Automate Invoice Printing and Mailing Services With PostGrid

Invoices are an essential part of businesses to ensure smooth cash flow. They are extremely important to keep the funds running, and therefore, invoice printing services form a regular part of business operations.

Oftentimes, in-house teams are burdened with the mundane tasks involved in the process of creating and shipping those billing statements and check printing and mailing. However, PostGrid’s solutions to print and mail invoices can make it fast, flexible, secure, and cost-effective. Any firm that requires printing and invoice mailing services should get it automated to handle it smoothly.

Personalized Messages

While sending invoices as part of transactional communications, it should be assured that the invoice is a complete piece in itself. It has to be accurate, it should reflect professionalism, and it must prompt payments. Whether you have to get one invoice or a thousand invoices printed and sent, PostGrid can take care of everything. Our API services enable you to print and mail bulk or personalized orders on-demand.

  • Send transaction-driven invoices with templates of your choice
  • Ideal for all types of industries and professions
  • Get high-quality and professional invoices printed and delivered
  • Receive time-to-time receipts and assure your company’s financial stability
  • Induce a direct CTA for clients to pay now

Features of PostGrid’s Invoice Printing and Mailing Solutions

Grab the attention of your clients. Facilitate offline communications with plenty of features offered by PostGrid’s direct mail automation API to print and mail invoices.

Highly Personalized Invoices

  • Get personalization with variable data on every invoice. Everything from the name of the clients to the amounts is automatically printed on each billing statement.
  • Integrate our print and mail API to your accounting management software to fetch your data and enable automated customization—no need to manually edit every small detail.
  • All invoices will be processed according to the data fed in.
  • Send event-driven invoices as and when a transaction takes place.
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Print and Mail Your Invoices Reliably and Securely

  • PostGrids operations are carried out in a safe and secure environment, all our partners are HIPAA, SOC-II, and PIPEDA Compliant. 
  • Timely services offered are backed up by confidentiality regulations and complete trust. We understand the value of document integrity.
  • There are several options to conveniently and safely upload your files through SFTP or API calls, detailed API docs, or dev support available for integration.
  • You have complete access to view your files, send invoices, and the total quantity sent.

Easy and Real-Time Tracking

  • Complete visibility of the status of your invoices is provided to you.
  • Make decisions according to the status of the invoices for optimizing performance. Pass on the details to the downstream workforce.
  • Real-time tracking for you to check at which stage your invoices have reached.
  • Sign in to your account with your unique credentials to access the dashboard and get all tracking reports.
  • With PostGrid, no more multi-tasking and following up with various print and delivery vendors for getting statuses of your orders is required. Access everything in one place with our invoice printing and mail services online.
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Initiate an Effective Mailing System

  • Get high-quality and cleansed data through our API.
  • Import your mailing lists and let our platform validate all addresses at once in just a couple of minutes. ZIP codes are rechecked and standardized.
  • It makes sure that all the addresses are proper and deliverable so that returned or delayed invoices can be avoided altogether. It assures fast, secured, and provides a higher delivery rate.
  • Avoid duplications and errors. The API will navigate your lists, and remove all duplicate entries.
  • Triggered campaigns can be set to send out an invoice in response to an action in your CRM.

Carry Out Invoice Print and Mail Fulfillment

  • Maintain your financial stability by getting invoice printing and mailing done on time.
  • The orders are fulfilled through our software in a given timeframe to ensure payments. Further follow-up notices can also be sent as reminders for urgent payments.
  • Set up the software in minutes and begin processing your invoices with us.
  • Just submit the details by uploads or through the API. We will make, sign, stamp, print, fold, seal, and send. PostGrid’s automation solution offers invoice printing and mailing services online seamlessly.
  • Unpaid invoices will be automatically uploaded and sent according to your pre-set preferences.

How PostGrid Assists You in Transactional Communications Through Invoice Printing and Mailing Services?

save print time and cost with automation
  • Connect with your clients through customized messages about discounts or new offerings.
  • Edit the templates with our in-built editor. Add, remove, or modify anything as per the client's needs.
  • Select fonts that are bold, clear, professional, and capable of standing out. Just like any other direct mail piece, invoices should also be eye-catching and attention-grabbing.
  • Insert your logo so that they identify your brand and get the payments done quickly.
  • Options of size, paper, ink, envelope, colors, and formats are widely available for you to select as per your preferences of brand appearance.
  • Other branding customizations can also be made like additional inserts.

