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Direct Mail Services - A Modern Solution to Traditional Mail

Send well-designed, personalized, and compliance-ready direct mail service effortlessly with PostGrid Direct Mail Platform & API.

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Automated Direct Mail Service as Easy as Email using PostGrid

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  • Marketers prefer sending direct mail. On average, US marketers spend $167 per prospect on direct mail.
  • Direct mail can be time-consuming, tedious, and untrackable if done manually. Thus, most companies use direct mail services.
  • Print and mail automation can help solve the issues related to direct mailing. It also helps marketers spend less and earn more.
  • With the right direct mail services provider, you can attract new leads easily.
  • These services are quite beneficial to small businesses. They can send thoughtful direct mail to their customers and maintain strong relationships.
  • PostGrid’s print and mail API lets you conduct successful direct mail campaigns.

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Direct Mail Statistics You Can Bring to Life

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  • 62% of customers purchase within 3 months of responding to your mail
  • Direct mail causes 39% of customers to try a brand for the first time
  • On average, marketers earn $2,095 per person for every $167 spent on them. Hence, the return on investment can reach up to 1,300%
  • 70% of customers find direct mail to be more personal than digital marketing ads
  • Direct mail can bag open rates up to 90%
  • You can also achieve such results by automating your direct mailing activities
  • It helps you streamline your tasks and have a clear record of everything
  • Direct mailing services enable you to get the best out of your campaigns

Traditional Direct Mail

  • Traditional direct mail is old, monotonous, and complicated. It is an outdated method of connecting with prospects.
  • Everything is done manually in traditional direct mail marketing. Marketers used to instruct their staff to print and mail all the items by themselves.
  • Traditional direct mail is a burden on the company. They need a lot of time out of their busy schedule and plan such a campaign.
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Huge Investment

  • Some businesses hesitate to use direct mail marketing as it is too expensive
  • It demands huge investment. Large-scale campaigns can strain your budget significantly
  • Small-scale campaigns are also expensive as you are unable to get any bulk discounts
  • Also, it is not worth investing large amounts of money in traditional direct mail. Oftentimes, the lack of proper targeting and tracking leads to negative results
  • Achieve guaranteed results by using PostGrid’s online direct mail services. It can save your marketing costs and increase efficiency

Manual Tasks

  • The traditional method needs your employees to perform a series of monotonous tasks
  • To begin with, you need to find a graphic designer. Marketers meet up with several designers and discuss rates before finally selecting one
  • Next up is your printing process. Your staff is burdened with jobs like loading papers in the printer and folding letters
  • If you need to print a few letters or postcards, the manual approach can work. Otherwise, it can take several days and weeks
  • You need to purchase a high-quality printer to print eye-catching mail items. Again, it is a stress on your budget
  • Other manual tasks include stuffing envelopes and affixing stamps
  • Lastly, you need to seal envelopes and take them all to the post office
  • All these processes take an excessive amount of time and lead to wasted human potential
direct mail marketing data management
direct mail marketing data management

General Marketing

  • There is no way to target the right audience in traditional marketing. Hence, most marketers conduct general marketing.
  • General marketing is when you send out mail items to any person hoping that he/she turns out to be a prospect.
  • It can waste your time, money, and effort.
  • Traditional direct mail marketers buy mailing lists from a broker. But, these lists are not segmented.
  • Direct mail marketing companies like PostGrid can help you build targeted mailing lists.

Direct Mail Automation

  • Automation makes the life of direct mail marketers easier. They can automate their print and mail tasks and sit back
  • You can control everything over a single dashboard and streamline activities
  • Save on huge investments and extra efforts
  • PostGrid’s automated direct marketing services help you do everything with ease and efficiency
trigger and automate direct mails
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Fast, Easy, and Cost-Effective

  • You can get everything done promptly with direct mail automation. It is possible to plan a campaign today and get it conducted the same week.
  • With high speed and increased efficiency, you can reach your prospects on time.
  • Get your mail items delivered accurately with speedy USPS deliveries. It is necessary for sending important documents.
  • You can cut down labor costs and also save resources.
  • Mass mailing service providers offer all-inclusive rates to help marketers control their budgets.

