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International Address Verification

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international address verification and validation api

International Address Validation Service

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3075 14th Ave. #212, Markham,
ON, L3R 5M1, Canada

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What is International Address Verification?

International address verification is a process that involves comparing an address against the postal regulations of the country the address is located. It is similar to validating addresses when talking about the US. An International address validation tool helps you validate addresses when an address match is found in a country’s database.

Global address validation is incredibly important to companies that have international clients or are running an international business.

You will have to provide high-quality services to your customers, irrespective of their location. Make use of PostGrid’s international address verification to ensure timely deliveries across the globe with accurate and deliverable international addresses in hand.

An efficient address verification API can help you to reduce wastages, improve customer relationships, save time, and have access to high-quality global data. Customers, nowadays, are used to completing shopping and checkouts in the least possible time. More and more companies are expanding their operations across the world—making an international address verification tool more important than ever.

Using such a tool, you can help your employees serve your international customers better, and form a strong global base for your business. It is a smart way to reach out globally and expand your business beyond borders. Our predictive API enables you to capture, standardize, and verify millions of addresses from across 240 countries in real time.

Problems Associated With Verifying International Addresses

It is a popular assumption that international address validation is simply to connect with the databases of other countries and cross-check the required details. In reality, it is not so simple—international address verifications can be complicated.

  • Address Formatting – As far as the US is concerned, the address formats are kept simple – apartment number, street, city, state, and zip code. However, this is not the case in other countries. Many countries have two different format categories for rural and urban locations, with various other internal formats within them. Countries like China, further have different standards for different formats. It makes it difficult to format addresses accordingly. Also, what we refer to as ‘states’ are ‘provinces’ for some countries. And knowing how to write a uk address can be a great help. 
  • Language – Half the world uses Latin characters to write addresses, and the remaining half uses characters from their native language. The language barrier is a huge challenge before an international address verification tool.
  • Delivery Point Data – Most countries in the world do not make use of the DPV (Delivery Point Validation) system. Hence, it is very difficult to organize international addresses according to their validity.
  • Destination Country – For accurate validation, there has to be a value included in the entered address representing the destination country. It should either be an ISO classification or the country’s full name. A lot of times, these requirements are not fulfilled – making verification difficult.

PostGrid always makes sure to stay updated and solve all these problems for you with its high-end features.

International Address Validation Service Provider

Providing the customer’s address is a prerequisite to delivering their products. Many businesses struggle to streamline shipping logistics due to a lack of a unified standard for presenting this information. The international address verification API handles the processes that involve local and international addresses. Because it is a long and sometimes daunting process, that is best left to the experts.

postal address verification service or tool provides data verification for shipping addresses. Additionally, the global address verification tool helps verify the accuracy of postal address information and determine whether mail can be delivered to the address provided.

There are currently countless APIS or software available to verify mailing addresses. PostGrid helps you eliminate bad or poor address data, improves customer satisfaction, and obtains higher-quality data. Also, this method eliminates tedious cross-checking of the address data of your customers against the US Postal Service, CASS, or the databases for other countries.

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Get Full ZIP Code Lookup by Address

Ah, innovation & technology, Gone are the days when businesses had to keep countless checks bound somewhere in the bulk plastic checkbooks.


Features of PostGrid’s Global Address Verification

The Global Address API is an interface that takes in international addresses in single or multiple lines to match them against postal sources. Furthermore, it helps you to correct, validate, and standardize accordingly. The Global Address API works as per the USPS and other international postal standards. Additionally, it returns the mail deliverability statuses according to the information added as input.

PostGrid gives you access to a lot of address verification features that ensure accurate results. Our secure API is easy to understand and work with.

Access to Updated Global Addresses

For conducting a global business, it is needed that you have access to globally verified addresses at your fingertips. PostGrid uses postal address data from various trusted data sources and postal organizations from around the world that can help you verify any international address within seconds. You can check for accuracy, validity, deliverability, and usability – all at once.

