What Can You Do With Our Print & Mail Solutions

Automate Time Consuming Print and Mail Operations

  • Create personalized letters, postcards, and cheques through a unified API 
  • Boost customer engagement with personalized mail pieces and increase response rate with timely delivery.
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Scalable Solution and Faster Turnaround Time

  • Scale your direct mail campaigns any time
  • Get ensured two-days mail delivery

Secure Mail Delivery, Track and Analyze the Campaign

  • Keep your data confidential with HIPAA/PIPEDA Compliant system
  • Track all the sent mail pieces, and know their whereabouts at every customer touchpoint
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Integrate the System and Verify the Data

What You Can Send With Our Automated Print & Mail Services Platform

How Does Print & Mail Solutions Work?

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Send Personalized Mail

  • Get the customer's first name, your company logo, or a personal message printed on your mailpieces.
  • Upload your own or customize with an HTML editing system to have personalized mail for greater impact.

Print Mail in Bulk

  • Print any number of direct mail – from one to one thousand, PostGrid's printing mailing service can process them all.
  • Get your mail printed any time in any city across the US with our vast network of printing labs.
  • Get splendid deals on your printing mail pieces due to bulk printing.
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Choose Your Sending Item

  • Apart from direct mail, you can choose to send invoices, letters, postcards, one-pager, billing statements, account statements, checks, compliance notices, thank you notes, appointment reminders, surveys, recognition awards, or any other related item
  • All the mailpieces mentioned above are cost-efficient, customized, and personalized

Easy to Use API

  • Integrate your CRM tool with PostGrid print to mail services and fetch the data (addresses, contact details, names, and others) with a single click.
  • Incorporate over 1600+ apps for ease and a better experience.
  • Access everything from a single dashboard.
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Address verification

  • Verify thousands of addresses – fetched from your tool – in seconds.
  • Enable entry point address verification.
  • Clean all the data, and remove all the information gaps.

On-Time Delivery

  • Two days SLA
  • Less returned or lost mail
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Stored Logs for Compliance

Secure Data Processing

  • With the HIPAA/PIPEDA Compliant system, your customers' information is secure.
  • Gain the trust of your customers by keeping their privacy details confidential.
  • Send sensitive financial documents without worrying about any data leakage.

Track and Analyze

  • Know the exact whereabouts of your mailers from despatch to the time of delivery
  • Collateral level updates available in terms of number of mail printed, processed, and on route to delivery
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Scale, Edit, and Automate

Reliable 24/7 customer support

  • If you get stuck in the process anywhere, can't get your API success call, or you're unable to understand anything – contact us.
  • Visit our troubleshooting FAQs page for instant solutions.
  • Or send us an email, and we'll be at your service
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Make More Profit

  • PostGrid is one of the best printing and mailing companies. Unlike our close competitors, we provide all the services mentioned above at a very affordable price.
  • With us, you not only spend less but also reduce misspending by mailing only to valid addresses.
  • Generate more revenue through happy and satisfied customers.

Benefits of Automated Print and Mail Services

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Easy management:

Select the design, format, number of prints, and upload the message you want to convey from a single dashboard with a few clicks, and leave the rest on us.

Work with experts:

With our vast network of quality print labs, you can get instant and quality designs printed. Need an emergency print done? PostGrid is the way to go.

Get a great deal at prices:

Due to the volume of prints, we get our customers great deals per print prices – it's hard to get it as an individual company.

Any format and any size:

From letters to signage, get everything printed as swiftly as 1-2-3. Fill the campaign details → Send → Get it done.


Automate the whole process and save time, money, resources, employee potential, and the hassle to do repeated tasks.


Your customers' confidential information is secure with this HIPAA/PIPEDA Compliant program. From general to sensitive data—you can send it all.

Easy to use:

Eliminate all the large machines, big teams, running back and forth, and control all the tasks with a single dashboard from your computer screen.

Save time, money, and resources:

Design, print, and mail automatically only to the verified addresses with PostGrid—eventually save resources and improve returns.

