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Best Marketing for Mortgage Brokers

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How to Conduct the Best Marketing for Mortgage Brokers in 2024?

Last year, the US residential mortgage debt hit nearly $11.18 trillion

As more people begin their home-purchasing and financing procedures, mortgage brokers require a robust advertising campaign to boost their business.

With 644,000 home sales in 2023, the industry is booming. 

But only the best marketing for mortgage brokers can help achieve their marketing and conversion goals!

It is stressful for people to learn the technicalities of mortgage lending. Moreover, they have many options, like 15-year, 30-year, fixed, or adjustable plans. You may employ the best marketing strategies for mortgage brokers to get your brand in front of these potential buyers and offer to help!

These promotional ideas allow you to build valuable communities and engage prospects. They let you build trust and educate customers, so they select your brand whenever they are ready to purchase a house!

Read on to discover the 17 best marketing ideas for mortgage brokers to succeed in 2024 and beyond.

Let us get started!

Why Do Mortgage Brokers Need Solid Marketing Plans?

Mortgage brokers help make loan approval and lending quick and easy for customers. They serve as intermediaries between lenders and clients, understanding their requirements and connecting them.

However, mortgage brokers function in an ever-changing sector. The fluctuating economic conditions can bring them more clients or dry up their business. Thoughtful and engaging mortgage broker marketing strategies allow them to up their game and expand outreach.

Staying on the top of the mind of all prospects lets them get genuine leads even during a recession or when the market takes a hard hit. And the well-curated marketing ideas for mortgage companies help make these objectives come true!

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17 Best Marketing Strategies for Mortgage Brokers

The US currently has at least 25,510 mortgage brokers! This rising number adds to your competition and makes bagging clients harder.

Mortgage Brokerage


If you share this concern, it is time to put your best foot forward.

Confucius once said—It does not matter how slowly you move as long as you don't stop. 

You have a pool of the best marketing for mortgage brokers' methods to navigate. Below, we present the top 17 ideas to help you begin:

Draft an Everything-We-Offer Sheet

People at restaurants love browsing a menu and discussing new dishes. They might also check online menus before visiting! It signifies how customers tend to research products and services as a list when making buying decisions.

You may launch the best marketing for mortgage brokers with an everything-we-offer service sheet. List your solutions and how you assist home buyers in buying their dream houses!

Send this sheet via direct mail marketing to all your clients and prospects at least a few times yearly. They often consider purchasing a second home, downsizing, applying for a home equity loan, and more. Your mail can add value to your mortgage broker marketing ideas by letting you reach potential buyers at the correct time.

PostGrid's direct mail services can enable you to print and ship high-quality service sheets for your best marketing for mortgage brokers' ideas. You can automate the process using our API or dashboard and relax as we complete every step on your behalf.

Request Clients to Provide Referrals

Stay in touch with your past or existing clients to boost your mortgage broker marketing strategies and seek referrals. Your relationships continue to grow after the homebuyers sign the documents and move into their new houses. Ask clients how they have been doing by sending cards, thank-you letters, and gifts.

It helps you express gratitude and remind them to refer your services to their family and friends. Here are the top ideas to conduct the best marketing for mortgage brokers and get more referrals:

  • Create a template. Draft a marketing message with your contact details and company information. Please send it to your clients and motivate them to forward it to their colleagues, neighbors, friends, and relatives. It helps them save time and refer your company to others without extra effort.
  • Craft newsletters to extend your marketing ideas for mortgage companies and stay top of mind always. Include home maintenance tips, checklists, financial advice, etc., to get people to read your messages and remember your brand.
  • Introduce a referral program to employ the best marketing ideas for mortgage brokers and lenders. Offer a small commission to clients who refer your brand to other people once you close the deal. It encourages people to get their minds in the game and find more people to discuss your services with and refer to your firm.
  • Network with everyone you know outside work, including your church community, neighbors, parents of other kids, and more. It can add to your mortgage broker marketing ideas and let you spread visibility.

