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Bulk Mailing: What Are Bulk Mail and Bulk Mailing Services

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Bulk Mail Service or Mass Mailing Services

Looking for Bulk Mailing Services? PostGrid's direct mail automation can help you send on-demand mass mails to your custom list (no limits to the contact list). Our bulk mail service platform is designed to send on-demand mails (letters, postcards, or checks) to one recipient or millions of recipients within a few minutes of designing or importing templates with our easy-to-use platform.

Here are the simple steps to send bulk mails using PostGrid:

Step 1: Sign up to our platform for free

Step 2: Upload your contact lists

Step 3: Design your template using our template editor or import your ready-made template

Step 4: Schedule your mail to be sent at a future date or you can send it anytime

Step 5: Attach your credit card or pay by ACH for high-volume orders

Note: We can offer the lowest per-piece pricing for high-volume bulk mails. Simply provide us with what rates you are getting from our competitors and we will offer you the lowest or lower rates by tapping into our network of commercial print partners across multiple countries.

What is Bulk Mail?

Bulk mail, also known as mass mail or bulk mailing, refers to the practice of sending a large number of physical mail pieces, such as letters, postcards, or self-mailers, to a large group of recipients all at once. This is typically done to promote a product, service, or event, or to communicate important information to a large audience.

Bulk mail can be sent through the postal system at discounted rates compared to standard postage. To qualify for these rates, the mail must meet certain requirements, such as being sent to a large number of addresses, using specific types of envelopes or boxes, and using certain types of sorting and addressing.

Bulk mail is sorted and delivered in bulk to the recipient addresses by the postal service. It is a cost-effective way to reach a large audience, but it can also be perceived as spam if the recipient has not explicitly agreed to receive the mail. As a result, it is important to follow best practices for bulk mail, including obtaining permission from recipients and using clear and accurate addressing and labeling.

send bulk mails

Bulk mailing or mass mailing is only for those businesses that mail out hundreds and thousands of direct mail items on a regular basis. They can avail themselves of the bulk mail rates in a number of ways, such as presorting and adding Intelligent Mail Barcodes (IMBs), which we shall discuss further. Many people refer to bulk mail as USPS marketing mail, but there are also many other types of mail that you can send in bulk.

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Benefits of Bulk Mailing

Lower Per-Piece Rates

One of the most important benefits of mass mailing services is low postage rates. Whenever you mail in large quantities, you are bound to receive highly discounted rates from the USPS. This, in turn, can save you a lot of money while conducting direct mail campaigns.

Bulk mailing reduces the cost per piece significantly. Therefore, you can spend more on designing and copywriting and still be able to avail yourself of lower per-piece rates. It is also one of the many reasons why businesses use bulk mailing services and conduct large-scale campaigns.

Demographics Targeting

It is easier to target certain demographics like age, income level, gender, location, marital status, etc. when you mail in bulk. For example, if you are a women’s wear boutique, you can target all the women in a particular town or city at once.

Bulk mailing allows you to target a complete market segment altogether. It can help businesses target better and advertise smartly. Such a combination of demographic targeting and bulk mailing campaigns can boost responses and drive conversions easily.


Marketers can be flexible enough to select any type of mailer format, such as postcards or oversized envelopes. You can print and mail in any number without any upper limit restrictions.

Easy Testing

Testing different direct mail items gets easier with bulk mailing. Companies can add several types of layout and color combinations and also test their offers, copy, and CTA, through bulk mailing. Since you have a large campaign size to work with, you can combine different designs and see what works best for your brand.

Positive ROI

Increased responses followed by an improved ROI can be accomplished by mailing in bulk. It allows you to cover a large audience at low bulk mail costs, thereby improving your ROI considerably.

Minimum Volume Requirements for Bulk Mailing Services

In order to qualify for bulk mailing, you need to meet the minimum volume requirements as stated by the USPS. It depends on the type of mail option selected. You can send out direct mail items that do not meet these requirements, but you can’t avail yourself of any bulk discounts in that case.

  • A minimum of 500 pieces are required for sending first-class mail.
  • At least 50 pounds or a minimum of 200 pieces of direct mail are required for sending USPS marketing mail.
  • A minimum of 200 pieces are required for sending Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM). There are no minimum requirements per ZIP code.
  • A minimum of 300 pieces are required for sending carrier route mail or presorted mail in bulk.
  • Please note that the minimum volume requirements should be fulfilled for every mailing campaign and are not dependent on the time period, such as monthly or yearly.