Our data is updated several times a year—which means that our API will always return up-to-date addresses, reducing the number of lost and undelivered packages notably. PostGrid also helps your business operate in accordance with GDPR compliances.

Worldwide Address Standardization and Verification

PostGrid’s international address validation combines the data from various postal organizations like USPS, Canada Post, Australia Post, La Poste, and several others. It provides a single interface to solve all your global data problems. Our API is capable of parsing, correcting, verifying, and standardizing international addresses as per the local postal standards—to ensure that all the components of an address appear in the required alignment.

Reverse Geocoding

It involves converting the geographical coordinates for a location into a human-readable place name or address. Reverse geocoding is the opposite of geocoding. However, it is helpful to many because it facilitates data mapping, location-based marketing, and other functions. 

Why does it matter in global address verification?

Many businesses use reverse geocoding to make business decisions, tap into new markets, and draft policies to serve their global audience better. 

Of course- the process is complicated and time-consuming. Hence, PostGrid can do it for you, simplifying the task and helping you get the most out of it. 

Rooftop Geocoding

PostGrid actively makes use of geocoding for capturing the precise addresses at point-of-entry. It helps you to provide an incredible user experience to your customers—who can quickly enter their addresses and get them verified at lightning-fast speeds. Our address validation services offer precise geocoding to combine navigational data and location algorithms. It makes it easier to verify international addresses instantly using the IP address of the users.

Rooftop geocoding is more accurate, as the geocodes are placed right on top of a building to capture its address in real-time. Businesses can now quickly get precise coordinates to smoothen deliveries and reduce shipping fees.


PostGrid’s international address verification software supports multiple international language scripts like Hebrew – Israel, Chinese – China, Cyrillic – Russia, Thai – Thailand, Kanji – Japan, and Arabic – United Arab Emirates. These are just some examples. Our tool can transliterate any address into Latin from native languages. Also, the returned addresses can be verified and transliterated from Latin to native languages as per the postal regulations of that country. This step facilitates the mailing process and makes sure that the respective post office is able to deliver your mails easily. All the characters in the addresses – like street names, apartment numbers, etc. are translated.

Enriched Data

With PostGrid, companies can verify all the international addresses in their database at once. The addresses are filled in with missing details apartment or suite numbers, street details, and zip codes — to return data that is excellent in quality and performance. You can also segment your database according to various demographics for targeted marketing. Prevent incorrect data from entering your system by verifying it at point-of-entry or in bulk. You can target international audiences easily from your country without any hassles and cross-border complications.

Other Features

  • PostGrid’s API is easy to install and integrate. You can use it on any website, registration form, social media page, or application
  • Its fuzzy matching capability delivers exceptional correction and matching rates—from states to sub-premises
  • Fast response times help improve user experience on your websites
  • Regular updations to accommodate newly added addresses and filter out old ones

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Be a leader with Location/ Customer data intelligence?

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National Vs. Global Address Verification

Countries outside the US use foreign address guidelines based on their local postal authority. We don’t have a universally acceptable format for all global addresses. 

Every country’s or territory’s local postal authority decides a standard format you must follow when mailing someone there!

For example, Canada Post decides the standard address format in Canada, Royal Mail in the UK, and Australia Post in Australia. These organizations work in the same way as the United States Postal Service (USPS). 

An address verification system, like PostGrid, lets you validate addresses of 245+ countries and territories. It works with hundreds of address formats to match your mailing lists with the postal organization-accepted guidelines for the destination country.

Many think every shipping address format is almost the same. But please remember that even minor differences play a significant role. Missing crucial details or incorrectly standardizing addresses can cause failed deliveries, delays, and lost items.

Global address verification has many challenges because acquiring first-hand or second-hand data is costly. Companies might spend a fortune cross-checking their international mailing lists against a foreign postal database. 