Collaborate With Real Estate and Other Industry Professionals

If you work with companies offering real estate or financial services, think of ways to promote them. In exchange, use your mortgage broker marketing strategies and ask them to add your guest posts on their website.

You may also request such businesses to include details about your company and its services in their newsletters. This step helps both businesses expand simultaneously and support each other.

Create a segmented list to find professionals that can partner with you and allow you to grow your best marketing for mortgage brokers' ideas. Create unique content addressing them and explain how your collaboration can benefit their company.

You can print and mail letters and other items as a token to commence your partnership. Pair them up with customized emails listing what you can offer and what you expect.

Enhance your mortgage broker marketing ideas by adding more professionals to your database. Begin by attending local networking events and continue the procedure using channels like cold calls, emails, direct mail items, and more.

Consider Signage and Billboard Marketing 

Offline marketing ideas for mortgage companies are always in style! They still produce excellent results and help businesses stay ahead of their competition.

The global out-of-home (OOH) and billboard marketing size will grow to $67.8 billion this year!

Leverage this opportunity by getting your business name on billboards on busy highways and streets.

Buy a billboard at a client-dense location to help you drive local leads. Please remember to use bold and catchy headlines to get maximum exposure and make your message memorable.

Mortgage Needs


You can take a unique approach to your marketing ideas for mortgage lenders by adding humorous puns, tongue twisters, and more. Be creative and engage your prospects faster!

Next up is signage marketing! It is among the best marketing ideas for mortgage brokers and financial institutions. It helps you present your services to every person within a community.

For instance, you may print your advertisement on a park bench or subway wall in the city you operate. It lets you educate people on your services, conduct the best marketing for mortgage brokers, and produce a massive inflow of authentic leads.

Use Compelling Calls to Action and Offers

Companies can win half the battle by sending attention-grabbing messages to potential clients. But what happens next?

Your ad requires an upfront CTA to guide prospects on what to do next after you launch the best marketing for mortgage brokers' program. It tells them how to move ahead with the conversion funnel and contact your brand.

Personalized CTAs generate 202% higher results than generic ones, making them essential to conduct the best marketing strategies for mortgage brokers and lenders.

Use tailored CTAs that resonate with your audience's requirements and help them take their first step toward conversion.

Enrich your mortgage broker marketing strategies with intriguing offers.

Ask prospects to complete the CTA in exchange for something. The offer and CTA relationship should be proportionate, making clients feel you want to provide them with something valuable!

Encourage people to download a report, sign up for your email newsletter, and drop a comment.. You can also request them to call or visit your office, helping you meet them personally and close deals.

Send Eye-Catching Direct Mail

Three hundred billion emails go out daily! Most of them contain marketing messages, which recipients consider spam. So do you want to rely on email marketing entirely?

Emails, online banners, and social media ads can hamper your mortgage broker marketing ideas and restrict growth! They cause digital fatigue, leading to people yearning for a break!

Direct mail is one of the best marketing ideas for mortgage brokers that help people break through this digital barrier. It allows them to hold something tangible and pin the item to their board for future reference, something online ads cannot offer.

This offline channel for the best marketing for mortgage brokers produces a 30% ROI. And you can get the most out of your campaigns by automating them!

Use PostGrid's direct mail automation software to save time, money, and effort. It allows you to place your orders online and automate your mailing programs to ensure success and get high responses.

PostGrid helps you send on-demand through bulk mailings services according to your preferences and budget. Hence, launch the best marketing strategies for mortgage brokers without hefty investments or wasting precious time!

Upgrade Your Website

Your website design leads to 94% of all impressions. And it only takes visitors 50 milliseconds to decide whether they like a company website and want to stay. 

What do these statistics tell you?

