you know if the data that the particular user is providing is risk-free and legitimate or not. Eventually, it saves you from spam too.

CASS & SERP Certified

Stop spending money and resources on the lost and duplicate direct mails. Yes, we have 100% accurate CASS & SERP Certified addresses in our system.

Rapid Data Verification

Get thousands of addresses verified in seconds with PostGrid, and save tons of hours of tedious work.

Low Cost with High Returns

Unlike our close competitors, we provide tens of thousands of address verification at a very affordable price. And with reduced misspending, you gain 30% more in revenue.

24-Hour Customer Support

Our support team is available 24 hours a day. If you ever get stuck anywhere in the process, you can dial our toll-free number, and we’ll get in touch with you instantly.

International/Global Address Verification

We also provide international/global address verification of more than 245+ countries globally. Sign Up to test our API.

Use Cases of an Address Verification Software

The primary use of the address validation services tool is to ensure that the data entering your system is correct, free from errors, complete, and exists. Besides that, it also checks for the other details and keeps the spam from entering your database, similarly, you can also check the already registered addresses in your system for accuracy. The software will analyze and match all the addresses with the standard data available in your country’s postal services.

Here’s what businesses can use address verification services for:

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E-commerce Sites

All e-commerce sites need to deliver products to a number of addresses on a daily basis. And sending the mailers regularly to wrong shipping addresses can cause them way too much money, and eventually decrease their returns. Hence, address verification software is essential for these companies to not only maintain profit but also to gain high returns.


Most businesses start to sell – the products available in their stores – online and offer shipping options to their customers for convenience. However – in an era of online payment – delayed delivery or sending the packages to the wrong address may ruin the stores’ reputation and cause business loss. That’s why most such companies contact us to get PostGrid for verifying the addresses in their database.

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The Third-Party Logistics

Some 3PL companies – that contract with the online brands and other product selling businesses for shipping their products – usually take address verification services like PostGrid. These services help them serve their clients better with minimum returns.

Short-term Rental Homes Service Sites

Most of the time, when a new user lists their property on a site like this, it becomes necessary to confirm the location to prevent the end-user from getting lost or having difficulty in finding the homes. It’s especially essential for users opting to pre-book homes or hotels. Address verification tools like PostGrid help businesses gain the trust of their customers by providing them accurate data.

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Credit Check Services

Banks or other financial services companies – which are not directly related to shipping mailpieces – can benefit from the address verification services like PostGrid for saving money. To connect the people offering and needing a loan, the companies require a credit check. And despite the accuracy of the data provided, they need to get the job done. That’s why PostGrid offers address validation services for a wide variety of businesses. It helps avoid misspending.

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How to Use Our Address Verification API

With PostGrid address verification api, you can check any number of addresses either in bulk or at the point of entry within milliseconds. It cleans up all the invalid, incorrect data and fills the information gaps. Here’s how to use it, explained in a few simple steps:

  • Create an account on PostGrid
  • Login and open the PostGrid dashboard
  • Secure your account by adding trusted domains only
  • Click on setting → Addresses → Copy your API keys
  • Paste the API URL in your browser

Once you’ve followed the steps described above, you’ll get a successful API call. If you face any difficulty in the process or you’re unable to get the successful call, you can contact us or check our FAQs page.

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