Who Uses Print and Mail Services

The print and mail services for businesses are helpful for those who need to send the following mail:

print and mail invoice

Transactional Mail

Businesses use online printing and mailing services more than often. Here's a list of some of them:

  • Order receipts: Whenever customers purchase an item/s from a company, they receive a confirmation order receipt. With PostGrid's online printing and mailing service, you can make those receipts personalized by including the customer's first name, a personal message, or your brand logo – eventually, get engaged customers and increase your brand awareness.
  • Thank you mail: Sending your customers a thank you letter for various activities like purchasing from you, signing up for your newsletter or services, joining a segment, referring your brand to another customer, or even complaining about something—that makes them feel valued.
  • Invoices: If you email an invoice, your customers may overlook it, but if you mail the bill in a tangible form of paper, they'll find it hard to avoid. It emphasizes that customers pay the bill on time. With PostGrid print and mail company, you can personalize and send regular invoices automatically.
  • Financial statements: More than often, most businesses send their customers regular reports of their overall money spent on the services and products, breaking them down into several categories. Transactional direct mail is the best way to do this, and with PostGrid, you can also add a personalized message with them.
  • Debt recovery letters: Sending debt recovery emails may get avoided on purpose and never get opened. However, sending a physical mail stating urgency is hard to keep away from. Most banks and financial institutions use transactional mail services because of their tangible form.
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  • Renewal letters: Often, businesses that run monthly or yearly subscription services use transactional mail to inform the customers to renew their subscription or alert the new customers to cancel the subscription. The tangible form of letters is the best way to do it, as they're hard to ignore.
  • Notices: Notifying the customers about new changes in their account details, your company policies, or any other significant security changes through transactional direct mail is a very common practice. And with automated mailing solutions like PostGrid, you can not only send them these transactional direct mails but also personalize them.
  • New signups: More than often, businesses need to send signup letters in various forms, for example, confirmation letters, welcome letters, security details like pin or password, and others. It's always a good idea to send transactional direct mails for these occasions. They're more personalized and give your audience the impression that you're in direct contact with them.

Marketing mail

Marketing through digital platforms, no wonder, is the most popular these days. But it's often way easier to get lost in a crowd when other billions are also involved in the same thing. On the other hand, direct marketing mail brings more response than any other marketing form because it's less popular and works like a charm. With PostGrid automated mail service, you can design, print, and mail the following – but not limited to – marketing mail:

  • Letters and envelopes: You can send personalized messages and envelopes not only to your customers but also to your potential customers, just by knowing their whereabouts and demographics.
  • PostCards: If you're hosting an event, sale, or want to get your customers to visit your website or store, you can send them customized postcards.
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How to Use Our Print & Mail API

Create, launch, and automate—as simple as that.

Here's the detailed process for how to do it:

  • Integrate your CRM tool (mainly website) with PostGrid
  • Create an account
  • Sign-in to the dashboard
  • Link it with your marketing campaign
  • PostGrid will get your designs printed and mailed to the right recipients

If your potential customers enter the campaign at a different time, PostGrid automatically sends them your mail through API.

Why Should You Choose PostGrid’s Print and Mail Services?

PostGrid offers a complete suite of automated solutions to help you streamline your mailing tasks effortlessly. You need not find several different vendors for design, print, and delivery services. PostGrid is your one-stop solution to accomplish your mailing goals.

Our printing and mailing services are not restricted to production and shipping as we offer many more advanced features, like:

personalized direct mail

Variable Data Printing

  • Personalization is the essence of a successful direct mail marketing campaign. 90% of US customers find the concept of personalized communication appealing
  • You can add your recipients’ first names, locations, and other details to catch their attention. PostGrid can help you do so effortlessly
  • PostGrid’s automated mailing service also provides transformational printing. It allows you to print advertising messages on transactional mail. Hence, our API helps you print flexibly and productively!

