Then Benefits of printing and mailing letters to your customers


All of your efforts and money will go in vain if your message fails to reach your prospects in the first place. Hence, investing in direct mail letters is a wise option as it can’t be blocked or marked as spam, like emails. You can reach your potential customers without any blockage or ending up in the trash folder. Once you’ve climbed the first step successfully, you can easily grab your reader’s attention by magnetic headlines or personalization.


The letters sent through direct mails can be targeted just like an email marketing campaign if you choose to do it through an automation tool like PostGrid. All you have to do is select the correct demographic details and get a highly targeted contact list of prospects from our system without any hassle. This way, you can reach the right people with the relevant offers, and eventually increase your client base and returns.


While emails fill the inboxes at supersonic speed, and feel like sent from a machine, the tangible and personalized letters make your potential customers feel more valued. Hence, they’re a great way to convey your message and improve your brand awareness.

High Reach

Compared to only 34% of people with internet access, approximately 95% of the world’s population has access to postal services. With this stat in mind, it’s a no-brainer that you should rather go for direct mail marketing than opting for digital marketing alone if you want to reach a wider audience.


Whether you want to send one letter or one thousand, with the help of automated tools like PostGrid, you can customize all of your letters before sending them. You can get your customers’ first names, your company’s logo, website, or a personal message printed on the letters hassle-free. Since the open rate of direct mails is way better than the emails, you can take advantage of this with personalization and improve your customers’ engagement.

Provide Value

More than often, businesses reach out to their audience through emails, so when you send them a letter, it may cause them to think that it’s a legal notice. Hence, they’d be more likely to open the mailpiece. And if you’d send personalized letters, they may get a better response rate as your prospects would feel valued. This method conveys a message that you took an extra step to communicate with your customers and, in return, it would strengthen the relationships with your customers and prospects and increase sales.

The Type of Letters That You Can Send

Welcome or Thank You Letter

Without a doubt, the welcome message has the highest open rate. Yet, half of the businesses take it for granted. Volkswagen Australia belongs to the other half. They send the welcome or thank you message to their new customers in the form of direct mail letters, and use this opportunity to grab as much more information about them as they can. So, they can deepen their relationships with them. If you need to upsell, stop missing out on such great opportunities, which lie in front of you just like that. And start sending thank you and welcome letters to your customers for better engagement and excellent results.

Products or Events Promotion

“This letter is worth $1,500 to you when you buy or lease a brand new Lincoln,” It was the headline of one of the promotional letters that Ford Canada sent. And this one letter helped the company get half of their sales for six months straight. So, if you choose a tangible form of letters to promote your products and events – with valuable and direct content – you can increase your sales tremendously. In addition, they have an excellent open rate, so if your content is good, apparently, no one can stop you.

Follow-up Letters

Follow-up emails are a part of almost every business, but if you send your prospect, or perhaps your customers, a letter informing them about what’s more or what they’re missing out, you can expect great engagement and more repeat businesses. With better returns, you can also recoup the cost of your tangible letters.

Query Letters

Send your prospects query forms with the letters they can fill out and send back to you. It’ll help you know how many people are interested in doing business with you. Later on, you can follow up that particular set of audiences with relevant offers.

Recruitment Letter

Now that every company is hiring online if you’re a recruitment company, you can also send résumés in bulk with local postal service.

Employees' Recognition

With a vast number of employees, you can send corporate gifts or postcards to your employees for their excellent performance and encourage them to keep up with their efforts.

PostGrid’s Printing and Mailing Solutions

Automate the Time-Taking Processes

  • Design and create letters, postcards, checks, and other forms of direct mails with our template library
  • Boost customer engagement with personalized mail pieces and increase response rate with timely delivery.
  • Update the content of your mailpieces at any time.

Scalable Solution and Faster Turnaround Time

  • Scale your direct mail campaigns any time
  • Get ensured two-days mail delivery
  • Enable priority processing for the customers who want the package at a defined time

Secure Mail Delivery, Track and Analyze the Campaign

  • Keep your data confidential with HIPAA/PIPEDA Compliant system
  • Track all the sent mail pieces, and know their whereabouts at every touchpoint
  • Get timely reports on previous campaigns performance and improve upcoming marketing promotions accordingly

Integrate the System and Verify the Data

  • Incorporate your data tools, CRM, or marketing automation platform with our developer docs or directly use your data to print and mail quickly
  • Zapier integration to incorporate over 1600+ apps
  • Address Verification API for accurate database and decreasing mail returns

Other Perks You Can Enjoy

Automatic Printing and Mailing

In every business, direct mail, letters, catalogs, and brochures are essential for marketing to their customers. We understand that it takes a lot of time and resources to produce such valuable materials that are intensive. That’s why our direct mail automation software and direct mail API automates every process of print and mailing and reduces your marketing efforts.

Avoid Repetition

We’ve designed this print automation platform to eliminate repeatability and manual processes, including designing, proofing, printing, and delivery. It helps in producing high-quality printed materials.

Flexibility and Connectivity

The automation system is quite flexible to match your company’s goals and demands. It automatically produces and delivers prints with direct mail campaigns. Plus, you can easily connect it to your company’s database.

