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Our Customers Say It Best

We were in the middle of a super-complicated move and way down on our priority list were sending welcome letters, postcards, etc. Our team needed all of them but just didn't have the time to stay on top of the delivery times as we should. PostGrid made tracking easy through their API. Besides doing an excellent job, PostGrid delivered them the day before our deadline. They made sure everything ran smoothly for us.

Managing Director Of Operations

PostGrid integration has given our team the capability to connect with prospect data in real-time, saving us hours of manual effort as we were operating a team of 5 employees to manage the workload. Additionally, the platform provided us with reliable letters sending capability to increase customer return engagements.

Assistant Chief Information Officer

We started working with PostGrid 6 months ago and so far we have found that their print & mail technology and services are very reliable. The API platform gave us capabilities related to route mailing, which ensured savings on postage. Also, their print price, standalone, mailing and address verification service are the best that we have found around.

Chief Operating Officer

PostGrid has handled all our print material needs exquisitely. They have not only assisted us with letters, cheques and mailers but also helped us with address accuracy for timely delivery. Their team is professional, cordial, and responsive to our requirements and deadlines. Our teams often receive compliments related to the quality of our printing materials. The credit goes to PostGrid's excellence and attention to every detail.

Fulfillment Team Lead

This API has turned out to be a great asset. We started off with 4000 mailings for 3 months and never had any downtime. I requested an increase in the sending limits, and it was given to me in 10 minutes! I also have used PostGrid to verify our mailing lists. It’s been great for us, and customer support is very reliable.

Vice President Of Engineering

Send Direct Mail Natively from HubSpot

Send Letter from

Send on-demand letter form content CRM popup and send triggered letter using workflow automation.

Send Postcards from

Add direct mail capabilities to your customer relationship management and sales and marketing automation through PostGrid. Easy integration with HubSpot.

Send Checks from

Send on-demand checks from contact CRM popup and send triggered checks using workflow automation.

Trigger Direct Mails from HubSpot Workflow Automation

PostGrid is built for developers by developers. Make API Calls to print and mail letters, cheques, and postcards on demand from any tools.

Trigger Postcards, Letters, and Checks with Workflow Automation

Trigger automated direct mail using HubSpot's workflow automation

Send Personalized Bulk Mails

Launch mass or bulk personalized campaigns to multple recipients using trigger enrollment

Real Time Status of Your Mails

Get detailed reports of your mail pieces and track the status of your mail delivery in real time

API First Print & Mail Platform

PostGrid is built for developers by developers. Make API Calls to print and mail letters, cheques, and postcards on demand from any tools.

2 Days Post Office Delivery

Make API Calls and we will guarantee to print, sort, ship and mail within 2 Business Days Guaranteed

User Management

Manage users and give them permissions on what they can access and what they cannot

Analytics & Reporting

Get detailed reports of your mail pieces and track the status of your mail delivery in real time

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PostGrid’s native HubSpot Integration?

PostGrid’s HubSpot Integration allows you to send letters, postcards, and cheques/checks to your customer list one at a time on demand, through workflow automation, or launch a bulk mailing campaign.

How do I get started with PostGrid’s HubSpot Integration?

Install the PostGrid Print & Mail Direct from the HubSpot Marketplace and authorize the application by clicking the “Connect App” button. Once you have authorized the PostGrid application, paste in your API Keys. Select “Test” and click “Save” to complete the setup.

How do I get my PostGrid API Key?

Once logged into PostGrid’s print & mail dashboard, navigate to “Settings” and grab your “Test” or “Live” API Key.

Can I use merge variables in my mailings?

Yes, you can use merge variables in your templates. Use the merge variable {{metadata. variablename}}. Select the variable in “Add Option” and map it to a contact token in HubSpot.

Please Note: Ensure you have metadata. variablename for HubSpot to recognize the merge variable. If you do not specify metadata with a period, the merge variable will not be recognized in the template. This is specifically to be used for templates for HubSpot.

How do I send a mailing to a single contact in HubSpot?

Select a contact you want to send the mailing to. Scroll to the bottom on the right widget and click on any of the buttons “Send Letter”, “Send Postcard” or “Send Check”.

How do I send bulk mailings through HubSpot?

To send bulk mail, follow these steps:

  1. Create a workflow in HubSpot and select an “Action” based on your enrollment triggers.
  2. Fill in the variable fields for recipient and sender details, select the type (template or PDF), and add merge variables as required.
  3. Save the workflow and you're ready to send your bulk mail campaign.

Can I automate the mailing of HubSpot workflows with PostGrid's Print & Mail API?

Yes, you can automate the mailing of HubSpot workflows, such as lead nurturing and follow-up campaigns, with PostGrid's Print & Mail API.

How can I use HubSpot data to personalize my mailings with PostGrid's Print & Mail API?

You can integrate PostGrid's Print & Mail API with HubSpot to enable the use of customer data to personalize your mailings, such as by adding targeted messages or offers. You can also read our Guide here.

Does PostGrid's Print & Mail API provide technical support for HubSpot integration?

Of Course, PostGrid's support team can provide technical assistance for integrating the Print & Mail API with HubSpot and other CRM systems.

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