You Create, We Print & Mail Your Checks

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  • PostGrid’s check API helps you upload and send branded and personalized checks to clients. 
  • Send checks faster and maintain healthy relationships by automating manual tasks and improving efficiency.
  • Reduce print and mail costs with lower execution time. It makes employing an automated check mailing service better than using paper checks.

Speed up Payments, Reduce Costs, and Eliminate Check Fraud 

Businesses, today, worry more about security when sending checks. Our Print & Mail API ensures high security to prevent fraud and uses your company logo to maintain branding. We make sending checks faster and more affordable with our reliable Print & Mail solutions.

Automate Everything from Start to End

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  • Our check mailing services enable you to automate the process of printing and mailing.
  • Integrate our API into your Quickbooks account or other CRMs to fetch clients’ details. 
  • API integrations let you access our check print and mail features from your system or website. You can upload your designs and customize the details. 
  • Input your bank information for drafting accurate and valid checks with our check-sending service.
  • Print and ship your checks through our platform via First-Class, Certified, or Registered Mail
  • The automation process is secure as we strive to keep your records private and confidential.

Benefits of Our Check Mailing Services

The Best Convenience 

Are you looking for a convenient platform to print and send your checks? Our platform handles the entire process of printing and mailing your checks for your best convenience.

High Security 

We follow enterprise-grade security compliances like HIPAA, PIPEDA, SOC-2, GDPR, etc. It helps you to ensure complete security for your transactional information. 

High Accuracy 

We ensure our global printing partners use advanced technology for optimal care, security, and appearance of your checks while meeting industry standards. 


We print and mail your checks promptly to help you meet your financial obligations

Cost-Effective Solution 

Eliminate the necessity to buy check stock, envelopes, postage, and administrative expenses with our online check-sending service. 

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Customize Your Checks With Our Check Mailing Services

  • PostGrid lets you print checks on blank paper stock. Or you can choose pre-printed checks to make payments if you already have copies.
  • Our check mailing service enables you to print and distribute trans-promotional mailers. It lets you turn your transactional documents (like checks) into marketing items.
  • PostGrid’s variable data printing for the check-sending service allows you to print unique details on every item.

Flexible and Reliable Check Mailing

  • Send rebate checks, class-action settlement payments, refund checks, or other items with PostGrid. Our flexible solutions enable you to draft all check types using API integrations to let you auto-fill your client data. 
  • PostGrid’s on-demand check mailing services allow you to send a single item whenever needed. We prioritize all orders with no minimum volume requirements. Our per-piece prices can help you print and ship single checks with ease.
  • You may send high-volume checks using our direct mail services. Our API and dashboard can scale to accommodate your needs and let you ship mailers in any quantity.
  • PostGrid is a fast, custom, low-cost check mailing service that only takes 2SLA business days— ideal for all order sizes!
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High-Grade Security Measures

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  • With PostGrid, your business check printing is never vulnerable to fraud, identity theft, and other security concerns. We provide a safe and trusted check-sending service to ensure Mail reaches the correct recipients without delays and data leaks.
  • We use enterprise-grade security measures like encryption and built-in data safety. 
  • Use the following features to secure your checks-
  • Use our check mailing service to stuff checks in custom envelopes for long-distance shipping. They also help conceal the contents, preventing third parties from accessing your sensitive information.
  • Get secure hosting and monitor mailing campaigns in real time. You can also log in to your account and access the delivery and performance reports to document your payments.

Check Mailing Services with MICR Technology

Our platform uses advanced Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) technology to make your checks meet the strictest security standards and industry regulations. 

Why MICR Matters for Your Checks?

High Security

This technology ensures that every checks our partner prints is tamper-proof and protected against fraudulent activities. MICR creates a layer of security that eliminates unauthorized alteration or duplication of checks.


MICR technology also ensures high accuracy on every check that we print. It prevents errors that can result in costly fees and delays.


The technology also lets you comply with all industry regulations and standards. You can abide by the American Bankers Association (ABA) standards and other authorities.

At PostGrid, we understand the importance of accuracy, security, and compliance regarding our check mailing services. We use the MICR technology to ensure that every check you send consists of the highest quality and meets industry standards.

Set Up Triggered Mailing Campaigns

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  • Triggered Direct Mail lets you print and ship items at the correct time. Our automated check mailing services allow you to automate the printing and mailing of checks from your CRM.
  • Avoid missing due dates and paying interest by setting up automatic payments with PostGrid’s direct mail API
  • Reinforce your brand image with triggered mailings.
  • Become proactive and improve client communications. 
  • Use our check mailing service to plan and execute mailing campaigns at affordable rates.