Targeted Mailing Lists

  • Automation makes it possible to conduct targeted marketing. Use demographics like age, income, and gender to build segmented lists.
  • Instead of mailing to 5,000 people, mail to 500 hot leads. Direct mail automation software helps marketers conduct account-based marketing campaigns.
  • You can also customize mail items in this case. It can help increase customer engagement.
speed up direct mails
bulk print and mail

Trackable and Measurable

  • You can send transactional and marketing mail both using automation.
  • Get real-time updates about your mail status. Also, you can track all your sent mail items altogether.
  • There is no need to enter tracking numbers on the USPS website anymore. Get a consolidated view of all sent mail through the dashboard.
  • Get timely reports and campaign insights. This way, you can compare campaign performances easily. You can also use previous campaign results to make the necessary changes in the future.

Features To Look For In Direct Mail Service Company Provider

Keeping your success in mind, we have ranked and reviewed the best direct mail services based on pricing, bulk discounts, material quality, and more. Here are a few of the best choices for direct mail service providers to use:

You can choose from a variety of services, design tools, and turnaround times with the best direct mail marketing companies. When choosing a direct mail service, you should consider the following factors:

  • Several direct mail marketing companies offer design tools and services. The best ones handle this aspect of your campaign. Flyers, postcards, or brochures are examples of promotional material. Select a service that supports numerous color options as well as offers versatile design options.
  • You can buy or rent mailing lists depending on which company you partner with. Generally, companies have already ready-to-use lists.
  • It’s imperative to have speed. Direct mailing services are known for their quick turnaround times. A company should be able to complete your order within two to seven business days.
  • Some companies offer tracking options like call tracking or mail tracking software to help you track your campaigns. Your email campaign effectiveness and reach can be analyzed with this feature.
  • Provide customers with 24-7 telephone, email, live chat, and FAQs support. We will be there to help you if you encounter any problems. Before signing anything, ensure that you feel comfortable with your partner somehow.
  • Variable data printing can be used to implement 1-1 personalization in mail marketing campaigns. The common practice is to send all people the same newsletter without any difference in design or timing. By synchronizing your direct mail with other marketing channels, you can personalize your direct mail newsletter against your competitors.
  • Direct mail marketing companies often process sensitive information, such as financial and personal information, medical records, and other records. It is becoming increasingly common for small businesses to face cyber-attacks, and you should always make sure the direct mail marketing company you choose is as concerned about data security as you are. Their data processing policies and practices should be made transparent.

Best Direct Mail Service Companies:

Keeping your success in mind, we have ranked and reviewed the best direct mail services based on pricing, bulk discounts, material quality, and more. Here are a few of the best choices for direct mail service providers to use:


PostGrid is a renowned name of the industry known for providing high-quality. The tool is quite pocket-friendly and a reliable direct mail marketing service. You just have to choose the Print & Mail service and send it to your mailing list.

PostGrid offers you a fast and convenient way to professionally print and mail your direct marketing services. The mailing services tend to include processing your customer mailing list with CASS certification. There are several services available for direct mail including:

  • Automated Direct Mail
  • Address Verification and Validation
  • AI-Driven Address Parser
  • Tracking and Attribution
  • Insights and Reporting
  • 2 Day SLA
  • Print Delivery Network
  • Data Security
  • Zero Code Integrations
  • HTML Templates
  • and more


Vistaprint is a good option if you wish to design your direct mail campaign without signing a contract or paying upfront. In addition to creating business cards, the company offers direct mail marketing services.
It offers over 4000 postcard templates, or you can work with its in-house design team to make the task easier.

Some of the VistaPrint features include:

  • A quick turnaround times
  • A dedicated in-house team for designing
  • A drag-and-drop design platform
  • 24*7 customer support

Gunderson Direct

The mail specialists at Gunderson Direct have sent over 1.5 billion pieces of mail. As part of its direct marketing services, the company offers strategic partnerships, which enable campaigns to be continuously updated and improved.

Gunderson Direct is a leader in creating effective, strategic programs and provides creative thought leadership based on more than two decades of experience. By collaborating with numerous data providers, the service ensures you reach the right audiences with your mail.

Some of the services you can avail of are:

  • Best for small or large orders
  • You can pick from a pre-designed catalog or design your own
  • Work with dedicated professionals and account rep
  • Customize your orders by uploading photos or adding a special message


From design to printing to mailing, you can outsource all your marketing operations to MailShark. Printing and delivery of promotional materials can also be done through MailShark. Additional services offered by the company include targeted direct mailing, saturation mailing lists, and Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM).

