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Integrated Direct Mail Campaign

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integrated direct mail marketing campaign

The Basics of Integrated Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

What do you notice when you consider the behavioral pattern of your prospects? Make a list of these patterns for proper audience segmentation and targeting. There is one common thing about everyone, which is that most of them are netizens. They are regular internet users and depend on online resources to make buying decisions.

integrated direct mail marketing campaign

With the growing use of digital media, marketers should reach out to prospects through online channels. This way, they can reach out to a broader audience.

But is it enough to reach prospects via online marketing channels?

With so many incoming emails and thousands of social media ads, people have become numb to the digital noise. Hence, it is time for marketers to use other approaches, and what is better than direct mail marketing? It offers you an opportunity to connect with prospects and form emotional bonds.

Direct mail marketing can work great in conjunction with digital marketing. It gives people a break from the digital clutter and makes them feel special. Moreover, this combination can increase your touchpoints to get more attention. Your prospects can get distracted easily, so you need solid marketing plans that can keep them hooked.

The best way to do that is by conducting integrated direct mail campaigns. There is no reason to keep yourself restricted to only one channel. You can combine different online channels or online and offline channels.

What Is Integrated Direct Mail Marketing?

Integrated marketing campaigns include marketing strategies that are combined and streamlined. They communicate the same message across different platforms to reinstate its importance. You can create a strong brand image, improve visibility, and generate more sales by offering a seamless customer journey.

Generally, integrated marketing combines online and offline marketing channels for better brand promotion. In the same way, integrated direct mail campaigns combine direct mail marketing with digital marketing. This approach makes direct mail more impactful and drives responses.

As of 2017, 52% of marketers use at least 3 or 4 marketing channels to promote their brand. Such statistics make it clear that integrated marketing is the new way to go. It can bring you more business and expand your customer base in the long run.

Why Should You Integrate Your Direct Mail Marketing Efforts?

Direct mail is one of the best offline marketing channels marketers can use. Though it was seen as expensive and hectic earlier, direct mail marketing can be an excellent source for lead generation.

Today, direct mail marketing is personalized, cost-effective, and targeted. You can effortlessly integrate it into a broader digital marketing campaign. Print and mail services can help you rely less on digital platforms like Facebook and Instagram to connect with your audience. There are many other benefits of direct mail, like tangibility and emotional appeal. It is also attention-grabbing and has a longer shelf-life.

However, digital media has its advantages. It has millions of users worldwide, helping you reach out to all your national and international customers by making a small investment. Low costs are one of the prime benefits of digital marketing. But, these costs can increase if you use many different channels simultaneously. It is better to draft a proper budget before getting started.

You can also conduct targeted digital media advertisements to increase responses. However, the downside is that many people scroll right through such display ads. As we can see, both direct mail and digital marketing have pros and cons. Therefore, it is wise to use them together and get better results.

Find below more reasons why you should integrate offline and online marketing:

Boost Brand Awareness and Reputation

It is no longer enough for customers to hear from you via one channel. They expect more, and it is your responsibility to fulfill their expectations.

The more marketing channels you use, the better your brand awareness. Repeated or recurring marketing helps people remember your brand well. Digital and direct mail integration can increase visibility and improve reputation.

Promote New Products and Services

You can use the direct mail and digital marketing combination to promote your brand’s offerings.

Print and mail letters explaining your product features and benefits. Simultaneously, run social media and email campaigns to reinstate your messages.

Integrating marketing channels allows you to promote your new products and services and create hype about them. This way, you are sure to communicate about your new launches to a larger audience.

Make Announcements

Often, brands need to make some announcements about upcoming events. It can be the opening of a new franchise or the introduction of a new partnership. Either way, you can announce these events via direct mail as well as digital marketing.

Print and mail postcards containing the details of such events. You can also run a simultaneous email drip campaign.

Increase Your Network

The best way to increase your network is to approach more people. Offline and online marketing integration helps you do just that.