The above statistic indicates that your website design is crucial to your marketing ideas for mortgage companies and brokers. It can drive high traffic to your website or take them away! Thus, revamping your site from time to time to add more upgrades and improve its user experience (UX) is significant.

Feel At Home


Improve your best marketing for mortgage brokers' methods by developing a user-friendly site with loads of information.

Design customized landing pages and add images wherever applicable! If your website already has all the necessary elements, make some tweaks based on your user analytics.

Your company website is the center of all the best marketing strategies for mortgage brokers and lenders. Redirect your prospects and clients to your web pages, irrespective of the advertising platforms you use to correspond with them.

Create a Blog Section to Educate Clients

60% of Americans hire a mortgage broker when buying or refinancing a home!

US Market


But how can you redirect clients to your firm instead of your competitors?

Digital mortgage broker marketing strategies enable you to generate online traffic and inquiries. And content marketing is a powerful tool to showcase your industry knowledge and drive responses.

Mortgage brokers can start a blog section on their websites to post industry-relevant articles to inform and educate people regularly. It is one of the best marketing ideas for mortgage lenders and brokers to increase visibility online.

Buying a house is a significant investment for most people. It is also the most expensive purchase buyers ever make! They can feel overwhelmed with concerns and have innumerable questions. Your blogs can help them learn about the sector and contact you for further information.

This tactic for best marketing for mortgage brokers can help you achieve dual objectives:

  • It lets you establish credibility and highlight your experience.
  • It allows people to understand the technicalities and how you can help them.

Brainstorm ideas and subjects, and design a content calendar for the entire year. It is helpful to up your mortgage broker marketing strategies and streamline promotions.

Here are some blog ideas you can use to draft articles:

  • Market trends and updates.
  • Local businesses and charities you support.
  • QnAs to resolve the most commonly-asked client queries.
  • How-to's regarding mortgage documents, applications, down payments, and more.
  • Tips to improve credit and get low-interest rates.

Factors Affecting Mortgage


Promote Your Online Testimonials

One of the best marketing strategies for mortgage brokers is using their online reviews. Share them on your website, social media, direct mail items, and more to let others know how you operate and what clients think of you!

First, request clients to drop their reviews online. It lets you manage your online publicity well and add positive points to your portfolio.

Handle negative feedback carefully. It can affect your mortgage broker marketing strategies and tarnish your reputation. Thus, respond to it respectfully and encourage the commenters to get in touch and resolve the issue.

Similarly, level up your marketing ideas for mortgage companies by thanking clients who leave positive reviews. It motivates them to work with your firm again and spread word-of-mouth publicity!

PostGrid's print and mail services can let you print QR codes or pURLs that take recipients to your web pages. So if you need more space to add your client testimonials or other information, use a code instead and let readers explore!

Launch Sponsored Facebook Ads

More than 50% of Americans need help learning what mortgages mean.

Others require assistance to understand their mortgage interest rate breakdown. We know how these subjects are technical, and most people find them challenging to learn.

But you can guide them and promote your services simultaneously using creative mortgage broker marketing ideas and channels. One such channel is Facebook, with over 221.6 million users!

Facebook marketing ideas for mortgage companies allow you to leverage the platform and spread brand awareness. You may launch paid ads that enable Facebook to display your advertising messages on your intended audience's timelines.

  • Follow these steps to set up a campaign based on your desired parameters:
  • Select your target prospects.
  • Choose a price range depending on the number of impressions you want.
  • Use your favorite Facebook template for your mortgage broker marketing ideas, or create an ad in-house.
  • Add an upfront CTA and use your targeted keywords to make your campaign successful.

This social media platform lets you include a carousel of different images and videos, letting users scroll and read. It allows you to focus on a relevant audience, depending on age, gender, and income level, to help you employ the best marketing strategies for mortgage brokers online.

Focus On Client Appreciation

Thank your clients after every transaction and maintain constant touch. Make them feel special and express your appreciation to establish long-term relationships.

