What's an Address Verification API

When you ask your customers to fill out a form, and they type their address details, chances are they can leave a typo, an incorrect house number, a missing suite number, a wrong postal address, or any other errors. And that’s why you need to match these addresses with the standard ones registered in the official database; otherwise, the mailpieces you’ll send will go lost on their way.

When you automate the address verification process with the help of a web API tool, like PostGrid and you can validate and complete user-provided addresses in real-time on your data tool or system at a speed of 100,000 addresses verification per second, we call it an address verification software.

In boring words, An address verification API integrates with your enterprise system or CRM (primarily your website) to fetch the data and match it with your provided country’s postal services (USPS, in our case). It checks if the contact details you or the user provides matches the information in the official database. If it doesn’t, it automatically corrects it or provides a list of similar addresses. Using this, you can ensure you have clean data right at the point of entry, reducing the bounce-rate of your mail.

How Does Address Verification API Work?

If your direct mail fails to reach the correct address, the whole point of increasing sales goes in vain, let alone the amount of money, resources, and employee potential you put into it.

As such, it’s indispensable to keep only verified addresses in your data book. Once you’ve integrated the verification tool like the PostGrid with your system, here’s how it works:

  • It informs you about the delivery status of the addresses
  • It standardizes the addresses as per the ones available in the USPS
  • It offers a list of similar addresses at the point of entry.

This way, if your customers enter an incorrect postal address, they can change it with the alternatives. Plus, it also helps you to edit or correct the addresses on a customer call if needed.

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Why Should You Go for PostGrid

CASS & SERP Certified

Stop spending money and resources on the lost and duplicate direct mails. Yes, we have 100% accurate CASS & SERP Certified addresses.

Delivery Point Verification

Get the delivery status of each address in your database and ensure timely mail shipment to the correct address and double your sales’ chances.

Matching Technology

Eliminate all the duplicate addresses from your database, so you can print and mail faster.

Address Validation

Collect only accurate data by integrating PostGrid in your system. Each time your customers type an address, they’ll get standard alternatives to fill in space.


Save your customers’ time with PostGrid’s autocomplete address feature and quickly get them to the signup button.

Address Parsing

Get each address into its different component, viz., address line 1, address line 2, street, city, state, and zip code.

Data Cleansing

Complete the CRM integration with PostGrid and get rid of the misinformation and gaps from the fetched data.


The time-saving tool can help you get all the captured addresses in the standard US postal address format.

Rapid data verification

Get thousands of addresses verified in seconds with PostGrid, and save tons of hours of tedious work.

Competitive Prices

Unlike our close competitors, we provide tens of thousands of address verification at a very affordable price. And with reduced misspending, you gain 30% more in revenue.

24 Hour Support

Our support team is available 24 hours a day. If you ever get stuck anywhere in the process, you can dial our toll-free number, and we’ll get in touch with you instantly.

Benefits of Address Verification API

No more lost direct mail pieces:

If you start using address verification API, then all the addresses present in your database will be accurate without any data duplication or information gaps. Depending on the number of direct mails you send out and how often, you can save a tremendous amount of money.

And since no mail is returning or getting lost on its way, the chances of lead conversion also rises with twice the speed as before, and subtracting the investment from the outcome; you can start seeing an ultimate boost in your revenue generation.

Best data quality:

With the address verification at the point of entry, you can ensure that the right address will enter your system. It not only saves you from sending direct mails to wrong or incomplete addresses but also from the spams trying to enter your system.

Besides that, with the regular cleaning, verifying, and updating your old data list with PostGrid, you can get a quality database within a few days, as it validates the addresses at a speed of 100,000 addresses per second.

Improved Communication:

The foundation of a successful business is effective communications with its customers. When your mail reaches the correct address, your chances of missed opportunities decrease exponentially as your relevant offers get in front of the right people.

With PostGrid, you can ensure that none of your bullets will miss the target and that too at a very affordable price. Most of our clients admit that they were spending more on their direct mail marketing campaigns before they started using PostGrid—it helps decrease the overall cost and increase the revenue generation.

Decreased mailing cost:

Often, due to the bulk mailing, most address verification service providers offer their customers a discount in the form of barcodes, like ZIP + 4™ and USPS®. At PostGrid, we offer our clients the same benefit too.

We understand that no direct mail marketing can be done by sending direct mails in a limited amount. And we think that every business should get the opportunity to use direct mails to boost their overall ROI, which is why we included this offer in our services.

Quick benefits of using PostGrid

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Increment in overall process speed:

with fast and on the spot address verification, you can completely eliminate the manual work and speed up the process. As it takes around 3-5 business days to verify the collected addresses manually.

Faster turnaround time:

with less manual work and verifying the addresses instantly on submission, you can also send the requested document (or a particular offer) in comparatively less time. (NB: you can also enable priority processing for the customers who want the package at a defined time.)

Scalable services:

You can verify as many numbers of addresses as you want. From thousands to millions of addresses, we help our clients verify them all.

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Which type of businesses need address verification API

  • E-commerce platforms: Most established stores use e-commerce platforms to sell their products. Often, to make the buying process easier, companies offer built-in shipping solutions. These platforms integrate an address verification tool, like PostGrid, with their site, to prevent the loss of packages, wrong address delivery, or unnecessary returns.
  • Branding Personal Stores: Most businesses start to sell – the products available on their stores – online and offer shipping options to their customers for convenience. However, in an era of online payment, delayed delivery, or sending the package to the wrong address may ruin the stores’ reputation and cause loss of business. That’s why most such companies contact us to get PostGrid for verifying the addresses in their database.
  • The 3PLs: Some third-party logistics companies – that contract with the online brands and other product selling businesses for shipping their products – usually take address verification services like PostGrid. These services help them serve their clients better with minimum returns.
  • Short-term Rental Homes Service Sites: Most of the time, when a new user lists their property on a site like these, it becomes necessary to confirm the location to prevent the end-user from getting lost or having difficulty in finding the homes. It’s especially essential for users opting to pre-book homes or hotels. Address verification tools like PostGrid help businesses gain the trust of their customers by providing them accurate data.
  • Credit Check Services: Banks or other financial services companies – which are not directly related to shipping mailpieces – can benefit from the address verification services like PostGrid for saving money. To connect the people offering and needing a loan, the companies require to do a credit check. And despite the accuracy of the data provided, they need to get the job done. That’s why PostGrid offers address validation services for a wide variety of businesses. It helps avoid misspending.
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How to Use our Address Verification API:

PostGrid allows brands and companies to verify thousands of addresses in seconds. To clean your database and get rid of the information gaps, you’ll need to follow some steps:

  • Create an account on PostGrid
  • Login and open the PostGrid dashboard
  • Secure your account by adding trusted domains only
  • Click on setting → Addresses → Copy your API keys
  • Paste the API URL in your browser

Once you’ve followed the steps described above, you’ll get a successful API call. If you face any difficulty in the process or cannot get the successful call, you can contact us or check our FAQs page.

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