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15 Best Direct Mail Services for Bulk/Mass Mailing

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15 Best Direct Mail Services Company for Bulk/Mass Mailing

Most companies are reluctant to use offline marketing channels like direct mail to market their products and services. They assume that direct mail is complex and needs more personalization capability to generate the desired impact on the audience. In the past, these concerns were legit, and companies had minimal options available. But that is no longer the case today because you have the best direct mail services to help you now.

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Choosing from the best direct mail services gives you access to advanced features and capabilities for your marketing and communication needs. But, if you Google for a direct mail solution for your business, you will see way too many options. Unfortunately, not all of those options can work seamlessly for your business.

It would be best to have the ideal direct mail solution to use the 90% open rate of direct mail most effectively for your business. Below, we discuss the best direct mail services you can consider for your business and their most compelling features.

Choosing from the best direct mail services gives you access to advanced features and capabilities for your marketing and communication needs. But, if you Google for a direct mail solution for your business, you will see way too many options. Unfortunately, not all of those options can work seamlessly for your business.

Top Direct Mail Services for Your Mailing Needs

It would be best to have the ideal direct mail solution to use the 90% open rate of direct mail most effectively for your business. Below, we discuss the best direct mail services you can consider for your business and their most compelling features.

#1 PostGrid Print & Mail Automation

PostGrid offers one of the most flexible direct mail solutions with advanced automation capabilities. It offers a complete direct mailing service, including designing, printing, and sending mailers via USPS. With PostGrid, you get a complete direct mail solution that efficiently meets your marketing and communication needs.

It could be sending an invoice to customers or implementing tailor-made direct mail campaigns. The fully automated direct mail solution provides one of the best direct mail services you can get for your business. Some attractive features and capabilities you get from PostGrid's direct mail solution include the following. 

Customize Each Mail Piece Of Your Bulk Mail

Connect PostGrid's direct mail API with your website and CRM solution to personalize your mailers and boost customer engagement. As a result, you can access bulk mail services that let you personalize every business mailer you want to send.

Boosted Engagements And Response Rate With Advanced Targeting

Automated direct mail services offer advanced capabilities that help you target the right audience for your campaign. PostGrid's direct mail solution lets you target particular audiences, effectively boosting customer engagement and direct mail response rate

Seamless Integration With 1600+ Apps

Our direct mail API can work seamlessly with over 1600 apps and all major CRM solutions, including HubSpot, Zoho, and many more. It enhances direct mail services by fetching relevant data in seconds, effectively eliminating time-consuming operations.

Effortlessly Send Transactional Mail For Your Business

The direct mail API helps you get the best direct mail services for your business's transactional mail. You can automate the processing of sensitive business documents, including invoices, billing statements, and more, with PostGrid's direct mail solution.

Advanced Variable Data Printing

You can access PostGrid's advanced variable data printing service to personalize your bulk mail. PostGrid can even presort your bulk mail to get attractive discounts from USPS. It is an effective direct mail service to print and mail personalized bulk mail.

Centralized Dashboard For Tracking And Managing Your Mail

PostGrid offers businesses a centralized dashboard for tracking and managing mail operations. You can track your business mailers from the dashboard and get regular reports on the mailer's location until delivery. By doing so, PostGrid's dashboard makes mailer services much more efficient and accessible.

Advanced Reporting Feature 

PostGrid gives instant reports on all orders, including details on every phase, from printing to mailing your letters.

Event-Triggered Mailing For Transactional and Marketing Mail

Our advanced direct mail API can automatically send transactional mail to your audience using a triggering action or event. It allows you to run individual and mass mailing services to automatically send mail based on a triggering action, such as signing up for a demo, purchase, Etc. 

Superior Template Design Management

With PostGrid, you can create and manage template designs more effectively. It offers a free template gallery and editor to design and print unique direct mail materials for your business. You also have the option to use custom templates and access automated direct mail services for sending them.

Advanced Security Compliances And Certifications

PostGrid has advanced security compliances, including HIPAA, SOC-2, PIPEDA, and more. The direct mail tool also has CASS and SERP certifications for its address verification solution. Automation ensures zero manual errors, effectively streamlining your direct mail services.

#2 VistaPrint

The solution is one of the more popular choices regarding advanced print and mail services for business marketing and communications. The company is top-rated for its business cards but also offers excellent direct mail services to businesses.

