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Bulk Address Validation & Batch Address Verification

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Batch Address Validation Tool and Bulk Address Verification Software

Bulk address verification or batch address validation allows anyone to verify bulk addresses and get corresponding results (corrected, verified, failed) of postal office formats

  1. Upload an Excel, CSV, or text file with addresses to verify
  2. Map columns and address components
  3. Verify addresses with Postal Office (USPS, Canada Post, Royal Mail, Australia Post, etc) Address formats
  4. Download the CSV file with the results
Verify Mailing List Using Address Verification API

Mailing lists are one of the most valuable assets of a company. They have a lot of potential and can be used in many ways for a lot of productive purposes. However, these lists are not always productive due to data entry errors, spelling mistakes, inaccurate details, and disorganization.

Companies need to sort and validate their databases for several operational and marketing reasons. It helps them to run their businesses smoothly. There are thousands of addresses in every company’s system. Sometimes, the number runs into millions.

PostGrid’s services for batch address verification help business managers and marketers run verification checks for millions of addresses at a time, that can be stored and used whenever required.

address verification and validation api

You can also use our services on your website or other platforms to capture and verify addresses immediately as they are being entered by your customers, with the help of our scalable API. It can process and verify any number of addresses altogether, hence facilitating bulk address validation.

  • Don’t allow large volumes and data entry errors to stop you from using your mailing lists effectively
  • Use PostGrid’s address verification software or API to verify addresses in bulk anytime and anywhere
  • Automate batch address validation and verification with PostGrid to save time and efforts

Why is Bulk Address Verification Useful to Your Business?

The bulk address verification process is used for validating, formatting, and correcting large-volumed lists of addresses. The chances are that you have to deal with large mailing lists regardless of the size of your business. In this case, the batch address validation API can help you verify addresses in just a few minutes.

Bulk address validation makes your work simple and quick. But there are several more reasons why it is completely useful to your business. The reasons are no longer traditional and limited. There are a lot of ways in which batch address verification helps in improving the overall performance of your business.

How Does Batch Address Validation Improve Overall Performance?

Offers Flexibility and Accuracy

  • You can conduct bulk address validation at any time and from any location. Moreover, you do not need to hire technical personnel to do these tasks. Our platform or API can assist you in performing batch verifications easily and quickly. It is very simple to operate and easy to understand.
  • It allows you to be flexible with the number of addresses on your mailing lists. You can run checks for subsections of your data or you can simply upload the whole list at once. PostGrid offers the same level of accuracy for both — small and large volumes of mailing addresses.
  • Get your entire database sorted, verified, and validated within minutes with complete accuracy. You can verify all the addresses instantly or get them checked later through your system, in both cases — precision is assured. Our verification services also fill in all the missing details to store useful and deliverable addresses only.

Saves Resources

  • Avoid spending huge amounts of your company’s finances on wasted postal charges. Without a proper batch address verification tool, you will likely be spending a lot on reshipping items that were earlier misplaced or lost in transit. You can save a lot of time, effort, and resources by shipping to the right addresses that are already verified, other than verifying addresses later after the mails are lost.
  • Standardize your mail according to the postal requirements of the USPS, which will guarantee that all your mail or orders will be delivered on time and without any trouble. The USPS can deliver everything in a timely and efficient manner — when you pre-verify, standardize, format, and then send your mails. This step can save you a lot of trouble.
  • Save administration costs to employ additional people for data entry and maintenance. Get everything done with a few clicks. You can reduce manual efforts by automating the whole process of bulk address validation.

Helps to Avail Mailing Discounts

  • Bulk mailing becomes possible when you verify addresses in huge batches. Since you have a ready mailing list containing thousands of verified mailing addresses, you can easily conduct large-scale campaigns or process orders in bulk all at once. Bulk mailings attract huge postal discounts from the USPS and other delivery vendors.
  • Add 5-digit ZIP codes, ZIP+4 codes, and IMBs (Intelligent Mail Barcodes) to your packages before mailing. It will help qualify for postal discounts by doing these tasks beforehand and making it easy for the USPS to sort and deliver your mail. These steps can help you to save a lot of money on the overall postage cost.
  • The segment between residential and commercial mailing addresses gets different postage fees for both. Depending on the delivery vendor, there can be significant differences in the rates for shipping to residential and business locations. Usually, the USPS charges nominal rates for residential deliveries. On the other hand, FedEx and UPS charge nominal rates for commercial deliveries. By making use of our batch address verification services, you can verify and segment your data accordingly — and then decide which delivery partner to choose. Through this method, you will be able to ship wisely, hence saving surcharges and high rates. It will enable you to determine, plan, and mail in a manner that is meant to fetch discounts.