It also offers a free design service. Using direct mail marketing services with MailShark, clients are guided through easy-to-follow campaigns. Some of the unique features are:

  • Automated Direct Mail
  • Mail List
  • Real-time Track analytics
  • Response Tracking


This direct mail marketing is preferable for beginners and experts alike, and PostcardMania provides the best options for everyone. Utilize postcard API for mailings and social media ads to target the most qualified prospects.

The production and shipping times are fast at PostcardMania, and you can customize all aspects of your campaign. Moreover, the company’s robust tracking system enables you to see how your marketing campaigns are performing. It is so that you can iterate and improve.

The services you can avail of are as follows:

  • Variable Data Printing
  • Designing & Layout Services
  • Professional Print and Mailing

Modern Postcards

The best one for small, medium, and enterprise businesses with mailing lists, printing, and in-house mailing services since 1992.
Furthermore, the company offers retargeting services whereby visitors to your website are automatically sent postcards. This complements their full-service in-house direct mail.

To ensure a quality experience for you, we have an in-house team dedicated to delivering it. The brand provides graphic design, printing, and mailing services, along with personal attention for each client.

With a streamlined mailing system and postal analytics from Modern Postcard, you can send your mailings on time and within your budget while spending less on each mailing.

Modern Postcards offers:

  • Postcards
  • Calendars
  • Booklets cards
  • Tri-folds design

Cactus Mailing

The company offers printing and mailing services along with its simple direct mail marketing services. You can upload your design and use targeted mailing lists to achieve your marketing goals. Somehow, it lacks a design tool like others on the market. A direct mail brochure service and professional brochure printing are also offered through the company. Many establishments, such as restaurants, housing developments, and retail stores, use them.

Cactus Mailing is known for its Smart Marketing. You can combine direct mail with digital elements such as display ads and landing pages to increase campaign results. When you use both Cactus Mailing’s services, you’ll receive discounts and a free, no-obligation direct mail marketing plan. The brand’s marketing experts also provide you with strategy and guidance to increase brand awareness and boost sales.

A few services it offers:

  • Direct Print & Mail
  • Brochure
  • Smart Marketing Solutions

Printing For Less

Founded in 1996, PrintingForLess has been the world’s oldest online printing shop and is the best website for EDDM campaigns. Multi-product printing and direct mail marketing are part of its experience.

It provides marketing tips, templates for printing material, and tips for direct mailing. This service enables integration with superior marketing platforms, as well as web-to-print capabilities.

The company has the following to offer:

  • Personalized Services within the specific timeline
  • Customized Direct Mail
  • Risk-free Print & Mail Services
  • Ease-of-use and convenience

Next-Day Flyers

Fast delivery times, often within a single or two-day business period, are something that NextDayFlyers lives up to. Among the most widely used companies for direct mail, it offers a diverse range of products and top-notch services.

NextDayFlyers offers the ability to have a maximum of 100,000 mailers for a campaign. This service is perfect for customers with high-volume needs due to its large number of mailers.

Below is a list of services offered by Next Day Flyer:

  • Direct Mail
  • Postcards
  • Customized Direct mail assets
  • Mail Rack Cards


As a direct mail messaging provider, Saas MQL is a little different from the rest. You can use it to connect with potential customers for SaaS businesses. The company specializes in generating demand using account-based strategies.

Direct mail might not seem like a natural way to generate leads for SaaS companies. Nevertheless, SaasMQL creates new ways of generating leads for SaaS companies. Prospects are reached through direct mail, and they use B2B marketing for generating leads.

Their unique marketing approach involves sending packages to potential customers. It is advantageous for this to happen since people can overlook a letter in the mail, but a package is more memorable.

We have listed a few services you can go for while using SaasMQL:

  • Profile-based Accounts
  • Scalable Analytics and Tracking
  • High-end Customer Support
  • Intent-based Direct Mail Demand Generation
  • Integrated Solutions to Execute Your Campaign

Choosing the best direct mail marketing company today can be challenging with so many companies available. Despite providing a range of services, these 10 providers are distinguished for providing high-quality products and quick turnaround times.