VistaPrint provides numerous postcard designs as part of its direct mail marketing services. The advanced direct mail solution comes with many features and benefits for your business's direct mail operations.  

Some of the attractive aspects of VistaPrint that make it one of the best direct mail marketing services are as follows.

Print More Than Direct Mail

Although VistaPrint offers advanced direct mail services, it can also help you with various printed products. Postcards, signs, banners, clothing, bags, Etc. are some items you can print using VistaPrint, making it an ideal choice if you want to add a bit of branded swag to your campaigns.

Access to Thousands of Templates

One of the best things about using VistaPrint for accessing better direct mail services is that it gives you access to an extensive template collection. You can choose a template suitable for your campaign from VistaPrint's thousands of templates.

Easy-To-Use Design Tools

VistaPrint allows you to design direct mail templates using its design tools conveniently. If something else is needed, VistaPrint also has a design service option available that you can use. A unique design and a speedy mailer service can significantly improve your marketing and communication efforts.

Purchase Targeted Mailing List

Starting a direct mail campaign for your business can be challenging, as you need a targeted mailing list. In that case, VistaPrint has you covered. Besides the direct mail services it offers, VistaPrint lets you purchase a target mailing list for your direct mail campaigns.

Extended Customer Support

With VistaPrint's direct mail services, you can access the customer support team all seven days through the week. The company also offers extended hours for customer support, so you always have someone to turn to in case of any eventualities. 

Logo Maker And QR Code Generator

Another nifty feature, VistaPrint offers a dedicated logo maker and QR code generator. QR code marketing in direct mail is one of the most effective ways to boost engagements and response rates. Instead of just offering direct mail services, VistaPrint offers you additional tools to enhance your direct mail campaign results. 

#3 PsPrint

The company offers EDDM or Every Door Direct Mail services for different types of products. PsPrint is a perfect fit for small companies that want to implement direct mail campaigns using a variety of mailers, including postcards.

One of the unique aspects of PsPrint's direct mail services is that it lets you pick a production time for your mailers. However, the cost of producing printed mail materials increases as the production time reduces. The company will even send you extra prints for free (if all of them fit inside a box).

PsPrint's direct mail services include printing and mailing various marketing materials to the target audience. The marketing materials you can produce using PsPrint include postcards, brochures, booklets, catalogs, and more. 

Here are some compelling features and direct mail services you can access using PsPrint.

Specialized EDDM Services

PsPrint offers affordable direct mail services ideal for small businesses. It provides one of the most cost-efficient ways to reach your target audience by combining its printing and EDDM mailing service. You can send attractive self-mailers, including postcards, newsletters, and more, using PsPrint. The EDDM service enables you to target specific areas or ZIP codes for your direct mail campaigns.

Access Targeted Mailing Lists

Although PsPrint is primarily for small businesses, it offers access to targeted mailing lists. It is ideal for companies that want to use direct mail services for marketing their business and do not have a mailing list. Such companies can quickly access targeted mailing lists directly from PsPrint.

Access To a Variety Of Direct Mail Marketing Materials

One of the most significant benefits of using PsPrint for your marketing and direct mail services is its variety of printed materials. PsPrint enables small businesses to print and mail the following materials for their direct mail campaign

  • Postcards
  • Catalogs
  • Booklets
  • Brochures 
  • Newsletters 
  • Invitations
  • Greeting cards

Upload Your Mailing List

Although PsPrint is ideal for direct mail services like EDDM, you can also use it for highly targeted mailing campaigns. It allows you to use your custom mailing list for running direct marketing campaigns using its advanced direct mail solution.

Choose The Production Time

Another reason for using PsPrint for accessing marketing direct mail services is the flexibility in choosing the production time. The production time for PsPrint is 1 to 5 days. You can select a lower production time if you have an urgent requirement. However, faster production time also requires a higher fee for sending you marketing materials.

Choose The Ideal Size For The Marketing Material 

PsPrint allows small businesses to choose the ideal marketing mail material size for their campaigns. It adds greater flexibility to the direct mail marketing services and lets you select a perfect mailer depending on your marketing message. The mailer size can also impact your marketing budget, giving you greater flexibility over your expenses.

#4 NextDayFlyers

You can access top-quality printed direct-mail marketing materials from NextDayFlyers. The company specializes in customized full-color printing of business cards, postcards, brochures, and other printed marketing materials. Using NextDayFlyers lets you streamline the direct mail services you use to send your marketing materials.

