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curl \
-u API_KEY: \
-d to[firstName]="Kevin" \
-d to[lastName]="Villena" \
-d to[addressLine1]="145 Mulberry St, Apt PH D, New York, NY 10013" \
-d to[countryCode]="US" \
-d from[companyName]="PostGrid" \
-d from[addressLine1]="90 Canal St, Suite 400, Boston, MA" \
-d from[countryCode]="US" \
-d color=true \
-d express=true \
-d template="template_4hXPyVphgFPynPyHFTJaKo" \
-d mergeVariables[verification_code]=4242



curl \
-u API_KEY: \
-d to[firstName]="Kevin" \
-d to[lastName]="Villena" \
-d to[addressLine1]="145 Mulberry St, Apt PH D, New York, NY 10013" \
-d to[countryCode]="US" \
-d size="6x4" \
-d frontTemplate="template_6a3k5LqumLD7cpdD9VkQUd" \
-d backTemplate="template_oa8Au5h4DqFr1mRDLaKhJz" \
-d mailingClass="standard_class" \
-d mergeVariables[qr_code_url]=""



curl \
-u API_KEY: \
-d to[firstName]="Kevin" \
-d to[lastName]="Villena" \
-d to[addressLine1]="145 Mulberry St, Apt PH D, New York, NY 10013" \
-d to[countryCode]="US" \
-d from[companyName]="PostGrid" \
-d from[addressLine1]="90 Canal St, Suite 400, Boston, MA" \
-d from[countryCode]="US" \
-d bankAccount="bank_k9zDtHjZmBe9ruVC4F8PZN" \
-d amount=4242 \
-d message="Here is the payment for the attached invoice." \
-d letterPDF=""


# List all letters destined for New York that have left their final USPS facility. curl "NY out_for_delivery" \ -u API_KEY: # Retrieve a check and its corresponding bank account curl[]="bankAccount" \ -u API_KEY:


# Automatically parse and correct a freeform US or Canadian address curl \ -u API_KEY: \ -d address="14-20 bay st, floor 11, toronto, on, canada" # Use our international API to verify addresses around the world curl \ -u API_KEY: \ -d address[line1]="33 Nine Elms Lane" \ -d address[city]="London" \ -d address[postalOrZip]="SW11 7US" \ -d address[country]="United Kingdom"


# List US & Canada previews for partial address input curl \ -u API_KEY: # List addresses from around the world, sorted by distance to user IP curl \ -u API_KEY:
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Check Printing and Mailing API

  • Tired of drafting, printing, and mailing checks every now and then? Let PostGrid's checks API do these things for you.
  • No more writing checks manually or dealing with paper jams in your printer. Write, print, and mail — altogether using a unified platform.
  • Ensure accuracy, security, and deliverability.
  • Keep every record, track your checks, and never miss a payment date.
  • Prevent late payment fees and improve your brand reputation.

Integrate and Work Faster

  • Check printing & mailing online can help you integrate your accounting software with an API that helps you with everything from check writing to getting your checks delivered.
  • Facilitate account reconciliation and avoid the effort of making double entries with our checks API. PostGrid can help you make entries in your accounting software automatically.
  • Companies can streamline their check printing and mailing tasks easily with our integration capabilities. Our API can gather the necessary information from your software and quickly fill in your checks.
  • Every customer's information, including their full name and the amount payable, is accurately added to your checks.
  • Keep your accounts up-to-date and make payments on time.
  • Import your details quickly and conveniently. There is no need to upload individual files or details for drafting checks – although you can do that if you wish to.
  • No need to record payments manually under the client's ledger accounts. PostGrid's check printing API can make all the necessary entries in an automated manner.
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Ensure the Highest Levels of Security

  • PostGrid's direct mail network ensures that every check is written, printed, stuffed in a secure envelope, sealed safely, and delivered on time to the recipient.
  • Document confidentiality and data protection are taken into account as PostGrid is HIPAA, PIPEDA, SOC-1, and SOC-2 compliant. You can print and mail your checks speedily same day and securely with our check mailing API.
  • Control the cash flow from your bank account by authorizing payments. PostGrid's easy-to-use dashboard allows you to manage permissions, and checks are drafted only after your authorization.
  • Log in using your unique credentials and start filling out your checks with just a few clicks. You don't have to take care of any frauds as your checks are filled with the utmost care, leaving no check forging scope.
  • Our platform and API make sure that all your checks follow your bank's check safety protocols and the guidelines to draft valid checks.
  • The MICR line is placed at the bottom – just like the checks printed by your bank. This line facilitates check processing and also keeps your check secure. All the checks printed through PostGrid are legally acceptable and valid.
  • A lot of safety features like watermarks, MICR Line/Code, chemical reactivity, holograms, micro prints, and heat-reactive ink are used on your checks for added protection.
  • Only check paper stock having these features is used to print your checks.