Types of Mail and How to Choose One for Mass Mailing

Direct mail marketers can send out postcards in huge quantities using bulk postcard printing and mailing solutions like PostGrid. For marketing purposes, personalized letters also make a great direct mail choice.


Postcards are small and compact. They can deliver your marketing messages accurately and efficiently. You can announce events, and product launches, invite members, promote your brand, thank customers, and conduct giveaways through postcards.

Postcard marketing is already a cost-effective option; mailing postcards in bulk to a targeted audience can help to get an excellent response rate. From small 4” x 6” postcards to oversized postcards, you can use them to stand out from the crowd and make an impact.

Using bulk postcard mailing solutions, marketers can create and conduct direct mail campaigns affordably and effortlessly.


Personalized letters are attention-grabbing and can fetch good business. Marketers can enclose them in oversize envelopes to further get the attention of their prospects. Customized envelopes are also eye-catching and appealing. Mass mail services can help you print and mail letters in bulk.

Once you are done selecting the type of direct mail, you have to select the mail option through which you will be sending out your direct mail pieces. The USPS provides marketers with several mailing options. You can select either one of these options that can best fit your bulk mailing needs. Commonly, mass mailing services offer three different types of mail options: first-class mail, marketing mail, and EDDM.

First Class Mail

If you are looking up “bulk mailing services near me,” make sure to also enquire about their first-class mailing solutions. First-class mail is an excellent option for sending direct mail pieces to any part of the country.

All first-class mail prices are flat rates depending on the weight of the mail. It doesn’t matter if you are sending something to a place that is 50 miles or 5,000 miles away. Postcards, letters, parcels, and flats that weigh under 13 ounces can be sent as first-class mail.

Marketing Mail

Normally, marketing mail, as the name suggests, is used to send out marketing materials such as newsletters, flyers, and circulars. If you know how to send bulk mail flyers, you can avail the benefits of marketing mail. It enables marketers to send mail weighing up to 16 ounces. International mail cannot be mailed as marketing mail.


EDDM is a great choice for small business owners, local restaurants, and realtors. It doesn’t require the marketer to have a mailing list as the USPS can cover an entire ZIP code or neighborhood for you. All you have to do is select your mail item and the targeted area. EDDM enables you to send mail items of about 3.3 ounces. The rates are very reasonable, and mass printing and bulk mailing services make it even more affordable.

Bulk Mail Weight and Size Restrictions

There are certain USPS restrictions regarding the size and weight of the mail pieces being sent as bulk mail. Though these size and weight guidelines are the same for low-volume mailings as well, sticking to them can help you get bulk mail rates.

  • First-class mail postcards should be rectangular and should be at least 3.5” x 5”. They should not exceed 4.25” x 6”. The thickness of these postcards should range between 0.007” and 0.016”.
  • First-class mail letters should be at least 3.5” x 5” x 0.007” and should never exceed 6.125” x 11.5” x 0.25”. All first-class mail items should weigh below 13 ounces.
  • Direct mail items sent as USPS marketing mail can weigh anything less than 16 ounces. The dimensions must not exceed 12” x 15” x 0.75”. Pieces that weigh more or do not fit in these dimensions are sent as parcels.
  • Popular EDDM postcard dimensions are 6.25” x 9” (standard), 6.25” x 11” (large), 8.5” x 11” (jumbo), and 12” x 15” (oversize).
  • All EDDM postcards and letters should either be greater than 6.125” in width or 10.5” in length on one side. None of the sides should exceed 12” in width or 15” in length.

Bulk Mail Rates

Bulk mail rates mentioned by the USPS are only valid for domestic mail. International mail does not receive any bulk discounts from the USPS. However, if you use bulk mailing services, they can help you fetch discounts for both domestic and international mailing.

  • First-class mail items are sent out at a bulk rate of $0.38
  • Marketing mail is much cheaper as it costs only $0.19 per piece for bulk mailing
  • EDDM bulk rates also amount to $0.19 per mail item

There are several ways to reduce your postage rates and get huge mailing discounts, especially for bulk mail.

How to Avail Bulk Mail Discounts?

For getting bulk mail discounts, you should be eligible for mailing in bulk. Marketers are required to apply for a USPS bulk mail permit, which is an essential requirement to send direct mail items in bulk through a single postal facility.

