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letter printing and mailing

Letter Printing & Mailing

Print and mail letters online on-demand or at scale

letter printing and mailing

Benefits of printing and mailing letters to your customers


Easily customize each letter for your target audience, and print and mail letters online using our letter API. Direct mail services are the best way to ensure your customer receives your messages and you have access to them directly unlike its digital counterpart where messages can be lost in spam or junk folders.

Personalization instills a sense of value in its readers and gets their attention ensuring a higher response and engagement rate.


The letters sent through direct mail can be targeted just like an email marketing campaign if you choose to do it through an automation tool like PostGrid. Reach the right people with the relevant offers, and eventually increase your client base and returns using our letter mailing service.


While email fills inboxes at supersonic speed and feels like sent from a machine, tangible and personalized letters make your potential customers feel more valued. Hence, they’re a great way to convey your message and improve your brand awareness.

High Reach

Compared to only 34% of people with internet access, approximately 95% of the world’s population has access to postal services. With this stat in mind, it’s a no-brainer that you should go for direct mail marketing than opting for digital marketing alone if you want to reach a wider audience.


Whether you want to send one letter or one thousand, with the help of letter printing and mailing services like PostGrid, you can customize all of your letters before sending them. You can get your customers’ first names, your company’s logo, your website, or a personal message printed on the letters hassle-free. Since the open rate of direct mail is way better than email, you can take advantage of this with personalization and improve your customers’ engagement.

Provide Value

More than often, businesses reach out to their audience through email, if you’d send personalized letters, they may get a better response rate as your prospects would feel valued. This method conveys a message that you took an extra step to communicate with your customers and, in return, it would strengthen the relationships with your customers and prospects and increase sales.

Type of Letters That You Can Send

Welcome or Thank You Letter

Without a doubt, the welcome message has the highest open rate. Yet, half of the businesses take it for granted. They send welcome or thank you messages to their new customers in the form of direct mail letters, and use this opportunity to grab as much more information about them as they can. So, they can deepen their relationships with them. If you need to upsell, stop missing out on such great opportunities, which lie in front of you just like that. And start sending thank you and welcome letters to your customers for better engagement and excellent results.

Products or Events Promotion

“This letter is worth $1,500 to you when you buy or lease a brand new Lincoln,” It was the headline of one of the promotional letters that Ford Canada sent. And this one letter helped the company get half of its sales for six months straight. So, if you choose a tangible form of letters to promote your products and events – with valuable and direct content – you can increase your sales tremendously. In addition, they have an excellent open rate, so if your content is good, no one can stop you.

Follow-up Letters

Follow-up emails are a part of almost every business, but if you send your prospect, or perhaps your customers, a letter informing them about what’s more or what they’re missing out on, you can expect great engagement and more repeat businesses. With better returns, you can also recoup the cost of your tangible letters.

Query Letters

Send your prospects query forms with the letters they can fill out and send back to you. It’ll help you know how many people are interested in doing business with you. Later on, you can follow up that particular set of audiences with relevant offers.

Recruitment Letter

Companies these days try unique and creative ways to attract the right talent and direct mail and personalized letters have definitely been on top of that list.

Employees' Recognition

Print and mail letters appreciating the value and impact your employees bring and boosting their morale.

How to Send Letters Using Easy Steps?

You may plan your mailing campaign within minutes with PostGrid’s print and mail API or dashboard. Here are the simple and quick steps to follow:

#1 Upload Your Document or Letter

Upload the letter you want to send or create one using our professionally-built templates.

PostGrid allows you to upload documents directly from your device or use the drag-and-drop feature. Also, our API integrations let you automatically fetch customer data and fill it into the mailers to save time and effort.

This process takes only a few seconds or minutes—based on which method you choose to upload documents.

#2 Address Autocomplete and Verification

The PostGrid’s platform or dashboard can cross-check the recipient’s postal address against the USPS CASS and NCOA data. It also marks them as valid and makes the necessary modifications whenever required.

It enables senders to print and mail letters to the correct delivery addresses instead of managing returns and lost items.

#3 Make the Selections and Sit Back

You can select the printing options, volume, and other aspects. PostGrid processes the letters and ensures they are out the door within two business days.

Hence, our automated mailing services are perfect for urgent mailings.

Also, you can schedule campaigns beforehand based on your needs and preferences.

PostGrid manages everything from printing and stamping your letters to stuffing them in envelopes and mailing them.

Mail Letters and Postcards in Bulk

Direct mail has become faster and more effective. You can use PostGrid’s automated print and mail solutions to ship your letters—affordably, securely, and speedily.

Businesses can print, stamp, fold, assemble, and mail their letters online using a few clicks. The best part is they can send their correspondence globally without doing anything in-house.