The company also offers a same-day printing option for businesses that want a quick turnaround time. It is ideal for fast-paced companies because NextDayFlyers provides flexible turnaround times. NextDayFlyers also offers various mailer services or shipping options to meet your budget and timeline requirements.

Besides, you get an on-time guarantee that promises your business accurate and timely direct mail service. There are few direct mail solutions available that offer an on-time guarantee to their customers. But that's only part of what NextDayFlyers has to provide your business. Here are some of the best features and services from NextDayFlyers's direct mail solution.

Flexible Direct Mail Customization

With NextDayFlyers, you can access both offset and digital printing services for your business. The direct mail solution also facilitates large-format printing. You can use it to print all types of traditional printed material and use direct mail services to send it safely to your customers. NextDayFlyers also lets you print promotional products and has a customization capability to meet your business needs.

Seamless Ordering Process

The direct mail solution claims seamless order processing to save you valuable time. NextDayFlyers provides an easy-to-use direct mail customization capability to ensure a friction-free experience on their website. You can also access instant pricing quotes and their efficient design tools to speed up the mailer services for your business.

Reliable Customer Support

Dedicated customer support is another reason to go for NextDayFlyers's direct mail solution. The company's customer service team can help you with everything from answering questions related to products and services to ongoing project support. NextDayFlyers also provides free file proofing, which can enhance the direct mail services for your marketing and communication efforts.

On-Time Guarantee On Turnarounds 

One thing that makes NextDayFlyers an ideal option for accessing fast direct mail services is its on-time guarantee. NextDayFlyers offers flexible turnaround times to help you meet your tight deadlines, as they have several printing facilities across the US. The multiple facilities across the country let NextDayFlyers print and mail your documents faster and reduce shipping costs.

Access to Industry Expertise

NextDayFlyers is one of the first direct mail solutions to hit the market. The company began its journey in 1998 and can offer valuable insights into direct mail services you can access. Over the years, NextDayFlyers adopted new and innovative solutions to provide better direct mail solutions for your business.  


USPS EDDM, or USPS Every Door Direct Mail, is not a dedicated direct mail services company. It is a unique mailing service from the United States Postal Service. USPS offers its EDDM services to any eligible party, typically small companies, to promote their business in the local community. 

The USPS EDDM service is ideal for marketing a special sale or opening a new outlet in a new location. Companies also use EDDM to send self-mailers like postcards and offer discount coupons to potential customers. Not to mention, USPS also offers the most affordable direct mail service for your business.

EDDM Mapping

One of the most attractive aspects of using USPS EDDM service is that it lets you map your mailing routes. As you know, EDDM targets specific areas or ZIP codes and delivers to every address within the particular area. Since no intermediary is involved here, you can access the direct mail services at a low price.

EDDM Retail Direct Mail Service

EDDM Retail is a specialized direct mail service from USPS that targets small businesses. Realtors, and restaurants, can also make use of EDDM Retail service. You can often see EDDM Retail in full swing during local political campaigns. To qualify for EDDM Retail service, you must send at least 200 pieces per day. You can send up to 5000 mail pieces daily using the EDDM Retail service.

It is worth remembering that the EDDM minimum/maximum mailpiece numbers are for a single ZIP code. Although USPS EDDM direct mail service is cost-efficient, you would still have to print the material and drop it off at the Post Office. On the bright side, you don't need a special mailing permit for EDDM, and you can make the payments online.

EDDM Business Mail Entry Unit (BMEU)

If you have a significantly large volume of mail to deliver via USPS EDDM service, you should consider EDDM BMEU. Business Mail Entry Unit EDDM is ideal for volume mailers because that is its primary purpose. The direct mail service allows you to use the Business Customer Gateway to prepare your bulk mailing.

That's not all. With EDDM BMEU, you have no limit on the size or number of mailings you can send. You can also target multiple ZIP codes using EDDM BMEU direct mail service for your business. It is also worth noting that you can pay for EDDM BMEU service with a bulk mailing permit. However, if you seek convenience over everything else, it is best to use an automated direct mail solution. 

#6 Minuteman Press

Suppose you are looking for a full-service direct mail solution for designing, printing, and marketing. In that case, Minuteman Press is an excellent choice for you. The company claims to streamline marketing and direct mail services for Fortune 500 companies to small businesses.

