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print, mail and send checks safely

Print and Mail Checks

Check printing and mailing service made easy with PostGrid. Processes in a safe and secure environment. Our operations and print and mail partners are HIPAA/PIPEDA/SOC-II Compliant ensuring the highest data security, confidentiality, and secure processing.

print, mail and send checks safely

On-Demand Online Check Printing and Mailing Services

Outsource your check printing and mailing service to us and get the work done for you in less than half the time with double efficiency. Carry out your everyday transactions with ease and speed. Make payments lined up within minutes. The long list of features that our platform and check API provide is simply unmatchable with any level of physical effort.

Re-engage old clients while making payments with branding options. Add customizations to brand your checks and leave an impact on the recipients. PostGrid’s integrated online check mailing services are for you to make payments easily and quickly. Reduce overall mailing costs and execution time while learning how to safely mail a check.


Automated Printing and Mailing Checks with PostGrid

We always strive to provide complete automation services for your check printing and mailing needs. It gives you a much quicker turn-around time. You don’t have to take the headache of managing check stocks, envelopes, postage, and bear administrative expenses. 

We’ve got you covered with our automated print & mail services. You can do everything from our dashboard! Just create, print, and mail your checks hassle free without any interruption.

Why Prefer PostGrid Check Printing and Mailing Service?

Take your check printing and mailing process to the next level with PostGrid. We are proud to provide a highly desirable service. 

  • Highly Secure and Limited Access: We host our data only on secure servers and comply with every necessary regulatory requirement. It gives you peace of mind that your critical financial data is in trustworthy hands. 
  • The Perfect Use of Data Encryption Tools: We implement the latest encryption technology to keep your checks safe from the prying eyes of scammers and fraudsters. 
  • A Fully Scalable Platform: Our platform is always ready to handle any volume of check printing and mail tasks. When you choose PostGrid, you get a highly scalable platform with incredible capabilities for handling large volumes of operations. 
  • Crisp Attention to Detail: The customization options in PostGrid let you emphasize attention to detail during the check printing and mailing process. 
  • MICR Toner to Reduce Fraud: We use specialized ink and characters to enhance the security levels of your checks. It keeps you much safer from fraud and duplication. 
  • Variable Data Technology: You can easily customize information on your checks with VDP. It is an ideal solution for bulk check printing. 
  • Wide Variety of Paper Stock: You can select from various paper stocks for your checks. It gives you much greater flexibility for printing your checks. 
  • Faster Processing Times: PostGrid can process, print, and send for mailing within two business days. You can save a lot of time and reduce efforts with our platform. 

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Features of PostGrid’s Check Printing and Mailing Service


Integration with accounting software

Our check printing and mailing solutions allow you to integrate your accounts management software with our print and mail API. It works well with any accounting software. This integration enables you to avoid double entries and facilitates reconciliation. You can select between uploading your information in CSV format with our secure upload options or using the API as you can quickly handle payments within a short span of time.

The checks will appear to the recipients exactly as you want. Everything from the check design and security to the customer detail personalizations is taken care of by PostGrid’s automation software. Enter and verify your bank and business details, link your files, and click to proceed. You are all set to print and mail checks online.


The FBI estimates a total of $18.7 billion in losses annually and over 70% of organizations are affected due to check fraud in the United States. In order to eradicate fraud and enhance online payments, with high-end technology and security features, our software makes sure that your checks are printed, enveloped, mailed, and delivered with utmost care.

The highest levels of safety are put into operation to protect document confidentiality. On-demand online check printing or pre-set event-triggered check printing can be done and mailed only with your authorization.

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A number of security features are made use of when you print checks online like:

  • MICR toner – Magnetic ink character recognition to ensure the legitimacy
  • Watermarks – to avoid duplicated prints
  • Microprint
  • Chemical wash detection
  • Holograms
  • Compliance with data safety laws
  • Secured envelopes
  • Secured portal for access
  • Heat-reactive ink and other required features


Check mailing services are no longer traditional and are not merely performed in a static manner. It gives you the liberty to add a number of customizations. These tri-folded checks can be customized with:

  • Your own customized HTML templates
  • Your brand logo- in black and white or fully colored
  • Personal notes or messages
  • Attached letters
  • Taglines or logos
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Mailing Options and Tracking

You get to select from options to mail a check online based on the urgency of the payments.

