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No-Show Letters for Patients

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missed appointment follow-up letter

Missed Appointment Letter For Patients: A Complete Guide With 4 No Show Letter Templates

Hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare organizations often struggle when patients miss their scheduled appointments. Usually, healthcare organizations have policies that charge hefty fines if a patient misses their meetings over a specified limit.

missed appointment follow-up letter

However, having the right policies can not do good for your healthcare organization if the patient is ignorant of it. A missed appointment letter clearly states the information on the missed appointment and the charges for missed appointments.

Hence, we have created a list of missed appointment letter samples that can help your healthcare organization. And that's just the beginning. We will also provide you with general guidelines for creating a no-show letter for your healthcare organization.

4 Sample Missed Appointment Or No Show Letter To Patients

The best way to understand what you need to include in your missed appointment letter is to go through some examples. Below we have listed some sample no-show letters that can help you prepare one for your healthcare organization.

No Show Letter Template: 1

The no-show letter template below is suited for the general missed appointment cases. It gives you an idea of what details you should include in the letters for missed appointments. However, before you use this or any other template, you need to ensure it aligns with your healthcare organization's policies and regulations.

Dear [Patient Name],

We are sending you this letter to inform you that you missed your doctor's appointment scheduled with Dr. [doctor's name] at [time and date]. As you know, you are enrolled at [hospital/clinic name] for a four-week [healthcare] session.

As per our records, you have already missed two sessions. We highly recommend that you complete the course within the specified time for the best result for your treatment. 

If you miss more than two sessions in a [healthcare course], you would have to repeat the whole procedure.

We can understand if you missed the appointment due to unavoidable or personal reasons. Hence, we request you to set up another meeting in the next 24 hours.

Thank you for trusting us to provide the best healthcare service for you. There is nothing we value more than your health and well-being. We hope to hear back from you soon.


[Name and position]

No Show Letter Template: 2

The no-show letter template you see below is slightly different from the standard one discussed above. You mention the charges for broken appointments and how your healthcare organization has decided to waive the costs here. 

Of course, this only works for patients who missed their doctor's appointment for the first or second time. Again the specific rules and regulations need to align with your healthcare organization. Hence, you need to modify your missed appointment letter to align with your hospital appointment cancelation policy.

Dear [Patient Name],

We are writing you this letter regarding the doctor's appointment you had scheduled for [time and date].

As per our records, you have missed your doctor's appointment mentioned above for your [health problem]. The standard procedure for missed appointments without a prior cancelation requires us to collect a $200 fine for your appointment with Dr. [doctor's Name].

Since it is your first time missing an appointment, we have decided not to charge you for the broken appointment. However, we implore you to cancel or reschedule your meetings in the future at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.

Please reach out to us to reschedule your appointment to another day on our email [email address] or call us at [phone number].


[Name and position]

No Show Letter Template: 3

The third no-show appointment text template we discuss specifies the charges a patient needs to pay for missed appointments. You can use this template when a patient misses meetings over the prescribed limit by the hospital.

Suppose your healthcare organization's policy is to collect after three or more missed appointments. In that case, you can use this template only after the patient misses their doctor's appointment at least thrice.

Dear [Patient Name],

This letter informs you about the broken appointment with Dr. [doctor name] at [time and date].

We are so sorry that you couldn't make it to the scheduled appointment. Our records also reflect that you had confirmed the appointment 24 hours prior without canceling or rescheduling the appointment.

Our account team has notified us that we need to charge $200 for the missed appointment as per hospital policy. As you may remember, we have already waived the charges for your last two broken appointments.

Under the current circumstances, we are forced with no option other than to levy the charges for the missed appointment. You will receive the bill for the missed work via postal mail to the address on file.

Our goal is to provide you with the best healthcare service possible as a healthcare provider. We hope you understand why we had to take this decision. We look forward to seeing you again at your next appointment scheduled on [date].


[Name and position]

No-Show Letter Template: 4

The template you see below is for a missed appointment follow-up letter. As you can guess, this template is for when you want to send a follow-up to your patients who have forgotten their meetings.

A follow-up missed appointment letter is like a gentle reminder of the missed appointment. You can also use it to outline the consequences of patients not canceling their appointments without prior notice. 

It is a great way to create a no-show letter informing and educating the patient about your hospital's appointment cancelation policy.

Dear [Patient Name],

We are writing you this letter as a follow-up on the doctor's appointment you missed, which was scheduled on [time and date] with Dr. [doctor's Name].

We understand that you may have had some unavoidable situation or personal reason for missing your doctor's appointment. However, we request you to inform us about any changes in your appointment at your earliest convenience.