Minuteman Press offers a wide range of services that can help you with holistic marketing of your product and services. Besides optimizing direct mail services for your marketing mailers, it lets you print promotional materials for branded swag.

It means you can print everything from apparel to banners using Minuteman Press. The company offers one of the few direct mail solutions that facilitate printing additional printed materials, including booklets and even edible products. As a result, you can direct mail services for marketing in diverse ways.

Some of the most attractive marketing and direct mail services you can access using Minuteman Press are as follows.

Variable Data Printing For Easy Customization

One of the most effective ways to implement a direct mail marketing strategy for your business is to use Variable Data Printing. It lets you use a standard template to print personalized marketing materials for your business. Using Variable Data Printing, you can utilize the print and direct mail service to create everything from postcards to critical business documents.

Superior Design Flexibility

As with most advanced marketing and direct mail services, Minuteman Press also allows you to use custom designs for your mailers. If you need a custom design or access to a designer, Minuteman Press gives you access to their design team. It allows you to design attractive printed materials for your business and send them directly to the target audience.

Cost-Effective Mailing Via USPS

USPS is arguably the best way to send your marketing materials to your target audience. Minuteman Press uses USPS to give your business a cost-effective direct mail service. It uses USPS-certified software to ensure accuracy and reliability for your direct mail campaigns. 

Logo Designs and QR Codes For Direct Mail

With Minuteman Press, you can use their designers for aesthetically designing and printing mailers that align with your brand logo. It also offers QR code capabilities which can make the overall direct mail experience more convenient for the user. Aesthetic logo design and QR code can significantly enhance your marketing mailer service results.

Access Strategic Consulting

As part of providing a holistic marketing service Minuteman Press provides you with a strategic consulting service. The company gives you critical marketing advice to enhance the results of your direct mail campaigns. You can optimize the direct mail services further using the valuable insights and analytics data from the solution.

#7 US Bulk Mail

It is a full-service promotional, printing, and direct mail company that offers turnkey direct mail services to businesses. The company provides a CASS-certified direct mail solution to efficiently and accurately deliver your marketing mailers. 

You can use the direct mail solution to merge or purge mailing lists, which is an effective way to clean up your address database. US Bulk Mail can also help you with mailing list acquisition which is often a challenge to several companies.

Another aspect that makes US Bulk Mail an ideal choice for your marketing direct mail services is its integration capability. The direct mail solution allows you to integrate directly with your digital strategy to yield better marketing results.

Creative Design Capabilities 

US Bulk Mail allows its customers to create aesthetic designs that align well with their branding. The company uses direct mail designs to deliver your brand's message uniquely to your customers. As a result, your printed mailer designs from US Bulk Mail make your piece stand out. The process is quick, and there is minimal delay in accessing mailer services for your business.

Work Closely With A Representative

One of the reasons several companies choose to work with US Bulk Mail for their direct mail campaigns is direct access to their representatives. The US Bulk Mail Representative works in optimizing your marketing mailing services from the conception phase of your campaigns. You can seek the representative's help until you finish the marketing material.

Variety of Direct Mail Printing Services

You get a wide range of direct mail printing services with US Bulk Mail. The direct mail company offers your business black and white and color printing options. Black and white printings are typically cheaper, allowing you to increase the reach of your campaigns or minimize the expense. It will enable you to bring down the cost of your marketing mailer services or boost their ROI.

Access to EDDM Service

You can use US Bulk Mail's direct mail solution to access USPS EDDM service. USPS’s EDDM service allows you to send marketing mailers to specific areas or ZIP codes without addresses. The direct mail service has one of the lowest postage rates. With the proper targeting, you can effectively run direct mail campaigns with a much higher ROI.

Folding and Inserting Envelopes 

Several direct mail printing companies focus only on the printing part of the job. It means you must take care of everything after printing, including folding and inserting envelopes. US Bulk Mail takes care of everything, including folding and inserting the mailer. Accessing direct mail services for marketing your business becomes easy and effective using US Bulk Mail.


The direct mail solution is the first to offer a mapping solution to marketers. is a full-service provider focused primarily on multi-channel marketing. 

It uses the latest technology and advanced data insights to implement more effective direct mail campaigns. The tech-first approach helps you access streamlined mailing services for your business. helps popular brands from a wide range of industries with their direct mail campaigns. The company analyzes detailed data to provide custom solutions for your marketing efforts. You can obtain highly-targeted mailing lists from for your campaigns and better use mailing services for your business.

