Furthermore, through the Address Autocomplete API offered by PostGrid, you can ensure that the data you obtained is accurate and reliable because it reduces the keystrokes and mistakes that the users often make. The application of the address autocomplete service does not stop there either. It can significantly simplify the checkout process for websites or reduce cart abandonment by minimizing shopper fatigue.

Want to know more about how your business can benefit from PostGrid’s address API?

Why You Need Address Autocomplete API

Avoid Bad Data

You can avoid the clustering of bad data in your postal address database and keep it clean with only your customers’ relevant and deliverable addresses.

Boost Deliverability Rate

A clean postal address database means that almost all your direct mails will reach their destination. As PostGrid offers 99.99% deliverability using its fully automated address verification tool.

Simplify Checkout Process

Implement easy checkout on your eCommerce website with an address autocomplete feature by implementing an easier and faster checkout process with minimal error.

Reduce Cart Abandonment

The address autocomplete API helps you reduce the cart abandonment rate on your eCommerce website by bringing down the shopper fatigue.

Eliminate Errors

Eliminate common typographical errors made by the user while entering their address details and effectively keep your data clean.

Standardize Addresses

Address autocomplete standardizes the addresses before saving them to your database and helps in making the delivery faster by implementing the local postal authority format for the addresses.

Address Validation

The address autocomplete API validates the address entered by the users and ensures that the given address is real and deliverable before saving it.

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Superior Data Quality

  • It is vital for businesses to collect accurate data because the data quality can directly affect their business operations. The best way to ensure it is to ascertain that the data obtained is correct right from the point of onboarding.
  • PostGrid ensures superior data quality from onboarding through its advanced address lookup API that verifies the address of the user in real-time as they type in the form. 
  • PostGrid uses the official postal address database of USPS to ensure there is no bad data and also allows your business to make sure that the address provided by your user is real and deliverable.
  • Unlike Google’s address database which is updated sporadically, the postal address database of USPS is updated regularly and thereby enhances the data quality.
  • Superior data quality means higher deliverability rates, enhanced customer experience, and positive conversion rates.

Reasons to Employ PostGrid’s Address Autocomplete API

Secondary Unit Designators

PostGrid provides you with the primary address of the user and includes the “secondary unit” of their address, meaning it may suggest the building number of the user’s address.

PO Boxes, APOs, FPO, DPOs

PostGrid’s address autocomplete API carefully handles all secondary unit designators, including PO boxes (POBs), Army Post Offices (APOs), Fleet Post Offices (FPOs), and Diplomat Post Offices (DPOs).

Standardization & Validation

PostGrid, does not complete the address provided by your user. The address is standardized and validated to be real by checking with the official postal address database of USPS for quick and easy postal delivery.

Zero-Code Integration

With PostGrid’s zero-code integration you can easily implement the address autocomplete API without the help of a developer. All you need is our API documentation and you are all set to go.

Mobile App Supported

With more than half the online traffic coming through mobile devices, PostGrid’s address autocomplete API allows you to integrate its advanced features to your mobile application for a better user experience.

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What we are Better Than Google’s Autocomplete API

  • Google’s Autocomplete API is purely based on their geolocation data and does not consider other intrinsic factors like USPS deliverability, address classification, etc.
  • PostGrid directly uses the official address database of the USPS before auto-completion of the addresses typed into your website contact form. This means that the deliverability of the address is ensured using PostGrid’s address validation service.
  • Google does not standardize or validate the address you provide, while PostGrid standardizes the address, ensuring that the postal mail quickly goes through the delivery pipeline, avoiding any time wastage. It also so far as to validate the given address to be real and deliverable by the USPS.
  • There is a possibility that Google may suggest you a fake address as it does not verify the address pushed through it with the official postal address database of USPS, while PostGrid does not make such mistakes.

