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Print and Mail Documents Online

You can print and mail documents online using PostGrid's automation platform and Print and mail API. Outsource your document printing and mailing to get rid of wasted time, returned mails, failed deliveries, and extra shipping costs. Our all-in-one services can help you do everything from drafting the documents to shipping them to your clients or customers. There is no need for you to handle the inventory or manually fold, stamp, stuff, and seal your documents. PostGrid can assist you in the entire process with complete automation. Everything can be done online, right through your system.


Print and Mail Documents Online

PostGrid integrates with all accounting and CRM software. Furthermore, you aren't required to pay any minimum fees or fixed monthly charges. Our pay-as-you-go feature can help you have complete control over your printing and mailing costs.

  • No more standing in long queues outside the post office.
    No more lost and returned mails.
  • Save on your document printing and mailing charges, generating immediate ROI.
  • Eliminate manual efforts and save your employees' time.
  • Automate the process to print and mail documents anytime and from anywhere.

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What Kind of Documents Can You Print and Mail With PostGrid?

PostGrid allows you to print and send out any type of document. You can print & mail documents to anyone and at any time, on-demand. Our flexible platform can perfectly fit your needs, enabling you to send all kinds of documents.

Below are some of the popular examples of documents that are regularly sent through PostGrid:


Companies have to send invoices to their clients from time to time for every transaction. It is an ongoing process, and the company's staff undoubtedly spend a lot of time generating new invoices, printing, and taking them to the post office. PostGrid assists companies in everything from processing new invoices and storing them to printing and shipping them to their respective clients.

Contracts and Renewal Letters

When businesses get orders from new or old clients, both parties sign a contract. Hence, printing and mailing contracts is an inevitable part of the business. Manually processing contracts for every client and sending them to the right addresses can be hectic. It is important to mail these time-sensitive documents speedily to get the deal closed at the earliest. With PostGrid, you can print and mail all your documents, including contracts and contract renewal letters, in a timely and efficient manner.


Invitation letters and cards for trade shows, product launches, press meets, or other events can be sent easily through our platform or print & mail API. Using the attractive templates on our platform, you can also design your invitations from scratch and make them ready to be sent in just a few minutes.

Welcome Letters and Appreciation Postcards

Welcome your new customers and employees to your organization by sending them thoughtful onboarding letters. This gesture can help you start your relationship on a positive note. You can also send notes or postcards with impactful messages to your existing audiences — as a token of appreciation. PostGrid can help you plan and conduct it all in no time.

Credit Reminders

There are always clients in the dues receivable section of every company. A lot of invoices need to be followed by reminders or past due notices to remind the clients to complete the due payments without fail. An efficient system of sending out these credit reminders can help a firm get timely payments and regulate the cash flow. You can also feed in events and dates on our platform to send event-driven reminders, without you having to remember everything.


Monthly newsletters can be printed and sent out to any number of people, as per the company's decision – with the help of PostGrid's automation platform or API. PostGrid can also help you design and print attention-grabbing newsletters that are appealing to the recipients. Similar to other documents, you can automate the entire newsletter printing and mailing process, saving a lot of your time and effort.

Legal Documents

You can print and mail documents of legal nature using our services. All legal documents are required to be printed and mailed securely. PostGrid complies with all data security laws – enabling you to print and send confidential documents safely. Our platform allows you to send legal documents accurately and on time. Therefore, companies can rely on us for sending out legal documents.

Bank Statements

PostGrid facilitates the printing and shipping of statements and makes it convenient for both banks and customers. Banks can get the statements printed and sent without any wasted time and extra hassles. The customers can also receive their statements on time so that they can keep these documents handy for their convenience.

Advertising Materials

Using PostGrid's online document printing and mailing solutions, businesses can also print and mail advertising collaterals like letter-sized brochures and flyers. They can conduct both small and large-scale direct mail campaigns easily.

Tax Forms

Tax forms are used by almost every organization. They are required to send these forms to the authorities on a regular basis. Many other tax documents are needed to be printed and sent precisely for a number of purposes. PostGrid can help you in every step of the printing and mailing process. You can also view the tracking information right on your dashboard. This way, it is easy to have all the details about your sent documents at any point in time.

PostGrid for powerful features, minimum efforts

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PostGrid for Print & Mail Documents

Innovative, Creative, and Convenient, now, this is PostGrid!

As we know, USPS offers businesses an effective solution to print and deliver documents, which is more than a modern approach.

