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Our Customers Say It Best

PostGrid's Address Verification API integration with our company's CRM was easy to achieve, and support is excellent and efficient. Once implemented, accessing the address was faster and more straightforward for us to learn and access. It also ensured that the time and resources were not wasted when uploading mailing lists, as per the Local and International Postal Standards.

Enterprise Solutions Architect

After testing PostGrid Address Verification API against our existing address verification vendor, we found that PostGrid provided more detailed and accurate outcomes with fairer up-front pricing. As a result, Our delivery accuracy increased by 40% after implementing their address verification API.

VP of Technology Development

PostGrid is exceptional as their address verification API is so powerful and fixes the issues with our raw address data and helps us find the redundant entries easily- It was a challenging and time-consuming task previously. But now we have everything right in front of us in seconds and the accuracy is commendable.

Information Technology Manager

Very straightforward, fast, and reliable address standardization API. We collect address data from multiple patients, clinical records, and providers and attempt to combine them into one. Addresses are often redundant or formatted differently in this process, which is our biggest challenge. PostGrid makes it easy for us to solve both of these problems simply by appending PostGrid to our datasets.

Project Manager

API response times and data accuracy are excellent. Address matching is accurate and we haven't experienced any outages. PostGrid provides address validation for our eCommerce solution for both domestic and international addresses. Each search option can be customized easily and accurately. PostGrid is a lot more accurate than other free options on the market.

Senior Developer

PostGrid Works For You

Verify addresses instantly

Verify and standardize addresses in real time so that no inaccurate addresses enter the database.

CASS and SERP certified

Ensure deliverability with our USPS and Canada Post-certified address verification API.

Scalable Restful API

Through our RESTful API Library use Test & Live keys for easy implementation.

Easy Integration

Ensure seamless integration to your stack with zero-code integration with Zapier. Detailed docs and dev support if required.

Verify Addresses Instantly

  • Address Validation – Verify and correct addresses in real-time across the US in accordance with postal standards
  • Address Parsing – Use our freeform address parsing capabilities to clean poorly formatted addresses
  • Address AutocompleteAutocomplete addresses at the point of entry, ensuring correct data throughout your pipeline using address autocomplete API.
address verification and validation api
on time delivery

USPS & Canada Post

  • CASS Certified – Our US address is CASS (USPS) certified for complete & accurate US address data
  • Premise Level Data – We ensure the accuracy of address data down to the premise level

Bulk/Batch Verification

  • Clean, Verify and Standardise addresses to local postal standards 
  • Upload and verify up to 200k addresses at a time
  • All our addresses are CASS and SERP certified ensuring a high delivery success rate
bulk address verification validation
zip code usa


  • Location Data – Get latitude and longitude information for any address you send through our geocoding API
  • Accuracy Report – Every geocode also includes an accuracy score along with information about how the geocode was determined

Scalable RESTful API

  • Test and Live Keys – We isolate the test and live environments so you can easily test your API calls
  • Fully Documented API Library – Every endpoint is fully documented using OpenAPI so you can access it from your favorite tools and languages
  • Built to Scale – Our infrastructure is capable of handling millions of API calls at any time
restful api
calculate direct mail cost

Zero-Code Integration

  • Zap-ready – PostGrid’s Zapier integration enables you to connect our address validation capabilities with over 1600 apps
  • Standalone Cloud Software – Use our standalone address verification software platform to verify, standardize, and validate accurate addresses

PostGrid has you covered from all sides

Regulatory Compliance

Data is handled in accordance with all legal frameworks and requirements and our partners are HIPAA, PHIPA, PIPEDA, GDPR & SOC-2 certified

Data Security and Secure Hosting

Your data is handled in the most secure and confidential manner and we host on Amazon web services for quick, easy to use, and safe hosting

Scalable Solutions

Scale your communication channel with ease with our scalable REST API and integration capabilities

All teams run on PostGrid

Enhance your team's performance with a unified API. Our solution is designed for on demand or scalable needs. Easily improve your workflow with seamless integration and automate your offline process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Address Verification?