Besides advanced direct mail capabilities, you can also use its creative and agency services. provides you with strategies for customer acquisition/retention, up-selling, cross-selling, and more. And the best part is that you can use mailing services to implement these strategies effectively. 

Access Unlimited Lists for Your Marketing Campaigns is famous for the various mailing lists it offers to its customers. The company gives you access to different mailing lists, such as consumer lists, business lists, new movers lists, and more. You can even get your hand on the business's quality email lists and data cards. Use the quality lists from to implement better mailing services for your business.

Specialized Omni-Channel Marketing helps businesses develop highly customized marketing campaigns via the cross-channel platform. It incorporates multiple channels, including direct mail, social media, email, and more, into your marketing efforts and connects them all together. Instead of just marketing mail services, provides you with an entire marketing strategy to grow your business.

Advanced Insights and Analytics

Another reason for using for direct mail marketing is its advanced insights and analytics capabilities. It allows you to plan and implement marketing campaigns more effectively. Besides direct mailing services, you can access specialized insights and analytics for data modeling, mining, reporting, Etc. 

Specialized Digital Marketing With Direct Mail

Most marketing direct mail services offer advanced direct mail capabilities, including Integration with digital marketing efforts. However, it is rare for a direct mail marketing company to provide you with digital marketing capability. allows you access to advanced digital marketing campaigns with integrated offline and online messages. 


It is one of the leading printing and mailing companies you can consider for accessing direct mail services for your business. can undertake your direct mail project regardless of its size or complexity. The company specializes in three postal mail products: postcards, self-mailers, and envelope mailers.

If your direct mail requirements revolve around these three types of postal mail products, then is a good choice for your business. Moreover, the company provides specialized direct mail services to organizations in non-profits, mortgages, dental, casinos, and more. also offers advanced security features and has several awards under its belt.

Digital and Lithographic Printing

With, you can access advanced digital and lithographic printing services for your business. You can use digital printing for faster mailing services without compromising the quality of your mailers. Lithographic printing is ideal for your business if you want to reach an excessive audience and use vibrant colors in your mailers.

Mailing Data and Services

The direct mail company has partnerships with leading data providers to give you top-quality mailing lists for your business. You even have the option to customize your mailing lists using the extensive data you get from The mailer service uses advanced data processing software to ensure that you have mailing lists that stand up to USPS standards.

Variable Data Printing Capability

Any direct mail service is complete with a variable data printing or VDP capability. provides an advanced and high-quality VDP capability to print personalized marketing materials. It efficiently combines your customer data and direct mail designs to create attractive marketing materials for your business.

Advanced Art And Design Capability

Designing for direct mail is not just about splashing various colors together. understands this and allows you to design mailers that are true to your brand. It helps you set a tone for eerie mailpiece design. By doing so, the mailer service creates a more memorable experience for your customers and boosts marketing results.

#10 Mass Mail Direct

The company started as a direct mail exclusive firm but now offers advanced multi-channel marketing services to businesses. Mass Mail Direct tries to de-clutter the marketing space and provide specific marketing direct mail services to its customers.

The direct mail company uses a client-first approach to ensure that its direct mail services meet customer needs. Additionally, the company has one of the most responsive customer services, always there to help you with your direct mail efforts.

Mass Mail Direct has an extensive range of clients, including large corporations and small-scale businesses. One of the benefits of using the marketing mailer service from Mass Mail Direct is that it offers a full spectrum solution suitable for all businesses.

Diverse Direct Mail Services 

Mass Mail Direct enables businesses to send various creative direct mail products. Postcards, customized brochures/flyers, mega mailers, and letters are the most significant direct mail materials you can print and distribute via Mass Mail Direct. You can also customize your mailers to enhance the results of the marketing mailer service for your business.

Specialized EDDM Services

Businesses can access USPS EDDM services via Mass Mail Direct for their direct mail campaigns. The standard EDDM capabilities apply here, including low postage. Besides that, you can send giant-sized marketing mailers to your customers using Mass Mail Direct direct mailing services for your business. 

Specialized B2B Direct Mail Marketing

Mass Mail Direct offers specialized B2B direct mail marketing capabilities. The company helps B2B companies capture more sales and boost lead generation by providing value-added services. You can even get exclusive prices that can help you maximize profits.

