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direct mail automation software

Best Direct Mail Automation Software

Top-rated all-in-one direct mail automation tool & platform. Create, Send, Automate & Track Transactional mail, marketing mail, personalized letters, postcards, and checks with PostGrid’s best Direct Mail Automation Software.

direct mail automation software

Did you know 77% of marketers using automated solutions witnessed higher conversions?

You can also increase your marketing efficiency and boost sales using automation, primarily automated direct mail software!

But what is it?

And how does it help businesses get ahead of the competition?

Well, automated solutions allow companies to

  • Save time and effort.
  • Polish marketing efforts and create result-driven campaigns.
  • Trigger and personalize mailings!

However, choosing the ideal direct mail automation software can be a task. You must consider pricing, personalization options, printing and shipping fulfillment, customer support, and more factors to make an informed decision!

Don’t worry!

This blog will walk you through everything, from the direct mail software’s meaning, features, and benefits to how it works!

You would better understand why automated mailings are better than taking the manual approach toward the end. Also, you can select a software program that best suits your budget, needs, and preferences. 

Let us begin!

What is Direct Mail Automation Software?

Direct mail automation software helps businesses design, create and print personalized direct mail, distribute them to the targeted audience, and track the marketing campaign.

The top software makes direct mail marketing just like email marketing – by automatically sending a transactional direct mail whenever a prospect enters the campaign.

Basically, it helps the companies take a smart approach to the tedious traditional marketing, save the dissipated time, money, and resources, and enhance the ROI.

Let’s find out in what ways advertising through traditional marketing and direct mail marketing are different.

  • Highly targeted
  • Cost-effective
  • Personalize Every Single Mailing Piece
  • Better for mass mailing
  • Good Brand Recognition
  • Easier to Scale
  • Build Mailing List
  • Improved ROI

Why Direct Mail?

Direct mail has been one of the oldest channels to reach your audience. It has a higher response rate compared to other online channels such as Email, Social Media, and Pay Per Click Ads.

response rates selected media
direct mail automation roi

  • 9% Response Rates (own mailing list)
  • 5% Response Rates (new prospect list)
  • Compared to 1% for Email, 1% for PPC, 0.3% for Display, 1% for Social Media
  • Median ROI of 29% compared to 23% for Paid Search and 16% for Online Display
  • You can Get 200% ROI when combined with Digital Channels
  • Direct Mail is Easily Trackable using QR Codes, pURLs (personalized URLs)
  • Direct Mail can have a sequence similar to the email series

Traditional Direct Mail Process

Costs a Fortune:

  • Most businesses know well about the excellent performance of traditional marketing, yet they decide to choose digital marketing because the old way of direct marketing has always been way too expensive.
  • Due to the lack of technology and targeting used in that form of marketing, it feels like shooting arrows in the dark. Hence, companies avoid high investments in such marketing techniques.
  • With PostGrid, you can perform your direct mail marketing cost-effectively, and perform every task like email marketing.
working with postgrid direct mails

Involves Tedious Tasks

  • From creating the mailers manually to mailing them – all the tasks take ages to get done.
  • Loads of resources, human potential, and money get wasted in the process.
  • With PostGrid direct mail tool, you can control everything – creating the direct mail, getting them printed and mailed – from a single dashboard.

Out of reach

  • Due to a tremendous amount of money, resources, time, and employee potential traditional marketing was inaccessible for most businesses.
  • Plus, no print lab would accept printing less than 100,000 direct mail, which was beyond the budget of certain small and mid-sized companies.
  • With PostGrid, you can even print and mail a single postcard, brochure, or any other mailer, if that’s the need of the hour.
geolocated audience

PostGrid's Direct Mail Automation Software

Easy, Fast, and Affordable

  • You can promptly design and create your direct mail, and get them printed and delivered.
  • You can control the whole process from a single dashboard and save all the resources, money, and labor cost.
  • Along with physical and human resources, you can also save the dissipated money on extra mailers with inaccurate details—eventually dropping the investment significantly.
affordable direct mail automation software
template library

Personalized, Targeted, and Convenient

  • Customize each of the mail pieces for more customer engagement, and to increase your brand awareness.
  • Target and reach a more specified audience to increase not only customer engagement but also the response rate.
  • Integrate with over 1600+ apps, your CRM, or other tools to fetch the data in seconds and to keep all the teams on the same page – eliminating time-consuming tasks and information gaps.