Address verification helps you ensure that mail reaches its destination on time with complete accuracy. The service is available online and can be used to verify addresses for both business and residential. PostGrid offers bulk address validation services, and the services include, address standardization, parsing, address correction, bulk mailing services, delivery point validation, etc. We use official sources like USPS, Canada Post, Royal Mail, and Australia Post to verify and validate addresses.

How Does Address Verification Help?

Businesses need a reliable address verification service to overcome various challenges they encounter while managing address databases. It drastically reduces their return mail by verifying the addresses of the intended recipients, leading to significant savings.

Organizations also get clean and high-quality address data while processing their lists. Information-critical industries must verify the identity of their users. An address verification tool is the perfect solution to avoid fraud and unauthorized access. For example, many finance companies use our API to verify their clients’ addresses.

Poorly typed addresses also impact the delivery speed of mail and packages. We standardize and correct addresses according to local standards with our address verification tool. It helps mailing workers to clearly understand the postal address and ensure smoother deliveries.

How Do I use Address Validation?

Our Address Verification service involves an API or Application Programming Interface. You can integrate it with your current systems to use it. Additionally, the Web Service can be configured via a few lines of code on a web page, application, or database by a company's IT department. Software is not required. Our tool works in real-time to verify and correct thousands of addresses within a few minutes.

Still, thinking about- How to use or integrate Address Verification API?  Sign up or Book a demo now.

How Fast Is Your Address Verification API?

Well, At PostGrid, our Address Verification API delivers the outcomes in just a few minutes and a few clicks! Somehow it is also dependent upon what you wish to verify- Does your address verification identify Residential or Commercial addresses?

What Are Some Address Validation Use-cases?

Any business or individual could have a distinctive use case while using an address verification tool. However, these are some of the most prominent ones;

Marketing: Companies using a direct mail marketing campaign need an assurance of the deliverability of their marketing mailers. Our address verification API verifies addresses in real-time to ensure their mailers reach the intended target audience.

Billing: Invoices and billing statements have confidential information. Companies want to deliver these documents to the right recipient with full security and accuracy. An address verification tool verifies their addresses for correct delivery.

E-commerce: An address verification API reduces the friction for customers to enter their addresses. Businesses can also ship products to verified, error-free, and deliverable-only addresses.

Insurance: Our address verification API helps in the quick onboarding of clients by verifying their addresses in real time. Insurers need this service to avoid fraud and false claims. It also boosts the claim calculation process.

Healthcare: Medical institutions use our API for patient identity verification, improve the accuracy of medical billing, and send medical information to the correct postal address.

Financial Services: The address verification API works flawlessly by helping in processing loan applications and verifying users.

Real Estate: PostGrid’s API could be useful in verifying property listings to save time and resources. The geocoding feature provides relevant data from authentic and reliable sources.

Logistics and Transportation: The API is highly suitable for verifying addresses to optimize delivery or transportation routes with maximum efficiency.

How many countries do you cover with your address verification?

Our standard address verification product covers US & Canada

Our International address verification product covers 245+ countries and territories. Click here to see the full country coverage and their verification level.

How Often Do You Update Your Database?

At PostGrid, our database updates from USPS at least once a month. Yes, we work in compliance with the USPS, so you can be assured of the quality of the database! For international verifications, our API updates according to a specific country’s update & authoritative schedule for the latest dataset.

How Can I Integrate Into My CRM or Other Systems?

A programming language supporting REST is required to use the API. The address verification and validation tools are instantly available through your software after integration. To learn how to implement it, see our API Docs to get answers to your questions.

Can I Install PostGrid locally?

Yes, we provide a self-hosted solution. Contact our sales. Using this API requires some coding on the part of the user. Returns can be saved to a database for future reference. If you need any help with the installation process, please feel free to connect with our team of professionals. We are always there to help you.

What Is CASS Certification, and How Does Address Verification Help?

Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) is an address verification standard governed by the USPS. It aims to ensure the maximum accuracy of address verification systems using USPS data. CASS helps USPS to optimize its operations with lower unsorted mail, undeliverable mail, and parcels.