Also, writing the correct code to teach a program to sort through and differentiate global address standards of 245+ countries is challenging.

Below is an example of how national and international mailing address formats can differ:

USPS-approved format:

Lily Scott

78 North Florida AVE

Tampa FL  33608

Royal Mail-approved format:

Cole Waltman

191 High St


SO14 0AB


You can use any format you want in a billing address. But USPS requires you to mention the city, state abbreviation, and ZIP code on the same line. 

It is similar to Canada Post’s address format; you must write the city, province, or territory abbreviation and postal code on the same line.

However, Royal Mail prefers senders to write the UK postcode on a separate line. 

Did you notice how all countries have different names for ZIP codes? Also, they use words like provinces, territories, parishes, counties, or districts to represent states.

A Thousand Challenges: One Solution

You may think—an address example can help you format addresses of a specific country. 

However, one example may only cover some of the scenarios in street address standardization. 

Shippers encounter different address types, like those with and without a street name or address with suites, buildings, and other aspects. 

USPS has issued Publication 28, a 228-page document with mind-numbing address standards. It covers everything from writing rural route addresses to abbreviating Spanish words.

Canada’s address standards are 14 pages, UK’s 48, and New Zealand’s 40. Combining the postal guidelines of 245+ countries will give you thousands of pages to look at! 

What’s the way out?

Simple! Find someone who combines these thousands of address formats into an easy-to-use global verification tool to do the legwork on your behalf. It will help you reformat your addresses and determine whether they are correct and deliverable!

Hence, you can ensure hassle-free and quick shipping to improve customer experience and save money on postage. 

PostGrid’s global address verification feature lets you validate 200k national or international addresses simultaneously. Thus, you can correct, verify, and enrich your databases globally to the highest confidence and precision levels!

Verify Global Addresses: How Does It Work?

Global address verification tools gather data from all countries in the world! They use updated databases from authorized postal authorities in every country to get error-free data. 

You can use point-of-entry address correction to ensure incorrect data does not enter your system. 

Here are the steps to help you understand how global address cleansing works:

  • Address Autocomplete

Autocomplete refers to suggesting addresses to users when they are typing in. The tool shows users a list of suggestions to choose from within a few keystrokes. Thus, it saves time and effort and improves the website’s functionality. 

But it also works for post-entry or bulk address verification. You can process your mailing lists through PostGrid and wait for the results. Our API or software can add missing details to your list and return correct addresses at lightning speeds.

PostGrid’s customizable solutions cross-check all global addresses against the destination country’s database. It doesn’t matter if the location is Australia, Canada, Mexico, or the UK. We have the same process for every postal address on Earth, which means you don’t spend a second more to validate addresses from specific places. 

PostGrid assists you in everything, from conducting postcode lookup and duplicate data checks to conforming to international postal rules. 

  • Parsing

An address verification system uses global shipping guidelines and proprietary lexicons to parse addresses into different components. 

Let us take an example from earlier: 

Imagine your client’s shipping address is 1st Street 14, Fitzroy, Victoria 3065, Australia. 

The correct address standard is

14 1st ST

Fitzroy VIC 3065


Parsing the address refers to disassembling it to label every element separately. Hence, you would have the location’s apartment number, street name, directional, city, town, state, postal code, and country. 

It simplifies verifying national or international shipping addresses because the tool can cross-check and correct every part. Manually completing this task can take ages (literally), but PostGrid can manage it in the blink of an eye.

  • Standardization

It conforms mailing lists to the USPS guidelines or local country rules. Since every place has its standard format for shipping, learning it is crucial to send something there. 

Please note that USPS only handles international deliveries up to the US border. Canada Post takes over the mailing process when your package, envelope, or card enters its country. Similarly, Royal Mail, Australia Post, La Poste, and Correos de Mexico handle shipping for their countries. 