Conserve Your Time and Resources

  • Get more productive work done through your employees by reducing their time spent on invoice printing and mailing.
  • Save payroll costs and investment in printing and mailing machines and staff to maintain it.
  • PostGrid accepts all sizes of orders, and there is no hidden cost involved.
  • Quickly integrate your files with our API and securely get printing and invoice mailing solutions at one click.
  • Ink, papers, stamps, and many other materials are required for in-house handling of invoices. The printers used by these in-house teams are also prone to wear and tear. It involves a high maintenance cost and drains out the time of your staff.
  • Use PostGrid to automate the direct mailing of your invoices. Let the experts handle the process and generate high-quality, consistent, and compelling invoices ready to be mailed in just two days.
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Facilitate Accurate Invoice Printing and Mailing

  • Our user-friendly API easily Integrates with your system or uploads your data with ease, so that accurate details are obtained to generate invoices.
  • The dates, amounts, client names, and particulars are all reconciled and cross-checked while processing the invoices.
  • Printing and invoice mailing solutions offered by us are specialized and reliable.
  • You can track the progress and delivery of all invoices as soon as each step is completed.
  • We are known to print and mail invoices online with the highest levels of precision.

Reduce Manual Work and Increase Smart Work

  • Invoices require purchasing ink, paper, and envelopes, and then getting everything from printing to packing done.
  • Manually doing these tasks are extremely boring and tiresome. It affects the morale of your production staff.
  • Outsource your invoice printing and mailing to us for converting your hard work into smart work. PostGrid does all these things for you at much lesser costs and with more efficiency.
  • Whether you have to send a few invoices or a lot, quality matters more than the quantity. Let us conduct everything with our expertise and knowledge while you focus on your business.
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Get Detailed Reports Regularly

  • You get complete access to the management dashboard where you can download and view deep insights on your invoices.
  • Faster deliveries lead to faster payments. Our dashboard tracks everything to see that deliveries are made at the perfect time, and you get paid without any delays.
  • Follow up regularly and frequently through our printing and invoice mailing solutions to get payments from time to time.

Increase Brand Reputation and Maintain Good Relations

  • Present your business professionally with high-quality invoices.
  • Brand your invoices and use them as marketing pieces as well. Increase your brand visibility.
  • Centralize your marketing efforts with consistent invoices.
  • PostGrid’s printing and invoice mailing solutions help maintain good relations with your clients. Send invoices with personalized messages to improve credibility, get payments, and keep your clientele with smooth communications.
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Saving Dollars with Print and Mail Invoice Services

Are you tired of bearing huge costs to print your invoices? All you need is an automated solution to reduce your headache. You can save tons of resources by relying on our Print & Mail API; 

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Full Automation 

Our API completely automates the process of generating and sending invoices. It reduces the need for manual labor and cumbersome processes. Your business can save time and resources in managing printing and invoices.

High Accuracy 

When you generate invoices manually, there is a high risk of errors, such as incorrect pricing, customer information, or quantities. Our Print and Mail API helps you ensure that all your invoices are accurate and up to date. It reduces the likelihood of errors and the expenses associated with correcting them. 

Higher Efficiency Rates 

The API completely streamlines the generating and mailing of invoices to your customers. It would significantly reduce the time and cost of the invoice generation process and the likelihood of payment delays. 

Additional Cost Savings 

We provide flexible pricing plans that meet the different requirements of businesses from various industries. Moreover, we also offer attractive discounts on USPS shipping to reduce further the cost of generating, printing, and sending invoices to your customers. 

By outsourcing your invoice generation and mailing process, you can eliminate or reduce costs on;

  • Energy & Utility 
  • Software to run systems 
  • Compliance 
  • Printing materials 
  • Labor and workforce 
  • Postage 
  • Physical space 
hipaa gdpr compliant direct mails

PostGrid as a HIPAA-Compliant Platform

  • We never retain your PDF documents. 
  • PostGrid never keeps your images on our platform once you generate, print, and mail them. 
  • You'll have complete access to mailing activity. 
  • We handle your documents securely through the printing and mailing process. 

Best Time To Outsource Billing

Many companies need additional staff to handle repetitive tasks like creating and printing invoices.

Outsourcing can help them save plenty of time and resources while they can focus on other vital tasks. Here are some of the best situations to outsource the billing process; 

  • Slow and inefficient mail equipment can create considerable hurdles in the cash flow. Companies must outsource their invoice process if they face this condition. 
  • A firm must look for outsourcing solutions if it has to stop its regular operations for the invoice process. 
  • Many companies rely on a single resource for handling the critical billing process. If this person is sick or out of town, it can compromise the entire invoice process. 
  • The billing equipment could be challenging to set up and operate.