  • It is possible to select the USPS delivery with expresspriority, or international and first-class options. The express option can get your checks delivered in just one day. It is highly efficient when you have very little time and a lot of payments to attend to.
  • You can also set dates for future payments, and our automation process will get it honored on that particular date.
  • FedEx deliveries are also enabled, allowing you to choose how you want the checks to be sent. Tracking is very simple through the software as you can trace your checks and their progress from time to time.

Benefits of Our Check Printing and Mailing Automation Software

Print and mail checks on a regular basis quickly and accurately with PostGrid’s online check printing and mailing solutions. Get smart, put in less effort, and get more work done. Find below the benefits you receive through our platform:

Quick Set-Up and Administration

Our print and mail automation software is incredibly easy to install on your system and gets ready to use in just a couple of steps. You can make use of our secure API to guide you in the process.

Quick set-up followed by easy administration is one of the most important benefits you should be aware of. These features will empower you to send anything from one check to a couple of hundreds of them all at once easily.

  • You simply select; we integrate, add to the list, print, and mail check online
  • The administration portal is highly secure and simple to navigate
  • Mail tracking status and other details are easily available
  • You or your staff members don’t need to be very tech-savvy to access and use our software as everything is simplified and properly structured
  • Anyone can set up and use our software with no hassle. PostGrid is a one-stop destination for you to visit for all your online check printing and mailing needs
  • Fast, streamlined, and reliable services are assured with PostGrid

Get Detailed Reports

You can get detailed reports about your sent mail periodically. Also, filtering will help you access specific reports for narrowed-down analytics for a specific client or for a specific period. These critical insights and analytics will help you have better records of your company’s workings.

Ideal for Everyone

  • This software is ideal for everyday low-volume check mailings as well as for high-volume checks. All number of checks are considered equally important and are prioritized according to your requirements.
  • It is suitable for all models of business and all kinds of businesses.
  • This is because of the fact that everyone has to make utility payments or send other payments from time to time, making it a part of your regular work.
  • You need to add your bank details and digital signature only once and print and mail checks online as many times as you need.
  • Our check printing services API will also let you navigate between all your accounts when you have to pay to many different parties using different accounts.
  • Settlement checks, refund checks, rebate checks, and checks for bill payments can all be single-handedly and efficiently sent out with the assistance of PostGrid’s check mailing and printing services.

Send Event-Driven Checks

Sending event-driven checks for bonuses, giveaways, or other events is very systematic with our check printing and mailing online services. You don’t have to remember important dates and send checks on that day. Instead, with PostGrid’s smart automation software, you can feed in dates and details beforehand. Our tool remembers everything and does the job on time, along with other things being done on-demand.

Why Investing in PostGrid’s Check Printing and Mailing Software Will Benefit You?

PostGrid’s online check printing and mailing solutions are smooth, quick, and simple to use. These factors facilitate work efficiency while ensuring that no payments are missed and your credit record is maintained. Find more reasons why our solutions are the best:

Reaching New Audience

Unified Operations

  • Every single check is personalized with customer details, making it legitimate. There are various check formats and styles that pass through your bank standards.
  • All checks are processed in a secure and safe manner, with the industry’s best SLA you can be confident they are processed and handed over for timely delivery.

Saved Time and High Levels of Precision

  • To print and mail checks online in less time and with precision, give orders to our system, and leave it to it. We will handle everything without any errors and present all the details in front of you immediately.
  • Our address verification software feature removes all errors from your data and ensures that the checks are sent to the right person.
  • Detailed API docs and dev support are offered for seamless integration and implementation.
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Competitive Prices

  • Our check printing and mailing services are available for you at competitive all-in-one prices. No minimum fees are required and no hidden costs. With low administrative costs and doubled efficiency, it is always handy to use PostGrid’s check printing and mailing solution.

Reduced Need for Stocking

  • You don’t need to store-check stock to print checks or use your company’s inventory materials. Simply give instructions to our API and we will do everything from processing to getting the checks printed and mailed. The inventory is handled elsewhere and saves you from the trouble of storing resources. Use our print and mail API to print and mail checks with less paperwork.
reduced need of paper stock

How We Reduce Bank Rejections with MICR Ink?

Magnetic Ink Character Recognition relies on specialized ink and characters to enhance the security level of your checks. Many businesses use checks with MICR ink to reduce their exposure to fraud and scams. 