Flexible Creative And Design Services

With Mass Mail Direct, you get advanced capabilities to create attractive designs and creatives for your marketing mailers. The direct mail company uses creative design experience to help you with printed mail design, layouts, and illustrations. You can use the marketing mailer service to create custom designs and graphics to highlight the unique aspects of your business.

#11 DirectMailers

It is one of the most popular direct mail solutions you can find for your business. The company produces millions of mail pieces every year. 

One of the attractive aspects of their marketing mailing services is their distribute-then-print strategy.

DirectMailers have three regional facilities in the US to which they distribute all their print projects. It ensures that its customers get fast and cost-effective marketing mailer services for their business. As a result, the company effectively makes timely in-home deliveries and makes them predictive.

DirectMailers offers its printing and mailing services to a wide range of businesses and industries. However, enterprises belonging to the banking, Retail, eCommerce, and automotive industries can access specialized services from the company.

Advanced Analytic Data

DirectMailers gives you access to predictive analytics and various external data sources to deliver information efficiently. 

It can include everything from the customer's buying habits, lifestyle, and even behavioral analysis data. 

These data help you better target your marketing efforts and get the best direct mail services for your business. 

Quality Mailing List Procurement

DirectMailers obtains its data from reliable sources, such as trade associations, credit reporting agencies, Etc. It enables the marketing mailer service to provide you with the profiles of numerous target audiences. Moreover, the company does a quality check on your making list. It checks the validity of the records, including the addresses. 

Advanced-Data Modeling 

The direct mail company uses data modeling to allocate scores to your direct mail audience. DirectMailiers categorize your audience into groups depending on their response performance. 

It means you can categorize the highest and least responsive audiences. You can use a mailer service strategy where you maximize your ROI by eliminating the nonresponsive audiences.

Testing Methods To Formulate Better Direct Mail Strategies 

DirectMailers use multi-variant testing (or A/B testing) to find your business's best direct mail strategy. Testing enables you to determine what factors can generate the best response from the target audience. With testing, you can enhance the results of the best direct mail services and boost your sales and conversions. 

#12 Automated Mailing Services LLC

Another direct mail solution you can consider for your business is Automated Mailing Services LLC. The company offers on-time and dedicated printing and mailing services to its clients. You can access the state-of-the-art printing facility for all your direct mail needs, regardless of its complexities.

The direct mail company uses top-class machinery for your print projects. You can also use seamless printing techniques and expert staff for your print projects. 

It enables you to enhance the results of your printing and mailing services.

Efficient Data Processing Services

The data processing services from DirectMailers include providing quality mailing lists and even email. DirectMailers data processing also supports converting or formatting files for accessing better-quality mailing lists. You can even access data processing features like customized sorting, merge/purge, etc.., to access better marketing mailer services for your business.

Advanced Bindery Services 

Many of the best direct mail services need more flexibility regarding finishing and binding operations. With DirectMailers, you can access print finishing operations like folding for different-size marketing mailers. You can also access other bindery services like wafer sealing, tabbing, and labeler for your marketing mailers.

Efficient Letter Shop Services 

The letter shop services from DirectMailers include high-speed ink-jetting for creating attractive direct mail materials. You also get machine-inserting and matched mailing capabilities for effective marketing and mailing services for your business. Besides, the letter shop services also include finishing processes, such as inline wafer sealing, affixing labeler, and more.

Efficient Direct Mail Fulfillment Services 

DirectMailers offers holistic and efficient direct mail fulfillment services for your business. Hand labeling, inserting, and hand-match mailings are some of the significant fulfillment operations you get from DirectMailers. Besides that, the marketing and mailer service also involves processes like nesting, repackaging, poly bagging, Etc.

#13 Printing For Less

You can access one of the best direct mail services for your business from Printing for Less. The company thrives on green or eco-friendly direct mail printing and marketing services. Sustainability is at the core of everything the company does for its clients. 

Even the print facility of Printing for Less uses sustainable wind power to keep itself running. Today, no business can afford to look like they do not care about climate change. An eco-friendly direct mail solution for accessing marketing mailer service is an efficient way to please your customers.

Besides contributing to a greener future, Printing for Less also lets you use premium papers for your marketing materials. It can significantly impact how your customers view your brand and get the best results for your marketing mailer services.