Improve Your Deliverability Rates and Avoid Mail Returns

  • Cleanse, standardize, and verify your mailing lists within seconds to ship checks accurately. 
  • PostGrid’s online check-sending service helps you cross-verify delivery addresses using the USPS CASS database.
  • We run your lists against the NCOA data files to confirm whether your intended recipients have moved elsewhere. 
  • Ship checks quickly without delays, mail returns, or lost envelopes. 
  • Our check mailing services combine fuzzy logic, address autocomplete, and other list verification-related features.
  • Save money on reshipping and avoid your checks from falling into the wrong hands. 
  • Update your database before every campaign for free—reducing manual effort and time wastage. 
  • Our 99.99% deliverability ratio lets companies of all sectors print and send their items confidently. 
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Store E-Checks

Check Print & Mail API
  • PostGrid’s direct mail API integrations enable you to store online records. 
  • Convert your offline checks to digital documents within your CRM. 
  • Email a copy to your clients for record-keeping and better transparency. 
  • Use our online check mailing service to combine direct Mail with other channels and stay consistent across all channels.

Keep Costs Under Control

  • PostGrid offers the lowest prices for check mailing services for your company. Our all-in-one solutions let us help you get discounted rates on every mailing.
  • We work with several commercial printers, helping us merge mail orders and give you discounts.
  • Your bank might take several days or weeks to send you the checkbook. Then, you must write and Mail checks manually—which can quickly add to your costs.
  • Our check mail service cuts design costs by offering you pre-built templates. It also reduces printing, packaging, and assembling expenses.

Free USPS Tracking

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  • Track your sent checks through our dashboard. It enables you to stay updated and follow up with clients at the correct time.
  • PostGrid offers a trackable check mailing service to help you document every campaign stage.
  • You can add QR codes or custom links and prompt recipients to mark “received” on your website. It lets you confirm clients got the payments, allowing you to maintain long-term relationships.
  • Using Certified Mail for check mailing services makes it easier to store accurate records because you get the recipient’s signature. It is one of the USPS delivery options to send checks or other crucial documents to your audience.
  • Selecting your mailing speed and type is a breeze with PostGrid. We help you make quick selections on our API, dashboard, or software to let you conduct successful mailings!
  • PostGrid’s check-sending service enables presorting and barcoding to keep your mailers safe. The IMB technology allows you to check your campaign progress as your checks travel from your place to their destinations.

Use Marketing Inserts to Grow Brand Recall

  • Send clients more than a payment instrument to make the best of your mailings. You can add promotional inserts, like postcards or flyers, to advertise your products and services.
  • Use our check-sending service to grow publicity and brand recognition.
  • Your clients can pass on your marketing postcards with limited-time offers to family or friends, increasing sales.
  • PostGrids check mailing service can manage all the details, from B&W or color mailings to your mail sizes.
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Send Checks of Multiple Bank
Accounts from the Same Account

  • PostGrid can support many bank accounts under one print and mail account. Once you sign up or integrate our API, you can send any number of checks from any bank.
  • Our dependable check mailing services let you incorporate direct Mail into your accounting or finance systems.
  • We accept all check printing and shipping orders, irrespective of which banking solutions you use!
  • PostGrid’s check-sending service can let you ship checks to any country. We deliver Mail to 245+ countries, helping you initiate mailings globally.

Why Use PostGrid’s Check Mailing Service?

PostGrid’s check mailing services enable businesses to focus on other aspects instead of printing and logistics. They can automate campaigns at the click of a button and deliver checks to clients, suppliers, and other parties in three to seven business days.

Zero-Code Integrations

  • Our native and zero-code integrations let you use our services without technical expertise. You can refer to your detailed API docs to incorporate PostGrid’s check-sending service into your website, mobile app, or CRM.
  • The process only takes a few minutes, helping you start the same day. If you get stuck, you can contact our 24 x 7 customer assistance team to guide you through!
  • Download our software if you do not use a CRM or want to launch campaigns using your device files. It also offers the same benefits and features to let you use our check mailing service to the fullest.

Cut Manual Effort

  • PostGrid offers complete print and mail fulfillment. Our check mailing services assist you during every step, bringing your manual inputs to zero.
  • PostGrid’s online check-sending service automatically helps you add security measures to your checks.
  • There’s no need for manually printing labels, stuffing envelopes, sticking stamps, and more! We can help you automate every task, enabling you to complete the process without hiring additional staff.
  • You no longer need office space to arrange or store mail items. We let you ship checks directly from the printer’s office via USPS. It saves time and reduces the steps in printing and mailing.

Customizable Delivery SLAs

  • PostGrid provides a standard 2-business day SLA for all orders, irrespective of the order size or mail format.
  • Customize your SLAs based on your needs and campaign goals.
  • Our check mailing services allow you to print and ship checks on a date of your choice.
  • Use event-based triggers to send checks with our check-sending service on relevant occasions without your intervention.

Custom Envelopes

  • Send your checks in custom envelopes with our Enterprise plan. It helps your mailers stand out, impressing recipients and creating lasting influence. 
  • PostGrid’s check mailing services let you manage your envelope’s aspects, like design, printing quality, and material.

Multiple Deployment Methods

  • Use the API integrations to place orders quickly without interrupting your workflow. Our check mailing services could be ideal for all companies to align their efforts and departments. 
  • Sign up now, set up your account, and place online orders without installing anything with our cloud-based services.
  • Use our check mailing services to put your offline databases to use. You can upload files, mailing lists, and draft checks under one roof.

Campaign Insights

  • View your campaign analytics and insights after using our check mailing service via the dashboard.
  • The insights help you make changes to your mailing programs for better results.

