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Does Your Business Need Address Lookup API?

The Address Lookup API is a must-have for many online businesses out there that uses the postal address of their users for reasons including order delivery, order placement, and much more. Data accuracy is quintessential in serving your customers, and ignoring such an important aspect of our business could potentially end up ruining your business’s relationship with its customers.

The Address Lookup API can also be used to enhance your online business’s user experience as it can let your customers look up their own addresses in real-time as they type it in. The Address Lookup API returns or rather suggests potential addresses based on the data you have submitted, and they can simply fill in the full address using the suggestion provided by PostGrid.

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CASS-Certified Software

  • PostGrid’s software is approved by the Coding Accuracy Support System or CASS, a tool directly from the USPS, which implies that PostGrid can access the information on the official postal address database USPS.
  • Each address lookup carried out by the PostGrid system is essentially an address verification against USPS’s official postal address database. Therefore the data you get through our Address Lookup API is completely accurate.
  • As a CASS-certified software, PostGrid is equipped to furnish you with a ZIP+4 code of any address you want to lookup. Furthermore, you even have the option to clean up your address database through a bulk address verification that can easily be carried out using a simple CSV file.

Why Choose PostGrid as Your Address Lookup API

PostGrid is one of the most popular choices for address lookup APIs because it uses an advanced system that provides your business with accurate postal address data. PostGrid is certified by Coding Accuracy Support System or CASS, meaning that it is a reliable source of postal address data that the USPS themselves approves. PostGrid comes fully equipped with a ZIP+4 code lookup that allows for faster and more accurate postal delivery. Below we discuss the primary differentiators that set apart PostGrid from the rest of the crowd.

Superior Address Lookup With ZIP+4 Code

PostGrid comes equipped with advanced capabilities, including a full 9-digit ZIP code lookup. This means that every time you type in an address, PostGrid suggests the potential addresses and even provides you with a ZIP+4 code. The ZIP+4 code allows for quicker delivery and further reiterates the accuracy of the given address.

Advanced Address Verification API

PostGrid is a CASS-certified software, and every address lookup carries out by the PostGrid system involves a rigorous address verification. PostGrid’s Address Verification API accesses the official postal address database of the USPS and cross-checks the given addresses with it, and returns the full address based on this. This means that every address provided during an address lookup is a verified one and up to the standards of USPS, including the ZIP+4 code.

Enhanced User Experience

PostGrid can optimize the user experience on your website. More precisely, it can optimize the checkout process and streamline your landing pages. How does PostGrid accomplish this? One word, convenience. PostGrid enhances the convenience of using your website through advanced autocomplete capability, which makes it easy for your users to provide an error-free address when making a purchase or filling out a form.

Works Flawlessly With Your CRM

PostGrid allows you to constantly add to your CRM and our advanced address verification feature, ensuring your database’s accuracy. This means you don’t have to worry about manually entering each address into the system and then having them verified individually. You can customize your PostGrid API to automate the address clean-up directly from your CRM or simply download the address data to a CSV file and have them verified through PostGrid’s bulk tool in a matter of seconds.

Superior Data Quality & Improved Communication

With a CASS-certified address verification tool like PostGrid, you can expect a superior quality for the data you store. As PostGrid’s API directly accesses the official postal address database of the USPS, there is little to no chance of bad data entering your system. Furthermore, PostGrid enables you to check the validity of the data provided by your customer at the point of onboarding itself, meaning that you get to keep a clean database with superior data quality.

Improved Communication

For businesses that make use of postal mails to communicate with their customers, PostGrid can greatly improve their communication. PostGrid’s advanced address verification system greatly impacts even the marketing efforts made through direct mails because it greatly boosts your campaign’s reach. This is possible because of the high deliverability rate offered by PostGrid.

What Type of Businesses Need Address Lookup API

Targeted Direct Mail

eCommerce Businesses Third-Party Logistics Companies

PostGrid’s Address Lookup API is a perfect match for eCommerce businesses. It enables eCommerce businesses to get an accurate address of their customers. Plus, it also has the potential to enhance the user’s shopping experience by offering a convenient way of placing orders. PostGrid’s address lookup suggests the customer’s address even as he/she is typing it in, allowing them to autofill the address with ease.