Provides Good Customer Experience

  • Customer relationships are very delicate and very important for businesses. Keeping up with customers’ expectations is a big task for the company to fulfill every day. Bulk address validations can provide a helping hand to companies to assist them in serving their customers better. It helps to keep the records clean and customers happy — through timely and efficient deliveries.
  • The maintenance of mailing lists that are large in volume is very hectic, time-consuming, and boring. Furthermore, maintaining the level of accuracy required is difficult. Correcting addresses manually can increase response times and reduce efficiency, hence affecting the quality of customer service that you are providing. Using PostGrid’s batch address verification tool can help you avoid situations of lost mail, piled-up complaints, and bad reviews.
  • Incorporate our address verification API on your forms and websites to provide an excellent shopping experience to your customers. Our API can capture addresses at point-of-entry and instantly verify them so that your customers can quickly complete their checkouts.

Increases Conversions

  • Optimize the performance of your direct mail campaigns by using high-quality mailing lists — through which you can make sure that all your mails reach the intended people. A lot of financial planning goes into drafting direct mail campaigns. Be assured that everything goes according to your plan. The first step of the plan is to get all the mail delivered on time. Your responders and buyers are both your recipients initially; people will respond to your mails only if they receive them.
  • Get guaranteed shipment deliveries across the globe with PostGrid’s international address verification for batch addresses. Convert clients based in any location. With the help of our API, you can verify millions of national and international addresses speedily.
  • Improve brand reputation and publicity — which will ultimately help your business get more sales. Bulk address validation services can enable you to ship orders on time, provide good customer service, and conduct impactful marketing. All these things will, in turn, help your business grow every day.

Helps in Data Management

  • Enrich your mailing lists by checking for inaccuracies, errors, and missing address components. You can complete your addresses and make them deliverable using batch address verification solutions. Get updated outputs and always store the most recent addresses of your customers. PostGrid can help you keep your database spam-free and rich in quality.
  • Companies usually have a lot of mailing addresses collected through many primary and secondary sources. However, this data is neither arranged nor accurate. Such data is of no use to businesses and is a great waste of their potential. However, businesses can make complete use of their data by verifying and validating all the addresses collected through various sources — by using PostGrid.
  • Enable your brand to conduct geomarketing by segmenting your mailing lists and targeting audiences as per your needs. Format, verify filter addresses, and use them in the best possible manner. Companies can maintain a handy database — accurate and readily mailable.

Features of PostGrid’s Bulk Address Validation & Batch Address Verification Services

PostGrid’s solutions for bulk address verification are smart, easy to use, and available at competitive prices. Moreover, there are a lot of features that make these solutions even better and a must-have for all businesses.

Address Verification in Real-Time

Companies can either verify mailing lists stored in their database or validate addresses in real-time — at the moment they are entered. Address verification in real-time allows you to capture the most updated addresses, rather than receiving old addresses that might have changed. It can help you deliver your mails and orders to the perfect addresses, irrespective of the errors and inaccuracies made during the time of entry. For your new customers, make sure that the first-hand data entering your system is free from mistakes.

PostGrid’s solutions can help you verify addresses instantly or later, in small or large volumes, and on any platform — everything as per your convenience and needs.


You can easily integrate our API with your CRM system, to set up bulk address verification on your database easily and without any coding hassles. Our software and API are both highly customized to integrate and run smoothly on platforms like Magento, Salesforce, Microsoft Excel, Shopify, and several others.