PostGrid’s Direct Mail Service Features

Dashboard Management

  • Add as many users as you want. You can get your entire team on a single platform for integrated communications.
  • Manage your entire campaign from a single dashboard. You can do everything from designing, printing, and mailing to tracking results.
  • Allocate different tasks to different teams. Control the user permissions easily.


  • Integrate into various platforms like Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, QuickBooks, Pipedrive, etc.
  • Through such integrations, you can print and mail right from your system.
  • You don’t require technical expertise to install or integrate the API.
  • Connect with over 1600 apps through our Zapier integration.
  • Fetch data from your CRM in seconds and draft mail items swiftly.

Parsing and Standardizing Addresses

  • Tired of updating and sorting addresses in mailing lists? PostGrid can take this workload off your shoulders.
  • PostGrid allows you to parse and standardize addresses before mailing.
  • Parsing breaks down addresses into different components like the street name, city, etc.
  • It helps identify and add the missing details.
  • Standardization is used for reformatting addresses according to the USPS guidelines. It allows postal workers to deliver your mail accurately.

Address Validation

  • PostGrid’s address validation API can also validate and verify addresses.
  • You no longer need to bear losses due to lost, undelivered, and returned mail.
  • PostGrid can identify all the invalid and incorrect addresses in your list. It further turns these addresses into mailable ones.
  • You can also verify addresses in bulk. PostGrid uses CASS-certified addresses that are updated and completely correct.
  • Avail free address verification with our direct mail services.

Pre-Built Templates

  • Your campaign success depends on your mail design. But, it is expensive to hire a professional designer.
  • Plus, you might want to save time on communicating with the designer about rates, edits, and so on.
  • PostGrid’s pre-built templates can help you design postcards, letters, and checks seamlessly.
  • You can also add in some customizations according to your needs.

High-Quality Printing

  • PostGrid has partnered with many reputable printing services across the country.
  • All you have to do is design your mail items and send them for printing.
  • Our print and mail API makes sure to get your items printed in high resolution.
  • You can choose among the various paper size, finishing, and weight options.

Added Security and Data Protection

  • PostGrid’s bulk mailing services are HIPAA, PIPEDA, and SOC-II compliant.
  • Your data is kept safe and confidential at all stages of your print and mail process.
  • We use bank-level security and encryption to send checks securely.
  • Other security features include microprints, holograms, watermarks, and more.


  • You don’t have to wonder about the status of your mail items.
  • Using PostGrid’s automated direct mail company, you can track mail in real-time.
  • Also, you can track your campaign performance easily.
  • PostGrid can help you add trackable features like pURLs and QR codes.
  • You can also design your landing pages with us.
  • Log in and access your campaign reports through the dashboard.

Accurate and Fast Deliveries

  • PostGrid enables marketers to send their mail items through the USPS easily.
  • You don’t need to understand the various USPS services and calculate the postage. PostGrid does it all on your behalf.
  • Add IMBs and ZIP+4 codes to all mail pieces. We also help you presort your mail to get additional postal discounts.
  • With shorter turnaround time periods, you can mail faster.


  • Personalization helps impress prospects and motivate them to complete the CTA.
  • It is necessary in the case of checks, invoices, and financial statements.
  • PostGrid’s print and mail API can help you use variable data printing and personalize your items.
  • There is no limit to the number of tweaks you can make per item.

Bulk Print and Mail Solutions

  • Print and mail items in bulk with PostGrid. On-demand and bulk direct mail services are both available.
  • There are no minimum or maximum volume limits. You can send as many items as you want at any point in time regardless of your location.
  • Print and mail to international addresses. PostGrid’s services aren’t restricted to any place.

Industries We Serve

PostGrid caters to almost all sectors, including healthcare, real estate, education, etc. Here are the details to help you with:


  • Healthcare is one of the most strict and highly regulated sectors. Hence, its correspondence strategies differ from other industries in terms of data security and compliance.
  • PostGrid offers direct mail services to several healthcare organizations, like hospitals, diagnostic centers, dental offices, nursing homes, etc. Also, it serves other companies, like pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, healthcare financers, etc.
  • Our mailer service enables these institutions to prepare and ship various medical documents, including:
    • Lab invoices
    • Explanation of Benefits (EOB)
    • Patient bills and statements
    • Test reports and findings
    • Explanation of Coverage (EOC)
    • Appointment reminders
    • Medical records
    • Post-discharge instructions
  • They can also send marketing mailers, including postcardsflyers, etc., to advertise their healthcare services and acquire new patients. Furthermore, PostGrid’s direct mailing services make the process of mailing nurse appreciation letters, missed appointment notices, etc., effortless and quick.
  • All they need to do is sign up on our website and send their items via our easy-to-use dashboard. Or they can integrate our API into their internal CRM and make the process more effective.