Following their local address guidelines ensures these postal organizations complete the deliveries promptly. Otherwise, you may get mail returns or face item misplacements. 

Also, lost mailers can lead to fraud and identity theft cases. Hence, you must standardize your mailing lists based on the destination country’s instructions to secure yourself and your client’s data. 

  • Validate Addresses

This step is the most crucial because it helps you know whether the address is valid or existent. What if it is not?

PostGrid can check your addresses for validity, which means it can mark them invalid. Thus, you can avoid mailing them, saving your organization time, money, and effort.

We verify other addresses with minor issues using fuzzy address matching. It resolves issues like

  • Capitalization
  • Missing spaces
  • Incorrect abbreviations
  • Misspellings
  • Typos
  • Swapped characters

Consider a scenario when your user wanted to order something at their office address on Maine Street. But it goes to another location on Main Street. Thanks to autocorrect!

PostGrid can help you avoid this mistake by correcting the address beforehand using address-matching algorithms, fuzzy logic, and other features!

Every minor error can lead to address misinterpretation. Hence, our high-tech solutions ensure your physical addresses are precise and deliverable. 

You get a cleansed, updated, and mail-ready list for order fulfillment, shipping, and analytics.

Different Global Address Verification Services You Can Try

You can use many deployment options to access address verification solutions for global mailing. PostGrid lets you validate your lists on-demand or at scale. Moreover, you can use our online dashboard, API, or software based on your preferences and convenience. 

Single Address Verification

You may need single or on-demand global address verification in many scenarios. 

Imagine your foreign business partner wants a copy of a legal document at one of their office branches. You have an old address but want to ensure it is correct and deliverable. 

Or imagine you get an order from an international client. You want to impress them with speedy and precise mailing. Voila! Our worldwide address verification tool can help you out!

You can validate an address by pasting or entering an address in the search field. As you start typing, valid address predictions will appear based on your shipping location. We verify and modify your incorrect addresses and standardize them to fit the respective country’s postal rules. 

E-commerce websites use our single address verification to help users create accounts and checkout. Our scalable API lets you validate their addresses on the spot, irrespective of location. Also, you don’t need to worry about slowdowns or technical glitches when many shoppers are online simultaneously because we can handle bulk requests.

Bulk Address Verification

Validate your mailing lists of all global addresses at once. Bulk address verification helps you save time and effort on manually cross-confirming validity and deliverability. 

You can upload a list of your clients’ mailing addresses on our software or dashboard to get updated, cleansed returns. Or you can check them on your CRM or website via our API integrations. 

PostGrid’s API lets you integrate our address verification features into your existing workflows, making them handy. Hence, you can quickly process your lists whenever you want to update your database, ship orders, or handle other tasks. 

Here are the business types that use our global address verification solutions:

  • Financial and banking institutions
  • Healthcare firms
  • E-commerce retailers and resellers
  • AML and KYC verification companies
  • Location services and data providers
  • Application screening and client onboarding companies
  • Real estate firms
  • Insurance companies
  • Schools, colleges, and universities
  • Nonprofits

They benefit from global address cleansing in many ways, from interacting with their customers or associates living abroad to marketing themselves. Also, it allows them to accept and fulfill orders anywhere, expanding globalization opportunities for their business. 

CASS, SERP, PAF, and AMAS Certifications

As discussed, shipping globally requires you to know the address standards of destination countries. PostGrid eliminates this hassle by letting you check your addresses against the official database of different countries. 

However, almost all countries require address verification vendors to receive their postal certification. 

It allows vendors access to the authoritative data files, helping them conduct the verification and standardization processes. 

PostGrid has CASS, SERP, PAF, and AMS certifications for checking US, Canadian, UK, and Australian addresses. They enable us to be updated and provide top-notch address verification solutions. 

Why Using Address Verification for Global Addresses is Essential?

You require global address verification for many reasons, including.