Automated, Trackable, and Testable

  • Send transactional direct mail – welcome, confirmation, thank you, activation, birthday, anniversary, feedback, notices, etc – just like triggered emails.
  • Track all the campaigns you launch from your dashboard.
  • Security: All our partners are HIPAA/PIPEDA/SOC-2 Compliant ensuring secure and compliant processing.
why PostGrid
secured data

Accurate Information, Jaw-dropping Deals, and Secured Data

  • Verify all the entry point and database addresses, clear all the data gaps and remove the duplicate customer details within seconds.
  • Send your direct mail only to the accurate addresses with USPS, and get amazing deals because of our vast network of print labs and a huge client base.
  • Mail invoices, financial statements, or any sensitive data safely. All our print partners are HIPAA/PIPEDA Compliant partners.

Features of Direct Mail Automation:

We have thoroughly tested every stage of the process of direct mail marketing and made it user-friendly and powerful.

user-friendly platform
  • Create, Print, and Mail: Design and customize your direct mail in any format and any size, and get them printed and mailed within hours—eliminating all the tedious work.
  • Delivery Tracking: Track your mailers and get regular reports on their exact locations—from the time of printing to the final delivery.
  • Reporting: Get instant reports on your orders, from printing and processing to mailing.
  • Data Import/Export: Integrate your CRM or enterprise system with PostGrid with the help of direct mail API and fetch all the data (customer details) within seconds.
  • Direct Mail Services Integration: Incorporate your transactional mail with your CRM – to get all teams on the same page – and with CMS, enterprise system, or other tools – to fetch the company’s data within seconds.
  • Event-Triggered Mailings: Send automatic transactional direct mail triggered by an event, viz., a special occasion, discount, anniversary, purchase, or if someone signed up for a demo or entered in a campaign.
  • Integration: Automate the printing process with PostGrid direct mail platform – submit the designs and get any number of mailpieces printed. By integrating with your business, not only do you reduce the risk of errors but you also improve the print quality and your staff’s productivity.
  • Campaign Management: Manage the whole campaign – from creating designs, sending for prints, distributing the mail, and tracking their location to analyzing the results – from a single dashboard. Eventually, eliminate all the manual and tedious tasks, save resources, decrease investment, and improve sales.
secured data
affordable direct mail automation software
  • Template Design Management: Create any form of direct mail – letters, documents, invoices, notices, thank you or confirmation mail, subscription reminder, or more – with our vast library of templates, uploading your own format, or by customizing a new design.
  • List Scrubbing: Compare your customers’ data lists with standard Postal Service addresses, and remove all the duplicate and incorrect information from your system with our address verification API. It helps you save the money spent on returned or lost direct mail.
  • Tools Integration for Marketing Automation: Free your different teams and departments from tons of repeated tasks by arming them with PostGrid. It helps automate your transactional marketing through integration with various tools like HubSpot, SalesForce, InfusionSoft, Active Campaign, Zoho, Act-on, AgileCRM, Pipedrive, GreenRope, etc.
  • Zapier Integration: Connect over 1600+ apps with Zapier integration and automate all the repetitive tasks without the help of any programmer or developer or coding.

How Does Direct Mail Automation Software Work?

Here’s the step by step guide to create, ship, and automate direct mails within a few hours using PostGrid

save 100 hours

send certified mail letters


Create personalized letters,  postcards, and checks. Customize using our HTML template builder. Create or import contacts from your CRM or upload your own list.

  • Send personalized Letters, Postcards, and Cheques
  • CASS/SERP certified address verification
  • Unified API
  • Analytics and Tracking

Trigger & Automate

Automate the creation and sending of direct mail via our REST API. Use our webhook integrations to trigger campaigns without any code. Initiate sending mailpieces in response to events across all of your software. Personalize every sending item using our merge variable system to ensure maximum impact.