Boost your marketing ideas for mortgage lenders by providing clients with a free yearly checkup. Meet with them and review their information to determine if they can avail of better interest rates, drop their loan insurance, or cash out some funds.

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These client appreciation steps allow you to show people you care about them. They help your business conduct the best marketing for mortgage brokers, get referrals, and increase brand awareness!

Grow Your Business With Email Marketing

Email produces an average ROI of $36 for every $1 you spend!

Including this channel for the best marketing for mortgage brokers can increase conversions.

Instead of sending promotional emails to prospective and existing clients, address your audience's needs. Create an email series to invite and answer questions while they look for houses and investigate financing choices.

Use email marketing ideas for mortgage companies to customize your communications and broaden your network. Employ these additional ideas to ensure high open and click-through rates:

  • Add a custom email signature, informing recipients of your services and guiding them ahead of the conversion funnel.
  • Motivate them to call or drop an email to learn more about your company.
  • Keep your emails short and sweet to ensure your best marketing strategies for mortgage brokers work well.
  • Add links to redirect readers to your website or social media handles to improve your online traffic.

Pro tip: Integrate PostGrid's direct mail API into your email marketing CRM to combine both channels and get better results. Since direct mail has an open ratio of 90%, compared to 20-30% for email, these best marketing for mortgage brokers' ideas can drastically improve your campaign performance. 

Hold Informational Webinars and Seminars

Most people want to deal with a person rather than a company! Organizations focus on strengthening relationships between representatives and clients to add a personal touch to their interactions. Thus, one-to-one meetings are among your firm's most critical mortgage broker marketing strategies or plans!

If you want to boost connections and add a face to your business, consider hosting webinars. 

95% of companies believe they are a crucial part of their advertising strategies!

And we agree because it helps bring people closer and lets you come face-to-face with your audiences.

You may also conduct seminars as one of the best marketing ideas for mortgage brokers and lenders. It empowers you to gather your prospects under one roof, discuss your services, and win clients.

Prepare an agenda in advance and send it to everyone you want to invite. Be upfront about the presenter's name, date, time, purpose, and more to get more people to join and boost your best marketing for mortgage brokers' efforts.

Think Out of the Box With Visual Content

Videos can help you break complex subjects into more straightforward language for your audience to understand.

A one-minute video equals 1.8 million words!

Our brains process visual data faster than written texts, making it a crucial tool in your box of mortgage broker marketing strategies.

We all have smartphones with high-quality built-in cameras. So why not capture some videos and post them on our websites and social media pages to entice clients?

Video marketing is an evergreen trend for best marketing for mortgage brokers because videos get 1,200% more shares than images and texts combined. Exciting, right?

  • You may ask a financial expert to join you and record your conversation. This person can be a local realtor, a reputed company's rep, or anybody with adequate industry knowledge to share. This practice enables your marketing ideas for mortgage companies to produce more responses and conversions.
  • Film informal videos addressing your clients directly and hold answer FAQs. They let you show off your experience and expertise, helping you attract more mortgage leads.
  • Boost your best marketing strategies for mortgage brokers by speaking of new programs, industry news, expert tips, mortgage steps, and more.
  • Send tailored happy birthday or anniversary videos to existing clients to strengthen bonds.

Run Local News On Your Website

Running out of topics to discuss with your audience is likely. But there is a solution!

Several topics, including the stock market, interest rates, real estate prices, unemployment rates, inflation, and depression, impact the mortgage industry. Turn on CNBC and list all economic topics.


You could get a dozen ideas for the best marketing for mortgage brokers you can use to engage your audience!

Boost the best marketing strategies for mortgage brokers by becoming a go-to informational channel for people. Refer to your Twitter feed, subscribe to financial newsletters from popular sites, and push your business ahead based on knowledge!

You can run a local news section on your website. It helps grab visitors' attention toward your mortgage broker marketing strategies and keep them hooked for a long time. In 2022, the New York Times website received the maximum monthly visits (535.1 million) across the country. It indicates that people spend time reading the news on the internet.