The setup is quite simple and can be completed within a few minutes. It does not require any technical expertise to integrate your system with PostGrid and start cleaning up your database. These integrations allow our API to update your data automatically and regularly. Our native and Zapier integrations can help you extract addresses from over 1,600 applications and verify them, enlarging your database from time to time.

CASS Certified

Validate your addresses in bulk according to CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) certifications. PostGrid validates and verifies every address as per CASS, to make sure that the addresses are deliverable. As required, we renew our certifications annually and are always at the forefront to only return addresses that exist and are deliverable. It can help you be confident with your mails and send them in bulk.

Batch address verification enables you to quickly receive address outputs with maximum precision and usefulness, irrespective of the size of your mailing lists. It also performs efficient delivery point validations (DPV) to enhance accuracy in mailing. Compliance with CASS regulations can help you get a lot of mailing discounts as well.

Formatting and Standardization

You can cleanse, format, and standardize addresses as per postal requirements and preferred formats. It gives you the ability to process orders in bulk — that is deliverable through the USPS. The USPS requires addresses to be written in a standard format that allows them to sort mails and distribute them for deliveries easily.

Formatting and standardization are essential to make your addresses consistent. It is also very helpful in segmenting your database according to various factors.

International Address Validation

Bulk address verification can be done for all local, national, and international addresses. International batch address validation helps you to improve customer communications around the world. This way, you can easily fulfill all your orders on time, no matter where your customers are located.

PostGrid’s postal address verification solutions can help you process and verify huge numbers of addresses every day and carry out your business operations without any problems. Our platform or API can transliterate and validate according to the destination country’s language and format respectively.

Data Maintenance

Companies can formulate plans and policies when they have cleansed data to form the base of their marketing strategies. They are in a better position to make decisions regarding the work of their organization. Hence, data analysis is crucial for every business. It gives insights into the quality of your lists — their potential and usefulness.

PostGrid’s batch address verification services are meant to take inputs from your side and return high-quality data that is precise in all ways. You can easily keep updating your lists at regular intervals — once, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, or yearly.

All you have to do is, specify the frequency of verifying your addresses. You can feed in your requirements by changing the settings as per them, and our platform will do the rest.


PostGrid offers geocoding with all its address validation services. It can help you to capture addresses obtained through the user’s IP address. Geocoding for bulk address validation can improve the accuracy of the outputs.

When you incorporate our API on your website, users can get their addresses entered in seconds using geolocation. It has multiple benefits like reduced checkout time, improved user experience, and fewer cart abandonments. It can induce people to finish the checkout process and complete their transactions. By using Geocoding API, PostGrid assures you that the addresses captured at point-of-entry are cent percent real and deliverable.

Privacy Protection

PostGrid complies with all privacy protection and data security laws, to safeguard your data. You are always the sole owner of your mailing lists and entire database.

Our platform and API are designed and built to encrypt your data and keep it safe. PostGrid strictly adheres to SOC-2, HIPAA, and PIPEDA laws. It is committed to assisting you in your operations safely and with the highest level of confidentiality. Therefore, you can verify your addresses in bulk without having any security concerns.

Address De-Duplication

Having duplicate postal addresses in the database can affect businesses. It causes them to make incorrect decisions and rely on outdated data. 

Thus, de-duplication is a must! Organizations can take steps to identify and filter duplicate entries, giving them a clear view of how many records they have.

PostGrid’s bulk address validation services conduct de-duplication effectively and affordably. You can process your bulk mailing lists and wait for our solutions to parse, standardize, validate, and de-duplify them.

The result is that businesses get error-free data at their fingertips, allowing them to send mailers to accurate places and ensure seamless decision-making.

Lightning Speeds

PostGrid can process 160,000 addresses simultaneously. Thus, companies can save time and get more efficient results. 

Also, it enables them to get instant outputs, eliminating the need to postpone mailing, marketing, sales, and other activities. 

Businesses can also use the same API for on-demand address verification. It is highly flexible. So it depends on them how many delivery addresses they want to validate.

24 x 7 Customer Support

Our on-demand and batch address verification comes with a 24×7 customer assistance system. Thus, you can contact us anytime and get the necessary help. 

Though our API docs are detailed, some users might need help integrating PostGrid’s address verification API into their CRM. 