CASS-Certified Software

  • The Coding Accuracy Support System or CASS is a tool that USPS created for ensuring that the software tapping into USPS’s official postal address database is accurate meaning that any software that is CASS-certified is bound to give you accurate data.
  • PostGrid is a CASS-certified software. Its API carries out address standardization and verification using the USPS’s official database. Thus, ensuring the accuracy and deliverability of the addresses at the point of onboarding.
  • Advanced CASS-certified software like PostGrid is equipped to provide the ZIP+4 code of an address that is extremely useful for the USPS while making a delivery. It speeds up the process to ensure that the package is delivered to its destination at the earliest.
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Perfect Match for eCommerce

  • The address autocomplete API from PostGrid is a perfect match for eCommerce websites/businesses as it enhances user convenience and provides a more streamlined experience for them while browsing through the store and making a purchase.
  • A streamlined checkout process allows the user to automatically fill in their address, making it super convenient for them to make a purchase and subtly encouraging them to complete the purchase. 
  • The shopper fatigue is greatly reduced, especially for the customers who have spent hours browsing through your eCommerce store to find the perfect product for them. An autocomplete feature allows the user to relax and effectively reduce cart abandonment, often caused by a complicated checkout process.
  • The user often makes typographical errors while typing in their addresses and this could potentially turn into a nightmare for your customer service team. With PostGrid’s address checker tool, the customer is, in fact, always right because it ensures the accuracy of the data provided by the customer. 

Ideal fit for USPS & Canada Post

  • PostGrid comes certified by CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) by USPS and SERP (Software Evaluation and Recognition Program) by Canada post.
  • The CASS and SERP certifications mean that the auto completed by PostGrid is real and deliverable by the relevant postal services. You can be sure that the postal mail you sent has been received by the addressee when sent via USPS or Canada Post.
  •  You receive premise-level data of the addresses through PostGrid that further reassures you that the address is correct and also gives you an idea of where the said address belongs.
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Scalable REST API

  • PostGrid isolates the test environment from the live environment so that you can be sure that your existing system works unaffected.
  • PostGrid’s address lookup can work in tandem with your existing system without causing any internal conflicts with the existing systems, thereby safeguarding the integrity of your website even after the integration. 
  • Our address auto-complete API comes with a fully documented API library that holistically documents every endpoint using OpenAPI. Furthermore, PostGrid allows you to access it from your favorite tools and languages.
  • The Address Autocomplete API from PostGrid is built to scale, implying that its infrastructure can easily handle millions of API calls simultaneously. Therefore, no matter how big a company you run or how huge traffic it drags in, our API can keep up with your requirements and serve your business without a halt.

Zero-Code Integration

  • PostGrid brings you an absolute zero-code API integration, allowing anyone, even if the person does not have the slightest clue about coding, to easily integrate this API to their website and mobile apps.
  • PostGrid’s Autocomplete API comes with a Zapier integration that enables you to connect our address verification and auto-complete capabilities with over 1600 apps.
  • PostGrid even offers you standalone cloud software that can be used for address standardization, address verification, and address validation to ensure that you have the right address and confirm its deliverability. 
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API Dashboard

  • PostGrid’s Address Autocomplete API comes equipped with an advanced API dashboard that lets you track API usage, manage templates, contacts, and other API resources, thus providing you with superior visibility and control over the API.
  • The API dashboard provided by PostGrid further gives you access to detailed analytics. This includes viewing valuable data and insights, including the status of all of your mailings. Furthermore, you also get complete searchability of all current and past orders.
  • The API dashboard from PostGrid also facilitates user management which allows you to invite other users in your organization to PostGrid and enable them to integrate the API. Once they have accepted the invitation, they can also use the dashboard. This can be invaluable for sharing valuable data inside your company, including your marketing team.

Detailed Analytics and Tracking

  • You can access the detailed activity log of your orders through the advanced API dashboard from PostGrid. This means you get access to important data such as all sending/delivering activity, including the status of your every order, existing or past ones alike.
  • PostGrid further allows database search and export through its API dashboard. This means that you can search for print-ready renderings of all mailings at any time, and you can even have them downloaded as per your requirement.
  • PostGrid’s Address Autocomplete API comes with granular metadata capability which enables you to attach application-specific metadata to any API resources. As a result, you are able to improve visibility and simplify the integration.
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