How Does Direct Mail Automation Software Work?

Here’s the step by step guide to create, ship, and automate direct mails within a few hours using PostGrid  

save 100 hours
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Create personalized letters,  postcards and cheques. Customize using our HTML template builder. Create or import contacts from your CRM or upload your own list.

  • Send personalized Letters, Postcards and Cheques
  • CASS/SERP certified address verification
  • Unified API
  • Analytics and Tracking

Trigger & Automate

Automate the creation and sending of direct mail via our REST API. Use our webhook integrations to trigger campaigns without any code. Initiate sending mailpieces in response to events across all of your software. Personalize every sending item using our merge variable system to ensure maximum impact.

  • Detailed API Docs
  • Zapier Integration Available
  • Setup Direct Mail Automation
trigger and automate direct mails
track direct mails


Check your sent mail piece status, view real-time campaign analytics, and download detailed reports, all from a single dashboard. Eliminate all the hassle involved with managing offline campaigns.

  • Reporting & Analytics Dashboard
  • Team Management & Activity Logs
  • Per piece Tracking

Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing Automation Software

Save Time

When you decide to launch your direct mail marketing campaign, a large chunk of your time goes into it. As you:

  • Start by getting all of your teams on board.
  • Together, you decide the format, and ask your designer to complete the task on his end accordingly.
  • Then your content writer create the message you want on your mail pieces.
  • Once the design is in your hands, you send it to the owner for approval.
  • From there, if you get any feedback, you work on that, fix the details, then send it back again to the owner for the final approval.
  • Then the designs are sent to the print labs, and based on the address list, you get a number of direct mail printed.

But, it’s not over yet.

  • Then, you send these mail pieces to your local postal services.
  • Be done with all the needed formalities.
  • Make the payment
  • And finally ship it.
  • Then you wait for 3-5 working days (or more, depending on the circumstances) to get your direct mail delivered.
  • Still there’s no means to track these tasks, you just keep putting efforts hoping it works out.

Keep the data secured

Apart from marketing campaigns, businesses send all the kind of transactional mail through direct mail. For example:

  • Financial statements
  • Invoices
  • Bills
  • Welcome mail
  • Confirmation mail
  • Thank you mail
  • Activation mail
  • Birthday mail
  • Anniversary mail
  • Feedback mail
  • Notices mail
  • And others

With our HIPAA and PIPEDA compliant partners who will ensure safe and secure processing.

Track the campaigns

  • After launching the campaign, it’s important to know where your mailpieces are in the process. Hence, we give regular reports on the exact location of each of your mail pieces.
  • From printing, processing, and shipping to the final delivery – get updates of each step.To get these regular notifications, all you have to do is register your contact details by logging-in to your PostGrid dashboard.
  • Get the analytical reports on the performance of each campaign and improve the upcoming campaigns based on the results.

Reduce the cost

  • With our address verification API software (that you get free with PostGrid), verify the accuracy of all of your contacts’ details, remove duplicate addresses and correct the incomplete or wrong data – eventually stop misspending on the returned or lost direct mail.
  • Get great deals on per direct mail print prices because of our huge client base, bulk printing, and a vast network of print labs.
  • Save time, the money spent in resources, and labor cost by investing in a single software.

Improve ROI

  • Send the direct mail only to the accurate addresses after filtering the data from our address verification software and avoid missed opportunities.
  • Personalize each of your direct mail and enhance your prospects and customers engagement – it leads to more website traffic, increases your brand awareness, and boosts sales.
  • Industries like Real Estate, Insurance, Healthcare, Banks, Financial Services, Non-Profits, Retail and Education sectors can see huge ROI using PostGrid.

Scale any time

  • Scale your marketing campaigns, outreach of your direct mail, and membership with PostGrid at any time.
  • Manage the data, edit the targeted audience’s details, and increase the number of direct mail you send whenever you want.
  • Change or increase the number of your launched campaigns based on your customers’ journey or after studying the previous campaigns result.

Integrates with your favourite tech stack & tools

Easily Improve your workflow and automate print & mail through seamless integration capabilities.

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