On-Demand Mailing

  • At PostGrid, we get many questions inquiring if we only process bulk mail. The answer is that we are open to helping you send any number of mailpieces you want—ranging from a single piece to millions of items
  • Our specialty includes both on-demand and bulk mailing
  • PostGrid's online printing and mailing services are scalable and can accommodate all your requirements
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List Compilation

  • Mailing lists are one of the most crucial elements of direct mail. You need a deliverable and accurate mailing list to send your items hassle-free
  • If you don’t have a mailing list, PostGrid can help you compile one for your campaign. You can select your preferences, like age group, gender, locality, profession, etc.
  • Our print and mail services provide custom mailing lists to help you zero in on your target audience and reach your hot prospects

Address Reformatting

  • The USPS requires mailers to mention fully-formatted addresses on their mailpieces. Hence, you should follow the postal guidelines carefully
  • However, it is a daunting chore to reformat every mailing address on your list. It can take several days or even weeks for your staff members to complete this process
  • Thankfully, PostGrid’s online printing and mailing services standardize all your delivery addresses in no time. Thus, you can mail precisely and fetch postal discounts
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International Print and Mail

  • It doesn’t matter if you need to mail a local address or an overseas destination. PostGrid has a vast network of printers and mail vendors worldwide to help you send your mailpieces to 245+ countries
  • Our print and mail services also allow you to standardize, transliterate, and verify your foreign delivery addresses

There are many more features that PostGrid offers to help you conduct effective direct mail campaigns. From start to finish, it assists you in preparing your mailings and shipping them out automatedly.

Industries Using PostGrid’s Automated Mailing Service

All industries can use our online solutions for mailing purposes. Naturally, their use cases or applications vary widely.

insurance industry

Variable Data Printing

Here are a few examples:

  • Healthcare: All healthcare institutions struggle with printing and mailing numerous medical reports, documents, etc. From lab invoices to diagnostic test results, they need print and mail services like PostGrid to take over their mailing responsibilities.
  • Insurance: Insurance companies also need to send renewal declarations, billing statements, cancellation notices, etc., to their customers. Though maximum of their mailings are transactional, they can also send advertising items to get more clients.
  • Retail & Ecommerce: Such businesses can use our print and mail services to send order statements, coupons, bills, custom forms, etc. This way, they can promote their services and fulfill their transactional requirements.
  • Financial Services: Like insurance companies, businesses in the financial services sector also use our printing and mailing services to send official documents. They include collection letters, adverse action letters, credit risk disclosures, etc.
  • Real Estate: Real estate businesses ship yellow letters, privacy notices, etc., to their prospects and customers. With PostGrid’s online printing and mailing services, they can complete their entire mailing cycle in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Print and Mail?

Print and mail' goes by several names, like:

  • Direct mail
  • Traditional mail
  • Offline mail
  • Snail mail, etc. 

It refers to printing promotional and transactional items, like checks, postcards, etc., and distributing them to a relevant audience. Companies looking to send such mailpieces can either complete the process in-house or outsource it to print and mail services providers like PostGrid. 

However, most businesses outsource to save time, effort, and money. They can also achieve higher efficiency and get more responses using automated solutions rather than manual.

How Do Our Print and Mail Services Work?

The entire procedure to print and mail items have plenty of steps, and PostGrid’s automated mailing service helps you with all of them. Here’s how:

  • Design: Creating artwork is the first step of the process. It consists of choosing a layout, adding a copy, inserting imagery, and branding. All your mailpieces must have your company name, logo, and contact information. PostGrid offers several templates to help you design your own artwork in a few minutes. You can also add the required customizations and save the templates for your upcoming campaigns. 
  • Mailing-list: Then, PostGrid’s print and mail services allow you to upload a CSV file comprising your mailing addresses. Otherwise, you can integrate our API into your system and let it fetch the addresses automatically. You may also build a targeted mailing list with the help of your solutions. 
  • Print Finishing: The next step in a print and mail process is printing. Our online printing and mailing services enable you to get your items printed through reputed printers who are experts in their field. They do all the necessary work, like ink-jetting addresses, adding Intelligent Mail Barcodes, presorting, etc. 
  • Stuffing and Affixing Stamps: Your staff does not need to stuff mailpieces into envelopes manually and waste their potential. Also, you can avoid attaching the correct number of stamps to every item. Print and mail services like PostGrid help you automate all such tasks. 
  • Mailing: The last step is shipping your items via the USPS. Our printing and mailing services ensure that you don’t need to go to the Post Office or fill out any forms. PostGrid automatically routes your mailpieces from the printer to the USPS office, from where they are dispatched to the recipients. 
  • Tracking and Analytics: You can track all your sent mail through your dashboard by logging into your PostGrid account. Thus, you can stay updated and follow up with your recipients accordingly. You may also access your campaign reports and analytics to measure its success and prepare for upcoming campaigns. 