The USPS Business Mail Acceptance Unit accepts bulk mail permit applications. It should be the same unit where you will be submitting your bulk mail for distribution. The postage can be paid in any of the following three ways:

Precanceled Stamps

Precanceled stamps can be purchased for presorted mail, both first-class and standard mail. The purchase price is much lower than other stamps, making them one of the best ways to avail of bulk mail discounts. If there are any differences between the purchase price and the postage rate, they can be paid later at the post office.

Postage Meter

There is more than one benefit of using metered postage stamps. You can print them yourself and save a lot of time and money. Faster delivery, extra savings, and convenience are among the various advantages. Using metered postage, marketers can mail in bulk in a hassle-free manner.

Permit Imprint

To qualify for using the permit imprint option, all your mail items must weigh the same. It is good for bulk mailing, but you need to have an “advanced deposit account” for using this option. Basically, it is a way to pay your postage by printing the postal information on the mailer instead of affixing any stamps. The postage is prepaid and deducted from your account. As compared to other postage payment methods, permit imprints offer huge bulk mailing discounts.

Permit imprints can be printed as part of your mail design. There is no specific software needed for printing them out.

Other Ways to Avail Mass Mail Discounts

1. Presorting

Presorting direct mail items according to their ZIP codes before mailing is another way to avail of bulk mail discounts. It is essential that all the items that are presorted are of the same size. The USPS offers discounts for marketers that drop off their mailers after presorting them correctly. The idea behind giving such discounts is to encourage marketers to do this task by themselves, which saves the postal workers’ time and speeds up deliveries.

However, not all marketers are able to presort their direct mail items as it requires a lot of effort and time. Hence, it is advisable to use bulk printing and mailing services that can help you with this task, thereby helping you get discounted postage rates on your high-volume shipping.

2. Automation

Automation refers to presorting bulk mail and using IMBs with the help of a print and mail automation API or platform. Automation rates are highly discounted and yet another way to reduce postage costs on bulk mailing. However, there are several automation bulk mail requirements that you need to fulfill for availing of these rates.

  • The minimum volume requirements must be fulfilled
  • Every mail item must have an IMB with the delivery point routing code mentioned clearly in the clear barcode zone or the address block
  • All the mailing addresses must be CASS-certified and verified within the last 180 days
  • All addresses must be complete and include correct ZIP+4 codes
  • The shape and size of all direct mail items must be similar
  • Marketing mail items should not weigh more than 3.5 ounces

How to Get the USPS Bulk Mail Permit

Before sending out bulk mail, you need to avail the USPS bulk mail permit. It should be issued by the USPS, and vendors offering bulk printing and mailing services can help you get one. You need two different permits for sending presorted first-class mail and marketing mail. Marketers need to pay the annual mailing fee for the same.

In the case of marketing mail, you can get your annual mailing fee waived by printing “full-service” barcodes on your direct mail pieces. You also need to submit all your mailing documentation to the USPS electronically. However, if you are doing all these things by yourself, sometimes it is simply cheaper to pay the annual mailing fee.

After availing of the permit, you would be given a USPS “mailer ID” number, which is different from your permit number. This mailer ID is useful while preparing barcodes.

As discussed above, you need to have an account with the post office for using permit imprints. The account can be opened by paying a one-time fee called the permit imprint authorization fee. You can then deposit funds to this account online and use them whenever required.

Marketers can apply for the bulk mail permit online. However, if you wish to get your annual mailing fee waived, you need to visit the post office and fill out the USPS form 3615.

You can visit your nearest post office to complete these procedures. Make sure that this post office accepts bulk mail. If you apply online, you still need to select a nearby post office where you are going to drop off your mail items.

Non-profit organizations and charities can avail themselves of nonprofit postage rates. They are even lower than the general bulk mail rates. However, you need to get approval from the USPS for availing of these rates. Nonprofits can get the USPS form 3624 from the post office and get the bulk mail permit easily.

How to Send Bulk Mail?

Having figured out the type of mail, mailing option, and discounting options, it is now time for you to decide how to send bulk mail. There are two ways to go about bulk mailing, either you do everything by yourself or you can take the help of mass printing and mailing services.