  • Detailed API Docs
  • Zapier Integration Available
  • Setup Direct Mail Automation
trigger and automate direct mails
track direct mails in transit


Check your sent mail piece status, view real-time campaign analytics, and download detailed reports, all from a single dashboard. Eliminate all the hassle involved with managing offline campaigns.

  • Reporting & Analytics Dashboard
  • Team Management & Activity Logs
  • Per piece Tracking

Why to Use Direct Mail Automation Software?

Now, this is where marketing automation steps in. Taking the manual labor out of the equation lets you reap many benefits:

Cost + Time Savings: Efficiencies will increase with this technology. Absolutely. The time spent on designing, executing, and mailing new campaigns can be spent creating killer content and researching/strategizing ways of keeping customers coming back. By automating repetitive tasks, costs are reduced.

Reduced Risks & Inaccuracies: Maintaining an accurate CRM is the best way to prevent your team from accidentally entering the wrong address, spelling, or name.

Trackable Outcomes: There is a lot of legwork involved in tracking traditional mailings. Adding QR codes to direct mail or links that can be tracked allows you to view and report on status updates making it easier to automate direct mail.

Diversified Offline Communications: Your business will have a more positive impact on your customers when the process becomes straightforward. And you mix up your brand message (with little effort). You will make them feel appreciated and don’t let your staff run out of energy. Everyone Wins!

Combine Your Online and Direct Mail Marketing Strategies

multi-channel marketing strategy powered by a single customer view is the best way to ensure effective direct mail campaigns. Using PostGrid for automated direct mail will help you launch direct mail that is both personalized and relevant to your customers. By providing you with:

Fostering Human Connection: Appreciation letters, generic letters, or postcards with a touch of Personalization.

Leaves a Stronger Impact: Direct mail automation’s creativity, personalization, and simplicity create an irresistible impact on the customers.

More Streamlined Experience: Let your customers reach from the mailbox to your website- Connect with people in a streamlined manner with an automated direct mail tool.

Direct Mail Management

With a direct mail management tool, you can design and send postcards and letters easily. You can also launch campaigns and measure results based on your existing data directly from your CRM system. Features include:

  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • Template Gallery with pre-flighting
  • Easy personalization
  • Variable data postcards
  • Live tracking and analytics
  • Real-time address verification

Direct Mail Management Software: The Offerings

There are many ways to automate direct mail, including sales, marketing, and customer. Using direct mail automation, you can ensure that the right clients receive your message at the right time. Here’s what more you can do:

  • Warehousing and Fulfillment: Using a tactile automation solution enables warehousing off-site on your behalf. Furthermore, inventory can be organized and sorted automatically, neatly, and safely, and on-site storage can be used for other things.
  • Software Integrations: You can easily incorporate automated direct mail into your current marketing campaigns via a good direct mail automation software solution that integrates across your tech stack. Additionally, you can also send the campaign from wherever you are working.
  • Mailing Service: A direct mail management software helps to eliminate the tedious manual aspect of figuring out how to stuff envelopes and how you can add that personalized touch.

Top Direct Mail Software in the Industry

Direct mail automation software helps you automate the process of mailing postcards, letters, invoices, and a lot more. In addition to allowing direct mail campaigns to be created, personalized, sent, and tracked, these tools enable marketers to track and target them more efficiently.

When a piece of direct mail has been delivered, top direct mail software can trigger digital events, such as sending an email, based on the confirmation of delivery.

Some of the top direct mail software are listed below:

  1. PostGrid
  2. SnackMagic
  3. Sendoso
  4. ContactPigeon
  5. Switch
  6. Thnks
  7. ReachDesk

All direct mail automation software programs help you send offline mailers using online solutions. But they have different features and pros, which may confuse you about selecting the ideal one to fit your unique marketing and mailing needs. 

Hence, we compare the best options below for your reference:

PostGrid Vs. SnackMagic

About PostGrid: PostGrid’s direct mail software helps organizations in all industries send marketing, compliance, and transactional mailers. They can download our software program on their device and create campaigns in a few minutes.

Our offline mailing automation services include sending letters, postcards, checks, statements, invoices, newsletters, flyers, and more. All you need to do is create or choose designs, upload contacts, select your delivery option, and schedule the campaign for a date of your choice!