Use Our In-Built Templates and Customization Options

  • Companies can use our built-in check templates for your bank or build their own check designs.
  • Make payments while also advertising your brand – Turn your checks into direct mail items by adding various customizations like company logo, background images, marketing texts, and so on. Getting these things printed on all your checks induces marketing along with the completion of payments.
  • Moreover, people don't throw away checks, so branding with checks is a long-term marketing strategy.
  • You can simply upload a check copy or choose from among the various templates. It is very easy to add, remove, and edit fields.
  • You no longer need to worry about writing a check and what elements need to be included. All our templates are designed perfectly and accommodate all the required fields.
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Mail to the Right People Using PostGrid's Address Verification

  • PostGrid is CASS certified. Hence, all your mailing addresses are verified against the USPS database before mailing.
  • Address verification enables you to avoid scenarios wherein your checks are misplaced, lost, or returned to you due to invalid and incomplete addresses.
  • Checks are time-sensitive and confidential documents that need to be mailed to the right person. PostGrid's checks API can help you correct all the addresses in your mailing list, add the required details, add ZIP codes, and check whether the address exists.
  • Save time and money by verifying all the addresses beforehand. Some lost checks due to wrong addresses can cause fraud and lead to a lot of trouble. Save yourself from these things by taking precautions and only mailing at perfectly correct and deliverable addresses.

Send Checks Anytime and From Anywhere

  • Forgot to pay office rent on time? Quit remembering dates and events for making payments punctually—set up reminders to send checks to your employees, vendors, suppliers, or clients.
  • You can simply enter some details and let the check API handle everything. For example, if you need to pay your employees' salaries every month — you can set that up. PostGrid's check printing and mailing API will automatically send paychecks to your employees' addresses every month.
  • Similarly, you can enter details of other events, and the platform will automatically draft, print, and mail those checks on your behalf.
  • It is the easiest way to make payments without any manual intervention and never be late.
Check Print & Mail API
print, mail and send checks safely

Set Up Multiple Bank Accounts

  • Almost all companies have multiple bank accounts, and it can become difficult to handle payments from all of those. With PostGrid, you can switch between accounts easily to complete your payments.
  • Print and mail checks with PostGrid using multiple accounts under one platform without any confusion.
  • You can also transfer payment requests from one account to another.
  • Just select the bank and add your details. Keep adding accounts and get started within minutes.
  • Making payments through checks has never been easier and more convenient. With PostGrid, you don't need to stock paper, envelopes, ink, or stamps–just add, verify, integrate, and start making payments.

Get Complete Print and Mail Fulfilment

  • PostGrid's checks API does not only help you in the speedy drafting of checks, but it also carries out everything from printing to mailing.
  • It enables you to get your checks printed without any ideal paper stock, MICR ink, MICR printer, stamps, envelopes, and labels.
  • PostGrid has partnered with a lot of trusted printers to print your checks in high quality. All the stuffing and inserting are done by them, after which your checks are sent to the USPS office for mailing.
  • If you need to get your checks delivered within a minimal time, PostGrid's check mailing API can send your checks via express and get them delivered in just one day. There are many other mail options available – the platform chooses the ideal option for you according to your budget and time availability.
  • With complete print and mail fulfillment, PostGrid's automation platform to print and mail checks solves all your payment problems and ensures efficiency.
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Track Your Checks

  • Get every detail about your check's whereabouts. You can track all your sent checks easily using PostGrid's dashboard.
  • Companies are able to log in and check the status of their checks and the estimated delivery time.
  • It enables you to make sure that the USPS is processing your checks on time.
  • If you have sent many checks at a time, all the details are available for you under one single dashboard. You don't need to enter any tracking numbers to view the mailing statuses manually.

PostGrid's direct mail automation platform and Print & Mail API enable you to send customized letters, checks, postcards, and other collaterals – using one unified platform for everything from drafting and printing to mailing and tracking.
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