Improved ROI

Automated printing process reduces the cost of printing, posting, and other tasks. It also helps you avoid duplicating direct mails as the mailing is automatically combined. Reducing printing costs and labor costs ultimately help in improving the ROI.

FAQs For Printing and Mailing Letters

How Does PostGrid Works For Printing and Mailing Letters?

PostGrid is an online platform for managing the printing and mailing of all types of direct mails. Its usage is relatively easy. All you have to do is:

    • Select a template and fill in the details of your message, upload your own template, or create a design from scratch.
    • Upload the CSV file of your contact list, or integrate PostGrid with your system and fetch all the data within seconds. (NB: If you have no list of your own, you can also get a readymade list of a highly targeted audience from our system by entering their demographic details.)
    • Get all the addresses verified with our – free of cost – address verification software for reducing the bounce rate, misspending, and lost opportunities.
    • Track all of your letters campaign from printing, processing, and shipping to final delivery.
    • Get analytical details of all of your campaigns to improve your future campaigns and get better returns.

Automate every process and launch future campaigns with a single click.

  • Control everything from a single dashboard.
  • Decide user permissions according to yourself.
  • Get better deals at per piece printing.

How Much Does it Cost?

Registration and verifying the addresses are free of cost. For the rest of the services, please contact us.

How much can I save if I decide to use PostGrid?

With PostGrid, you save money by getting the best deals on per piece printing due to our vast network of clients. You can also save the amount you’ll spend on the letters addressed to the wrong audience or sent multiple times to the same person. Besides that, you can save time, effort, and resources that will otherwise be spent on doing the tedious tasks manually.

Can I send letters containing sensitive information?

PostGrid is HIPAA/PIPEDA certified, and hence you can send any letter containing any sensitive information. You can easily send billing statements, checks, invoices, financial statements, compliance notice, or any other type of mails with us.

How long would I need to wait for the delivery of my letters?

Traditional printing and mailing take 5-7 days. Although, at PostGrid, once we’ve received your design and message, we’ll print and ship your letters within one business day. We use USPS to send your direct mails, and it’d take a maximum of three days for your cards to reach the recipients. The time of final delivery after shipping is undoubtedly beyond our control.

How Does the Payment System Work at PostGrid?

You can use any method of payment that you’re comfortable with, for example: receiving invoice, credit line, PayPal, credit card, bank transfer, etc.

Do you provide EDDM services?

Yes, you can send mails in bulk using EDDM with PostGrid.

Can I cancel my campaign launch?

Once an order is placed, we place it next on our list of production. Hence, if you’ve paid for a campaign, you cannot cancel it.

How Many Letters Can I Send at a Time?

Depending on your need, you can send any number of letters with PostGrid, be it one or one million, without any hassle. So, in case you ever have an emergency and need to print and mail a single letter, with PostGrid, it won’t be an issue.

No more would you need to worry about running out of ink, folding thousands of letters and putting them in envelopes, or running back and forth to the post office for shipping them.

With PostGrid, everything is available to you just a few clicks away. You can control every time-consuming process from your computer screen, using your dashboard.

Apart from letters, what kind of direct
mails can I send with PostGrid?

With PostGrid, you can send a number of different direct mails.

Business Correspondence

With PostGrid, you can print and send a tangible record of business correspondence.


Notifying the customers about new changes in their account details, company policies, or any other significant security changes through transactional direct mails can become more manageable with our automated tool.


You can personalize and send regular invoices automatically.

Billing Statements

You can send the report that the credit card companies send to their customers, informing them about the monthly expenditure, due payment, and other vital details.

Order receipts

You can send a personalized confirmation order receipt.


Send the checks through direct mails and keep all the confidential information secured with our HIPAA and PIPEDA compliant system.

Financial statements

You can send the regular reports of your customers’ overall expenditure on the products or services, breaking them down into several categories.

Compliance Notices

You can send your customers the confirmation letter on the completion of building a customized product.

Appointment reminder

You can easily create and automate reminders’ sending with PostGrid.


If you decide to take your customers’ opinions to improve your services, you know you need to do it in bulk. And to keep things updated, you may need to do it regularly. You can complete the whole process within a few hours using PostGrid.


If you’re hosting an event, sale, or want to get your customers to visit your website or store, you can send them personalized postcards with PostGrid.

Thank you mail

Easily send your customers a thank you note for taking your services or buying your product and make them feel valued.


Create and get printed brochures of any size and in any format using PostGrid, and increase your brand awareness.


Easily introduce your company or organization to 1m+ highly targeted people.


DMA reports, 91% of businesses use catalogs for marketing. Plus, it’s the easiest way to showcase many products under a single cover.

Custom Gifts

Send your customers’ personalized gifts—eventually, increase customer engagement and your brand awareness.


With an automated system, like PostGrid, in place, you can send the tangible newsletters to your customers and manage everything just like an email newsletter. Whenever a customer or prospect enters in any of your campaigns, it will send a newsletter at his door automatically.


If you want to send exciting offers and discounts to your customers, consider sending them coupons with PostGrid. We have unlimited templates for you to choose from; using them, you can design your coupon book according to your needs and stay on the top of your customers’ minds with your offers.


You can also send menus door to door with our automated services, and boost your brand awareness.

If you usually send personalized direct mails on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, you can send them automatically with PostGrid.

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