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Brochure Printing and Mailing

We print and mail brochures with eye-catching designs and attention-grabbing messages. To get started instantly, all you have to do is, select the template that best suits your needs and then give orders to our API to print and send the selected number of brochures on-demand. Finally, mail brochures of excellent quality to the intended audience quickly and improve your brand reputation among them.

When your prospects will have these direct mail brochures in their hands, it is sure that they will ponder about your company. The splendid brochures and the words beautifully printed on them would induce people to know more about your offerings. Furthermore, plenty of customization alternatives, flexible quantities, and fast delivery options are some of the key highlights for you to know about our brochure printing and mailing solutions. Our tool can help you perform the most impactful direct mail marketing campaigns.

Benefits of Our Brochure Printing and Mailing Solutions

Mailing Brochures is still a very effective strategy, as they are appealing to a large number of people. Many people tend to look at it more than once due to its innovative layout and bright colors. Luckily, our platform can make all your campaigns smooth in their executions as well as performances. It provides consistency in all your public relations projects. The entire process of getting these brochures ready and sent is automated and simple with PostGrid.

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Brochures can always be versatile as you have a variety of options to select from. Single-folded, double-folded, and tri-folded brochures are the most popular ones. Also, you can choose from among various paper, size, and ink options. These highly-customized direct mail brochures can be printed and sent in accordance with your marketing campaigns at any time. You can simply command our platform to perform these tasks and sit back as it does the same with the highest efficiency.


We understand how security can be a concern to you. Hence, we strictly comply with PIPEDA and HIPAA laws. These are meant to assure you that every small detail about your marketing campaign is safe with us. With everything from your designing preference to your database, we maintain the highest levels of confidentiality. This information is just between us and is highly secured. Our API not only keeps your data safe but also strives to make it better.

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Send Timely Messages

On-demand services

Decision-making is completely up to the marketers as to when and how much. Our brochure printing and mailing services give you the freedom to decide the size of your marketing campaign. You draft plans and make decisions; we execute them on-demand. This enables you to order according to your sales targets, budget, time frames, and overall marketing objectives. Also, it saves you any wastage by ordering only when needed. Whether you need brochures in bulk or a few personalized ones, we can do both for you with the same speed and performance quality.


After commanding our integrated system to print and mail brochures for you, tracking is immediately made available. From the starting procedure till the end delivery, you can track every step in the process. This way, you have a clear report on the status of your mails. These reports make it possible for you to connect with the audience at the exact time when they receive your direct mails so that the message is fresh and clear. Tracking allows you efficient communications and produces productive leads. You can simply sign-in and view the complete history and current status of the mails on your dashboard.

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Personalized Messages

Build and store mailing lists

Continuously add to your CRM with our address verification features. You don’t have to manually enter addresses into the system and verify each one of them. Our platform is in-built for linking with your data and using it for your campaigns. Storing and building new lists is also very easy and quick with our API, which has the ability to check and filter from thousands of addresses in surprisingly a very little time. It cross-checks every single address with the local postal address to offer high-quality data.

Sorting and Fulfillment

If you were to print and mail brochures manually, it would take up so much of your employee’s valuable time to just put labels and stamps. After this, they would also spend lots of time sorting these direct mail brochures according to the addresses. Our direct mail automation tool enables saving this precious time as it automates the process. It is completely capable of printing, storing, sorting through all your direct mails, and fulfilling the procedure in time. It ends with your mails being delivered in a timely manner to your recipients exactly as you wanted. The campaign analytics are always available for you to check.

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Ways in Which PostGrid Can Assist Businesses
in Brochure Printing and Mailing

There are many ways in which our automation tool makes brochure printing and mailing easier for you. This campaign doesn’t have to be time-drenching and complicated. Put our platform to work and see the results for yourself.

Saves time and cuts down manual efforts

The steps involved to print and mail brochures are-

  1. Selecting and making a list of recipients.
  2. Entering their addresses. Printing labels.
  3. Designing and printing the brochures with your printer.
  4. Packing and putting labels on them. Even if it is sent without enveloping, labels still need to be attached.
  5. Sorting the mails.
  6. Finally sending them for delivery.

These tasks are monotonous in nature and can take up a lot of time. All these steps are to be done manually by your staff if automation tools are not deployed. Our direct mail automation software saves tremendous time for your employees and reduces manual work. You can send a large number of direct mail brochures through our unified platform with a few commands given to it. The amount of time saved is drastic, and you can use it to bring about huge changes in your business. Also, manual work is reduced so that your staff’s physical energy can be used for other productive activities.

Right use of resources

You need not block or save up your company resources as inventory to print and mail brochures. Rather, you can direct our software to do the same for you. It arranges all the resources and gets the work started as soon as receiving the orders. We have tie-ups with the most trusted printing and mailing companies. Hence, we print only high-quality brochures and mail them alongside firms that are experts in doing it. Through this process, you can save your resources and use them as desired for other tasks.


Brochures are beautiful direct mail pieces, and a company can really do well with it. But there ought to be mistakes, inaccuracies, and delays when they are to be sent out manually. Mailing accuracy is assured when you use PostGrid’s automation tool to send direct mail brochures. We get all addresses verified, which enables all your mails to be delivered, avoiding delays and wastages. Also, with the tracking features, you can get accurate reports on the status and performance of your mails. All brochures are pre-folded tidily and are ready to be presented to the recipients.

Various options

The variety of templates you get to choose from makes personalizations simple and convenient. You can try so many different designs, colors, layouts, and see which looks best for your message. These combinations help you try out various things in various campaigns. Therefore, it is easy for you to store data on what works the best and use it for future marketing activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is automation required to print and mail brochures?

A marketing automation tool will be your assistant and guide you to properly and successfully conduct numerous campaigns and get guaranteed results. This is due to the unmatchable speed of the API and its ability to do everything exactly as ordered.

How does PostGrid’s software effectively help your company in brochure printing and mailing?

Our software helps increase your productivity level, ROI and improves the way you present your brand to the world. Also, you can integrate brochure mailing campaigns with other campaigns to get integrated results on cross-channel marketing.

For what occasions can I print and mail brochures?

You can print and mail brochures for nearly every occasion. For example, while introducing your brand, launching new products or services, announcing events, approaching new audiences, following up with prospects, retaining customers, sharing testimonials, and so on.

Can I track the live status of the sent brochures?

Yes, you can view the live status of every single mail on your dashboard in real-time with our tracking features.

How do we use and expand our mailing lists in brochure printing and mailing?

Let our platform integrate the API with your database to automatically use your existing mailing list for brochure printing and mailing. Our tool lets you effortlessly expand your mailing list by fetching, adding, and verifying new addresses quickly.

Can I choose how my brochures will be packed?

Yes, you can choose whether your brochures are sent in envelopes or openly. It is completely up to the marketers to select its final appearance.

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