PostGrid makes the process a breeze, helping more marketing, sales, finance, HR, and other teams boost offline communications! You can mail to anyone nationally or internationally in 245+ countries.

Also, we help you send on-demand or large-scale mailings at the same speed and efficiency. You can get the most competitive rates and attractive postal discounts, allowing you to control your budget better. 

About SnackMagic: SnackMagic is a product under STADIUM Shops, an international business gifting platform. They can use it to ship client gifts, event invitations, employee hampers, etc.

You can tailor your mailers as SnackMagic offers 100% customization. The platform lets you celebrate work milestones, occasions, and holidays with your team members, customers, business partners, and others. It allows you to create and ship bags of goodies to everyone, strengthening relationships. 

SnackMagic uses a store-like system to help you shop from many offerings, like unique eats, SWAG products, stationery, and more. You combine the perfect gifts that appeal to your intended recipients.

Though SnackMagic is a reliable gifting platform, its direct mailing capabilities are limited. One can use this platform as an online gift ordering and shipping service, which restricts your offline customer correspondence options!

However, PostGrid helps you achieve your marketing and sales goals by letting you print and distribute mailers on a single platform. Also, we can help you connect with our commercial printing partners to design and print your branded SWAG items for corporate gifting and Account-Based Marketing (ABM).

PostGrid SnackMagic
What it helps you do? PostGrid’s direct mail automation software helps you send physical marketing and transactional mail online. SnackMagic allows companies to order gifts for employees, customers, and others. 
Templates You can use PostGrid’s pre-built templates to create and customize your mail artwork.  SnackMagic has limited templates since it is only a gifting platform.
Personalization capabilities Yes. PostGrid offers variable data printing to make every mailer unique.  You can only customize your gifts based on the event.
Flexibility High. PostGrid lets you send a wide range of collateral in any volume.  Low. SnackMagic does not have many use cases for businesses looking to send direct mail.
International shipping Yes. PostGrid ships to 245+ countries with free address verification and transliteration. You can send your tailored gifts nationally and globally.
Ease of Use High. Companies can download the software and start sending mailers hassle-free. Medium. Selecting and customizing gifts can be challenging and time-consuming.
Customer support Excellent. You can contact PostGrid’s support team 24 x 7.  Medium. 
Pricing PostGrid has two competitive pricing plans– starter and enterprise, to suit your needs.  Prices start at $25 per item, which is high for many businesses. 

PostGrid Vs. Sendoso

About Sendoso: Sendoso’s direct mail automation software lets you drive a high ROI and interact with prospects throughout their customer journeys. It helps you create tailored campaigns for Account-Based Marketing and B2B sales.

You can use Sendoso to send personalized mail, gifts, eGifts, branded SWAG, and more. 

Sendoso offers many features to its users, like

  • Amazon integration. 
  • Address confirmation. 
  • Campaign insights. 
  • Tracking functions.

Companies can create mailing campaigns by uploading their mailing lists and files to the direct mail software. They can also select the number of mailers they want to send and when. 

These direct mail management capabilities let businesses connect with their targeted audience via physical mailers. 

PostGrid Sendoso
What it helps you do? PostGrid helps all businesses send personalized mailers to their targeted audience. Sendoso’s direct mail software allows companies to ship mailers and gifts.
Templates PostGrid offers professionally-built HTML and PDF templates for quick design. Sendoso doesn’t have ready-to-use templates, but you can create them.
Personalization capabilities Yes. PostGrid offers variable data printing within the platform and via API integrations. You can integrate your software with other tools to personalize mail.
Flexibility High.  Medium
International shipping Yes. PostGrid ships to 245+ countries with free address verification and transliteration. Sendoso lets you send gifts and SWAG to a few countries only.
Ease of Use High.  Low. You may need regular assistance to set up and send mail. 
Customer support Excellent. You can contact PostGrid’s support team 24 x 7.  Medium. 
Pricing PostGrid has two competitive pricing plans- starter and enterprise, to suit your needs.  Sendoso does not have transparent pricing. It also does not offer a free trial period.