We provide a secured environment with the ability to adapt to any operating system and work with all types of working environments, accommodating from single to thousands in a single association.

At PostGrid, we understand that the demands of businesses are changing on a vast scale. And our team of professionals is highly committed to providing young entrepreneurs and well-established organizations with a modern approach to connecting with the global network to print and mail documents.

We are a Team for People & Businesses

Yes, that’s right!

We hold expertise in a variety of industries. And our team has a proven track record of success in offering cutting-edge and modern solutions. This is why our print and mail documents online and address verification service has become more precise, thanks to our years of experience.

It will not be wrong to say that we are all set to help your business find the best print and mail documents and related solutions required to remove countless hurdles of achieving these tasks manually.

The corporate environment that is PostGrid is made up of hundreds of incredible people. Quality products and seamless user experiences are the positive outcomes of the collective work of everyone involved. Additionally, our team is highly focused on building and maintaining lasting relationships, not just on the numbers.

Our facility is completely protected with CASS and SOC-II certifications. Also, we process print & mail for real estate, financial services, healthcare, education, and many government entities. And this is available under a single roof. As a HIPPA Compliant service provider, we deeply understand the securities or regulations required when handling critical customer data while opting to print and mail documents.

PostGrid works in sync with USPS for seamless print and mail documents online. All you have to do is upload your CSV files to our dashboard. We also use NCOA processes to verify every piece along with IMB Barcodes that are printed on your mail items to track them.

Let us now step ahead to see how we do it!

API to Print and Mail Documents

With PostGrid, you can easily print and mail documents at an affordable price. Our mailing solution fulfills countless business possibilities for our clients with the ability to print and deliver documents & services from our API.

Our Print and Mail (API) service provides advanced printing and mailing services for business owners who want to push the boundaries of efficiency and innovation. We provide a RESTful web service API that allows businesses to send letters and postcards easily through their CRMS or system solutions.

The experts at PostGrid can help you build campaigns through API to improve the postal processes within your business.

Features of PostGrid’s Online Document Printing and Mailing


Companies can get our API integrated with their accounting, CRM, or billing software – to speed up the process of online document printing and mailing. PostGrid's native and Zapier integrations have made it very easy to integrate with any platform and import your documents for automated and quick processing. You can simply integrate your system with our API to make sure that all your documents are printed and mailed accurately and without any manual efforts. This way, businesses can save their time spent sorting documents and processing them separately. Zero-code integrations can help you to set up and get started with PostGrid without any technical expertise.

Branding Options

There are plenty of options available for you to customize your documents. It facilitates sending documents that can do their job and advertise your brand simultaneously. Moreover, these branded documents can also help you re-engage with your old clients or win over new customers. Either way, this 2 in 1 approach can help companies send timely documents to their clients and leave an impact, both at the same time. Our reusable templates are available for all kinds of documents. If you wish, you can also edit our in-built templates according to your imagination, with the help of our template editor. Our platform allows you to edit everything from colors, text, and images to your documents' overall appearance.

Real-Time Tracking

When you print and mail documents through PostGrid, you get complete access to your dashboard – from where you can check the progress and history of all your sent documents. The per-piece and real-time tracking feature offered by PostGrid lets you track every document and stay updated all the time. Real-time tracking allows you to follow up at the perfect time and makes use of all the opportunities before it gets missed. For example, you send an invoice to a client and wish to give him a call at the exact moment when he receives it. Our platform notifies you with delivery confirmations to help you follow up and induce the client to clear the dues.

Automatic Address Verification

To print and mail documents accurately, you require the correct addresses of your clients and customers. There is no guarantee that the addresses you have in your records are deliverable and cent percent precise. Even a small mistake in the address entry task can cause your document mailings to get lost or misplaced. Hence, in order to avoid this scenario, it is recommended that all your addresses are cross-verified to make sure that the deliveries are completed smoothly. PostGrid's online document printing and mailing services help you readily with address verification. You can import the addresses on our platform or let our API do the needful. PostGrid automatically standardizes and validates all your addresses to facilitate quick and correct deliveries.