DIY Mass Mailing

  • The very first step is to design or draft your direct mailer. It should contain some eye-catching graphics and must have a compelling CTA. Moreover, the copy should be personalized and persuasive. Your direct mail design decides your campaign performance to a great extent.
  • Next up, you need to prepare a mailing list. Make sure that the list is updated and verified as per the USPS database. If you want to receive automation bulk mail rates, you need to use CASS-certified addresses.
  • Find a bulk mail printer to get all your direct mail items printed altogether. You can get quotes from several different printers and then select one based on the offered printing quality and rates.
  • After these steps are complete, marketers are expected to acquire a bulk mailing permit from the USPS using the steps mentioned above. Please note that there is no mailing permit required for conducting EDDM campaigns.
  • The next step is to pay for the postage. You can either pay through permit imprints, precanceled stamps, or postage meters.
  • For getting bulk mail discounts, you need to presort your mail items according to ZIP codes.
  • The last step would be to carry all the mail items to the post office from where you have availed of the USPS bulk mail permit.

PostGrid’s Bulk Printing and Mailing Services

PostGrid’s bulk printing and mailing solutions can help you with all the things listed above. Every step can be completed in an automated manner, without you having to visit the post office even once or look for ways to avail yourself of the bulk mail discounts. PostGrid’s direct mail automation API can help you with the following things:

1. Designing

Designing a direct mail piece requires some graphic designing skills and creativity. With our in-built templates, you can save a lot of time and start designing your mailers speedily. You can also add customizations like personalized texts and your brand logo.

2. Preparing Mailing Lists

In case you have a mailing list, PostGrid can help you verify and validate your mailing addresses accurately. If you do not have a mailing list, we can help you build one. Additionally, you can create highly targeted mailing lists segmented according to several demographics.

3. Printing

With PostGrid, there is absolutely no need to find a bulk mail printer. PostGrid has partnered with several printing vendors that can print your bulk mail in high-quality and exactly as desired by you.

4. Presorting

Presorting can be a huge task. Many companies do not have the time and resources to presort their mail items, which is why they simply don’t. Hence, availing of bulk discounts gets difficult. But, using PostGrid’s automation API, marketers can get their direct mail items presorted automatically.

5. Availing of a Bulk Mail Permit

You don’t have to go to the post office, fill out any forms, or pay an annual mailing fee. PostGrid can help you mail in bulk without you having to do any of these things. The rates are all-in-one, and no hidden fees are included.

6. Paying Postage

We now know that there are three different ways to pay postage for bulk mail and get discounts. However, all these ways can be difficult to be used on an everyday basis. Paying postage through either of these methods is time-consuming and requires a good amount of mailing knowledge. PostGrid’s bulk print and mail service solutions can solve this problem for you and get it all done easily.

7. Mailing Fulfillment

In the DIY method, you have to carry all the direct mail items to the post office. But, when you use PostGrid, you can skip through this step too. PostGrid offers complete printing and mailing fulfillment. You just need to select your campaign size and mail type. The remaining steps can be completed automatically through a few clicks.

Other than the abovementioned steps, PostGrid also provides you with real-time tracking, periodic reporting, campaign insights, and much more.

Bulk mail is mail sent in large quantities for marketing purposes. There are various ways to send bulk mail, and the USPS has several options for marketers to reduce their overall postage costs and avail of huge discounts.

Direct mail marketers can take advantage of such discounts and mail in bulk. In fact, mass printing and mailing solutions like PostGrid can help them with everything from presorting to including IMBs, so that businesses can mail efficiently and save a lot on their postage costs.

PostGrid’s automated direct mail API can help you design, print, and mail in bulk altogether at all-in-one rates.

How to Use PostGrid for Bulk Mailing Campaigns?

Create an Account: Sign up with PostGrid to create your account. Use the dashboard to build your bulk mail campaign.

Select Recipients or Upload CSV Files: You can use a CSV file or other spreadsheet for your contacts. PostGrid can also help you get a business mailing list from third parties.

Select the Print and Delivery Options: Select a template from the huge template gallery to get the best mail piece relevant to your industry. Then, select an appropriate delivery option for the bulk mail campaign.

Mail and Track Your Campaigns in Real-Time: The reporting features in the dashboard let you track bounce and open rates for your bulk mail campaigns. Marketers can keep a constant eye on their offline marketing efforts.

Affordable Bulk Mail Services

Marketers need to be careful with the budgeting of their traditional direct mail campaigns. Negligence can burn a vast hole in their revenue. Yet, PostGrid ensures cost-effective bulk mail solutions for businesses from any industry.

They can completely automate their campaigns while enjoying the best prices on bulk mail. PostGrid provides multiple packages depending on different usage. It gives maximum flexibility to business owners to explore the power of direct mail.