Or they would use our other integrations, like HubSpot, Zapier, Salesforce, etc. 

Hence, our team is available for all clients, answering questions and providing technical and general user support.

Cloud Savings

Since on-premise solutions are more expensive than cloud-based services, choosing the latter is better. 

PostGrid offers cloud-based bulk address verification without unnecessary maintenance expenses and other issues.

Users can log into their PostGrid accounts from anywhere and on any device, accessing their records and creating campaigns whenever needed.

Other Features

Datasets on carrier routes can also be obtained through PostGrid’s batch address verification services. You can also segment your data into census tracts — for demographic targeting. Furthermore, our API always stores and returns addresses updated by the NCOA (National Change of Address).

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How Does Our Bulk Address Verification Work?

There are three ways in which you can use PostGrid’s bulk address validation services. It completely depends on your requirements and convenience.

International Addresses Verification

3 Ways to Use PostGrid's Batch Address Validation

  1. Via the web: You can use our web servers to validate and verify your addresses in bulk. Files can be uploaded in CSV or Excel formats. Once you upload your files — we will verify all the addresses in them and send you back the verified address files. You can download these validated files from our server and save them wherever you want.
  2. Via software or platform: PostGrid’s services can be easily used through our software. This step is also called local integration, wherein our software is directly installed on your system. You can use it for verifying batch addresses anytime on your enterprise. Our software can make sure that your database is always cleansed and can prohibit wrong addresses from entering your system — as it spots errors beforehand, corrects them, and then allows the right addresses to be entered.
  3. Via API: Companies can use our API keys to incorporate our address verification services on their websites, applications, and forms. Additionally, you can also integrate your system with our API, to automate the entire process of bulk address validation and verification. It can help you to update your database regularly. Our API can extract more details from all parts of your system — including social media platforms and websites. It readily supports native and Zapier integrations.

PostGrid breaks down the process of bulk address validation into various parts — autocompleting, parsing, validating, verifying, and standardizing. All the steps are completed in one go in just a couple of minutes. Our scalable API can perform all these steps for millions of addresses altogether.

Autocomplete: Address autocomplete is the process of identifying and completing addresses in a few keystrokes. It is meant to save time, prevent typing errors, and provide accurate addresses. The autocomplete API provides type-ahead predictions for users to select.

By incorporating PostGrid onto your website, you can make sure that your users are not frustrated by the long checkout process and can enter their details quickly. You can use our software to autocomplete addresses in your large-volume mailing lists; it is particularly helpful when addresses in your database are incomplete and hence, undeliverable.

Parsing: The next step is to parse addresses. It is necessary to break down an address and fill it up in fields like – apartment number, street name, city, country, and zip code. The entire procedure to verify bulk addresses gets simplified when every component is properly filled in its respective field.

Standardizing: Standardization is done to allow your mail to fulfill the postal requirements. Addresses are modified as per standard formats — making it easy for the postal services to sort and deliver easily, without any interpretation errors. If the addresses are not properly standardized, there can be mistakes in deliveries — leading to delayed and misplaced mails.

Validating: Before verifying addresses in huge batches, it is essential that you first make sure, whether the addresses are real. In this step, the validity and existence of the addresses are tested. PostGrid’s address standardization API or platform can upfront inform you that a particular address is unreal. It helps you to avoid wastage by not shipping to addresses that are wrong, spammed, or fake. Sometimes, the addresses are shown as invalid, even when they exist — because of wrong entries and formats. Hence, autocomplete, parsing, and standardization is done before validation.

Verifying: After validating addresses, they are verified to check whether all the details are correct. Validation and verification are both completed by comparing the inputted addresses with the database of the USPS and other trusted sources. This cross-checking also facilitates quick corrections — so that your packages are not lost or delayed due to minor errors.

All of the above steps may seem to be performed distantly. However, they are all completed simultaneously by our software or API.

Bulk Address Verification: Use Cases

Here are some of the primary use cases of batch address validation:

Data Blending

Combine different databases to streamline processes and help teams access unified systems. Data blending is one way to accomplish this goal.