  • Insurance agents deal with niche-specific customers, depending on the product they sell—home, education, health, motor, life insurance, etc.
  • They can employ PostGrid’s direct mail marketing services to connect with targeted prospects and discuss their features. Thus, they can expand their reach and visibility to acquire new customers more regularly.
  • Insurance companies also use our direct mailer services to save hundreds of hours completing the necessary documentation. They need to send numerous mail pieces to and forth to check customers’ eligibilities and process their applications. These documents include:
    • Policy reinstatement notices
    • Monthly statements
    • Notices regarding Collateral Protection Insurance
    • Renewal reminders
    • Customer declarations
    • Lender-placed insurance letters
    • Cancellation notices
    • Statements for Explanation of Benefits (EOB)
    • Referral offers
    • Endorsements
    • Thank you and onboarding letters, etc.
  • Using PostGrid’s automated direct mail service, insurance agencies can easily handle their daily operations, like detecting fraud, processing claims, recording customer data, etc.
  • Our solutions allow these firms to conduct well-designed marketing campaigns with enterprise-level security.

Retail and E-Commerce

  • The retail and eCommerce segment comprises electronics, specialty stores, shopping malls, fitness centers, personal care, etc. Undoubtedly, this vast segment faces a lot of competition and needs to market its products effectively to its audience.
  • Retail businesses primarily use PostGrid’s direct mailing service for promotional purposes. It helps set them apart from the competition and increase brand recognition.
  • PostGrid’s direct mail services also enable them to inform their audience about their upcoming sales, timings, terms and conditions, other offers, etc. Thus, it becomes convenient for customers to stay updated and shop at their preferred stores accordingly. It is a win-win for both retailers and customers.
  • The best part is that these eCommerce and retail firms can include technological advancements into their operations through PostGrid’s direct mail service. For instance, they can benefit from variable data printing, demographic segmentation, order management, etc.
  • PostGrid assists them in printing and mailing everything from coupons and customer appreciation letters to billing statements and compliance correspondence. Here are some examples:
    • Cart abandonment cards
    • Product samples
    • Lucky draw promos
    • Automated birthday greeting cards
    • Subscriber loyalty mailers
  • These businesses can thrive in their ever-growing industry with minimal errors and quick turnaround.

Financial Services and Banks

  • Banks and other financial institutions are among the various categories that use PostGrid’s direct mailer services for many reasons, like:
    • Send collection letters, privacy notices, bank statements, transaction records, adverse action notices, etc.
    • Communicate with customers regarding several things, like account opening, loan processing, credit applications, etc.
    • Print and ship marketing collateral, like personalized letters, postcards, brochures, etc.
  • They may also need a mailer service to verify the customers’ delivery addresses before accepting their account applications. Such address verification features, inclusive of autocomplete, standardization, and parsing, enable banks to cleanse and update their data from time to time. Thankfully, PostGrid’s direct mail service offers delivery address validation to all clients.
  • Automating mailing activities helps financial service providers save tons of manual effort and time. Also, they can nurture their customer relationships and boost retention by planning effective campaigns.
  • Since PostGrid provides on-demand and bulk direct mailing services, banks and financial organizations might send mail in any volume to any part of the country. They need not limit their tasks or stick to local marketing because they cannot spare the required time and resources.

Real Estate

  • Real estate agencies interact with clients and prospects every day. Their conversations are mainly verbal, but they still send several formal correspondences using direct mail marketing services. It includes:
    • Expired listings
    • Yellow letters
    • Pre-closure property notices
    • Updates to out-of-state landlords
    • Privacy notices
    • Form 1098
    • Communication about probates and inherited properties
  • Agents mostly use PostGrid’s direct mail service to prepare such compliance documents with our pre-built templates. They can customize the templates according to them and draft hundreds of letters by auto-filling the details in no time.
  • The API integration lets them fetch the necessary data in their system to complete these tasks painlessly. Also, they can always keep track of their items in real time with our direct mailing services.
  • PostGrid allows them to spread the word about their listings and pursue new prospects.