Most Popular Formats for Sending Mail in Bulk

Booklet Mailers: These mailers have a dimension of 8.5 x 11 and are ideal for newsletters and catalogs. It is a fantastic method of showcasing a product, service, or expertise. Marketers must include an appealing call-to-action to increase engagement on their bulk mailers.

Self Mailers: These refer to letters and flyers of different sizes and formats that close with a sticker tab. Professionals can ensure safer mailing and qualify for USPS automation rates. Self-mailers are perfect for letters, event announcements, company information, etc.

Postcards: These mailers are the most common direct mail format for business and marketing purposes. Professionals can use them for announcing events, sending a business reply mail, or advertising a company.

Postcards usually come with a standard size of 4 x 6. Yet, jumbo-size postcards are also available with a dimension of 6 x 11.

Benefits of Bulk Mailing Services

Saves Time: Companies spend so much time stuffing, sealing, and stamping each mail piece. They also need to hire dedicated resources to manage their mailrooms. A bulk mailing service provider saves time and lets them work on other vital tasks.

The service provider takes care of everything in the mailing process. Professionals can launch bulk mail campaigns instead of configuring individual items every time.

Better Customization Options: Companies send bulk mail in huge quantities. Yet, they can also customize individual items before scheduling the campaign. There are different stages of the decision-making process in the customer journey.

A bulk mail service provider helps create the most suitable mail for each process stage. It is a remarkable strategy for boosting engagement and response rates.

The Rule of Repetition: Repetitive mail might appear annoying to consumers. Yet, people are more likely to respond to repetition. These marketing ads can create a positive perception in consumer’s minds. They will convert when they hear your message multiple times.

Reduction of Labor Costs: Many companies prefer using direct mail automation software. Yet, they need a professional to handle multiple tasks to schedule offline campaigns. Individual mailings consume more time and resources than bulk campaigns.

Firms can reduce labor costs by sending bulk mail to their prospects and customers. They can define tasks once and let automation do its job.

Who Can Use Bulk Mailing Solutions?

Almost any business from any industry can benefit from bulk mailing services. It helps in making the mailing process faster and more affordable. These are the best use cases of this type of mailing;

Real Estate Professionals: Realtors deal with a lot of leads and partners. Well-made bulk mailers can bring incredible results in the real estate industry.

These professionals often send friendly notes to residents and partners. They notify them about new buying, selling, or collaboration opportunities. Bulk mailers are a fantastic way to advertise houses.

They can reach a larger demographic to generate high-quality leads. It also saves them time in marketing campaigns or communication messages.

Marketing Professionals: Marketers in any industry use multiple tools to ensure higher reach and engagement. Direct mail is still a relevant and effective medium to acquire leads.

Bulk postcards or flyer campaigns are handy to spread a marketing message among a target audience. Professionals can maintain good customer relationships and stay on top of their minds.

They don’t need to give extensive effort every time they draft a campaign. A single bulk mail campaign can bring stunning results.

Insurance Companies: Agents need to send personal and confidential communications to their clients. Yet, they can also use bulk mailings in various areas to achieve efficiency.

Bulk postcards and flyers can be handy to let people know about the vital changes in an insurance policy. Seasonal and festive mailers are also great ideas to spread positive brand awareness.

Entertainment Companies: The entertainment industry is still relying on print advertising in the digital age. Marketers are using social media campaigns and email marketing to gain attention. Yet, flyers can be a powerful marketing tool.

People are more likely to watch a film or TV show when they receive printed materials. Many marketers use bulk mailing services to send invitation postcards for promotional events.

It is a robust strategy to engage a target audience from a specific region. Companies use bulk mail campaigns to reach the maximum number of people. Producers also like to invest in such initiatives.

Hospitality Businesses: Any hospitality business requires maximum exposure to bring visitors. They often run promotional offers to encourage people to pack their bags for a trip. Email campaigns and social media ads generate strong results.

Yet, bulk mailing campaigns can have a better charm. People retain physical coupons to redeem at hotels and restaurants. Business owners can also use these mailings to make any big announcements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bulk Mail?

Bulk mail means shipping large volumes of direct mail items, like postcards, letters, flyers, etc. Companies usually send bulk mail to avail of postal discounts and save costs. 

It is also popularly known as Standard or USPS Marketing Mail.  You must apply for a permit and follow the necessary postal guidelines to conduct bulk mailing.

When to Use Bulk Mailing?