PostGrid Vs. ContactPigeon.

About ContactPigeon: It is an omnichannel marketing software enabling medium and large-scale corporations to send the right message to their targeted audience. 

They can use this direct mail automation software to use Big Data and ship personalized mailers online. You can set up triggered mailings based on customer actions and improve engagement.

Though ContactPigeon has direct mail functionality, its primary focus is on email, push notifications, SMS, Google, and other messaging channels. 

PostGrid ContactPigeon
What it helps you do? PostGrid’s direct mail software simplifies offline mailing for B2B and B2C businesses. ContactPigeon allows businesses to manage marketing campaigns from a unified CRM system.
Templates Your teams can use PostGrid’s professionally-built and customizable HTML and PDF templates. ContactPigeon doesn’t have many templates because it doesn’t specialize in direct mailing.
Personalization capabilities Yes. PostGrid offers variable data printing to personalize every mailpiece you send. Some scope for marketing personalization is available.
Flexibility High.  Low.
International shipping Yes. PostGrid ships to 245+ countries with free address verification and transliteration. They have limited shipping options.
Ease of Use High.  Medium to high. 
Customer support Excellent. You can contact PostGrid’s support team 24 x 7.  Medium. 
Pricing PostGrid has two competitive pricing plans- starter and enterprise, to suit your needs. ContactPigeon has vague and non-transparent pricing for its direct mail solutions. 

PostGrid Vs. Switch

About Switch: It is a SaaS direct mail automation software that allows companies to ship letters and documents online whenever needed. Your team members can process offline mailers for shipping at any time of the day or night, ensuring they arrive at the recipients’ doorsteps on time. 

The switch works well for businesses that send time-sensitive mailpieces. They use the platform to avoid wasting time printing items and taking them to the Post Office. It lets them improve efficiency and cut unnecessary time and resource waste. 

PostGrid Switch
What it helps you do? It enables you to automate direct mailing campaigns to eliminate manual effort and save costs.  It helps you send letters and documents 24 x 7. 
Templates PostGrid has many in-built and customizable templates to help you create your artwork. Switch does not offer templates. You must upload your files for mailing.
Personalization capabilities Yes. PostGrid offers variable data printing to personalize every mailpiece you send. Not available.
Flexibility High.  Low.
International shipping Yes. PostGrid ships to 245+ countries with free address verification and transliteration. No.
Ease of Use High.  High. 
Customer support Excellent. You can contact PostGrid’s support team 24 x 7.  Medium. 
Pricing PostGrid has two competitive pricing plans- starter and enterprise, to suit your needs.  Prices start at $1.70 for B&W letters and $2.62 for color. 

PostGrid Vs. Thnks

About Thnks: This direct mail software is a digital gratitude module for businesses to improve their connections with others. They can use the platform to initiate appreciation mailings to enhance employee recognition and customer engagement. Also, they can use Thnks to reach out to their business partners, suppliers, and other stakeholders with whom they have long-term associations and want to express their thankfulness. 

PostGrid Thnks
What it helps you do? PostGrid helps you design, print, and mail offline items under one roof.  Thnks lets you send appreciation gift cards, letters, and other items. 
Templates You can use PostGrid’s postcard and letter templates for your artwork. You don’t get many direct mail templates with Thnks.
Personalization capabilities Yes. PostGrid offers variable data printing to distinguish your mailers for every recipient. Personalization is only possible in some cases.
Flexibility High.  Medium.
International shipping Yes. PostGrid ships to 245+ countries with free address verification and transliteration. No.
Ease of Use High.  Medium. 
Customer support Excellent. You can contact PostGrid’s support team 24 x 7.  Low. 
Pricing PostGrid has two competitive pricing plans- starter and enterprise, to suit your needs.  You need to get a demo and quote to know the prices. 

PostGrid Vs. ReachDesk

About ReachDesk: ReachDesk offers direct mailing solutions to clients across North America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, and Europe. You can send mailers and gifts to your intended recipients in these countries without trouble. 

Like PostGrid, you can integrate ReachDesk with Zapier, Salesforce, Marketo, and HubSpot. 