Talk to your sales team and pull out a list of everyone you are trying to contact. If someone does not reply to your emails, send them a direct mail item along with those emails. Similarly, if someone does not pay heed to your direct mail, send them emails and start running social media ads for them.

Combining different channels gives you an upper hand, wherein you can connect with almost everyone on your list.

Provide an Integrated Customer Experience

As we discussed earlier, customers expect more. They want to see more of you so that they can make purchase-related decisions without any trouble.

Moreover, integrated direct mail campaigns help you provide a smooth customer journey. They also help in increasing satisfaction and retention levels.

Target and Personalize

Using digital direct mail services helps you personalize and customize your messages.

70% of customers already say that they find direct mail more personal than digital interactions. Imagine combining it with online marketing channels to personalize it even further.

Marketers can gather data from several online platforms to personalize direct mail pieces. Hence, you can target your prospects precisely and connect with them with the right message.

Attracting Millennials

70% of millennials are interested in direct mail items. They pay keen attention to them and also refer to them to make purchasing decisions.

If you wonder why integrated direct mail works, it is because it incentivizes your direct mail efforts. Direct mail appeals to people of all age groups. By using prospects’ online behavioral data, you can tailor your direct mail activities wisely.

This way, you can attract millennials even more and convince them to try out your brand.

Reduce Digital Fatigue

The immense use of online marketing channels creates digital fatigue among people. Their inboxes are overflowing, and there are tons of display ads on every social media platform.

But, direct mail is still welcomed with the same enthusiasm as it was in the earlier days. Marketers can leverage direct mail to reduce digital overuse and balance their strategies.

Target Non-Responders

No matter how much effort you put into your email marketing campaigns, there are always some people who never respond. In the same way, some people abandon their shopping carts or never use their discount coupons.

These non-responders and cart abandoners affect your conversion ratios. So, what can you do about them?

The best way is to send them personalized direct mail items with exciting offers. Include a clear CTA and also attach a deadline. Limited-time offers make a big difference and push people to act fast.

Best Ways to Use Integrated Direct Mail Campaigns

QR Codes and PURLs

Many marketers have started using direct mail campaigns to drive audiences to their online channels. For example, Motorola and Verizon joined hands to promote the upcoming NFL Super Bowl. They designed a direct mail campaign that guided prospects toward a landing page to buy the tickets.

The best way to do that is by using QR code marketing. Recipients can pull out their phones, scan these codes, and reach the page. It is time-saving and efficient.

QR codes use very little space. So, you can print them on your small-sized postcards. They can take your prospects to any online page you want them to visit. Some companies drive people to their Google Maps location, whereas some drive them to their digital catalog. Hence, QR codes are great for all situations.

There is another option that you can use — pURLs or personalized URLs. You can include the intended recipient’s name in this link to make it more appealing.

For example,

The reason why some marketers refrain from using pURLs is that recipients need to enter them manually. But, we cannot ignore the fact that seeing their name in a link is fascinating to most people, which is why pURLs remain popular.

QR codes and PURLs are excellent features to use with integrated direct mail campaigns. They also help you track campaign results.

Email Marketing

Direct mail vs. email is not a debate anymore. But, we cannot deny that direct mail marketing has surpassed email marketing in many ways.

Direct mail’s open rate is about 90%, whereas emails generate an open rate of only 20-30%. So, does that mean direct mail and email can work together?

Though direct mail performs better than email, it can do wonders when combined with email. The first thing that you should do after a direct mail marketing campaign is follow up via email. You can set up a drip campaign that automatically sends a thank-you message to respondents.

Or, conduct an email marketing campaign and then improve its impact with direct mail. Both ways are equally effective and can increase your ROI.

Online Loyalty Programs

If you have set up a loyalty program on your online store or website, integrated direct mail can help you promote the same.

Show your customers that they are special and you would like to give them a token of appreciation.

With PostGrid's direct mail API, you can print and mail postcards every time someone signs up for your loyalty program. You can also include details about the program in your direct mail items to make customers understand it better.

