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what is rush mail shipping

How to Send Rush Mail to Increase Customer Satisfaction?

We often hear ‘rush shipping’ from eCommerce stores and other businesses. It implies expedited mailing of orders during specific times of the year. The prime reason behind sending rush mail is to increase sales and customer satisfaction. Whether you need to ship urgent documents, postcards, letters, brochures, checks, etc., rush shipping helps you get it done at the earliest. You may need to draft, print, and prepare your items before a specific time to help the mailing company fulfill your orders on time.

what is rush mail shipping

The entire process includes several steps, like:

  • Instant list compilation
  • Graphic designing or drafting
  • Variable data printing
  • Mailing addresses verification
  • Printing postage and stuffing
  • Presorting and assembling
  • Mailing
  • Real-time tracking, etc.

Hence, most businesses outsource rush mail to an automated direct mailing company like PostGrid to handle all the above tasks with ease.

Outsourcing rush mail USPS can also help you serve your customers better and boost retention rates. Since you don’t need to undertake the heavy lifting, you have more time to dedicate to your business growth.

We will further discuss the advantages of USPS rush mail in this blog. Also, we will walk you through the various expedited shipping options available to help you select the best one.

Let’s begin!

What is Rush Mail and What Should You Know About It?

Today, rush shipping is a common feature that people look for while shopping for a business. Naturally, companies that offer this service are more popular than the others.

Customers might need urgent shipping of their orders owing to several reasons requiring businesses to initiate speedy deliveries. It is especially prominent during the holidays when people want to receive their items before Thanksgiving Day or on Christmas Eve. This process of packing and sending out items to customers demanding urgent delivery is called rush mail.

Some large organizations offer a default one or two-day shipping, motivating other stores to accelerate their orders the same way. However, they need to collaborate with their mailing partners like the USPS and have a robust strategy to fulfill rush shipping properly.

It can be hard to process orders speedily because it affects every stage of the supply chain. Therefore, you must communicate these requirements with every service provider involved in your delivery cycle to complete rush orders. Also, your customers might expect you to provide tracking updates as their items move closer to them.

These activities demand a good amount of investment and effort on your part, making rush mail outsourcing a must!

Advantages of Rush Mail

There is more than one reason you should consider using rush deliveries regularly. Here, we have listed all the pros of expedited delivery for your business:

Operational Efficiency

It is possible to accept and fulfill orders quickly using rush mail. Hence, there are no backlogs, and you can continue processing other orders efficiently. Moreover, it also lets you worry less about problems regarding logistics, like delays and misplacements.

Increased Profits

Many customers select a brand that completes their orders speedily. Using rush mail helps you attract these customers to your products and push them to purchase from your store. Hence, you can increase your conversion rate without discounts because most people are ready to pay for expedited delivery.

Better Customer Satisfaction

41% of customers are willing to pay extra for same-day shipping. They get a sense of satisfaction in getting their items delivered to them in the least possible time.

By offering rush mail services, you ensure customer satisfaction. Hence, you are more likely to get positive reviews—boosting brand publicity.

More Repeat Business

Along with reputation, rush mail also allows you to increase the number of repeat orders. Once you create trust among your audience by fulfilling deliveries in the specified period, chances are they will come back for more!

Disadvantages of Rush Mail

Rush shipping also has a few downsides that you should know about, including:


Generally, rush mailing is costly because all the parties involved need to reprioritize their tasks and complete specific orders in a limited time. Thus, you may need to pay your shipping partner more to get them to do so.

Also, it costs more to arrange and deliver items that aren't in stock but need rush mailing.

Complicated Execution

A rush mail order changes your regular shipping schedule considerably. It needs you to instruct your staff, eCommerce partners, etc., to produce and package the order right away. Hence, it can be hard and confusing to execute rush mailing because you need to work differently than usual.

For example, imagine your company has a shipping time frame of seven working days, and your entire infrastructure operates accordingly. Now, you may need to expedite shipping a week before Easter because of growing customer expectations during that period. In such situations, you need to make temporary arrangements for rush mail that disrupts your normal functioning, leading to several problems.

Diverts Attention

Since rush mailing needs tons of attention and effort, it may distract you from other business areas, like marketing and financing. Thus, you should send rush mail only when you have the required help and time.

Should Your Business Employ Rush Shipping?