PostGrid ReachDesk
What it helps you do? PostGrid’s direct mail automation software streamlines your offline communications. ReachDesk helps you mail offline mailers to the US and a few international destinations.
Templates You can use PostGrid’s postcard and letter templates for your artwork. Not available.
Personalization capabilities Yes. PostGrid offers variable data printing to distinguish your mailers for every recipient. Limited options.
Flexibility High.  Low.
International shipping Yes. PostGrid ships to 245+ countries with free address verification and transliteration. Yes.
Ease of Use High.  Low to medium. 
Customer support Excellent. You can contact PostGrid’s support team 24 x 7.  Medium. 
Pricing PostGrid has two competitive pricing plans- starter and enterprise, to suit your needs.  Contact ReachDesk to learn about its subscription-based packages.

Implement Online Mailings With the Best Direct Mail Automation Software

A direct mail automation software program lets you connect with new subscribers with personalized postcards or re-engage old customers with discount offers. You can benefit from countless use cases but must make an informed choice.  

Choose an advanced software solution to help make your direct mail campaigns personalized, data-driven, and trigger-based.

Here are the steps to launch such campaigns: 

1. List the mail marketing campaign type you want to conduct

Think about the “why” behind your mailings. For instance, your customers might have stopped responding to your marketing emails or forgot to checkout on your website. 

A clear goal helps you improve productivity and develop well-thought direct mail campaigns. 

2. Choose the Ideal Direct Mail Software

Investing in suitable direct mail software lets you integrate with your existing systems and automate everything from start to finish. 

3. Verify Your Mailing Lists

Shipping items to the correct delivery addresses is vital to your program’s success. Thus, try validating your mailing lists before every campaign to avoid mail returns and delays. Luckily, PostGrid offers this feature for free to all direct mail marketers. 

4. Setup Triggers

Choose the customer behaviors you want to trigger your mailings, like website visits, shopping cart abandonment, onboarding, etc. Triggers also help you connect your direct mail marketing campaigns with other channels, like email and social media, if you do it right!

Use Cases of PostGrid's Direct Mail Automation Software

Transactional Mail

Automate all your transactional mails with our direct mail platform or API. You can automate the sending of these mail pieces with a direct mail marketing automation tool like PostGrid.

Here’s a list of some of the transactional mail with details:

  • Order receipts: Whenever customers purchase an item/s from a company, they receive a confirmation order receipt. With PostGrid, you can make those receipts personalized by including the customer’s first name, a personal message, or your brand logo – eventually, get engaged customers and increase your brand awareness.
  • Invoices: If you email an invoice, your customers may overlook it, but if you mail the bill in a tangible form of paper, they’ll find it hard to avoid. It emphasizes that customers pay the bill on time. With PostGrid, you can personalize and send regular invoices automatically.
  • Checks: Send the checks through the direct mail tool and still keep all the confidential information secured with our HIPAA and PIPEDA-compliant partners who will ensure safe and secure processing.
  • Appointment reminder: If you need to send the appointment reminders in bulk, each month, to your regular and new customers, who might have booked an appointment with you online. You can easily create and automate the sending of these reminders with a direct mail automation tool like PostGrid.
  • Surveys: If you decide to take your customers’ opinions to improve your services, you know you need to do it in bulk. And to keep things updated, you may need to do it regularly – complete the whole process within a few hours using PostGrid.
Better onboarding process

Financial Statements & Compliance Notices

  • Financial statements: More than often, businesses send their customers regular reports of their overall expenditure on the products or services, breaking them down into several categories. Transactional direct mail is the best way to do this, and with PostGrid, you can also add a personalized message to it.
  • Notices: Notifying customers about new changes in their account details, your company policies, or any other significant security changes through transactional direct mail is a very common practice. And with PostGrid, you can not only send them these transactional direct mail but also personalize them.
  • Checks: Send the checks through direct mail and still keep all the confidential information secured with our HIPAA and PIPEDA partners who will ensure safe and secure processing.
  • Compliance Notices: Send compliance notices and other sensitive documents with ease through PostGrid
  • Letters: Often, businesses that run monthly or yearly subscription services use transactional mail to inform the customers to renew their subscriptions or alert the new customers to cancel them. The tangible form of letters is the best way to do it, as they’re hard to ignore.

