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Be a Technology Leader

Collaborate with a top-tier Direct Mail API to enhance your solution's capabilities.

Discover New Opportunities

Participate in collaborative marketing endeavors to boost visibility and stimulate demand.

Expand Your Offerings

Integrate PostGrid's capabilities into your gifting solutions to provide a broader range of services, from design and customization to logistics and tracking.

Integration Ecosystem

Connect seamlessly to broaden capabilities and enable bi-directional data flow.

PostGrid Partnership Opportunities

Enablement Partners

Promote, Market, and Integrate PostGrid API for Your Clients. Expand your business while taking advantage of exclusive benefits.

  • Enhance Offerings – Empower your customers to send direct mail, gifts, and various collateral, delivering a comprehensive omnichannel experience.
  • Client Account Management – Establish multiple accounts within a single organization and efficiently oversee permissions.
  • Branded Service Solution – Customize our platform with your branding for reselling purposes, delivering a tailored and personalized experience.
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Integration Partners

Enhance your solution by incorporating our API to integrate direct mail capabilities, giving a significant boost to your service offerings.

  • Expand with PostGrid – Seamlessly incorporate our user-friendly API to introduce offline sending capabilities to your software.
  • Monitor & Analyze – Utilize our developer dashboard to keep tabs on your API usage and track the progress of all your sent items.
  • Experiment with Confidence – Employ our isolated test environment for trial integrations, ensuring a risk-free experience before going live.
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Technology Partners

Provide top-tier, professional services to your customers through a transparent and collaborative partnership with PostGrid.

  • Get more Business – Partner with PostGrid and get access to our customer base that are looking for the best prices and delivery times
  • Help your Customers in Digitizing – Help your customers looking for technology solution instead of manual processes by bringing them to PostGrid
  • White-labeled Dashboards – Want to resell our platform and API to your customers? No problem, we can help you do that with your branding
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Print & Mail Partners

Partner with us to leverage daily mail orders volume and become a part of our print fulfillment network that spans across various locations.

  • Grow your Business – Cut costs, boost margins, and control volume effortlessly by incorporating mail volume from thousands of customers into a streamlined production workflow.
  • Optimize operations: Gain consistent daily volume, maximize digital press utilization, and enhance long-term planning and labor efficiency.
  • Streamlined technology: Utilize our Print and Mail API for a daily mail influx through an automated workflow, eliminating manual account management.
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Our Partners grow
with us!

PostGrid partner ecosystem is a trusted
network of technology, and Enablement Partners.

FAQs About PostGrid

Does it cost anything to become a PostGrid partner?

PostGrid operates various ongoing partner programs. There are no fees associated with participating in our partnership initiatives. To learn more about the specifics of each program, please reach out to our team for a comprehensive understanding.

Do I get training and access to support material?

PostGrid assists all partners in seamless onboarding by offering continuous access to training and other support materials

Can I list myself as an official PostGrid partner on my website?

Certainly, PostGrid displays its certified partners on our website. For inquiries about listing your business, please contact our team at [email protected].

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Know your advantages and incentives of becoming a PostGrid Partner.

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