Many firms want to eliminate the old technology and introduce automation in their invoicing process. Yet, it could be time-consuming and expensive to get this new technology. Outsourcing with PostGrid requires little investment to get the best automation features. 

How to Enhance Your Marketing and Up-Selling to Your Customers?

An invoice is not only a transactional mail. It could also include marketing or product information in the ongoing bills. There’s no need to pay additional postage to unlock their marketing opportunity. 

Why are invoices outstanding for including marketing and promotional information? 

  • Invoices have a higher readership and responses than unsolicited mail. 
  • Invoices can improve your brand identity by including newsletters and press releases. 
  • Marketing messages can reach consumers on every billing cycle. 
  • Brands can include new product or service announcements in their mailings without spending too much. 
  • They can also promote or test new products on all customers or a limited list. 
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Advantages of Outsourcing the Invoices

Any brand can outsource its processing of invoices and statements. They won’t need to take the headache of printing, folding, sorting, and mailing their bills. Here are some notable benefits of using PostGrid to outsource your invoices; 

print mail invoice

Better Cash Flow 

Faster invoice processing with PostGrid will improve your cash flow. We will help you out with the sorting process and recipients much faster. Companies that outsource their invoicing process achieve a better cash flow. 

Savings on Postage

Direct mail automation solutions can help firms obtain first-class automated mail discounts. They can save 6¢ per piece (send at least 1000 pieces). These savings can contribute to business growth. 

Savings on Capital Expenditures

There’s no need to buy or lease mail processing equipment with outsourcing. Companies can avoid those costly and long-term service agreements. They don’t need to hire additional resources to run this equipment for invoice generation. 

Savings on Warehousing Space 

If you are managing an in-house invoice process, you are likely to order invoices, statements, and reply envelopes. A warehouse space is necessary to store these items securely. 

Outsourcing can help you save hundreds of dollars annually by eliminating the need for warehouse space. It will free up your space and save you time. 

Who Uses Printing and Mailing Services for Invoice Generation?

Everyone from small, medium, and national to international businesses is outsourcing their invoice creation and mailing process. All these companies must process payables, collect receivables, and inform customers about their products and services. 

Outsourcing the invoicing process can help you market your company and reach its ultimate potential. 

Banks and Credit Unions 

Many banks and credit unions are not under corporate control. They often choose to outsource their printing and mailing needs. It helps in achieving more significant savings for their customers and employees. They can provide a higher interest rate, free checking, and better pay. 

Healthcare Institutions 

Invoices and statements are a vital component of the healthcare industry. Customers must receive critical invoice information to make the best decisions and pay on time. 

Outsourcing the printing and mailing of invoices increases efficiency and avoids errors. These institutions can mail relevant statements without any delays. 

Government Offices

These offices are one of the largest producers of invoices in the country. Any local, state, or federal government can outsource its printing and mailing needs to save funds and get more time for customers and constituents.

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Outsourcing Doesn’t Mean You Are Compromising on Control

Some might believe outsourcing with a professional invoice printing and mailing partner means losing control of the processes. However, a firm is always in the picture. It becomes a part of an ecosystem instead. 

The firm can mitigate all the risks and save time in the invoicing process. Your service provider takes care of the production, warehousing, technology, mailing, and security of the invoices ahead. The company can always track every piece of mail from a dashboard.

You get better control over status reports, process management, letters, and postage costs. Complete transparency helps you to gain better visibility over every process. 

How to Create a Great Invoice for Printing and Mailing?

An adequate invoice is more than an ordinary receipt. The invoice creation process can have multiple steps, making it more effective and unlocking its marketing potential. 

What to Include in the Invoice?

A typical invoice contains similar content. You can expect various dates, such as invoice generation date, payment due date, invoice number, account number, and description of products and services. 

You can add additional information to your invoices. However, it is essential to keep specific vitals in the mail. Too many details can make your invoice complex and overwhelming for some customers. 

Find a suitable balance of data to include in your invoices. It must inform the customers about why and how much they owe you. 

policy change letter to notify employees
notice of cancellation letter template

Best Tips to Design the Invoice

We don’t live in the 20th century, and bills can be more interesting than plain text. An engaging design is necessary to include the information clearly and logically. Here are some of the best tips for designing your invoices; 

  • Make the best use of white space. A clean area on your page will make your design mature and help customers focus on the most crucial part. 
  • Avoid adding unnecessary information and creating clutter. Don’t push the design elements to every inch of the paper. 
  • Experienced professionals often prefer using the classic invoice design. Customers are more familiar with traditional-looking invoices. The layout must be similar to standard invoices in the industry. You can experiment with the additional design aspects. 
  • Professionals must include contact information on their invoices. Customers often have questions and concerns about their bills. Include this information in a prominent place to increase customer satisfaction.