Or they can create and send marketing postcards to their audience without hassles.

Online Mailing

Mailing letters online lets you staff plan campaigns from any web-enabled device. They can send correspondence to a few individuals or send letter envelopes in bulk to a broader audience simultaneously.

Your staff doesn’t need to set up anything manually or spend hours to get up and running. PostGrid helps users understand everything quickly and start sending letters in no time.

Postal API

PostGrid’s postal API helps connect with different platforms, software applications, and systems. You can refer to our API documentation for quick and seamless integrations.

Our flexible print and mail APIs allow developers to add helpful direct mailing features to their systems to send bulk postcards and letters.

Print to Post Solutions

PostGrid lets you print and mail customer correspondence via your computers without doing anything manually or visiting anywhere.

You need not find vendors for different tasks and negotiate prices. We receive the uploaded letter over the Internet and manage all tasks on your behalf, like

  • Detecting postal addresses
  • Printing letters
  • Folding and mailing letters to national and international locations

Mail Merge

Senders can personalize and mail hundreds and thousands of letters simultaneously. They can upload their documents and add the elements they want to customize.

It can be names, dates, amounts, and much more. PostGrid ensures businesses enjoy variable data printing features without conducting time-consuming tasks.

Letter Delivery Options

Organizations can use any of these services to send letters to their recipients:

USPS Overnight Services

Since most letter communications are urgent, using overnight services can be helpful to businesses. They can select USPS Priority Mail Express solutions to mail envelopes with contracts, agreements, sales letters, checks, and invoices.

Also, they can use it to send thank-you letters, account-based marketing messages, and invoice-due correspondence.

Priority Mail Express has a money-back guarantee. Hence, you can claim refunds if USPS delivers your letter after 6 PM on the second day.

The best part is that Priority Mail Express offers flat-rate prices, helping senders ship items anywhere in the US at postage based on the item’s weight.

FedEx Standard Overnight

FedEx offers many overnight services, including

  • Early morning delivery
  • Mid-morning delivery
  • Afternoon delivery

The rates can differ, but the primary purpose stays the same. You can use FedEx Overnight services to send something urgent or time-critical.

Multiple Printing Choices

Our letter print and mail API offers many printing options.

You can select between B&W and color printing based on your preferences. It allows you to send formal letters or marketing correspondence with colorful aspects.

Also, you may choose between single or double-sided printing. It makes the processes flexible to print and mail items that resonate with your brand and convey your messages on time.

Multiple Integrations

PostGrid integrates with Zapier, Salesforce, Marketo, Magento, HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, and many other platforms.

You can use our test and live keys and connect with our technical team to integrate our print and mail API.

PostGrid can automatically import your letters and documents from the platform or system of your choice. It makes printing and mailing them a breeze.

Or you can download our automation software and plan your campaigns using the PostGrid platform.

Tracking Numbers

Senders can get the USPS tracking numbers for Certified Mail, Registered Mail, Priority Mail Express, and Overnight solutions.

USPS only allows senders to track up to 35 items. However, PostGrid gives a comprehensive view of all mailers, saving time and effort.

Letter Sizes You Can Use

Letters come in many sizes to let businesses select one, depending on their message.

8.5 x 11

This letter size is best for introducing your brand to new clients and sending follow-up messages.

The 8.5 x 11 letters are suitable for mailing forms, contracts, presentations, and other formal correspondence. They look professional and elegant, helping you make an excellent impression on your audience.

Senders can select between plain, windowed, and custom envelopes. PostGrid handles their requests and ensures their recipients receive the correct materials on time.

8.5 x 14

The 8.5 x 14 letters are best for sending legal documents. They also have extra space to add promotional messages, including perforated coupons at the bottom of the letters.

Senders can choose to use separate pages for adding postal addresses or include the same in the letters to save costs.

PostGrid’s Printing and Mailing Solutions

Automate the Time-Taking Processes

  • Design and create letters, postcards, checks.
  • Boost customer engagement with personalized mail pieces and increase response rate with timely delivery.
  • Update the content of your mailpieces at any time.

Scalable Solution and Faster Turnaround Time

  • Scale your direct mail campaigns any time
  • Industry Best 2 Day SLA
  • Enable priority processing for the customers who want the Letters at a defined time

Secure Mail Delivery, Track and Analyze the Campaign

  • All our operations and services to print and mail letters are HIPAA/PIPEDA/SOC-II compliant ensuring safe and secure processing.
  • Track all the sent mail pieces, and know their whereabouts at every touchpoint.