Our doctors have an empty slot whenever you miss an appointment without canceling ahead of time. Unfortunately, we can not use these open slots to serve other patients if you do not cancel the meeting beforehand. 

Our sincerest hope is that you understand the situation and how important it is to let us know about your change in plans. Additionally, our hospital has a policy that requires us to charge $200 if a patient misses an appointment three or more times without cancelation. 

Since it is your first time missing an appointment, this charge won't apply to you. However, we implore you again to let us know if you want to cancel a scheduled appointment at least 24 hours in advance. 

Furthermore, canceling your appointment well within this specified time frame will protect you from the charges for the third no-show. 

You can reschedule your appointment with Dr. [doctor's Name] by sending us an email on [email address] or call us at [phone number].


[Name and position]

How To Write An Effective Missed Appointment Letter?

The no-show letters to patients example you saw above should give you a broad idea of what your no-show letters should look like. And if the shoe fits, you can use the template directly for your healthcare organization.

However, the policies regarding missed appointments in various healthcare organizations can differ. And there are numerous special cases, and we can not discuss each one of them. It is why we have created some easy steps or guidelines that you can apply to any missed appointment letters.

To achieve actual efficiency when sending missed appointment letters, you need a combination of automated direct mail and address verification. Together, they can personalize, print, and deliver your missed appointment letters in the blink of an eye.

Here are the pointers you need to know for writing an effective no-show letter for your healthcare organization:

  • Mention The Patient's Risk Of Missing The Appointment
    Missing appointments perhaps have more consequences for the patient than your healthcare organization. Most hospitals have defined the charges they collect for patients who break appointments without notifying them.
  • Mention Previous Incidents of Missed Appointments
    Most hospitals don't charge patients for the first or even second time to miss an appointment until it reaches a specific limit. Hence, your no-show appointment message should mention the previous missed appointment incidents.
  • Include Your Organization's Policies Around Missed Appointments
    You must briefly explain your healthcare organization's relevant policies around missed appointments. Only provide the necessary details, such as the charge and the maximum number of missed appointments allowed in your missed appointment letter.
  • Mention The Consequences Of Missed Appointments
    More critical than charges levied upon missed appointments, the patient could risk their health by missing a doctor's appointment. This is especially true for specialized therapies. Hence, hospitals must mention the consequences to the patient's health in their therapy no-show letter
  • Provide An Option For Patients To Reschedule Their Appointments
    You might have noticed in the no-show letters to patients example we discussed that all of them provide an option to reschedule their appointments. It is an easy and effective way to let your patients know that you are still committed to serving them.
    To make the rescheduling of appointments even easier, you can consider using a QR Code. The QR code can lead the patient directly to your website, from where they can quickly reschedule their appointments. You can even use QR codes for direct mail marketing and optimize your response rate.

Why Is Missed Appointment Letter Essential For a Hospital?

A missed appointment letter is more than just a way of letting your patients know about their missed appointments. It is a way to show how invested you are in your patient's healthcare. When implemented right, no-show letters put your healthcare organization in the right light.

Some of the ways missed appointment letters can help your business are:


The missed appointment letter allows healthcare organizations and their patients to make amends with each other. As an etiquette, it offers you the chance to connect with the patient and show good faith even if they missed the appointment.


Sending no-show letters to patients shows that you run a professional organization. The no-show letter to patients shows how you are willing and mature enough to take every step necessary to provide quality healthcare.


Sometimes the patient may miss the appointment due to no fault on their own. It is possible there was a miscommunication between your healthcare organization and the patients. 

Sending a missed appointment follow-up letter enables you to be persistent and salvage the situation and get on good terms with the patients.


No-show letters or missed appointment letters play a crucial role in maintaining a good relationship between healthcare organizations and their patients. Missed appointments in healthcare can significantly impact the healthcare providers and the patients.

Hospitals lose their valuable time when patients do not show up for their scheduled appointments. Furthermore, the patient may lose all their progress and put their health at risk. Sending a missed appointment letter is a great way to ensure that the patient does not miss an appointment a second or third time.

However, healthcare organizations hardly have the time to run around writing no-show letters. Using an advanced direct mail automation tool such as PostGrid enables you to send no-show letters, hospital or lab invoices, appointment reminders, and a lot more automatically to patients.

In addition to that, advanced direct mail tools enable you to use a no-show letter template to print personalized no-show letters. You can even schedule when you want to send a no-show letter by using advanced direct mail tools. In other words, automatically so that you don't have to worry about anything.

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