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How to Find Out if Your Mail Has Been Delivered

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find out if your mail has been delivered yet

How to Find Out if Your Mail Has Been Delivered?

The majority of us have minimal knowledge of direct mail and how it works. For example, most of us do not know the postage charges for sending direct mail or how long it takes to deliver.

Yet, today, direct mail is a communication medium loved by many, especially businesses. But why the sudden love for direct mail, especially when the world has shifted to digital mediums for pretty much everything?

find out if your mail has been delivered yet

Digital mediums including email, instant messaging, and even social media have become the hunting ground for marketers. And as you would expect, the audience has also grown tired of people trying to sell things on digital mediums.

This is where direct mail comes into the picture. It offers a fresh way to reach out to the target audience. But, most businesses or people do not know how long it takes to deliver direct mail services. It is also one of the reasons why businesses are sometimes reluctant to adopt direct mail marketing strategies.

So, here we will try to piece together every information you need to determine when USPS will deliver your mail.

Does USPS Allow You to Check The Delivery Date of a Mailer?

Not too long ago, the United States Postal Service introduced a new service called Informed Delivery. It allows you to check the delivery time of your mailers. However, that’s not all it does, but we will discuss that in detail as you continue to read on.

The Informed Delivery service is the short answer to the question “how do I know if my mail has been delivered?”. Now, there is a catch to the new service offered by the USPS.

The service is currently available to eligible residential and eligible PO Box™ consumers. 

What is Informed Delivery?

Informed Delivery is a free service from the USPS. It is a notification feature that allows you to access a digital preview of your letter-sized mail. The feature also allows you to manage the soon-to-arrive packages. However, the most significant advantage of using Informed Delivery is checking the delivery status from anywhere using any mobile device.

How To Find Out If Your Mail Has Been Delivered?

We have made it clear that it is possible to determine the expected delivery time required for a mailer. However, there is still one question that remains to be answered, and that is: “How do I know if my mail has been delivered?”

To answer this, we have given below a step-by-step guide that will help you determine when you can expect direct mail delivery from USPS.

Step 1: Go to USPS’s Informed Delivery Page

First, you need the official link for Informed Delivery by USPS. Once you arrive on the page, you will see the “Sign Up For Free” button. Click on it and register yourself.

Step 2: Start The Sign-Up Process And Fill In Your Address

Here, you must fill in your address so the system can determine whether you are eligible for the Informed Delivery service. Two criteria determine your eligibility for the service, and they are:

  • Your ZIP code area must be eligible for Informed Delivery.
  • Your individual mailbox must be uniquely coded.

(Note: According to USPS, some apartment buildings may not have a uniquely coded mailbox.)

After providing the necessary details, USPS’s system determines if you are eligible for their Informed Delivery service. If eligible, you will then be taken to a new page where you can create an account. Here, you will also be able to set up your username and password.

Step 3: Verify Your Address

At this point, you have already created an account for accessing the Informed Delivery service from the USPS. Here is where USPS will try and verify whether you really live at the address you just submitted to them.

In this step, UPSS will provide you with two options.

  • Option 1: Verify your address via your mobile phone
  • Option 2: Verify your address via paper mail.

The first option is pretty self-explanatory, and you won’t need any help to do it. Your second option involves receiving a paper mail from the USPS. The mail will contain a code that you must then enter on the web page. Once you enter the code, the verification process is completed.

Step 4: Select a Post Office For In-Person Address Verification

Most of us will verify the address via mobile number because it is the more convenient option. But, it’s not necessary that the verify by mobile phone option will work for everyone. For example, if USPS fails to recognize a number, the address is not verifiable via mobile phone.

If USPS can’t verify your mobile phone number for Informed Delivery, you have a third option. So what is the third option? You can visit your local post office in person and verify the address. If this is your preferred choice, you may click on the “Visit a Post Office” option.

Step 5: Select The Post Office For Verification

After you click on the “Visit a Post Office” option, USPS will present you with a list of post offices. The post offices listed here are all eligible for verifying your address for Informed Delivery. You can choose a post office on the list that is most convenient for you.

Usually, people choose to select a post office that is nearest to their home. People also tend to choose post offices near their workplace or one that is on their daily commutes. However, it would be best to remember that not all post offices are equipped for verification.

Once you fix the post office address verification, you may click on the “Continue to In-Person Verification” button.

Step 6: Obtain The Barcode

The screen will display a barcode after clicking on the “Continue to In-Person Verification” button. Additionally, the barcode will also be sent to the email address you provided. It is worth noting that this bar code is only valid for 30 days.

How To Ensure Better Deliverability For Direct Mail With PostGrid

When it comes to direct mail, people often ask themselves, “has my mail been delivered yet?” Informed Delivery is a convenient answer to this question. However, it is not ideal for business applications and is best for personal use.

Businesses often send and receive direct mail in bulk. Therefore, it is impractical for businesses to go through the lengthy process for Informed Delivery. Furthermore, they would have to repeat each individual delivery process, which is highly impractical.

PostGrid is a direct mail tool that is specifically created for business applications. It allows you to verify addresses in bulk, standardize addresses, and access advanced direct mail insights. Finally, it even lets you automate the entire direct mail process to avoid any unnecessary errors.

So, it makes a lot more sense to use PostGrid for your business’s direct mail needs as it provides well-rounded features and capabilities.


People often wonder how to find out if your mail has been delivered. Informed Delivery offers an efficient solution to this issue. However, there are specific criteria for accessing the Informed Delivery feature from USPS.

You may use the Informed Delivery feature from USPS for tracking and even reading your personal inbound direct mail. However, it is not an efficient tool for businesses or when a large number of direct mail is involved.

The best option for direct mail tracking for businesses is to use an automated direct mail system like PostGrid. You optimize all your direct mail processes, including personalization, printing, and Delivery. It also comes with robust tracking and insight capabilities to better streamline your direct mail process.

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