Delivering the same news to your target audience via your website or social media platforms can help improve your marketing ideas for mortgage lenders and get more views.

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Be Proactive and Responsive

Once you drive traffic to your website, ensure it has a contact page to allow people to fill out their details. This page should be easy to find and complete! Keep it basic with a few fields that can enhance your mortgage broker marketing strategies and help users take action.

Mortgage & Loan Broker


Also, design a pop-up to prompt users to feed in their email addresses and unlock an offer or checklist. It is one of the easiest ways to execute the best marketing for mortgage brokers and expand their email list.

Please reply to website visitors within an hour when they submit a contact request! Or leave an automated note, updating them about when you can become available.

These respondents are your potential clients! Hence, you can expand your marketing ideas for mortgage lenders and brokers by replying to them promptly and taking them ahead of their client journeys.

Take Advantage of Your Social Media Channels

97% of all Fortune 500 companies use social media for advertising and selling!

Social media posts help entice clients to reach out to your company. You may discuss your solutions in an interactive, fun manner using channels like Instagram.

Level up your marketing ideas for mortgage companies by posting regularly, replying to comments, and increasing your followers.

Learn the current platform trends and draft posts around them to get the maximum likes, comments, and shares! It is one of the best marketing ideas for mortgage brokers to grow their digital presence and connect with more people.

Pro tip: Feature images and reels on your Instagram page to improve your mortgage broker marketing ideas and drive traffic. Also, partner with influencers or local celebrities to promote your services on their respective pages and urge audiences to visit your account. 

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Launch the Best Marketing for Mortgage Brokers With PostGrid

Direct mail is your solution to every marketing and correspondence task!

Re-engage clients by sending them a tailored direct mail letter. Or acquire new leads with eye-catching postcards with exciting headlines!

Direct mail marketing allows you to execute the best marketing for mortgage brokers because it is emotional and responsive. People like receiving postal mail and responding to it, at least more than they prefer viewing online ads!

But mailing campaigns demand a lot of time and effort! They require constant attention to complete the different steps, like finding a printer, buying stamps, visiting the Post Office, and more

PostGrid is your one-stop shop to curb these issues and benefit from direct mail. Boost your mortgage broker marketing strategies by drafting and mailing effective mailpieces to communicate with your target audience.

One of our clients in the mortgage industry faced a similar situation. They targeted their prospects online for half the responses they desired. So they turned to direct mailing to conduct the best marketing for mortgage brokers, but it was time-consuming and expensive. 

PostGrid's direct mail API was a game changer for their business! They used our API integrations to add mailing to their existing CRM and send personalized mailers. 

Their first campaign consisted of printing and shipping 4,200 letters. They wanted to explain their services briefly to target clients and invite them to take the conversation ahead over a call. 

PostGrid allowed them to print custom phone numbers to tie every call to the campaign. Thus, the client launched a trackable program to enhance their marketing ideas for mortgage lenders and get more business. 

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Here are some of the features the company thought were the most helpful:

  • Print and mail fulfillment: Our client is a leading business in the mortgage sector. But printing and distribution were outside their skills. PostGrid helped them outsource the extra legwork and automate these daunting tasks. 
  • Pre-built templates: Our professionally-built templates let the business create artwork within minutes. They could turn the best marketing ideas for mortgage brokers into reality with PostGrid's downloadable PDF and HTML designs.
  • Custom mailing lists: We provide targeted mailing lists to clients, helping them send mail to their relevant audiences and guarantee high performance. PostGrid also offers address verification to validate your delivery addresses and ensure mailing accuracy. 
  • Competitive prices: Boost your marketing ideas for mortgage companies and save money with our flexible prices

Click here to explore more features. Or sign up to learn how we can help you with the best marketing for mortgage brokers' ideas!

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