Printing and Mailing Alternatives

Along with personalization and customization options, PostGrid also offers various alternatives for printing and mailing. For printing, you can select between one-sided, two-sided, and multiple-sided options, depending on the type of document. PostGrid can accommodate all your requirements without any issues. You also get to select the paper stock. Though most of your official documents are printed on matte papers, everything depends on your exact needs. The type, size, and ink can all be decided by you for more customized printing. Similarly, PostGrid provides a number of mailing options. Mostly, mails to residential addresses are sent through the USPS. We also have FedEx and UPS mailing options. You can select from the priority, express, and overnight delivery options available. PostGrid has partnered with the most trusted printing and mailing vendors from across the country. Therefore, you can be assured that your documents are in the right hands.

International Addresses

For printing and mailing documents internationally, companies need to spend excessively on the overall shipping costs. With PostGrid, you can save a lot on the shipping charges and make sure that your documents reach the correct destination. Our platform or API can help you print and mail documents to any national or international address. PostGrid has a very efficient international address verification system that can help you automatically correct, format, validate, and verify all the addresses in your database. Hence, you can ship your important documents anywhere, without worrying about the accuracy and deliverability of the addresses.

Add Inserts

You can add inserts to your documents easily. In the earlier point regarding branding, we discussed how you could brand your documents. Another option that PostGrid offers is to add inserts like advertisements, coupons, flyers, or announcements. You can send these along with your documents. Using this option, you can conduct a complete direct mail marketing campaign as you mail your documents. Furthermore, you can add different inserts to different documents using variable data and personalization – for more effectiveness. Companies can insert a remittance envelope in their mailings to prompt payments or replies.

CASS certified

PostGrid is a CASS-certified platform. It means that all the addresses that go through our platform and API are standardized and verified as per the USPS guidelines. Thus, businesses can print and mail documents smoothly through PostGrid. We renew our certifications every year to stay updated and help you carry out online document printing and mailing precisely.

Print and mail documents online

Our intuitive, collaborative tools allow you to focus on your email campaigns and our deliverability tools help ensure that they reach your customers’ inboxes.


Print and Mail Documents Online: The Benefits

Our print and mail API makes it simpler for businesses to connect their software and other devices and applications to gather and process data. Printing and mailing documents can be a challenge for some, but we assure you that these services are of great value to your business in the long run. Some of the benefits you can avail yourself at PostGrid are:

  • No Hardware Required: Our Print and Mail API removes the need to manage expensive hardware, printer availability, sorting, and inserting mailing items. You can save time and money with our API services. The ability to print and mail documents online while improving the efficiency of your office space and staff.
  • No Third-party or Software Required: Your team does not have to worry about presorting software with our printing and mailing process. Also, you don’t need to worry about getting your API up and running with our comprehensive app documentation and stater’s guide.
  • Unlimited & Unmatched Mailing Limitations: Businesses can also print & mail just one letter or thousands of letters via PostGrid’s API servers at a specific time with ease. Your delivery requirements will be met more effectively with the unlimited scalability that we are known to offer. You can use PostGrid to do so but must create, upload, and format the letters properly and add in the return addresses if you expect a response from the recipient.

Benefits of PostGrid's Online Document Printing and Mailing


As an online document printing and mailing service provider, PostGrid is offering you its services at highly competitive rates. Our platform handles the documents of a lot of companies, which helps us process orders in bulk. It, in turn, enables you to fetch affordable prices and attractive discounts. Companies usually waste a lot of money and effort in stocking up on ink, paper, stamps, and envelopes. Moreover, they also spend a lot of postal charges. With PostGrid, you don't need to pay any minimum fees or monthly charges. Our pay-as-you-go option allows you to pay conveniently. It helps in reducing the overall costs for you.

Saved Time

Print and mail documents speedily with our single-click solutions. All you have to do is order our platform or automate the process through our API. PostGrid's document printing and mailing services can save your employees from stocking inventory, drafting documents, loading and unloading papers in the printer, sorting all the documents, stuffing, enveloping, sealing, stamping, printing labels and attaching them, and finally taking them all to the post office for mailing. Also, there are long queues outside the post office, usually. Save your employees' time and hard work, and streamline your document printing and mailing through quick online processes.


PostGrid offers you the flexibility to send small, medium, and large volumes of documents. Under any circumstances, the overall pricing will still be low as compared to in-house printing and mailing tasks. However, if you send direct mails in bulk, you can fetch yourself some additional discounts. Furthermore, you can send any type of document using our online services. Invoices, bank statements, renewal letters, notices, and any other documents can be printed and mailed through us conveniently. There are unlimited template options available, along with a scope of unlimited document uploads and mailings.


