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You may be using the physical form of marketing for years, but getting in front of the right audience is a pain when it comes to the traditional form of marketing. Direct mail marketing, with automated software, is the best way to boost your brand awareness, get in touch with the right leads, begin new relations with your prospects, and increase your sales.

There’s no denying to the fact that digital marketing or social media presence are very tempting to invest in. A report by small business trends reported that US advertisers spend $167 per person on direct mail campaigns on average and make sales of a total of $2,095. If you’re willing to reach the right people directly and see the life-changing results with the least amount of effort—direct mail marketing is the way to go!


United States Postal Services delivers 181 million+ direct mail each day without a lag. Believe it or not, but according to the 2015 Gallup Roll, most Americans still love to receive direct mail.

With direct mail API, you can mail regular postcards, personalized marketing direct mail, invoices, or any other type of mail to your specific existing or targeted potential customers. 

Along with the delivery, the direct mailing solution, PostGrid also provides printing, and address verification services.

Plus, with the customization and automation solutions – all operated from a single dashboard – you can run your direct mail campaigns just like email marketing.

By managing your direct marketing campaigns with an automation tool like PostGrid, you’ll get no-hassle, a super-easy process, and a chance to outperform your competitors within a limited budget.

Let’s find out how that’s possible in more detail.

Traditional Direct Mail Vs Direct Mail Automation

Here’s the basic difference between traditional marketing and direct mail automation

Traditional Direct Mail Marketing

  • Manual Process 
  • High Investment
  • Back and forth running to get the designs ready and different teams’ approval.
  • Meeting multiple vendors to get the best deals for printing bulk direct mail.
  • No specific way to target the right audience.
  • No specific way to find out the location of your direct mail.

Direct Mail Automation

  • An easy and automated process that you can handle from a single dashboard and be done with the entire thing within hours.
  • Comparatively lower investment
  • Control everything from a single dashboard. From designing, printing and mailing to verifying addresses for higher accuracy
  • Access to 100’s of compliant, professional print and mail partners and benefit from high volume sends
  • Allows you to launch your direct marketing campaigns in front of the targeted audience.
  • Get notification on the exact location of your direct mail.

Let’s understand them in detail.

Traditional Direct Mail

The old fashioned conventional form of marketing, no-doubt brings the results, but at what cost?

You need to do most things manually and spend more energy, time, money, and resources into it. Besides that, it’s hard to track the on-going campaigns, such as your mailer’s location and analytical results. And that’s the reason why most businesses consider it a hit and trial method that may or may not work.

We’ve divided the entire process into some smaller categories to create an understanding of how the traditional form of marketing costs you more instead of bringing the high returns.


Costs a Fortune

  • Most businesses know well about the excellent performance of traditional marketing. Yet, they decide to choose digital marketing because the old way of direct marketing has always been way too expensive.
  • Due to the lack of technology and targeting used in traditional marketing, it feels like shooting arrows in the dark. Hence, companies avoid high investments in such marketing techniques. 
  • With PostGrid, you can effortlessly carry out a successful direct mail campaign in an automated manner by integrating to your existing stack without having to change your existing workflow all with a click of a button. Have added capabilities to send letters, postcards and cheques. Save on resources and time and benefit from highly personalized and targeted direct mail campaigns.

Manual Tedious Tasks

  • From creating the mailers manually to mailing them – all the tasks take ages to get done.
  • Loads of resources, human potential, and money get wasted in the process.
  • With PostGrid, you can control everything – creating the direct mail, getting them printed and shipped – from a single dashboard.
Schedule Manual Reporting
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Poorly Targeted

  • Without a targeted audience list, businesses in the past would launch their direct mail campaigns in front of a vast audience.
  • The broad audience’s list would include people of every zip code or details of people belonging to a very extended area. Such contact details can easily be bought from a broker, and it’s a no brainer that mailing on such a big scale costs too much money.
  • With PostGrid, customization and personalization is seamless, have highly targeted mail going out to the intended recipient without compromising too much on cost or resources and have a successful targeted campaign enjoying higher response and engagement rate.

Out of Reach

  • Due to a tremendous amount of money, resources, time, and employee potential, traditional marketing was inaccessible for most businesses.
  • Plus, no print lab would accept printing less than a certain volume which is huge for most small and medium businesses. It’s beyond the budget for certain small and mid-sized companies.
  • With PostGrid, if needed, you can even print and mail a single personalised postcard, letters or cheques.
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Direct Mail Automation

When you run your direct mail campaigns with the help of an direct mail automation solution like PostGrid, you get wonderous results by following a super-easy process. Let’s find out how.

send timely messages

Easy, Fast, and Affordable

  • You can promptly design and create your direct mail, get them printed and delivered.
  • You can control the whole process from a single dashboard and save resources, money, and labor cost. 
  • Along with physical and human resources, you can also save the money on extra mailers with inaccurate details—eventually drop the investment significantly.