Get Local Precision for International Locations

PostGrid combines advanced and sophisticated address-matching technology and premise-level location data. It results in cleansed and verified addresses with precise local-level information. 

You don’t need to go anywhere or call your clients to confirm an address. We do it for you, irrespective of how many miles it’s away from you. Hence, you can get premise-level data at your fingertips. 

Set Verification Thresholds

Get metadata for your addresses, including the delivery point codes, validity level, and the method for determining the geographical coordinates. 

You can run your mailing lists through PostGrid to get better insights into your database and improve your daily operations.

Unrivaled Address Match Ratios

Complete deliveries on time and add valid details to your records using PostGrid’s address verification services. It helps boost sales and facilitate order fulfillment.

Benefits of Postgrid International & Global Address Verification

Global address verification is a service that offers real-time address verification and validation. It covers up to around 245+ countries across the globe. Additionally, a global address verification service ensures that your address data is valid, authentic, and accurate.

While using the service, you can also parse the address and add latitudes and longitudes accordingly. The Global address verification service also ensures on-time delivery while capturing the database in the best yet accurate ways possible.

There are a number of benefits of using our API for international address verification. From improving data quality to providing an excellent user experience, it does it all speedily and easily.

Save Shipping Costs

You can save extra shipping costs incurred due to lost or misplaced items. International shipping can be quite expensive. If not done correctly, you may have to suffer a lot financially. PostGrid’s international address validation services can help you avoid wastage and save a lot of resources.

Keep Your Clients Happy

The foundation of a business depends on its reputation, more than its success. A positive image helps a company keep going in the market and get better every day. To maintain this image—you will have to keep your customers happy and satisfied, at all times and under all circumstances. It is likely that your customers themselves entered the wrong addresses mistakenly.

However, they would still expect you to deliver their orders in the said time frame. Therefore, it is your responsibility to verify any address across the globe at point-of-entry and process orders immediately—to carry out smooth business operations.

Make a positive impression on your customers through easy checkouts, on-time deliveries, and good after-sales support—which is all possible only with the help of correct data. PostGrid can help you to keep your clients satisfied and maintain a positive brand image.

Maintain Accurate Database

You can either verify addresses instantly as they are being entered or integrate your CRM and verify addresses in bulk. In both cases, our international address verification tool returns standardized, corrected, verified, and validated addresses precisely. Hence, you can cleanse your entire database from time to time. This data can be used for a number of administrative and marketing purposes.

PostGrid combines the latest technologies with reliable databases to return the best quality data that can be highly useful to your company.

Increase Conversions

Reduce cart abandonment rates with a smart international address verification tool like PostGrid. Our API helps your users to have an excellent shopping experience and prompts them to checkout by quick address entries. It autocompletes, parses, standardizes, and verifies all international addresses within a few keystrokes.

Hence, all customers from all corners of the world will get the same service—that is given to your local customers. You can also customize our API as per the theme of your website so that it blends in perfectly with your platform. Don’t give your users a chance to get frustrated. Rather, increase conversions every day with an efficient checkout process.

Other Benefits
  • PostGrid’s API is vast and scalable. You can process millions of addresses at the same time with no slowdowns or website crashes
  • It supports various libraries like Python and Javascript. Also, our responsive codes enable you to create customized user experiences for websites and mobile applications. Our documentation is very easy to understand and use
  • PostGrid offers transparent pricing with a 24×7 customer support system to help you, in case of any technical issues
  • We offer guaranteed data privacy as PostGrid complies with all HIPAA, PIPEDA, SOC-1, and SOC-2 laws

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What Does International Address Verification Mean?

Imagine a scenario where you run a US-based company that wants to send or mail an item to Hong Kong. The address of the customers will first be requested by the service provider. Once this information is provided, the company will contact the customer. An international address verification provider will help you with shipping. They will also compare the database to determine the accuracy of the customer’s address with the local postal standards of the country.