Not all businesses can use rush mail smoothly and avail of its benefits. You need to undertake many steps to complete the process, which can be challenging. Here are a few points to help you decide whether fast mailing suits your business:

Type of Business

Expediting deliveries won’t make sense to you if your business is subscription-based. In that case, you mail specific products to your customers at a fixed time. So, your customers are already expecting delivery at a particular date and not at the earliest.

On the contrary, retail stores can benefit significantly from rush mail. They can win over customers and boost brand loyalty by getting the items delivered as fast as possible.


Are your customers willing to pay for expedited delivery? If not, can you afford to cover the costs and offer free shipping? You can find the answers to such queries by conducting a market survey with a small batch of customers.

It is essential to be aware of these things before deciding anything, as rush mail can burn a hole in your pockets.

Sometimes, you can ask your customers to shop for a specific amount to avail of free shipping. This strategy helps you offer free delivery and increase customer satisfaction while boosting sales.


If your competitors offer rush mail services, you should do the same. It prevents you from losing customers to other businesses.

Your first step can be offering fast shipping to repeat customers to motivate other one-time customers to buy again. Also, it lets you test the responsiveness of your target audience towards such additional features.

Vendor Type

Another thing you should keep in mind is your partnership terms with your mailing partner. You should provide rush mail to customers only if you and your shipping vendor are well-equipped for it.

For instance, the USPS offers the Priority Mail Express option that provides next-day shipping. So, if USPS is your mail partner, inform your customers and give them enough options to choose from according to their needs.

What Are the Options Available For Sending Rush Mail?

There’s nothing worse than promising fast shipping to your customers and not keeping up to it. Hence, ensure that you select the right vendor to help you fulfill your customers’ expectations. Below, we have compiled a few options to get you started:

USPS Priority Mail

The best characteristics of the USPS Priority Mail option are fast delivery and flat-rate pricing. Thus, it is one of the ideal ways to send rush mail at affordable prices.

It provides a delivery time frame of one to three business days. Moreover, it helps you mail packages weighing up to 70 lbs. Some other features of Priority Mail include:

  • Free tracking
  • Free pickup service at your office or residence address
  • Up to $50 of insurance coverage on most items
  • No extra fees for Saturday and rural deliveries
  • Zero surcharges for residential deliveries

You can buy Priority Mail flat-rate boxes and envelopes online or from the Post Office to send rush mail. But, you still need to draft and print your items on time to enable the postal workers to pick them up and deliver them to your recipients speedily.

If you need help sending rush mail items, try using PostGrid’s direct mail services and automate everything. Our API does everything on your behalf and ensures timely deliveries. 

The USPS also offers another service to help you speed up your mailing process—Priority Mail Express. It helps you get your items to your customers’ doorsteps the next business day. However, the USPS might take up to two business days to complete orders going to farther destinations.

Priority Mail Express also provides free tracking and pickup. But, it has many additional benefits, like proof of delivery and a $100 cover.

Though the express option is more expensive, it is worth it to fulfill your rush Priority Mail orders. Find the rates for using this postal service below:

  • Flat-rate envelopes: These envelopes cost $26.95 if you purchase them at the Post Office or via the USPS website. However, commercial customers can get them at only $23.50. You can send documents or letters measuring 12.5” x 9.5″ by using flat rate envelopes. 
  • Legal flat rate envelopes: The USPS rush mail fee to use legal flat rate envelopes is $27.10. Again, you can get a discounted rate of $23.75 only if you are a commercial mailer. 
  • Padded flat rate envelopes: Individuals and businesses use these envelopes to send items that need extra protection. They cost $27.50 for regular customers and $23.95 for commercial customers. 

FedEx Same-Day Shipping

The FedEx same-day delivery service is another excellent way to send rush mail. There are further two options within this category, and they are as follows:

  • FedEx Same-Day City: Using this rush mail service, you can send your items within 45 miles. It is available for you at all times and on all days of the year. But, FedEx provides this option for only select metropolitan localities and ZIP codes. Hence, remember to cross-check your destination location with them before mailing. 
  • FedEx Same-Day US: It helps you send rush mail to all US states, making it the perfect choice for most businesses. Like the same-day city, it is also available 24 x 7, 365 days a year to help companies expedite shipping whenever needed.

You must mail your items within a specified time to let FedEx complete the delivery the same day. Otherwise, FedEx processes them on the next working day.