Personalized, Targeted, and Convenient

  • Customize each of the mail pieces for more customer engagement and to increase your brand awareness.
  • Integrate with over 1600+ apps, your CRM, or other tools to fetch the data in seconds and keep all the teams on the same page – eliminating time-consuming tasks and information gaps. 
Personalized Messages
secured direct mails

Automated, Trackable, and Testable

  • Send transactional direct mail – welcome, confirmation, thank you, activation, birthday, anniversary, feedback, notices, or others – just like triggered email.
  • Track all the campaigns you launch from your dashboard.

Accurate Information, Jaw-dropping Deals, and Secured Data

  • Verify all the entry points and database addresses, clear all the data gaps, and remove the duplicate customer details within seconds.
  • Send your direct mail only to accurate US addresses with address verification API, and get amazing deals because of our vast network of print labs.
  • Mail invoices, financial statements, or any sensitive data safely through our HIPAA and PIPEDA compliant partners.
Enterprise Security

Direct Mail Solutions PostGrid Offer

Here are the different solutions that PostGrid offer for your business:


Printing Solutions

No need to visit multiple vendors for printing solution; at PostGrid, with our vast network of printing labs, you can get the best deals on per piece printing.


Personalized Mail

Create customized direct mail for each of your customers using our automated API.


Automated Sending

Automatize each of your marketing campaigns, just like digital marketing, using PostGrid. This way, whenever your prospects will enter the campaign, they’ll receive an automated personalized response.


Address Verification

Get the address details of your contact list checked – in bulk and at the entry point – with the data available in the official USPS database from our address verification software (free of charge).



Track your mail piece right from when it is printed, processed, handed over to USPS and on route for delivery.



Our print delivery partnership are HIPAA/PIPEDA/SOC-II compliant ensuring your sensitive and confidential data is processed in a safe and secure environment.

All-Inclusive Direct Mail Solutions


With our HTML editing system, customising and personalizing templates is seamlessly executed.


With our vast print labs, we can get you the best per print piece deals. From printing a personalized message and the initials of your customers’ name to your company details and logo, you can get everything printed and shipped within a very limited time and budget.

Dashboard Control

Manage the whole campaign – from creating designs, sending for prints, distributing the mail, and tracking their location to analyzing the results – from a single dashboard. Eventually, eliminate all the manual and tedious tasks, save resources, decrease the investment, and improve sales.

Verified Addresses

Get all the addresses from your system fetched and checked according to the standard data in USPS’s official database through our address verification software. Apart from checking the addresses in bulk, you can also get the addresses entering your system checked at the point of entry.

Standardize your Addresses

PostGrid will check all the addresses in your system and standardize them according to the local postal format.


Integrate your system with PostGrid for fetching the data in seconds. This way, you free your different teams and departments from tons of repeated tasks. Easily integrate with over 1600 APPs through Zapier. Integration with various tools like HubSpot, SalesForce, InfusionSoft, Active Campaign, Zoho, Act-on, AgileCRM, Pipedrive, GreenRope, etc.

Zapier Integration

Additionally, with zapier integration, you can connect over 1600+ apps and be done with the repeated tasks automatically.

User Permission

Add the different teams and departments and get everyone available on a single platform. In addition to that, control the user’s permission, for example, which user can have access to what tools of PostGrid.

Printing Services Integration

Automate the printing process with PostGrid – submit the designs and get any number of mailpieces printed. By integrating printing services with your business, you reduce the risk of errors and improve the print quality and your staff’s productivity.

Automated Tractional Mail

Send transactional direct mail – welcome, confirmation, thank you, activation, birthday, anniversary, feedback, notices, or others – just like triggered email.

HIPAA and PIPEDA Compliant System

Mail invoices, financial statements, or any sensitive data safely with a HIPAA and PIPEDA compliant system.

direct mail to send bulk mails

Cost Of Direct Mail

The average cost of the direct mail, when you’re using an automated solution, depends on the following:

  • Product
  • Designing
  • Printing
  • Mailing List
  • The number of mailers you need to ship

In the case of traditional marketing, you may also need to consider the additional cost of in-house teams, other resources, and errors. To get an exact idea of how much the entire direct mailing process will cost you with  PostGrid, check out our solutions and the products we offer.

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