Professionals and Businesses that Can Rely on Our Print & Mail Invoice API

Our platform can be helpful for professionals and industries that need to generate and send invoices to clients or customers. 

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  • Small Business Owners: These individuals can automate their invoice generation process and eliminate the need for manual data entry for printing and mailing physical invoices. 
  • Operators: These professionals have to work on a project-on-project basis. Thus, they can rely on our API to create and send physical invoices to their clients for the work they've completed. 
  • Accountants: They can also use our Print & Mail API to generate and send physical invoices to their clients—for example, tax preparation, bookkeeping, etc. 
  • Legal Firms: Solicitors can also use PostGrid Print & Mail API to bill clients for legal services, including flat fees, hourly rates, or fixed rates. 
  • Healthcare Providers: Professionals like doctors or dentists can also print and mail invoices using our API. They can deliver bills to patients for their services, deductibles, copays, or out-of-pocket expenses. 
  • Property Managers: Real estate professionals can automatically bill tenants for rent and utilities using PostGrid. They can generate, print, and mail invoices in seconds. 
  • Non-Profit Organizations: These organizations can also use our API to generate and send invoices to their donors or volunteers. 
  • Subscription-Based Services: Companies that charge their customers regularly can implement our API to print and mail their customers monthly invoices. 

Reinventing the Purpose of Invoice Printing and Mailing 

Even though invoices are transactional mail, that helps receive payments and maintain a stable cash flow. However, intelligent businesses often rely on our Print & Mail API to communicate with their customers effectively. 

They can include important information or messages in their invoices. It opens up new marketing opportunities for upselling or cross-selling. Businesses that provide multiple services often use this practice to promote their other products and services. With the help of data segmentation, you can send the correct information to the right customers. 

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Represent Your Brand with a Professional Invoicing System 

Another thing to consider in invoice printing and mailing is that the invoice you send also represents your brand. So how professional it looks? Thus, an invoice has more than just a utilitarian purpose. You can also use invoices to reflect your company's visual identity with creative logos, designs, colors, and more. 

When you are using our direct mail platform, you have the option to customize your old and ugly invoices. It would help you improve your customers' response and engagement levels. Personalization and branding impact your customers on a subconscious level. If focusing on digital branding and user experience, you must prioritize Print and Mail invoices. It can help in changing the perception of your customers for your brand. 

What is a Well-Designed Invoice?

There are several aesthetic elements that you have to consider while designing your invoices. Yet, these are some critical things to keep in mind when you are using our Print & Mail Invoice API; 

print mail invoice

You have to consider your industry while determining the design of your invoice. For example, businesses in the creative field have to focus more on the creative design part. In contrast, traditional businesses should keep the design simple and classic to make a professional impact. 


You can go overkill by including different fonts and colors in your design. It might be tempting and give you the impression that your invoice will stand out. However, it is essential to keep your consumers in mind. Will they appreciate the experimentation with design and fonts? Your invoice must be clear and easy to understand. 


After considering your industry and audience, your invoice must align invoice with your business brand image. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Automate Invoice Printing and Mailing?

Automation helps integrate files, reconcile, and make precise invoices. The entire process of invoice printing and mailing services can be done quickly and accurately using automation in less than half the usual time.

Why Should I Invest in PostGrid’s Invoice Printing and Mailing?

PostGrid assists you in getting your invoices printed and mailed on time and allows you to save a lot of effort and resources.

Can I Brand My Invoices Using Customizations?

Yes, our platform allows a number of customizations to not only get your payments on time but also to increase your brand awareness.

Can I View and Track the Progress of My Invoices?

Yes, you get complete access to track your invoices in real-time at every stage of processing, printing, and mailing.

What Industries Does Postgrid Serve?

PostGrid works with all types of industries like construction, architecture, medical, financial, retail, and many more.

Is there a minimum number of invoices and statements that must be sent out?

PostGrid will handle any job, no matter how big or small in terms of invoice printing and mailing services. To save money and lower unit prices, we recommend larger quantities. The invoice mailing service at PostGrid is generally less flexible than other mailing campaigns.

Is it possible to mail the bills and statements when opting for invoice print and mail services?

Yes, we offer that option. We do not recommend doing so. By mailing them yourself, you will not only have to pay higher postage, but you will also experience a delay as we must ship you the mailings. Most businesses do not find that handling their own mail is worth the time and money they waste.

