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Our technology-driven solutions will help departments across your organization to become efficient and deliver desirable results with increased productivity.


Increase marketing ROI by targeting new audiences or setting up offline marketing automation series for a complete omnichannel experience

Ensure customer engagement and retention by allowing us to automate your marketing process effectively. Import, design, or choose from our pre-built templates. Acquire new audiences with our demographic targeting (no mailing list required), and send triggered direct mail to improve retention.

  • Acquire new customers
  • Personalize your offline marketing messages
  • Integrate with your marketing automation tool
  • Get detailed reports and track marketing ROI


Stand out in front of your target audience and close more deals

Attract leads and drive sales with our direct mail & gifts automation. Send triggered direct mails with your CRM and sales automation tools and boost your response rate. Leave repetitive tasks like regular acquisition mail and reporting to automation. Channel your expertise in building and strengthening relationships to acquire new clients.

  • Send personalized gifts and get their attention
  • Get notifications of your prospects’ offline interactions
  • Close more deals and drive more revenue
  • Send personalized, offline messages right from your sales CRM


Build a robust offline communication system and boost productivity with automation

Empower your software to send anything using our REST API. Our detailed documentation and client libraries will have you up and running within minutes. Use our test API keys to build your solution and simply switch to live mode once ready. Stay on top of your sent items with our in-depth tracking and analytics. Make your offline mailing as easy as an email with PostGrid.

  • API Documentation
  • Client Libraries
  • Test API Keys
  • In-Depth Analytics


Automate transactional Mail pieces in a timely manner ensuring customer data protection and security

Automate transactional mails such as bills, invoices, and statements with our platform and API. Every order is tracked from its creation to its destination for your convenience. We guarantee accurate, compliant, safe, and secure processing and ensure on-time delivery.

  • Scalable sending of automated transactional mails
  • Integrate with your accounting and finance platform
  • Eliminate manual and time-consuming mailing systems
  • Address verification and validation for 99.99% mail deliverability


Automate and deliver timely compliance communication mail

Streamline your compliance management process by automating direct mail. Our HIPAA and PIPEDA compliant print network ensures confidential information stays secure. With PostGrid, you will never miss a single regulatory deadline.

  • Instantly send or schedule compliance notices
  • Maintain activity log for future lookup
  • Stay compliant & be audit ready
  • PIPEDA and HIPAA compliant print delivery network

Customer Success

Enhance customer lifetime value and simplify customer success management.

Increase customer lifetime value and maintain healthy relationships. By automating reports, handwritten notes and personalised gifts. Show your appreciation with PostGrid.

  • Send automated reports for better customer experience
  • Personalize every item
  • Enhance buyer retention rate and boost repeat business
  • Send customized gifts and increase brand awareness

Human Resources

Improve employee retention rate and streamline communication by automating HR processes such as gifting, memos and more

Streamline your offline HR communications. Use PostGrid to automate the sending of onboarding documents so your employees start off on the right foot. Show appreciation by sending personalised gifts without the headache of sourcing and tracking them. Generate and send crucial memos as easily as email. Use triggered campaigns by integrating with your HR software and automate your communication channel including sending gifts on an employee’s birthday

  • Personalize onboarding experiences
  • Send branded swag
  • Appreciate your staff
  • Track openings

Integrates with your favourite tech stack & tools

Easily improve your workflow and automate your offline process by easily integrating with your current stack

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