This technology also gives a secure and fast method of scanning and processing data in the banking infrastructure. Our partner uses innovative MICR printers with special ink and toners to place the unique numbers found in business and personal checks. They print at the bottom of checks with the account, check, and bank routing numbers. It is super tricky to recreate this number. 

PostGrid’s printing partner uses the perfect combination of ink and font to complete the magnetic readability of the MICR line. It is a very secure and reliable method for the on-demand production of checks. 

Why Do You Need Customization in Your Checks?

Every physical communication or financial record can also serve as branding and marketing material for a business. Using PostGrid, you can customize your checks with logos, personal notes, marketing, or other vital messaging. 

You can also print your logos and some branding elements on the envelopes. These practices give a more professional and appealing look to your checks. Your business can stand out from the crowd with customization. Most companies ignore this and go with plain tedious checks.

Mailing Options with PostGrid Print and Mail Checks Service

When you use PostGrid for printing your checks, you get multiple mailing options to determine the speed and priority of the delivery. 

  • USPS First Class 
  • USPS First Class International 
  • USPS Priority (2-3 days) 
  • USPS Express (1 day) 
  • Certified Mail 
  • FedEx (There are options for two days or overnight) 

Time to Replace Pre-Printed Checks 

Pre-printed checks are ready for posting with an existing design and print. It might be much easier and faster to make payments with these checks. However, you are also inviting critical security issues with pre-printed checks. 

When using these checks, you already have your vital details, such as your bank account number and bank routing number present. Frauds and scammers can easily misuse this information to steal money from your accounts. It could also be expensive to ask a bank to print and mail these checks for you. 

PostGrid’s print and mail service for checks can save your day. There’s no need to worry about fraud and speed. We complete the job in minimal time and without exposing your critical details to anyone. You can stay safe from scams by preferring our platform. 

Real-Time Reporting with PostGrid 

At PostGrid, we give you a comprehensive reporting feature to get the deliverability status for each check. It helps you to keep up with the payments from your business. 

Built-in Protection to Avoid Frauds 

We use high-end technology and security measures to safeguard against fraud and enhance your payment experience. Our automated solution ensures your checks are printed, enveloped, and mailed with the highest possible care and security. PostGrid keeps you safe from fraud and duplication. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to deliver my checks?

With industry best SLA, we process, print, and hand over for delivery within 2 business days. We provide top SLA for check mailing services.

Are my bank details secure with you?

All our print and mail partners are HIPAA/PIPEDA/SOC-II compliant and ensure a safe and secure environment is established. Our secure API maintains the highest levels of data security and confidentiality.

How can I conduct check printing and mailing online?

You need to simply integrate, sort, print, and send. Our API will handle everything on your behalf based on your requirements.

You need to simply give orders to the automation tool to integrate, sort, print, and send. Our API will handle it everything on your behalf based on your requirements.

Can I customize my checks?

Yes, all checks can be customized to suit your needs.

What is MICR Toner?

MICR stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition. The MICR toner is a security feature to safeguard your checks from any kind of fraud.

Are payments for recurring bills supported?

Yes, you can pre-set your payment dates or integrate your accounts software with our API to make payments for recurring bills.

What does it mean to mail a check online?

It refers to outsourcing check printing and mailing to an expert vendor to save costs, time, and effort. Companies can automate everything from check drafting to shipping them to the recipients with just a few clicks.

PostGrid lets you print and mail checks 75% cheaper and 50% faster than in-house mailing. Thus, you can complete your payments on time, improve brand reputation, and boost personal relationships.

Is it legal to print and mail your own checks?

Yes, it is legal to print and mail your own checks if you follow your bank’s guidelines and employ the necessary security measures.

First, you need a printer that supports MICR printing to print and mail checks in-house. You also require magnetic ink and check paper stock to start the process. Furthermore, ensure that you have efficient check writing software.

Though legal, it is a hectic, expensive, and time-consuming job. Hence, companies looking to mail checks online choose PostGrid to do the heavy lifting. We guarantee that your checks are at par with the ones printed by your bank (which are much more expensive).

How to mail a check online?

You can print and mail checks online using an automated print API or software like PostGrid. By integrating the API into your existing system, you can fetch your client data and write checks in no time.

Outsourcing check printing and mailing to PostGrid allows you to skip spending tons of time writing clients’ banking details on checks manually. Our solutions can automatically fill all the fields of your checks and make them ready to mail.