Third-Party Logistics Companies

Third-party logistics companies, especially those in contract with online brands and other product selling businesses, can make the most out of address verification and lookup tools like PostGrid. We enable third-party logistics to make accurate deliveries with minimal or negligible return rates. By doing so we ensure that they serve their customers better and help them establish credibility with their partners.

Short-Term Rental Home Service Sites

Addresses are perhaps the most important information or data in possession of short-term rental home service sites. With PostGrid, their customers can easily look up properties on their site, and the admin can also verify the addresses before it is listed on their website. PostGrid helps short-term rental home services provide reliable data on their properties and thereby gain their customers’ trust.

Credit Check Services Zero-Code Integration

The credit check that banks or other financial institutions often carry out requires an address verification service to ensure the data’s accuracy. The Address Lookup API of PostGrid is also aimed at address verification and can prove to be extremely useful for such cases. This also helps such services to keep their spendings in check and avoid unnecessary wastage.

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What Makes PostGrids Address Lookup API Unique?

Zero-Code Integration

With an absolute zero-code integration, PostGrid enables you to integrate its Address Lookup API to your website with ease. All you have to do is follow the steps in our API documentation, and you can easily set up the address lookup on your website. Our zero-code integration allows people with no coding experience to implement the address lookup and address verification for their business.

Mobile App Supported

PostGrids address verification and address lookup features can be easily integrated into your business’s mobile application. Our Address Lookup API comes equipped with a Zapier integration which enables you to implement our address lookup and address verification capabilities with over 1600 apps. This makes PostGrid the go-to choice for the address lookup requirement of your mobile app.

Advanced API Dashboard

The advanced API dashboard of PostGrid provides you with superior functionalities that let you track API usage, manage templates, contacts, and other API resources. You can also access advanced analytic data through PostGrid’s advanced API. The data obtained through our analytics include valuable data & insights that you can use to optimize your business. As an end result, youtube has superior visibility and control over the API.

Standalone Cloud Software

PostGrid also comes equipped with standalone cloud software as well. You can use our standalone software for standardizing, verifying, and validating your address database. This helps you ensure that you have the right data on your customers and avoid bad data. PostGrid thus helps to make accurate deliveries and avoid unnecessary postal mail returns, saving you precious time and money that can now be spent elsewhere, which is more crucial to the company.

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Advanced Analytics and Tracking

PostGrid has an advanced analytics and tracking system in place, which can come quite handy for eCommerce companies and companies that regularly send out postal mails to their customers. Through our API dashboard, you can access the detailed activity log of your orders. As a result, you get access to important information such as the delivery activity, order status, and more.

PostGrid also facilitates features that enable database search and export. You can get print-ready renderings of all mailings at any time or even have them downloaded depending on your choice. Our Address Lookup API’s granular metadata capability allows the user to attach application-specific metadata to any API resources enhancing its visibility.

Scalable REST API

Superior Scalability

PostGrids infrastructure can easily handle millions of API calls simultaneously, meaning no matter how big your company is or how much online traffic your business deals with daily, PostGrid will continue to serve you without fail.

Isolated Test Environment

Ensure your website’s safety and integrity and its existing system by testing PostGrid’s Address Lookup API on a test environment isolated from the live environment.

Protect Your Website/Apps Integrity

PostGrid’s scalable REST API can integrate seamlessly with your business website or mobile app without creating any internal conflicts with your existing system. Our REST API safeguards and even enhances some of the existing features.

Fully Documented API

PostGrid’s REST API comes fully documented, including all the steps necessary for integrating PostGrid into your system. We holistically document every endpoint using OpenAPI so we can serve you better.

Integrates with Your Favorite Tech Stack & Tools

Easily Improve your workflow and automate print & mail through seamless integration capabilities.

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