However, data blending can be daunting and time-consuming.

Businesses can take days, weeks, and months to combine databases across different departments. The reason can be inconsistency, incomplete postal addresses, invalid details, and other problems.

Our bulk address verification allows firms to add missing details, validate addresses, and turn mailing lists into USPS-approved formats.

Thus, they can blend their databases without issues and access validated mailing lists whenever needed.

Upfront Customer Views

Incorrect data can disrupt your data management activities. Thus, businesses require a proper view of their leads, prospects, and customers.

The only way to sort this issue is by removing invalid information and storing high-quality data.

And an address verification system helps them do that!

PostGrid helps businesses get a singular view of every address, allowing them to know the exact number of customers.

They can also validate their prospects’ and leads’ mailing addresses to send regular follow-up mailers and get responses.

Buyer Persona-Specific Marketing Campaigns

Many of PostGrid’s clients use our bulk address verification solutions to launch targeted marketing. They verify and standardize their mailing lists to ensure they get no mail returns and the promotional items reach their destinations on time.

Also, they cross-check every address via the USPS CASS-certified lists using PostGrid. It helps them determine whether the leads they get are valid instead of spam.

Food and Other Delivery Apps

Medicine, courier, food, and other delivery companies benefit from bulk address verification in many ways.

They can verify every delivery address before sending orders, ensuring customers get their items on time.

Also, they can save on fuel and other costs by completing deliveries in only one go.

Apart from deliveries, delivery companies can market themselves by sending one-page menus, flyers, postcards, etc., to target customers. Bulk address validation allows them to store client details and send marketing direct mail without hassles.

Risk Profiling

Banks and insurance companies can use bulk address verification for underwriting, risk profiling, and other tasks.

Also, they can use it for fraud detection, user account creation, sending correspondence, etc.


PostGrid’s bulk address validation and batch address verification services are reliable, smart, quick, easy to use, accurate, and efficient. Batch address validation services are meant to help you in dealing with problems regarding large volumes of addresses and their deliverability. Oftentimes, companies do have a huge database but are unable to use it productively. Our solutions are curated to manage your database and make it useful.

Avoid misspending, lost mails, dissatisfied customers, and other problems. Don’t let your brand image be at stake by sending mails to unverified addresses. PostGrid has now made it very simple and quick to verify addresses in bulk so that you can smoothly fulfill orders or conduct large-scale marketing campaigns. Our platform is user-friendly and can be used by anyone from your staff. It facilitates a quick flow of information for you to make smart and informed decisions at all times.

Verify addresses in bulk to enlarge your database. You can get accurate and deliverable mailing addresses at your fingertips. No more lost mail and guesswork — PostGrid has got your bulk address verification needs to be covered.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is bulk address verification?

It involves checking delivery addresses at scale. It helps businesses standardize their mailing lists and store accurate data. 

Also, bulk address verification involves resolving errors, like duplicate records, missing details, incorrect capitalization, etc.

How do I conduct bulk or batch address validation?

Businesses can use PostGrid’s address verification API or software to check their mailing addresses. 

They can check up to 160,000 delivery addresses simultaneously.

Does PostGrid perform USPS bulk address validation?

Yes. PostGrid offers USPS bulk address validation. It cross-checks your mailing lists against the CASS database. Also, it uses NCOA data files to determine whether any customers have moved and where. Thus, businesses can access updated data and send mailers to the most valid and deliverable addresses.

Why cannot USPS validate my postal address?

It can happen for many reasons, like

Nobody lives at the address. If users don’t register their new address, USPS might mark some places as vacant. Thus, businesses cannot validate such entries. 

The first step is to ask the local Post Office to add the place to their records, which can take a few days. Individuals and firms can validate these addresses once they appear on the official records. 

Other reasons include the address having incorrect details. Misspellings, spacing issues, typos, etc., can cause friction and keep USPS from identifying addresses.

Also, USPS does not have data on many newly constructed buildings or suites. Thus, registering them is crucial.

How much time does PostGrid take to conduct bulk address validation?

PostGrid validates hundreds of thousands of addresses in no time. Thus, you can expect results at breakneck speeds.

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