Fortunately, you also get several overnight mailing options, and they are:

  • FedEx First Overnight: This service refers to early morning deliveries between 8 AM and 9.30 AM to most areas. However, FedEx guarantees delivery by 2 PM in the afternoon under this option. 
  • FedEx Priority Overnight: It is also known as mid-morning delivery because FedEx workers drop off these rush mail packages by 10.30 AM to business addresses. Residential and rural deliveries run a little late and go up to 4.30 PM.
  • FedEx Standard Overnight: FedEx refers to this option as afternoon delivery. Packages going to business addresses reach by 4.30 PM while others arrive by 8 PM. 

UPS Express Critical 

UPS also offers many time-critical services to help you send rush mail. You can select an option, depending on your needs and budget:

The UPS Express Critical service is best for shipping light and heavy items to any national and international destination. It has various benefits, like:

  • Optimize delivery routes to reduce costs and ensure on-time deliveries
  • Quick turnaround and high-quality solutions
  • Real-time notifications
  • Customized solutions, etc.

This same-day shipping service lets you choose if you want early morning, noon, or end-of-the-day deliveries. However, it is quite expensive compared to other options.

If you need more economical choices to send rush mail, here are a few more UPS services that can help you:

  • UPS 2nd Day Air: It allows you to deliver your packages by the end of the second working day from the time of your posting. If you can wait for one extra day, this service is excellent for mailing your orders. Guaranteed delivery and free packaging are some of the most helpful features of UPS 2nd Day Air. 
  • UPS 3 Day Select: This UPS service helps you get your items to their destinations within three business days. It is one of the most affordable rush mail options available in the US. The good news is that the UPS offers a money-back guarantee on this option like the USPS Priority Mail Express. 
  • UPS Ground: It is the most standard rush mail service that UPS offers to its customers. Its delivery time frame is between one to five business days, depending on the distance between the origin and destination of your items. You get free 24 x 7 online tracking with this option. 

How Can PostGrid’s Direct Mail Services Help You Send Rush Mail Efficiently?

Our automated solutions allow businesses of all sizes and types to expedite shipping effortlessly. You need not take any manual effort or go anywhere to complete your orders. Using PostGrid, you can automate your entire drafting, printing, and logistics cycle!

  • 2-business day SLA: PostGrid offers a turnaround time of two business days on all orders. Hence, you can get your items ready for shipping in a short span of time, helping you send rush mail
  • Personalization: Our direct mail API helps you with variable data printing on all items. It doesn’t matter if you need to conduct a marketing campaign to increase brand awareness or send transactional documents, PostGrid lets you personalize everything! Thus, you can guarantee positive results and higher engagement ratios using our services.
  • No volume requirements: PostGrid does not specify the minimum or the maximum number of mailpieces you can send. So, you can send rush mail USPS consisting of any volume of items hassle-free. Our on-demand and bulk mailing API is scalable and can accommodate your ever-growing requirements.
  • One-stop solution: Businesses can use PostGrid as an all-in-one solution for their printing and mailing needs. Our API is available at your fingertips, from drafting and producing to mailing and tracking.
  • Campaign monitoring: You may need to view the performance of your rush mail campaigns to understand what works best for your brand. Hence, PostGrid allows you to access your campaign reports and analytics that you can use as a reference. 
  • Privacy and security: PostGrid is compliant with several privacy laws like HIPAA, PIPEDA, SOC-2, etc. It strives to protect your data from unauthorized access and breaches, allowing you to send your rush mail items securely. 
  • Address verification: Rush shipping does not leave you much time to cross-check all your mailing addresses before shipping. Thus, PostGrid offers free address verification before your campaign to help you avoid issues like lost mail and delays.

You can sign up here and see how our dashboard works to help you send rush mail. Our services are affordable, efficient, and speedy—allowing you to conduct responsive mailing campaigns.

Also, we offer print and mail services for a wide range of collateral, including:


Rush mailing is an exceptional feature that helps companies get more customers. It enables businesses to attract their target audience and encourage them to purchase something.

But they need a solid rush mail system to make it happen! They require an infrastructure capable enough to produce, package, and ship items at the earliest.

Luckily, there are several options that offer rush mail services. But, the USPS is the most reliable choice for businesses because it provides the best rates and better transparency than the others.

PostGrid can help you send your rush mail items via the USPS in just two business days. It assists you at every step of the process, allowing you to save a lot of time and money.

Are you ready to send rush mail efficiently and affordably? Request a demo now!

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