PostGrid Works For You

Unified Offline Capabilities

Send one or thousands pieces on demand and at scale all from a single API

Address Verification

Ensure deliverability with our USPS-certified address verification API.

Tracking and Analytics

Access analytics on all orders and conversions.

Easy Integrations

Make use of the API without writing code through our native and zapier integrations.

Scalable REST API

  • Test and Live Keys – We isolate the test and live environments so you can easily test your API calls
  • Fully Documented – Every endpoint is fully documented using OpenAPI so you can access it from your favorite tools and languages
  • Built to Scale – Our infrastructure is capable of handling millions of fully-personalized orders every day

Address Verification & Completion

  • Address Verification – Verify and correct addresses across the US in accordance with postal standards
  • Address Parsing – Use our freeform address parsing capabilities to clean poorly formatted addresses
  • Address Autocomplete – Autocomplete addresses at the point-of-entry, ensuring correct data throughout your pipeline

Detailed Analytics and Tracking

  • Detailed Activity Log – View logs of all sending activity – including the status of every existing and past order
  • Database Search & Export – Search for and download print-ready renderings of all mailings at any time
  • Granular Metadata – Attach application-specific metadata to any API resource to improve visibility and simplify integration

Zero-Code Integration

  • Zap-ready – PostGrid’s Zapier integration enables you to connect our sending capabilities with over 1600 apps
  • Native Integration – Use our native integrations to incorporate offline communication directly into your favorite tools
  • Chrome Extension – Create one-off orders to contacts pulled directly from your browser pages for a quick and easy way to send

API Dashboard

  • Enhanced Visibility – Use our dashboard to track your API usage, manage templates, contacts, and other API resources
  • Detailed Analytics – View analytics on the status of all of your mailings with complete searchability of all current and historical orders
  • User Management – Invite other users in your organization to PostGrid and enable them to integrate the API and make use of the dashboard

PostGrid has you covered from all sides

Regulatory Compliance

Build trust by ensuring your customers that your data is PIPEDA, PHIPA HIPAA, GDPR & SOC-2 Certified and Compliant.

Data Security

Your data security is important to us, which is why we use Amazon web services for quick, easy to use, and safe hosting.

Scalable Solutions

Level up your marketing with PostGrid, as we provide native integration and API documentation for easy operations.

All teams run on PostGrid

10x your team’s performance by getting the entire team on a single platform with native integration and automating the process.

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Integrates with your favourite tech stack & tools

Easily Improve your workflow and automate print & mail by connecting to our integrations

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