Address verification software has to go through a stringent test to ensure the highest quality validation processes. Systems with certification must run their verification while considering the following areas;

  • ZIP+4/ Delivery Point Coding
  • 5-Digit Coding
  • Carrier Route Coding
  • DPV or DSF2
  • eLOT
  • RDI
  • LACSLink
  • SuiteLink

How Can I Get Customer and Technical Support In Case I Am Stuck?

Yes, we do have emergency support available 24*7. You can contact us whenever you feel stuck or seek more information. Kindly mention the contact information!

What Is USPS Address Validation? and, How Can I Get ROI With Address Validation?

USPS, America’s largest postal service, uses a proprietary method for cross-referencing postal addresses to check their accuracy before you send mail. It qualifies businesses to claim USPS Marketing Mail and First-Class mail prices. However, this software has limited use cases.

PostGrid’s USPS address verification is a CASS-certified API that verifies addresses against the official USPS database for multiple use cases with maximum efficiency and integration features. You ensure a better ROI and reduced return mail when you verify your mailing lists with our API for your marketing campaigns.

What Counts As An Address Verification?

Address verification is a service offered to a business that verifies whether the address provided by the customer is accurate. An address may be verified using an API or by comparing it with a database of public addresses. Businesses must verify their addresses to protect themselves from fraudulent orders and minimize chargeback risks. Also, it helps businesses avoid problems such as undelivered packages by verifying addresses.

How to Opt For Address Verification?

You can contact a PostGrid sales representative and sign up for our services. Also, you can get a USPS address verification API for your business. The process is straightforward. Get started today!

How Does Address Verification Work?

Based on years of experience in matching and resolving addresses, PostGrid's address verification API leverages advanced match logic. The street-level validation of US and world addresses is done by matching the address to millions of records based on the country, state, and zip code information. We have implemented our expertise throughout the entire process to identify, detect, and fix issues we've encountered and fixed over time.

How do I Verify an Incomplete USPS Address?

You must confirm the mailing address with the recipient twice before mailing anything. Integrating PostGrid's autocomplete API into your website could be one solution to getting accurate addresses without typing everything.

Using fuzzy matching, you can add the missing details, rectify spacing errors, capitalize your addresses properly, and insert valid ZIP+4 codes. It gives you delivery-ready delivery addresses and avoids the incomplete USPS address problem. We use more data sources for the verification than the USPS address checker.

Does Address Validation API Provide Identity Data?

No, PostGrid's Address Verification API does not provide information on residents. Additionally, we do not unveil any identifiable information that is behind the address or even address metadata. Our Restful API provides data in the return if a customer inputs an address.

How Do I Verify if an Address Exists?

Most countries across the world maintain a respective address database. Individuals, businesses, and postal companies use this database to verify their addresses. This database can give you assurance about the existence of an address.

Each country uses a standard format for postal addresses. However, people may use different methods to write addresses. A reliable address standardization tool is necessary to convert your address according to local postal standards.

What is the USPS API?

USPS provides an official API to verify and standardize addresses to match the USPS address format. They maintain a vast database of 160 million addresses in the United States with residential, business, and post office box delivery points. However, there are strict terms of use to implement the USPS API.

The address data completeness doesn’t consider private delivery companies like FedEx, DHL, UPS, and Amazon. In contrast, our API relies on USPS as well as other genuine sources of address information. It vastly improves the accuracy of the verification process.

You can also sign up for an account or contact our sales team to integrate our API right away!

What is Acceptable as Proof of Address?

Proof of address or residency is necessary to verify where an individual lives. It is different from other ID verification documents. Not every government-issued document has your current address.

Individuals with no proof of address document may prefer to buy a post office box in the U.S. to receive mail. However, it doesn't work as a residential address. The proof of address verification document allows individuals to access multiple services and allows banks to keep track of customers. Examples of acceptable proof:

  • Utility Bills
  • Bank or Credit Card Statements
  • Insurance Policies
  • Lease Agreements
  • Rent Agreements
  • Residence Permits
  • Letters of Employment
  • Vehicle Registrations
  • Driver’s Licenses
  • Company Payslips

What is Digital Address Verification?