If you are looking for an efficient and reliable online printing and mailing solution, PostGrid is the one. You can print and send documents from anywhere in the world – easily and quickly. All you will need is an internet connection and a device to operate the system. With just a couple of clicks, you can get all your direct mails printed, lined up, and ready to be sent. You can depend on PostGrid confidently in terms of high-quality printing of documents and smooth deliveries. We have partnered with trusted printing vendors who are experts in their field and can print all your documents using high-quality materials.


You can have complete access to detailed analytics of all your sent documents. PostGrid offers you an easy-to-use dashboard, through which you can view the status of every document easily. All document histories and tracking statuses are stored for you – so that you can have a quick view of your documents at any time. This way, you can also filter and search for the sent documents in case you want to track the history of a specific document. With detailed records at your fingertips, it is very easy for you to have complete control over your online document printing and mailing processes.

Secure Document Processing

PostGrid provides safe and secure storage of documents for printing and mailing. Our platform and API are HIPAA, PIPEDA, and SOC-2 compliant, which means that your data is always safe with us. We maintain a high level of confidentiality and strive to protect your information from any data breach situations.

Easy Set-Up

Hiring up on PostGrid's platform and setting up your account is a very simple process. You can easily set up your account in minutes and get started with your document printing and mailing processes. The easy-to-use platform allows you to quickly install and integrate your system for your documents' speedy processing. There is no technical expertise required in PostGrid's installation and set-up procedure. Furthermore, there are no hidden costs or set-up fees involved.

Increased Productivity

Manual drafting, printing, folding, stuffing, enveloping, and sealing documents can be very tiresome and boring. These tasks are monotonous in nature and can affect your employees' morale and productivity negatively. To avoid this, you can simply use PostGrid's automation platform to streamline the printing and mailing of all your documents, irrespective of their volumes and types.

Personalization and Customizations

With our variable data printing feature, you can mail all standard and personalized documents aimed at specific people. Manually, this process can take hours of your time. PostGrid can help you personalize each and every document swiftly and easily. It also offers you numerous customization options. You can select from black and white or color printing alternatives and decide on the images, layouts, messages, fonts, graphics, and your documents' overall appearance. Furthermore, you also get to select from various sizes, paper stock, and printing options.

Printing and Mailing Fulfillment

Our services are all-in-one. If you opt for PostGrid's document printing and mailing services, you can rest assured that all the processes from collecting details and drafting your documents to their printing and delivery are all taken care of. PostGrid offers automation to complete these tasks without any manual efforts and at half the costs. It takes care to fulfill everything accurately. After mailing your documents, you will instantly receive the tracking details. You will also be notified of the delivery confirmations for every document, enabling you to control your document printing and mailing better.

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What Are the Steps in Printing and Mailing Documents Online?

There are just a few steps to set up PostGrid and get started with it. The further steps to print and mail documents are also very simple. Below are the steps involved in printing and mailing documents online:

  • Upload your documents on our platform or draft them using our in-built templates. You can integrate with your accounting or CRM software to export all the required details and draft documents speedily. Our local integrations can help you to print and mail documents in just a couple of clicks.
  • You can select from the various customizations available for the documents. Adding graphics, logos, stamps, signatures, taglines, and personalized messages comes under this step.
  • After that, you can further select the paper, sides, colors, and ink to be used for printing. This step completes the printing part.
  • Moving to the mailing part – the first thing to handle is the mailing addresses where the mails are intended to be sent. You can upload your mailing list or let our API complete this task for you. Our platform and API will process all your addresses to return completely validated, verified, and mailable addresses. Moreover, international addresses are also accurately parsed, formatted, corrected, validated, and enhanced for smooth international mailings.
  • Depending on the urgency of your documents, you can choose from the delivery options. Due to scale mailings, PostGrid is able to use methods like commingling, drop shipping, and pre-sorting to speed up your mail deliveries.
  • You will receive the tracking details instantly after your documents are mailed. All the tracking information is available for you through your dashboard. Also, you will be notified once the deliveries are completed for every mail. Per-piece tracking can help you to know the current status of every individual mail.
  • The records of all sent documents are stored forever under your account. You can log in at any time and view these reports.


PostGrid‘s online document printing and mailing solutions are readily available to assist you in your everyday tasks. You can print and mail documents through our platform or API for increased efficiency, successful deliveries, and reduced cost. Our competitive pricing and accuracy levels are exceptionally good, enabling you to rely on PostGrid’s services. Our platform strives to protect your document integrity and get all your documents printed and mailed safely and on time.

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