Benefits of Printing and Mailing Postcards with PostGrid


Most businesses decide to invest in sending postcards because they’re the most popular souvenir in direct mail marketing services. Along with this, they’re easy to design, and you can get them printed and shipped at very reasonable prices.


If you opt to send the postcards with the help of an automated tool, like PostGrid, then you can leverage sending them to a very specific audience and cater to their exact needs with deep personalization capabilities.


Sending tangible and creative postcards can create curiosity in your customers’ or potential clients’ minds to check out about your business. Plus, in this digital era, they’re way more personal than any other form of marketing technique. Hence it can also help you deepen the relationships with your customers and build trust. Gaining their trust can have a direct impact on your sales, as people are more likely to buy from someone they trust rather than investing in a company’s products they never heard about before.


Postcards are super-versatile. You can use them in a number of ways to engage your audience. For instance, if you want your prospects or customers to visit your website after reading it, you can get your personal URL (pURL) printed on it. However, if you want them to enter their details by filling out a form and then mailing it back to you, you can opt for this method too. Besides that, you can also add different contact details or QR codes to receive additional responses.


The best part about sending postcards is you can easily track them and measure the response rate. If you’re doing it the traditional way, you may need to keep a count of the number of postcards you sent and subtract it from the number of queries received.

You can also send different postcards at different times with separate designs and content to find out which campaign is doing better or send the two layouts of postcards separately to different sets of audiences to determine several campaign performances at once. Although if you’re using an automated tool, like PostGrid, you can also track your postcards processing and shipping details, and get each campaign’s full analytical report directly in your inbox without any hassle.

Concise and Effective

Let’s face it, everyone is busy, and on top of it, the world is filled with distractions. With this scenario in mind, expecting your prospects to open and read an advertisement is unwise. However, since postcards are sent without any envelope, you can gain your potential customer’s attention with a catchy headline and by making the card super-customized, concise, and scannable. This way, your prospects can get all the details in minimal time.

Empower Relationships

Along with attracting new customers, you can also strengthen the relationships with your existing customers by sending them postcards. Send them special and useful deals to give them a reason to revisit your website.

Improved Brand Awareness

For small and new business owners, establishing their brand is the first and primary challenge. By sending regular postcards to your target audience, you can improve your brand awareness and let more and more people know about you. This step can significantly help you gain new customers, as once people start to recognize your brand, it’s more likely that they’ll choose you over someone they’re unfamiliar with.

Easy to Launch

Postcard campaigns can take off way too quickly than any other direct mail marketing promotion. Once your designer has finalized the design of your postcard, you can get them printed and shipped in a matter of days. Plus, if it’s suitable for you, you can also get the prepaid postage printed on the postcards, save yourself one step, and speed up the process even more.

Benefits of Launching
Your Campaigns With PostGrid

Personalized Messages

Send Personalized Mail

  • Get the customer’s first name, your company logo, or a personal message printed on your mailpieces.
  • Upload your own, or create a design from scratch according to your needs with our in-built editor.
  • Send any customized mailpiece from letters to dimensional mailers.

Print Mail in Bulk

  • Print any number of direct mail – from one to one thousand, PostGrid processes them all.
  • Get your mail printed any time in any city across the US with our vast network of printing labs.
  • Get splendid deals on your printing & mail pieces due to bulk printing and mailing.
create mails
send mails

Choose Your Sending Item

  • Through direct mail automation, you can choose to send invoices, letters, postcards, one-pager, billing statements, account statements, checks, compliance notices, thank you notes, appointment reminders, surveys, recognition awards, or any other related item
  • All the mailpieces mentioned above can be customized and personalized.
  • You can also send employee recognition letters or company notices.

Easy to Use Tool

  • Integrate your CRM tool with PostGrid and fetch the data (addresses, contact details, names, and others) with a single click.
  • Incorporate over 1600+ apps for ease and a better experience.
  • Access everything from a single dashboard.
send bulk mails
address verification and validation api

Address Verification

  • Verify thousands of addresses in seconds.
  • Enable entry point address verification.
  • Clean all the data, and remove all the information gaps.