How Our Check Mailing Services Work?

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Place Your Order
Login to our check-sending service to upload your check information. Then, you must select mailing options and give us additional instructions. 

We Print Your Checks
Once we get your order, our partners will print your checks with advanced printing technology and high-quality materials. We ensure accurate printing and meet industry standards. 

We Mail Your Checks
We’ll pack your checks with envelopes, address them, and send them to the designated recipients. We rely on USPS first class mail to ensure the fastest delivery of your checks. 

Confirmation and Tracking
After mailing your checks, we provide you with confirmation and tracking information so that you can keep an eye on the delivery status. 

Industries That Use Our Check Mailing Services

  • Finance and Banking: These firms often have to print and send a large volume of checks to employees, vendors, clients, and other parties. 
  • Non-Profits Organizations: They often rely on donations and contributions, which need them to send a large volume of checks to their donors. 
  • Healthcare: Hospitals and medical practices must send checks to insurance companies, patients, and vendors for payments and reimbursements. 
  • Real Estate: Realtors often pay commissions to vendors and agents, which need them to print and send checks. 
  •  Legal Services: Law firms and attorneys must release checks for client settlements, vendor payments, and other expenses. 
  • Education: Schools, universities, and coaching centers must send checks to vendors, suppliers, and contractors. 
  • SMEs: Small and medium-sized businesses can rely on check mailing services instead of doing it themselves. 
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Types of Checks We Print and Send

We are always pleased to offer a wide range of check types to fulfill the needs of businesses of all sizes from any industry. These are some of the check types we serve;

Business Checks

Our platform can fulfill the requirements of small and large businesses. You can use our check mailing services with various styles, including computer checks, voucher checks, and three-to-a-page checks. 

Payroll Checks

Use our check mailing services to process payroll checks that comply with industry standards and regulations. It provides easy-to-read and detailed information about employee payments and deductions. 

Accounts Payable Checks

Rely on our platform to send accounts payable checks to pay bills and invoices from suppliers and vendors. We help you make your checks look professional and easy to ready. 

Personal Checks

You can also print and send personal checks with the help of our platform. It helps you be more creative and modern to suit your needs. 

Money Orders

PostGrid’s check-sending service lets you send money orders that are compliant with industry standards and gives a safe and secure way to make payments.

Cashier’s Checks

We offer services to print and send cashier’s checks. You can use them for large purchases or to pay bills when a high level is necessary. It provides you with the highest level of security and protection. 

The Power of Our Five Promises

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  1. Hassle-free Check Printing and Mailing 
  2. Secure Check Mailing for Your Business 
  3. Affordable Check Printing 
  4. Custom Check Printing 
  5. Fast and Reliable Services 

PostGrid’s check mailing services make offline payments a breeze for healthcare, insurance, real estate, financial services, retail and eCommerce, and other industries.

Businesses can set up their accounts and make the necessary selections for sending checks. PostGrid can take over from there to print and mail authentic checks to recipients with correct banking information and other details!

Our error-free and trustworthy check-sending service allows you to improve your branding efforts and increase revenue. 

Request a demo for more details on how our check mailing service can help make your offline payments efficient, time-saving, and affordable!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Check Print and Mail?

A check mailing service lets you print your checks and save money. It is better than ordering checks from banks because you can control the time, costs, and quality. PostGrid’s printing partners can print your checks on high-security paper stock and send them to the correct mailing addresses. We also have MICR technology to secure your check payments and avoid fraud. 

Does PostGrid offer same-day check mailing services?

Yes. You can print urgent items on the same day and ship them via postal services. Contact us now, and one of our account managers can guide you on what to do next. 

Is it safe to use a check mailing service?

Yes. It is secure and legal to use check printing and mailing solutions. Banks allow customers to print checks at their homes or offices instead of visiting them. But they need you to follow the rules and consider their safety measures. 

PostGrid’s check-sending services offer bank-grade security with encryption, safe data handling, and other features. Also, our print and mail partners are HIPAA-compliant and are experts in securely handling mailers with sensitive information. You can order checks online using our solutions without worrying about a data breach or other issues.

Are there maximum mailing restrictions on sending checks?

No, we offer per-piece and bulk mailing for all items, including checks. Our scalable check mailing services allow you to send one or a million items under one campaign. The best part is that we can process high-volume orders without slowdowns or technical errors.

What is the MICR line?

MICR is short for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition. PostGrid’s check-sending service employs this technology to secure your check payments and avoid fraud. MICR enables banks and other financial institutions to differentiate between fake and authentic checks, making this payment instrument safer for all involved parties.

How long does it take to deliver checks to the addressed recipients?

It can take three to seven business days for your checks to arrive at their destinations. Please consider federal holidays, weather conditions, and other factors because they can cause delays. 

PostGrid’s check mailing service helps you prepare and print your checks promptly. Hence, you can mail them faster or a few days in advance to avoid issues. We provide you with high-tech and helpful features to speed up your campaigns.

Can you send US checks to other countries?

Our check mailing services allow you to send checks to any country in a few days.

But please note that it can take some time for international check clearance.

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