Social Media Marketing

Email and direct mail integration have become common these days. But, how about integrating social media marketing and direct mail?

Millions of people use social media daily, giving rise to a plethora of opportunities for your brand. Undoubtedly, people are tired of seeing social media ads. Hence, your best bet is to use social media marketing in conjunction with direct mail.

Most social media users may not be excited by a well-designed ad when they open Instagram or Pinterest. But, they may pay attention to it when you have already mailed them an item around the same product. Make sure to keep your messages consistent across all channels. It improves brand recognition.

Businesses can:

  • Generate hype about a direct mail offer via social media
  • Include their digital media links in direct mail items
  • Motivate people to post pictures of their direct mail items on social media with specific hashtags
  • Send direct mail to their loyal social media followers
  • Build more targeted mailing lists using social media analytics
  • Conduct cross-channel product launch events

Do’s and Don’ts of Digital and Direct Mail Integration

To integrate digital and direct mail marketing in the right way, you should take care of a couple of things. We have enlisted some do’s and don’ts below that will help you reduce limitations and maximize results.

Conduct More Than One Integrated Direct Mail Campaign

Digital direct mail is not a set-it-and-forget-it thing. Integrated marketing campaigns should be ongoing or recurring.

Most people respond after being contacted for the second or third time. Try to win their trust over time. Hence, no matter which channels you combine with direct mail, use a repetitive approach.

Don’t Overwhelm Your Prospects

Even though you should conduct repetitive campaigns, don’t overwhelm prospects.

Sending three emails per week to someone is never a good idea. Most of your emails will end up in spam and never get opened. In the same way, sending a lot of direct mail items faster to one address is not the right way to go.

You can spread your omnichannel campaigns across the year. Keep a gap of at least a month before every mailing.

Also, marketers should make a layered plan to push prospects ahead in the sales funnel. Firstly, introduce your brand and its products. Add value to them allow prospects to understand everything, and then start pitching offers and deals.

Always Add Offers

Every social media, email, and direct mail marketing campaign should have an exciting offer. You need to intrigue your audience and incentivize them to complete the CTA.

Use sentences like: Scan the QR code below to get a 20% discount

Use the hashtag #GoGreen to get exciting gifts

Such offers encourage people to act and fulfill the purpose of your campaign.

Don’t Hard Sell All the Time

Some businesses use an aggressive sales tone in every campaign. But you can scare off your prospects by doing that. Your aim is not to annoy someone and compel them to buy from you. Instead, focus on building credibility and trust. Use a soft tone in your first mailing. You can gradually update to a firm voice in your second or third interaction.

Focus On Your Mailing List Quality

Your mailing list quality matters a lot, and so do your email lists and social media audience. Make sure to improve the quality of these lists and keep them updated. They are the prime key to your campaign's success.

PostGrid’s address validation API can standardize and verify all your mailing addresses. It can also help you build high-quality lists from scratch.

Don’t Use More Than One Call to Action

Refrain from using too many CTAs for the same campaign as they can be confusing to people. Also, it can become hard to keep track of every response. Therefore, use only one CTA per campaign.

Maintain Consistency

It is not enough to only use the same brand logo and name. There is more to maintaining consistency while aligning your marketing strategies. Use the same tone, language, offers, and CTA. Also, try adding the same colors in every artwork to help people recall your ads from other channels.

Don’t forget to include your contact information so that prospects can reach out to you in case of any queries.

Don’t Reveal Everything

Your integrated marketing campaigns should create some mystery. For example, you can print a creative riddle on your envelope and ask people to open it up to find the answer. Create suspense as a way to keep prospects excited.

Try using sentences like:

  • Download this white paper to learn more
  • Create your free online account to unlock the coupon code


Integrated direct mail campaigns are the best way to connect with more people and increase sales. All companies should combine their marketing plans to achieve more results.

PostGrid direct mail software can assist you in all your direct mailing activities. It can also integrate with other platforms to help you conduct integrated marketing campaigns.

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