There are numerous use cases for sending bulk mail, including:

  • Increasing brand visibility: Most businesses employ bulk mailing as part of their marketing strategies to boost brand visibility and recognition. Sending promotional mail to a large number of prospects can help get more engagement and responses. 
  • Inviting customers to events: You can invite your target audience to trade exhibitions, press meets, etc., via bulk mailing. In such cases, a 6 x 11 postcard with the event details can enable you to increase footfall at their booths and grab more publicity. Or, you may send letters or flyers according to your campaign objectives. 
  • Introduce products and services: There is no better way than sending bulk mail to your entire database to introduce your new offerings. It is an excellent opportunity to upsell and push more customers down the sales funnel. 
  • Thank your old customers: Re-engage old customers who drifted away from your brand by bulk mailing to old customers. Many of them are lost in the churn every year, but you can win them back by sending appreciation letters and thank-you notes.
  • Send holiday greetings: You can also send holiday greeting postcards to your targeted audience to strengthen personal and professional relationships. It also helps you stay connected with your customers and drive repeat business. 

In short, conducting bulk mailing is a profitable idea for companies looking to increase their sales levels or generate awareness.

How can I lower my bulk mail rates?

The USPS already offers several discounts on bulk mailing. However, there are more ways to keep your costs at a minimum:

  • Accurate addressing: You can assure smooth mail delivery by processing your mailing lists against the NCOA file and using correct addresses. They are ideal ways to avoid lost mail and returns—saving a lot of money. PostGrid’s bulk mailing services help you standardize and verify your delivery addresses before mailing. Hence, you can presort your items, add barcodes, and get the best rates. They also enable you to filter out outdated, invalid, demolished, and duplicate addresses for smooth data management. 
  • Targeting: Sending bulk mail to a targeted mailing list increases your chances of getting more conversions. Thus, you should always use segmented lists for bulk mailing—to maximize your ROI and decrease the cost per acquisition. A bulk mailing service provider like PostGrid provides custom mailing lists to help you send items to relevant prospects only. 

The good news is that you can print and send bulk mail with PostGrid at 75% cheaper rates. PostGrid also offers the most affordable costs for on-demand mailing. Hence, you can mail as many items as you want flexibly. 

Why should I use PostGrid’s bulk mailing solutions?

Our automated direct mail API and automation software enable companies to conduct bulk mailing campaigns conveniently. You can integrate our API into your CRM and start sending items in any volume.

Hence, you no longer need to worry about filling out forms and applying for a permit. PostGrid does everything on your behalf and assists you in bulk mailing without any manual effort.

There are many more reasons to use our solutions, like:

How many days does it take for my bulk mail to get delivered?

Your bulk mailing items may take between one to seven working days to arrive at their destinations. Using PostGrid’s two-business day SLA, you can arrange for large-scale campaigns speedily and effectively.

How does the USPS check your bulk mailing shipments?

  • On arrival of your bulk mailing items, the acceptance clerks confirm whether you prepared your items according to the postal guidelines. If your mailpieces are larger or heavier than the prescribed specifications, you may need to pay extra charges. 
  • Then, the clerk opens up one item from your bulk mailing batch to inspect if you are eligible for the Marketing Mail rates. 
  • The next step includes checking for marking and endorsements. 
  • After these steps are completed, the clerk checks if your mail items are presorted systematically. If not, they will point out the issue and ask you to rectify it. 
  • The last step comprises postage payment, wherein the clerk checks if you have enough money in your postal account. However, it is only applicable when you pay the postage using permit imprints. 

Luckily, PostGrid assures that all your bulk mailing pieces match the USPS rules and are delivered as soon as possible.

How do we help our clients with bulk mailing?

PostGrid’s print and mail services assist clients in:

  • Availing of a bulk mail permit and setting up an imprint account. 
  • Adhering to the bulk mailing size and weight guidelines. 
  • Executing large-scale printing tasks without them having to find a reliable printer themselves. 
  • Presorting items, adding IMBs, and preparing items for dispatch. 
  • Being informed regarding the status of their orders, etc. 

Wrapping Up

Bulk mail is mail sent in large quantities for marketing purposes. There are various ways to send bulk mail, and the USPS has several options for marketers to reduce their overall postage costs and avail of huge discounts.

Direct mail marketers can take advantage of such discounts and mail in bulk. In fact, mass printing and mailing solutions like PostGrid can help them with everything from presorting to including IMBs, so that businesses can mail efficiently and save a lot on their postage costs.

PostGrid’s automated direct mail API can help you design, print, and mail in bulk altogether at all-in-one rates.

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