  • The education sector consists of universities, tutoring centers, high schools, kindergartens, etc. And all these institutions require a direct mail service to communicate with their students, parents, etc. Typically, they mail:
    • Donation request appeals
    • University prospectuses
    • Student records
    • Mark sheets
    • Application forms
    • Application acceptance letters, etc.
  • They can invite prospective students for college tours and other activities to increase publicity and boost brand image.
  • Also, they majorly use direct mail services like PostGrid for internal and external communication, like sending legal documents and compliance letters.

Nonprofit Organizations

  • Nonprofits and charitable organizations are cause-based and must stay in constant touch with their donors. Moreover, they require a broad network of volunteers to help them in various administrative and fundraising activities.
  • PostGrid’s direct mail marketing services enable them to raise funds and complete their day-to-day operations. These automated solutions help them eliminate unnecessary expenses and waste.
  • Nonprofits may also request auction items, invite volunteers, find sponsors, etc., by sending letters online using our effective mailer service.

Popular Use Cases of Using PostGrid’s Direct Mail Service

Below are the most common examples of how PostGrid fits into your everyday functioning:

Customer Onboarding

  • The first impression is the last! And PostGrid’s direct mailing services help you make the perfect impression on your new customers. It’s a sure-shot way of keeping them hooked for a long time and boosting repeat orders.
  • You can send personalized onboarding letters with branded items, like pens, notepads, mugs, etc. Our direct mailer services provide you with many options to compile a custom onboarding kit for your clients as part of account-based marketing.

Managing Customer Relationships

  • Prioritizing customers’ preferences and needs may be hard for you, but it’s not impossible. You can integrate our direct mail service API into your CRM to use your customer data in the best way possible.
  • Send them holiday and anniversary greetings with a special offer. These practices help you plant the seeds of healthy customer relationships that are an asset for you in the long run.
  • Such strategies also increase sales levels significantly during the holiday season. Luckily, PostGrid’s direct mailing services are only one step away from helping you fulfill these goals.
  • You can also draft several upselling and cross-selling campaigns with our mailer service. Just select the direct mail type you want to use and settle on a catchy slogan for your campaign to begin.
  • Snail mail offers an excellent platform to introduce upselling plans to customers, and PostGrid can help you get there.

Acquiring New Customers

  • Apart from customer retention, PostGrid’s direct mail services allow you to increase acquisition rates. Hence, you can broaden your customer base considerably by conducting a few campaigns yearly, depending on your target audience and budget.
  • Such customer acquisition programs let the business step outside its comfort zone and tap into different markets. As a result, they can network more flexibly and increase their ROI rapidly.
  • Automated direct mailing services like PostGrid saves businesses from the trouble of spending millions of marketing dollars on a single program yielding low results. Instead, they can draft and launch successful campaigns that guarantee better performance and increased brand awareness.

Promoting Offers and Discounts

  • Almost all companies run seasonal campaigns offering several discounts to potential and existing buyers.
  • PostGrid’s direct mailer services enable them to make the most of these marketing plans to bring in more customers.
  • They can send out postcards of various sizes with the discount code redeemable on their website. Or, they may ask the recipients to bring the postcard to a nearby store and claim discounts on their items.
  • There are many more ways to promote your offers using PostGrid’s direct mail marketing services, like sending materials with custom QR codespURLs, etc.

Conducting Transpromotional Marketing

  • Our online print and mail solutions assist companies in launching trans promotional marketing, which is still a new concept for many.
  • It is a mixture of sending transactional documents and marketing one’s brand to a client. All you have to do is add a promotional message and your branding to these mail items using PostGrid’s automated mailer service.
  • So, the customer remembers your brand whenever they see an invoice or account statement you sent.
  • Transpromotional marketing is a cost-effective and creative method of conversing with customers. And PostGrid’s direct mail service makes it possible!

Making Announcements

  • Send announcement flyers or letters with PostGrid’s online direct mail service.
  • It helps you inform your audience about new branches, exclusive product ranges, additional services, the latest features, industry news, etc.
  • Companies can also send event announcements and invitations via PostGrid’s direct mailing services to grab their target audience’s attention and increase foot traffic.