Integrate the System and Verify the Data

  • Incorporate your data tools, CRM, or marketing automation platform with our developer docs or directly use your data to print and mail letters quickly
  • Zapier integration to incorporate over 1600+ apps
  • Address Verification API for accurate database and decreasing mail returns

Other Perks You Can Enjoy

Automatic Printing and Mailing

In every business, direct mail letters are essential for marketing to their customers. We understand that it takes a lot of time and resources to produce such valuable materials that are intensive. That’s why our direct mail automation software and direct mail API automate every process of print and mailing and reduce your marketing efforts.

Avoid Repetition

We’ve designed this print automation solution to eliminate repeatability and manual processes, including designing, proofing, printing, and delivery. It helps in producing high-quality printed materials.

Flexibility and Connectivity

The automation system is quite flexible to match your company’s goals and demands. It automatically produces and delivers prints with direct mail campaigns. Plus, you can easily connect it to your company’s database.

Improved ROI

The automated printing process reduces the cost of printing, posting, and other tasks. It also helps you avoid duplicating direct mail, reducing printing costs and labor costs ultimately helping in improving the ROI.

Letter Printing and Mailing Services

The success of a letter printing service has a lot to do with timing. Your business will benefit when you send the right message to the right customer at the right moment. Having a customer and prospect at different aspects of the customer journey makes this a difficult task to complete. Many API and automation tools make the execution of letter mailing services much easier when provided with your system solutions.

Developers, operational managers, customer relationship executives & Human resource managers, or any other team in your environment can use direct mail API to trigger when it is time to connect with a customer.

Tools like PostGrid are known to provide letter printing services and an API that helps you connect with your systems to fulfill the print and mailing elements you need while using a direct mailing API.

API for Letter Printing Service

PostGrid offers a powerful, scalable, and flexible set of APIs that provides you with bulk letter mailing services packed with the capabilities of your existing systems, CRMs, and applications. Boost productivity by direct mail automation and letter printing services seamlessly.

  • Letter Printing Service Through an API: Using your existing network of communication applications, you can connect with your customers through a channel that they cannot miss. Integrating PostGrid with your existing technical infrastructure can be used to reach your customers with our letter printing service.
  • List Procurement: A variety of companies, trade associations, and credit reporting services supply data sets containing the profiles of millions of targeted recipients. Waterfall reports are created for analysis by the client to assist in the selection process. Source data is quality-checked to ensure records and addresses are correct and fall within the specified parameters.
    We cross-check all the records and addresses for accuracy and determine if everything falls within the desired parameters when opting for letter printing services.
  • Advanced & Modern Analytics: Through sophisticated modeling, predictive analytics, and external data sources, PostGrid provides insightful consumer insights: attitudes and behaviors, spending patterns, daily routines, and other demographics, as well as offer the best forms of engagement.

PostGrid For Letter Mailing Services

Our Rest API provides you with intelligent solutions and letter printing services with ease. Additionally, we have a range of templates that will go well with your campaign so that you can be assured of capabilities with 24*7 customer support to make sure everything from integration to printing & mailing and execution goes smoothly.

  • Affordable Monthly Packages: We do not have any setup costs, which means that you can set up or create your account for free. You can choose from our competitive monthly packages that aim to be one of the best alternatives to traditional letter mailing service providers.
  • A 24*7 Customer Support: Whether you want to talk over live chat, by phone, or by email, reaching out to us is super easy. The other end of the line is always manned by our professionals, ready to help.
  • Easy API Integrations:  All you have to do is sign up and get access to our dashboard. The API Key is available right in there, which makes availing of our letter printing service seamless & hassle-free. Additionally, our APIs come with knowledgeable documentation to make the process of API integration as easy as a breeze.
  • Global Letter Mailing Services: Send your mail items in real-time, anywhere in the world. Count on us so that you will not find better rates anywhere else while working with PostGrid.
  • Complete Control: Use PostGrid’s API solution to take control of the entire process and integrate it easily. You can simply integrate our API to streamline the letter-uploading process or choose from our template library as a part of our letter-printing service.

Stand out With Our Letter Mailing Services

As a direct mail service provider, we create all types of mail, including first-class letters, certified mail, collection letters, and more. With features for all levels of items within your organization, our website is not only powerful enough for Fortune 500 companies but also simple enough for small businesses.

Whether you need to mail a few letters or many letters, we can help. If you need assistance parsing and mapping complex data files, you can contact our Data Services department. You can process almost any simple list of names and addresses on our website.