Digital address verification refers to the address verification process with automation that provides real-time verification. It also relies on various databases, algorithms, and mapping software to cross-verify and ensure the highest accuracy of address data.

This approach provides numerous advantages over manual verification. Some notable benefits of digital address verification are improved efficiency and reduced errors.

What is Address Validation vs. Verification?

Many individuals use these terms interchangeably. However, there are major differences between the two terms. Address validation ensures that your addresses are correct and deliverable. In contrast, address verification helps update and enhance your address data.

Professionals use address validation to resolve the problem of poor data collection at the entry point. An address verification tool compares addresses against an official directory, such as USPS or Canada Post, to ensure deliverability.

Which Data Sources an Address Verification API Uses for the Verification Process?

A reliable address verification tool like PostGrid may rely on multiple official and other databases to verify global addresses. For example, we have CASS (USPS), SERP (Canada), AMAS (Australia), and PAF (Royal Mail) certifications to provide accurate results for address verification queries.

What Are Some Features Offered By You?

There are the features that you can avail of while using PostGrid:

  • Verify addresses instantly
  • CSS Certification
  • Restful API that allows you easy, flexible, and accurate integrations to your CRMs or your system solutions
  • Scalable Solutions
  • Premise Level Data

Sign up with us today, and let us help answer questions like “Does your address verification offer Geocoding (Lat & Long)?” and a lot more.

Does Your Address Verification API Provide Geocoding Information?

Yes, PostGrid's address verification solution gives you geocoding data like latitude and longitude coordinates. This information is often necessary to improve your address details and ship mail to the right destination without confusion.

Is it Possible to Verify Addresses in Bulk With Your API?

Yes! PostGrid's API can validate, verify, autocomplete, standardize, and parse addresses in bulk and batches worldwide. You can run bulk verification requests by uploading a CSV file or simply from the API.

The API is capable of verifying 200K addresses at a time. It gives you a global reach covering 245+ countries and regions. Professionals can expect real-time results to ensure every address in their database is accurate.

How Does the API Deal With Addresses That Have Been Recently Changed?

PostGrid keeps up with the National Change of Address (NCOA) database to update address details accordingly. It helps you automatically replace obsolete addresses with new records and identify when your recipients move to different locations via NCOA processing.

What Format Do You Accept to Submit Addresses for Verification?

Users can simply type their queries on our console for single verification. However, bulk verification only accepts CSV files.

Does Your API Help in Address Standardization?

Yes, PostGrid's API provides standardization support to cleanse, parse, format, validate, and verify your postal addresses according to local postal standards. Uncleaned, inaccurate, incorrect, unstandardized, and outdated addresses can ruin your postal efficiency.

Our API helps you fix errors, correct misspellings, check abbreviations, add delivery point validation codes, and run national and international add verification checks.

How Can Your API Help Fraud Prevention?

Users can use our API as an Address Verification Service (AVS) to avoid credit card and other types of fraud. It cross-verifies the address and ZIP code of the customer's location and bank records.

Businesses can use this strong mechanism to eliminate the chances of unauthorized users misusing credit information in online stores.

Does Your API Support Different Languages and Character Sets?

Yes, PostGrid's address verification provides transliteration features to support various international languages, such as Chinese (China), Cyrillic (Russia), Hebrew (Israel), Thai (Thailand), Kanji (Japan), and Arabic (United Arab Emirates).

We also transliterate any address into Latin from native languages for better understanding. It helps the respective postal office deliver the mail easily and without confusion.

How Can Your API Help Reduce Operational Costs?

Our API works in real time to verify your addresses. It eliminates the wastage of time and resources due to incorrect or incomplete addresses. A company could save time and increase ROI by verifying thousands of addresses in seconds. There's no need to manually verify and standardize your address data.

Do You Provide an Address Lookup API?

PostGrid features one of the most popular address lookup APIs that provide businesses with accurate postal address data. We have certification from the Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS).

It means that our solution is a reliable source of information that the USPS approves. PostGrid provides a ZIP+4 code lookup, ensuring faster and more accurate postal deliveries.