Then, you can submit your request, and PostGrid ensures that your checks are printed, stuffed, sorted, and mailed on time. All the menial tasks like affixing postage stamps, stuffing envelopes, etc., are completed automatedly.

How long does it take to deliver my checks?

PostGrid’s check mailing solution offers a 2-day SLA. Thus, your checks are printed and ready for dispatch within two business days only. However, the USPS takes over after this stage—it can take the Post Office between one to seven working days to deliver your checks to their respective destinations.

You can opt for Certified Mail if you need proof of delivery and a mailing receipt from the USPS. These documents help you maintain accurate delivery records and act as legal evidence whenever required.

With our check mailing service, you can also track your sent checks in real-time. Thus, you can stay informed and follow up with your recipients accordingly.

Are my bank details secure with you?

Yes, you are the sole owner of your bank details. Our secure API maintains the highest levels of data security and confidentiality.

PostGrid helps you mail a check online using its API or automation software. It does not manage your bank account or your funds in any manner. Our check printing and mailing service only prints your banking information (routing and account details) on the checks on your behalf.

Also, PostGrid is compliant with several data security laws, like HIPAA, PIPEDA, SOC-2, etc. You can rest assured that your data is kept private and safe.

Can I customize my checks?

Yes, you can customize your checks according to your requirements. You can add your brand logo, contact information, etc., to your checks via our check fulfillment solutions.

PostGrid allows you to print promotional messages on transactional items, like invoices and statements. It is known as transpromotional printing and lets you use such documents for brand building as well.

However, check printing is a little restrictive as you need to follow your bank’s standards. PostGrid’s check mailing API can help you keep up with these rules and customize your checks lawfully.

What is a MICR toner?

MICR stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition and is an integral part of your check mailing process.

The MICR line consists of numbers and symbols to form a machine-readable text. This line is printed at the bottom of your checks for fast processing and security.

It encodes your account number, bank routing number, and check number into magnetic stripes. When you mail a check online, you must ensure it has all the necessary details and the MICR line.

Fortunately, PostGrid is well-equipped to add such security features to your checks.

Are payments for recurring bills supported?

Yes, it is possible to pre-set your payment dates or integrate your account management software with our API to make payments for recurring bills.

Hence, you need not remember payment dates and complete the transaction manually. Our check mailing services also help you send checks to your clients using triggered campaigns.

Imagine you need to make a payment to your clients on the 10th of every month. In this case, you can enter the details on our automation software and let it do the rest automatically.

How much does it cost to use PostGrid’s check mailing services?

Our flexible pricing plans have something in store for all business types and sizes. You can click here to know more about our plans!

Once you select a plan that matches your needs, you can start with your check printing and mailing online activities.

The per-piece rate to mail a check online starts at $0.80 and can go up to $0.95. PostGrid’s industry-best pricing and extensive range of features make it your ideal choice.

Can I integrate PostGrid’s check mailing API into Quickbooks?

Yes, you can integrate our API into any account management system, including Quickbooks. PostGrid also offers other popular integrations, like

Such integrations help you keep tabs on your accounts, gather data speedily, and draft error-free checks.

How long does it take to set up my check printing and mailing account?

The procedure to set up your check mailing account does not take more than a few minutes. Plus, you don’t need technical expertise to get started. Our customer support team is available for you 24 x 7 to assist you.

To know further, sign up now by filling out our contact form, and our representative will contact you shortly.

Is it safe to send checks in the mail?

Yes, it is safe to print and mail checks via mail. The USPS does an excellent job safeguarding your envelopes and delivering them to the correct delivery addresses.

PostGrid’s check mailing services ensure that your items go straight to the Post Office from the printer’s shop—speedily and securely. Once your checks reach the USPS office, they are also protected by several federal and state laws.

Is it Possible to Print My Checks?

Yes, printing your checks on blank paper is possible, even using regular paper. The Check 21 Act in the US allows businesses and individuals to print their checks. However, it could be time-consuming to do everything on your own. You can prefer PostGrid to automate everything to save time and effort. 

What is the Difference Between Print Checks and Pre-Printed Checks?

Pre-printed checks consist of your banking details for faster processing. You can request your bank to print these checks for ease of use. However, you have a higher risk of fraud and scams with this approach. Instead, it would help if you prefer to print checks that let you print on check stock paper. They keep you safe from fraud and save money on hefty banking fees.

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