Marketing & Sales Direct mail

Marketing through digital platforms, no wonder, is the most popular thing these days. But it’s often way easier to get lost in a crowd when other billions are also involved in the same thing. On the other hand, direct marketing mail brings more response than any other marketing form because it’s less popular and has more effect on people.

With PostGrid direct mail automation tool, you can design, print, mail, and automate the following – but not limited to – marketing direct mail:

  • PostCards: If you’re hosting an event, or sale, or want to get your customers to visit your website or store, you can send them personalized postcards with PostGrid.
  • Thank you mail: With PostGrid, send your customers a thank you note for taking your services or buying your product and make them feel valued.
Better onboarding process

Get Started Today With PostGrid!

Businesses have many software options to automate their direct mail campaigns and improve customer relationships. 

PostGrid’s direct mail automation software enables them to send mailings as effortlessly as emails! You can integrate our solutions with your existing tools and systems to boost functionality and combine your marketing channels. 

Also, we help you make your campaigns more affordable, faster, data-driven, and effective! 

Sign up for more details on how PostGrid’s direct mail automation software can help you expand your business via offline communications!

Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing Automation Software

Save Time

When you decide to launch your direct mail marketing campaign, a large chunk of your time goes into it. As you:

  • Start by getting all of your teams on board.
  • Together, you decide the format and ask your designer to complete the task on his end accordingly.
  • Then your content writer creates the message you want on your mail pieces.
  • Once the design is in your hands, you send it to the owner for approval.
  • From there, if you get any feedback, you work on that, fix the details, then send it back again to the owner for final approval.
  • Then the designs are sent to the print labs and based on the address list, you get a number of direct mail printed.

But, it’s not over yet.

  • Then, you send these mail pieces to your local postal services.
  • Be done with all the needed formalities.
  • Make the payment
  • And finally, ship it.
  • Then you wait for 3-5 working days (or more, depending on the circumstances) to get your direct mail delivered.
  • Still, there’s no means to track these tasks, you just keep putting in effort hoping it works out.

Keep the data secured

Apart from marketing campaigns, businesses send all kinds of transactional mail through direct mail. For example:

  • Financial statements
  • Invoices
  • Bills
  • Welcome mail
  • Confirmation mail
  • Thank you mail
  • Activation mail
  • Birthday mail
  • Anniversary mail
  • Feedback mail
  • Notices mail
  • And others

Our HIPAA and PIPEDA-compliant partners will ensure safe and secure processing.

Track the campaigns

  • After launching the campaign, it’s important to know where your mailpieces are in the process. Hence, we give regular reports on the exact location of each of your mail pieces.
  • From printing, processing, and shipping to the final delivery – get updates on each step. To get these regular notifications, all you have to do is register your contact details by logging in to your PostGrid dashboard.
  • Get analytical reports on the performance of each campaign and improve the upcoming campaigns based on the results.

Reduce the cost

  • With our address verification API software (that you get free with PostGrid), verify the accuracy of all of your contacts’ details, remove duplicate addresses, and correct the incomplete or wrong data – eventually stop misspending on the returned or lost direct mail.
  • Get great deals on per direct mail print prices because of our huge client base, bulk printing, and vast network of print labs.
  • Save time, money spent on resources, and labor cost by investing in a single software.

Improve ROI

  • Send the direct mail only to the accurate addresses after filtering the data from our address verification software and avoid missed opportunities.
  • Personalize each of your direct mail and enhance your prospects and customer engagement – it leads to more website traffic, increases your brand awareness, and boosts sales.
  • Industries like Real EstateInsuranceHealthcareBanksFinancial ServicesNon-Profits, Retail, and Education sectors can see huge ROI using PostGrid.

Scale any time

  • Scale your marketing campaigns, an outreach of your direct mail, and membership with PostGrid at any time.
  • Manage the data, edit the targeted audience’s details, and increase the number of direct mail you send whenever you want.
  • Change or increase the number of your launched campaigns based on your customers’ journey or after studying the result of the previous campaign.
  • Use the top and best direct mail tool to scale your direct mail needs

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