Can PostGrid Lookup ZIP Codes?

Yes! You can use PostGrid to look for ZIP Codes. With our ZIP Code API, you verify US Zip Codes without having to highlight the complete address. In case the zipcode is available in the USPS's database, our API will automatically return the information on that specific zip code. And, if the zip code is incorrect, we will return an error message mentioning the INVALID ZIP CODE.

How Does Your Address Verification API Support PO Box Addresses?

Yes, PostGrid's Address Verification API supports PO Box addresses for its comprehensive validation, verification, standardization, and parsing process. We ensure that the details you provided match the official records. The API quickly identifies the PO Box address components if they are incorrect or incomplete. It also gives you recommendations on how to modify the address accordingly.

What Reporting and Analytics Features Do I Get With PostGrid Address Verification API?

Every geocoding result includes an accuracy score, which helps users determine the accuracy level of the geocoding process. Our API also fetches latitude and longitude data for any address you need. It helps you understand the demographics and geographical information of a specific location for better business analytics.

This data is often critical for tracking, mapping, and spatial analysis. Businesses rely on it to improve their mailing and overall operations.

Can I Convert Latitude and Longitude Coordinates to an Address With PostGrid's API?

Our API's reverse geocoding feature lets you convert geographic coordinates into readable addresses. This feature is useful for location analytics and validating postal addresses in payment and shipment forms.

Global businesses with multiple locations often need this to gather better customer intelligence.

How Can PostGrid's API Help in Improving Supply Chains and Logistics Management?

The efficient movement of goods and commodities across the supply chain requires accurate address verification. Incorrect addresses often lead to additional costs, reduced sales, and negative carrier relationships.

Our API saves these companies' critical time and resources handling complex supply chains and logistics. Accurate address verification helps to smoothen the flow of items.

Can I Use this API to Improve My Customer Onboarding Experience?

You can integrate our API into your website or application to simplify the address collection experience. Your customers don't need to type their entire address as our address autocomplete feature handles the rest.

It drastically reduces the chances of collecting incorrect or incomplete address data. Customers enjoy a frictionless onboarding experience.

What is the Uptime of Your Address Verification API?

PostGrid's API is a highly scalable solution that provides constant availability of its services. We host our data on Amazon Web services to ensure the best uptime for your address verification tasks.

Do You Verify Addresses Against the USPS Address Database?

We verify all your address verification requests against the official USPS address database. However, we also consider third-party sources to ensure the maximum accuracy of the verification results.

Does PostGrid's API Work With UPS Address Validation?

Our address verification API also considers the official UPS address database and other postal carriers like FedEx to give accurate results.

Are There any Compliance Requirements for Address Verification?

Yes, specific compliance requirements depend on the industry where you operate. For example, financial institutions must comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations, while healthcare organizations must adhere to HIPAA or PIPEDA compliance.

How do I Verify a Military Address Using Your Tool?

The process is quite simple, like verifying standard addresses. You only have to ensure that the address adheres to the standard military format before uploading it to our verification platform. Military addresses usually include the service individual's full name, unit, and APO/FPO/DPO address with a 9-digit ZIP code.

Integrates With Your Favorite Tech Stack & Tools

Easily Improve your workflow and automate print and mail through seamless integration capabilities.

Can I Use My Native Language for the International Address Validation, and Will the API Return the Address in the Same Language?

Yes, Transliteration at PostGrid helps you to choose the response language. However, our default language is English. In case you have international address verification requirements can set the response to easily match the native language of their end-user.

For instance, if you keep thinking about- How address verification helps eCommerce businesses?- Well, the answer is yes. If you are an American eCommerce company operating in Germany or Russia, you can set responses to return in Russian characters against English. The response setting as well as the customization is only available to those, who are sending in API requests.

Still Have Questions?

We are sure that you have plenty of questions running through your head now and then. Sign up with us today or Contact us to learn more about PostGrid!

Integrates with Your Favorite Tech Stack & Tools

Easily Improve your workflow and automate print & mail through seamless integration capabilities.

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