An international address check confirms that a match is found in the database and is valid. Verification can be a lengthy, rigid, and daunting process. So, verifying an address that does not belong to a country makes things twice as challenging. The truth is that international postal addresses are not standardized.

When choosing a provider for International address verification, you should remember that not all countries give you street-level addresses. And not all service providers understand the depths of verifying street-related information. Even the ones that provide different formats for different postal or customer data.

Here, PostGrid’s address verification service includes a powerful restful API to help you parse, standardize, verify, cleanse, and format address content. Now, send your mailings easily from the USA to Hong Kong and anywhere in between with our USPS-compliant and International bulk address verification APIs.

What to Consider When Selecting a National & International Address Validation Service Provider?

Well, national and international address verification is a little expensive, depending on the mailing routes. Furthermore, not all providers verify international and national postal addresses. In case, you wish to mail items internationally, find a provider that offers both national and global validation. PostGrid helps you with everything under one roof rather than two different companies, depending entirely on your needs.

Now, that being said, below are a few aspects that you must look for when selecting national and international address validation service providers:

Enterprise-Level Data Security:

Customer data and the privacy of your website are vitally significant. Does the company use open-source or closed-source APIs to validate addresses? Data protection and privacy policies should be strict. It is to keep your customer data safe from unauthorized access or others.
PostGrid ensures that your customer data is handled with utmost care as per the legal frameworks. Our partners are HIPAA, PIPEDA, GDPR & SOC-2 certified to help you with high-quality address verification services.

Scalability & Accuracy:

USPS and CASS track thousands of address changes every day, and they do a fantastic job of it. It is also the responsibility of the service providers to ensure that their databases are updated regularly. Providers must stay on top of all the changes in the customer’s location, and updated information gives a real picture of the customer.
PostGrid updates its address database from USPS at least once a month. Our tool works hand-in-hand with the USPS and guarantees you the quality of the database! For international verifications, we update our API according to various updates & authoritative schedules of different countries.

High Dependability:

No matter what time of day or night, a good address verification service is always available. In the event of a system failure, it can negatively affect the operation of your company. This is because customers want to receive services according to their needs.

PostGrid helps you to scale your offline communication with ease as our scalable REST API aims to provide you with additional integration capabilities.

Mail Without Worrying about the Address Inaccuracy

Get an extended ZIP code lookup for your business and automate your offline marketing efforts to send out direct mails to your customers.


PostGrid Verify for International Address Verification at Scale

Businesses can reach their customers more efficiently using PostGrid’s address validation API. With our modern software, you can verify and auto-complete addresses for your customers. PostGrid also helps you maintain a clean and up-to-date address database.

PostGrid ensures that your customers’ addresses are verified and correct through services for the finance, healthcare, and tech industries. E-commerce retailers benefit from address verification as it prevents undelivered or returned packages. You save tons of time otherwise spent on tedious manual verification by automating the entire API integration process with a few lines of code.

Address data is incorrectly entered by customers. PostGrid eliminates the possibility of providing inaccurate or insufficient international address information. A pre-generated list allows them to choose their accurate list of addresses.

International and local verification providers should have several qualities, like service reliability and deep expertise. The right provider shouldn’t be difficult to find, as any provider claims to know how to verify postal addresses. Get in touch with PostGrid today to learn more about how to verify addresses.


To conclude, PostGrid’s international address verification is accurate, quick, easy-to-install, and reliable. It can always help you get the best out of your global business and serve your customers in the best possible way. Our API enriches your addresses and streamlines your data organization methods.

The best part is we offer flexible pricing to clients, helping them start validating their addresses based on their needs. Also, they can scale up and down whenever needed. Our scalable solutions can accommodate their ever-changing requirements without hassles. 

You can integrate our API into your system or download our software on your device. We don’t charge an upfront or minimum monthly fee. Thus, you can start verifying your global addresses without long-term commitments.

Request a demo for more details on our international address verification services!

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