Items You Can Print and Mail With PostGrid

  • LettersPrint and mail letters to clients, suppliers, and employees. These can be both transactional and marketing letters.
  • Invoices: Sending invoices to customers is a daily chore for businesses. Use PostGrid to draft and print invoices swiftly and get them delivered. Send invoices and past due notices frequently to get paid faster.
  • PostcardsPostcards are the most commonly used marketing collateral. Also, people love getting postcards in the mail. Design eye-catching postcards with PostGrid’s pre-built templates and impress prospects.
  • Statements: Financial institutions can send bank statements to their customers regularly. Other businesses can also send account statements to customers to facilitate transactions.
  • Checks: Streamline your payments with PostGrid’s automated printing and mailing services. You can send checks to the right addresses securely and confidentially.
  • Newsletters: PostGrid has got you covered if you want to send newsletters offline. The process is as easy as sending email newsletters. You can manage everything with just a few clicks.
  • Thank You Cards: It is important to appreciate customers. You can send onboarding postcards to new customers. Also, send thank-you cards to existing customers as an appreciation gesture.
  • Surveys: PostGrid allows you to send surveys through the mail. You can also include business reply mail to encourage customers to respond.
  • Reminders: It is common for customers to add things to their cart and forget about them. But, you can remind these customers via direct mail. Give them the push they need to complete checkouts by including exciting offers. Send direct mail reminders for people to remember their appointment dates.

A Breakdown of Direct Mail Service Costs

  • Direct mail costs depend on the campaign size, design, and more factors.
  • House lists cost you nothing. It is the best way to keep costs under control.
  • If you are working on a budget, you can also choose door direct mail EDDM.
  • Purchased lists can cost you up to $0.30 per entry.
  • Postcard postage rates start at $0.35 per item. You can send letters at $0.50 per item.
  • The design part is often one of the most expensive aspects of a direct mail campaign. It is much cheaper to handle the design yourself than to outsource to a designer.
  • There are several other costs involved like copywriting and printing.
  • With PostGrid’s advertising mailing services, you can get affordable per-piece rates.

Want to Print and Mail Affordably?

  • PostGrid’s direct mail services are the most affordable services you can find.
  • There are no monthly fees or long-term commitments involved.
  • You can get started with our services in a few minutes.
  • The 24×7 support team can help you with any technical assistance you need.

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)

What Is EDDM?

EDDM stands for Every Door Direct Mail. It is a USPS direct mailing service to help companies conduct marketing at low rates. You can select a specific ZIP code or neighborhood to target. Also, you may decide if you want to reach residential addresses, commercial addresses, or both.

EDDM campaigns are the best option for companies that don’t have a mailing list. They can choose a locality, and the USSP sends a printed item to every address in that area. Hence, you can saturate various places in one go. Try using PostGrid’s direct mail services to launch more segmented and personalized EDDM campaigns.

Can I combine direct mail with other marketing channels?

Yes, you may run a multi-channel marketing campaign to reach more people and mark your presence across several platforms. PostGrid’s direct mailer services make launching such programs simple and quick by allowing you to integrate our API into your marketing CRM.

Plus, PostGrid lets you access your campaign reports and analytics, helping you shape your integrated campaigns accordingly.

Does PostGrid’s direct mail service help you conduct triggered campaigns?

Yes, PostGrid’s direct mail automation software allows you to trigger campaigns based on specific events. You can set the triggers or choose the dates you want to run a campaign. PostGrid automatically prints and ships your order on your behalf without you doing anything.

It helps you save time by planning one or more campaigns in advance. Also, triggered campaigns enable you to launch direct mailing programs promptly to get the best results.

PostGrid’s direct mail services can identify specific customer behavior and send the necessary items to them almost instantly. Hence, they are more likely to respond and engage with your brand.

How do PostGrid’s pricing plans work?

We have two pricing plans for our clients, namely Starter and Enterprise. The Starter program is free, and you can send up to 500 mailings every month. You can contact us to avail the Enterprise plan if your mailing requirements are broader.

Our Starter direct mailing service offers many helpful features, like ten pre-built design templates, mail tracking, high-quality printing, etc. However, the Enterprise solutions are more flexible and tailored to suit your needs. Contact us today to learn more about PostGrid’s direct mail service!

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