How does a direct mail house like the Addressers benefit from the invoice printing and mailing services?

You can get quite stressed and it can take up a lot of your employees' time to print, bill, and mail your own statements. By managing these mailings through The Addressers, you can manage them at a lower cost than doing so internally. You will save the majority of your invoice and statement costs with our mailing permits and knowledge of USPS postage.

What are your specialities when talking about Invoice Mailing Service?

For years, PostGrid has been providing marketing and mailing services. Invoices and statements are one of our most popular services. Your entire campaign can be handled through automation, including designing, printing, mailing, fulfillment, and invoice mailing services. We specialize in: 

  • Real Pen Addressed Mailer
  • Post It, Note Mailer 
  • Solar Mailing
  • Pre-Mover Mailing
  • New Mover/Homeowner Mailing
  • Scratch Off Mailer

Contact our team of experts in case you wish to know more about our invoice print and mail services or if you want assistance with direct mail for your businesses. 

How Much Does It Cost to Send an Invoice?

The cost of an invoice mail service can range from $12 to $30 to process with an average cost of close to $15.

However, big-sized organizations have a complicated payment process that processes bulk invoices direct mail.  

Automated online invoices printing and mailing can cost about $3.50 each. Also, the invoices mailing service can save your business thousands of greens every year.

The Cost of Sending Manual Invoices

In case you do not wish to opt for invoice print and mail services– The majority of businesses still send manual invoices despite the high costs.

  • Direct Costs: Paper, ink, and postage costs are associated with paper invoicing and mailing. You will have to pay at least 47 cents per first-class letter, depending on the type of business. So, when you send out several invoices a week, it can quickly add up.
  • Indirect Costs: The indirect costs of completing a task are the expenses that arise from doing the job. A paper invoice must be put in an envelope by an employee who inputs the relevant data for the invoice. Due to the manpower needed to do the job, manually generating invoices is more expensive. 
  • Hidden Costs: Your invoice process may have hidden costs. You may experience cash flow problems if your invoice is delayed by a customer who receives it in the mail. Manual invoice reconciliation will require additional time. Correcting these errors can cost more than $50.

Some other factors that can affect the costs of opting for invoice printing and mailing:

  • Invoices need to be processed and mailed promptly
  • Review of invoices takes time
  • Correcting data entry errors can take several hours
  • Each invoice must be shipped and stored
  • This results in lost productivity
  • The available late fees or discounts.

Can I send an invoice with a special insert?

Of course, you can add letters, flyers, announcements, etc. to your mailings. All you have to do is upload a PDF into the automated system you opted for to use invoice printing and mailing services.  Additionally, you can also insert coloured or black printed systems on 8.5″ x 11″ paper. It gets placed on the last page of every envelope. However, the pricing of the same can cost you some extra bucks. 

Do you mail invoices on the weekend?

We process documents and mail them from Monday to Friday, except on public or postal holidays. 

What is the accuracy of Invoice Mailing?

At PostGrid, accuracy is a pillar when delivering services like invoice printing and mailing, address verification, and more. And, it is possible with innovative & updated technology that ensures that the right invoice lands up in the right mailbox. We also believe that accuracy correlates with compliance and this is why we ensure that everything that goes out of our system is as per the USPS standards. 

How secure is Our Print and Mail Invoice API?

PostGrid Print and Mail Invoice API prioritize security for enterprises and professionals. We incorporate security features such as authentication, security, and access control to ensure that sensitive customer information is always protected. 

What Information Do I Need to Provide to Use Our Print & Mail Invoice Platform?

To use the PostGrid API, businesses and professionals must provide the customers' names and addresses. They must also enter invoice details and additional information necessary for mailings, such as return address information and postage. 

How Does PostGrid Print & Mail Invoice API Work?

Our API works by integrating with a business' invoicing system. Whenever a business generates an invoice, the API automatically creates, prints, and mails a physical invoice to the respective customer. 

Can I Integrate the Print and Mail Invoice API with My Existing Software Systems?

Integrating our API with almost any tech stack, major CRMs, and over 1600 tools is possible. Moreover, the integration is smooth without writing a single line of code. 

How Does PostGrid Handle International Mailings?

We provide international mailing services to help businesses send invoices to customers outside the country of origin. However, international mailing services might include additional costs due to shipping, customs duties, and taxes.

Integrates with Your Favorite Tech Stack & Tools

Easily Improve your workflow and automate print & mail through seamless integration capabilities.

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