How to Use Our Automated Mailing Service?

PostGrid offers two deployment options to use its print and mail services. First, you can integrate our API into your CRM tool. We offer several popular integrations, like Zapier, HubSpot, Quickbooks, etc. 

With our Zapier integration, you can connect with 1600+ apps and reach a broader audience. PostGrid can automatically fetch information and compile segmented mailing lists for you. 

And our Quickbooks integration allows you to send transactional items, like invoices and statements. 

Your second option is to use our direct mail automation software. Most of the functions of our software are the same as the API, but the API offers more flexibility and speed. It can collect any data you need and draft your mailpieces in seconds. 

You can decide how to use our print and mail services depending on your everyday requirements. If you need to learn about our API and software further, sign up now

Who Can Use Our Online Printing and Mailing Services?

Our services can be used by:

  • Marketing agencies: These businesses help other companies carry out their online and offline marketing activities. Since they aren’t equipped with the necessary tools and expertise to send offline mail, they can outsource their tasks to PostGrid. 
  • Large corporations: Usually, large-scale companies have a series of marketing activities lined up throughout the year. With overflowing workloads, their marketing teams can rely on our print and mail services to help them launch successful mailing campaigns. It also gives them the freedom to mail anytime and in any volume. 
  • Small businesses: Every small business planning to expand their reach and drive sales with direct mail can use our automated mailing service. Our flexible plans help companies of all types and sizes to include direct mail as a crucial part of their marketing strategies. 

How Much Do Our Automated Print and Mail Services Cost?

PostGrid offers the most affordable rates in the entire country. Hence, you can rest assured that you can print and mail your items with PostGrid at competitive prices.

Click here to see our pricing plans in-depth. You can avail of a 10% discount on all yearly plans! 

Per-piece rates start at only $0.45 for postcards, $0.65 for letters, and $0.80 for checks—depending on your selected plan. 

You can avail of our printing and mailing services using any of our plans:

  • Starter- send up to 500 mailings monthly
  • Business- send up to 3,000 mailings monthly
  • Growth- send up to 6,000 mailings monthly
  • Enterprise- customizable volume with no upper limits. 

Please note: Every plan provides a different set of features. Thus, talk to our sales team now to get an idea of which plan will suit your needs the best. 

How Long Will It Take For My Items to Reach Their Destination?

With our two-business day SLA, you can prepare your items speedily and efficiently. Once you place your order, PostGrid forwards your request to the printer that prints, stuff, and prepares your mail for handing over to the USPS.

Then, the USPS takes between one to five business days to deliver your items. Hence, the overall processing and delivery time is around one week. You no longer need to spend months planning and preparing for your direct mailing strategies. Choose PostGrid’s printing and mailing services to launch your campaigns at the earliest.

Can I Send Triggered Mailings Using PostGrid’s Automated Mailing Service?

Yes, you can use our automation software to trigger your campaigns based on specific events. For instance—if you want to send thank-you letters to customers after they sign up on your website, you can set a trigger and automatically mail them.

Furthermore, you can pre-set the dates of your campaign to ensure timely execution. Suppose you want to send invoice letters to clients every two weeks; you can feed the data into the software and let it do the needful. PostGrid’s print and mail services help send such time-specific and event-specific mailings to enable you to seize the right opportunities.

Triggers can help you reach the right people at the right time and improve the impact of your mailing campaigns.

Does PostGrid’s Printing and Mailing Services Help Send EDDM?

Yes, PostGrid enables businesses to send EDDM mailings smoothly. EDDM stands for Every Door Direct Mail and is the easiest way to conduct a mail campaign. It refers to printing and mailing promotional materials to every household in specific ZIP codes or neighborhoods.

There are many use cases of such location-based marketing campaigns:

  • Promoting a local event that you are hosting or participating in
  • Targeting customer-dense areas to generate fresh leads
  • Announcing the opening of your store in the area, etc.

With PostGrid’s online printing and mailing services, you can send EDDM without any manual effort. You can choose whether you need to send addressed or non-addressed mail.

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