On-Time Delivery

  • Less returned or lost mail.
  • Industry Best 2 Day SLA
  • Save time, money and resources
on time delivery
direct mail cost efficient

Secured Data

  • Compliant partnership (HIPAA/PIPEDA/SOC-II) ensuring your data is processed in a safe and secure manner
  • Gain the trust of your customers by keeping their privacy details confidential.
  • Send sensitive financial documents without worrying about any data leakage.

Track and Analyze

  • Know the exact whereabouts of your mailers from the time of despatch to the time of delivery.
  • Get the analysis report of each campaign, and measure its performance.
Unified Offline API
timely mails

Scale, Edit, and Automate

  • Scale your direct mail marketing campaigns anytime.
  • Edit and update the content of your mail pieces whenever you want.
  • Automate the entire process and kick start your campaigns with a single click.

Reliable 24/7 Customer Support

  • If you get stuck in the process anywhere, can’t get your Print and Mail API success call, or you’re unable to understand anything – contact us.
  • Visit our troubleshooting FAQs page for instant solutions.
  • Or send us an email, and we’ll be at your service within 12-24 hours of contact.
Stored Logs for Compliance
Stand Out From The Crowd

Make More Profit

  • Unlike our close competitors, we provide all the solutions mentioned above at a very affordable price. 
  • With us, you not only spend less but also reduce misspending by mailing only to valid addresses.
  • Generate more revenue through happy and satisfied customers.

Why Should You Choose PostGrid?

Get Great Deals

Due to the volume of prints, we get our customers great deals per print price – it’s hard to get it as an individual company. Apart from that, you can also reduce the back and forth running and discuss the same details with multiple vendors to get a fair deal. With PostGrid, you’re not only saving money and time but also the energy that goes into these tedious processes.

Work With Experts

With our vast network of quality print labs, you can get instant and quality designs printed. Need an emergency print done? PostGrid is the way to go.

Multiple Layouts

At PostGrid, we offer several different sizes of postcards that you can get printed. From letters to signage, get everything as swiftly as 1-2-3. Fill in the campaign details → Send → Get it done.

Personalized Mail

If your business involves sending personalized marketing direct mail to your customers, then with the help of PostGrid, you can create and send customized direct mail to hundreds of thousands of people in minimal time. Later on, you can automate the entire process and send them with just a few clicks using your PostGrid dashboard.

Campaign Tracking

Get regular campaign analysis reports, based on which you can improve your upcoming marketing promotions. Along with that, get updates of your mailers’ exact location from processing and shipping to the final delivery.


Automate the whole process and save time, money, resources, employee potential, and the hassle to do repeated tasks. In addition, get as many postcards printed as you want.

Easy to Use

Eliminate all the large machines, big teams, running back and forth, and control all the tasks with a single dashboard from your computer screen.

Easy Management

Select the design, format, number of prints, upload the message you want to convey from a single dashboard with a few clicks, and leave the rest on us.

Save Enough

Design, print, and mail automatically only to the verified addresses with PostGrid—eventually save resources and improve returns. You can put this time, and hopefully the physical and human resources, for other essential tasks, while we handle all of these tedious tasks for you.


Compliant partnership (HIPAA/PIPEDA/SOC-II) ensuring your data is processed in a safe and secure manner. Send any direct mail containing sensitive data viz., financial statements, billing statements, invoices, etc with confidence

FAQs About Postcard Printing and Mailing

What's the cost of the Postcard printing process

Contact us for detailed need analysis and pricing. Learn more about the direct mail marketing costs.

How long would it take to deliver your postcards?

Industry best SLA of 2 days for printing, processing and handing over to USPS for delivery.

Can I track my Postcards delivery?

With PostGrid, you can track the exact location of your mailpieces, beginning from printing, processing, and shipping to final delivery.

How can I make payments at PostGrid for my promotional campaigns?

You can use any method of payment that you’re comfortable with, for example: receiving invoice, credit line, PayPal, credit card, bank transfer, etc.

What size of postcards can I get printed?

4*6, 6*9 and 6*11 Postcards.

What quality of postcards can I expect from PostGrid?

At PostGrid, all the postcards, printed and shipped, are created with high-quality stock with gloss finishing.

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