  • Send To Millions in a Minute: Print & Mail letters confidently to a single user or send your mailing to a million out there- We will give you a hassle-free mailbox delivery. From designing your templates to uploading CSV files using our drag-and-drop features.
  • Automate your Workflows With Intuitive Letter Printing Services: Create personalized mail items according to customer journeys efficiently with our dashboard. Use or access the guide that will help you take the right action at every step.
  • Actionable Insights: View the performance of your campaigns in a panoramic manner. By analyzing data better, noticing trends, and recommending the next step, our reports provide you with better insight into your business.
  • 2 Business Days SLA: Having 100% uptime and 2 business day SLA guarantees ensures that you’ll receive your messages on time.
  • Heightened Reliability: With years of experience in helping businesses, individuals, and non-profit organizations with our robust letter mailing services, PostGrid is a cloud-based printing and mailing company. Thousands of unique jobs have been processed by our SAAS solution for B2B and B2C clients.

FAQs For Printing and Mailing Letters

How Does PostGrid Works For Printing and Mailing Letters?

PostGrid is a Print and Mail API for managing the printing and mailing of all types of direct mail. Its usage is relatively easy. All you have to do is:

  • Select a template and fill in the details of your message, edit or upload your own template and fill in
  • Upload the CSV file of your contact list, or integrate PostGrid with your system and fetch all the data within seconds.
  • Get all the addresses verified with our – free of cost – address verification software for reducing the bounce rate, misspending, and lost opportunities.
  • Track all of your letters campaign from printing, processing, and shipping to final delivery.
  • Get analytical details of all of your campaigns to improve your future campaigns and get better returns.

Automate every process and launch future campaigns with a single click.

  • Control everything from a single dashboard.
  • Decide user permissions according to yourself.
  • Get better deals at per-piece printing.

How Much Does it Cost?

Please contact us for detailed information on pricing and solutions offered that fit your needs

How much can I save if I decide to use PostGrid?

With PostGrid, you save money by getting the best deals on per-piece printing due to our vast volume of sends. You can also save the amount you’ll spend on the letters addressed to the wrong audience or sent multiple times to the same person. Besides that, you can save time, effort, and resources that will otherwise be spent on doing the tedious tasks manually.

Can I send letters containing sensitive information?

PostGrid service to print and mail letters only works with HIPAA/PIPEDA/SOC-II compliant partners ensuring data processing and operations are carried out in a secure and safe environment

How long would I need to wait for the delivery of my letters?

With industry-best SLA, we print, process, and hand over for delivery in 2 Business days.

How Does the Payment System Work at PostGrid?

You can use any method of payment that you’re comfortable with, for example receiving invoices, credit lines, PayPal, credit cards, bank transfers, etc.

How Many Letters Can I Send at a Time?

Depending on your need, you can send any number of letters with PostGrid, be it one or one million, without any hassle. So, in case you ever have an emergency and need to print and mail a single letter, with PostGrid, it won’t be an issue.

No more would you need to worry about running out of ink, folding thousands of letters and putting them in envelopes, or running back and forth to the post office for shipping them.

With PostGrid, everything is available to you just a few clicks away. You can control every time-consuming process from your computer screen, using your dashboard.

Apart from letters, what kind of direct mail can I send with PostGrid?

With PostGrid, you can send a number of different direct mail.

Business Correspondence

With PostGrid, you can print and send a tangible record of business correspondence.


Notifying the customers about new changes in their account details, company policies, or any other significant security changes through transactional direct mail can become more manageable with our automated tool.


You can personalize and send regular invoices automatically.

Billing Statements

You can send the report, informing them about the monthly expenditure, due payment, and other vital details.

Order receipts

You can send a personalized confirmation order receipt.


Send cheques in a safe and secure manner, all our partners are HIPAA/PIPEDA/SOC-II compliant and follow strict privacy and security measures.

Financial statements

You can send the regular reports of your customers’ overall expenditure on the products or services, breaking them down into several categories.

Compliance Notices

Send compliance notices in a timely manner, with industry best SLA and all partners being highly compliant (HIPAA/PIPEDA/SOC-II) you can be rest assured that the mail is processed with utmost confidentiality and security.

Appointment reminder

You can easily create and automate reminders with PostGrid.


If you decide to take your customers’ opinions to improve your services, you know you need to do it in bulk. And to keep things updated, you may need to do it regularly. You can complete the whole process within a few hours using PostGrid.


If you’re hosting an event, sale, or want to get your customers to visit your website or store, you can send them personalized postcards with PostGrid.

Thank you mail

Easily send your customers a thank you note for taking your services or buying your product and make them feel valued.


With an automated system, like PostGrid, in place, you can send the tangible newsletters to your customers and manage everything just like an email newsletter. Whenever a customer or prospect enters in any of your campaigns, it will send a newsletter at thier door automatically.


You can also send menus door to door with our automated services, and boost your brand awareness.

Birthday or Anniversary Mail

If you usually send personalized direct mail on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, you can send them automatically with PostGrid.

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