Customized Printing Solutions

You can access specialty products and services for your business from Printing for Less. The company also allows you to mix up any of its products and services with its API integration, franchise support, and other offerings. It enables you to access customized printing solutions specific to your direct mail service requirements.

Advanced Mailing Services 

The mailing services from Printing for Less are as good as their printing services. It offers a full-service mailing solution for sending marketing and communication materials for your business. Printing for Less saves you unnecessary hassle and manual work, saving you valuable time and boosting your ROI.

Specialized Reseller Program

Printing for Less offers a specialized reseller program to help marketing agencies, designers, and printing professionals. The mailer service lets them print attractive items and send them inside unbranded boxes. It is an excellent way to mail your marketing and communication material without letting the recipient know it's from you.  

Scalable Fulfillment Services 

Printing for Less is an ideal direct mail service for growing businesses. It enables you to manage your daily operations and direct mail fulfillment quickly and efficiently. You can control everything from inventory management to product distribution using the direct mail solution.

#14 Everest Direct Mail & Marketing

In the beginning, Everest Direct Mail & Marketing offered specialized direct mail solutions for defense attorneys. It allowed lawyers to acquire fresh clients using direct mail as the marketing or communication channel. Later, Everest Direct Mail & Marketing extended its printing and mailing services to real estate agents and associates.

The company now helps numerous organizations create unique direct mail and email campaigns. You can also use Everest Direct Mail & Marketing to boost your website traffic and implement effective outbound calling campaigns. Some factors that make Everest Direct Mail & Marketing an ideal choice for your direct mail services are as follows.

Yellow Letters and Handwritten Direct Mail Services

The company uses memo papers (yellow and white lined) that are very similar to notepad papers to create more authentic-looking letters. Everest Direct Mail & Marketing then uses a legit handwritten font to make your business letters more appealing to the recipients. Such a print and mailing service enhances the chance of the recipient opening and responding to your mailers.

Envelope and Letterhead Printing Services 

With Everest Direct Mail & Marketing, you can color-match your brand logo on the direct mail envelopes. You can choose the perfect color and size for your plain mail envelopes to make them more attractive and attention-grabbing. Similarly, the printing and mailing service lets you customize your letterheads for better results for your marketing and communication efforts.

Advanced Bulk Mailing Services

Everest Direct Mail & Marketing helps you create and organize your bulk mail campaigns more efficiently than ever. It ensures that your bulk mail is processed, addressed, and delivered to the target without delays. The automated solution significantly reduces time and speeds up your business's printing and mailing services.

#15 Pitney Bowes

It is one of the US's most reliable global shipping and mailing companies. Pitney Bowes focuses on providing their advanced tech, financial, and logistic services to its clients. 

The company helps businesses of all sizes, including small businesses, to Fortune 500 and government clients worldwide. It is one of the best direct mail services for your campaigns.

Mail Bulky and Odd-Sized Packages 

One of the aspects that makes the direct mail services of Pitney Bowes stand out is their ability to mail bulky and odd-shaped parcels. It easily allows you to process and send books, enrolment kits, Etc., to your customers. 

Advanced Direct Mail Capability

Pitney Bowes offers advanced direct mail capabilities for your business marketing and communication efforts. It provides end-to-end visibility by letting you track your direct mail and enhancing your campaigns' predictability. The company even has an extensive logistics network and sorting capabilities needed to streamline the mailing services for your business.

Dedicated Mailing Software

You can access advanced Pitney Bowes mailing software, making business operations more manageable. The software from Pitney Bowes helps you send everything from important business documents to packages for order fulfillment. You can use the software solution to optimize your organization's marketing and mailing services.

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Which Company Offers The Best Direct Mail Services For Your Business?

Choosing a single company that offers your business the best direct mail services is challenging without analyzing your unique requirements. However, PostGrid offers a well-rounded direct mail solution ideal for businesses of all sizes. It provides advanced automation capability to print your marketing and communication materials for your business.

Our advanced direct mail automation solution can effectively combine your direct mail campaigns with your digital marketing efforts. Modernizing and automating direct mail campaigns benefits businesses and boosts their ROI significantly. PostGrid enhances the results of your marketing and mailing services by combining offline and online communication channels.

That's not all. With PostGrid, you also get additional features like scheduled and triggered mailing to optimize your marketing and communication efforts. Even bulk mailing personalized mailers for your business is much easier using PostGrid. You can run effective direct mail campaigns within minutes without any manual errors or delays.

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