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Sample Notification Letters for Businesses

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how to write an attention letter

What Are Notification Letters And How To Effectively Use Them For Your Business?

Notifications are great! It makes our lives so much easier and less stressful. The more critical the information, the more prominent you want the notification message. A standard printed letter of notification is still the best way for businesses to notify their customers about a significant event.

how to write an attention letter

Sure, you could use email and text messages to send this notification. But people often do not pay attention to digital notification messages. Some may even have notifications turned off on their phones. Business organizations still prefer to use notification letters due to this reason.

This article discusses everything you need to know about notification letters and their classifications. It also provides a sample letter and explains how your business can effectively send notifications to your target audience. 

What Are Notification Letters?

A notification letter is a document that a person or an entity uses to “notify” or inform the recipient of an important decision. Typically, notification letters allow you to convey important information to the recipient(s).

The purpose of sending a notification letter is to pass information to the recipient formally or officially. Business organizations often use notification letters to communicate with their customers and partner organizations.

You can use notification letters for a variety of purposes in business communication. For instance, you can use a notification letter for the following cases.

  • To follow the lawsuit
  • As part of a new business strategy
  • To inform about job approvals
  • To notify about changes in business policy
  • To announce a change or update in the business name
  • To tell about new business packages
  • And more

Generally, most notification letters are sent or received by parties in some form of business arrangement/agreement. Suppose there exists an official business agreement between two parties. In that case, both parties are obliged by law to inform each other about any significant changes that could affect their business relationship.

What Are The Different Types Of Notification Letters?

You can classify notification letters broadly into three different groups. There are numerous types of notification types out there. But in practical situations, we use a notification letter belonging to one of these categories.

Notification Letter

The standard notification letter type is suitable for most situations regardless of whether you are an individual or a business organization. You can use a formal letter of notification as an official communication from your business organization.

It could serve as an official invitation to a new event you are organizing soon or as a report of a recently conducted event. You can also use the standard notification letters to communicate with your employees or to inform job approvals.

There are numerous other ways you can use a standard notification letter. You can use notification letters to pass that critical information to your employees, customers, and business partners.

Data Breach Notification Letter

Businesses must ensure full disclosure of information with their clients and partnering organizations. The data breach notification letter allows organizations to inform or warn the recipients of a data security breach. In many cases, organizations are legally obliged to send notification letters in the event of a data breach.

Take healthcare organizations, for example. Healthcare data is sensitive and enjoys protection under HIPAA or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. In the event of a data breach, the organization managing the Protected Health Information (PHI) must send notification letters to the patients.

You can automate such healthcare mailing operations and similar notification letters to your customers using automation. For example, You can use an automated direct mail marketing solution like PostGird to send all your mail automatically, including notifications.

Data breach often affects many people, and you must notify each individual whose data may be compromised. PostGrid enables you to bulk mail notification letters with WASE and ensure proper business communication.

Death Notification Letter 

The other type of notification letter you can commonly see is the death notification letter. Companies or business organizations usually send this notification letter only on rare occasions.

As you can guess from the Name, you may use a death notification letter when a person passes away.  Usually, the deceased person's relatives use death notification letters to inform other people or entities about the death.

It allows them to add a death notice to manage the deceased person's files and accounts. Business organizations may also send death notification letters if a member of the organization passes away.

How To Write A Letter Of Notification For Your Business?

Writing a letter of notification is relatively easy once you know the basics. You must learn the essential elements or pieces of information to include in the notification letter. The real challenge is when you have to send notifications to numerous people.

Preparing notification letters and mailing them in bulk is a time-consuming process. Moreover, it can become plagued with errors if you use a manual process for sending your notifications. This is why most businesses prefer to use an automated system like PostGrid to send their notifications.

Before we discuss how you can optimally send your notification letters, let's look at the essential components to include in your notifications.

Addressee Or Recipient

The first and most crucial element to include in your notification letters is the recipient's or addressee's details. You must ensure that you have the correct Name and address of the recipient on the letter and its envelope.

Printing the wrong Name or address in the letter could mean the recipient will never receive your notification. You can use PostGrid's address verification tool and direct mail automation to ensure the accurate delivery of your notification letters.

PostGrid's address verification tool compares your customer address data with USPS's official address database to ensure its validity. You can then use PostGrid's direct mail automation tool to send your notification letters to these verified addresses securely.


The introduction or start of your letter of notification is another vital element you must consider before creating your letter. Remember to greet whomever you are addressing towards the beginning of the letter and introduce yourself.

However, you can easily ensure this by using a notification letter template for creating your letters. Tools like PostGrid even let you save these letter templates. Templates are available for types of business mailers.

You can save a letter template for all your mail communication in PostGrid and use it appropriately. The notification letter template must also state your company's Name and inform them that you are talking on behalf of the company.

Relationship Basis

After introducing yourself and your company in the letter of notification, you must establish the basis of your relationship with the recipient. Use this part of the letter to refresh the recipient's memory on how they know your company and their relationship with your firm.

You can start with something that signifies the origin of your professional relationship with your company. For instance, let's say you have a signed contract with the recipient. In that case, you can include details like the contract number or relevant dates in your notification letters to your recipients.

Other details you can include in your notification letters are the subject of the agreement the recipient signed with your company. It is unlikely that the recipient can identify your business from the agreement/contract number alone. Use the information you think can help your recipients best identify your company in this letter section.

Event Description

Suppose you are sending a bunch of notification letters from your business organization. In that case, there is likely some event related to the letter. After establishing your relationship with the recipient in the letter, you can move on to talk about the event.

In other words, in this section, you can explain what the purpose of your notification is to the recipient. This section of the letter of notification is the most crucial part of the letter. You must be clear about what you say and explain the event's details as best as possible.

Think of it this way- The amount of information you include in the notification letter should effectively answer any questions the recipient can have about the event. Suppose you can only fit some of the information in the letter. In that case, you can always include a QR code that provides the necessary information.

PostGrid can help you ensure a seamless transition from offline to online medium using its expertise. You can add a QR code to your letter of notification that leads straight to your website or landing page. The advanced automation capabilities of PostGrid also make it easier to include direct mail in your multi/omnichannel marketing efforts.

Contact Information

Before concluding your letter of notification, you must make it a point to include your contact information. Contact information is necessary for your notification message because it allows the recipient to reach out to you.

The recipient or addressee may have several questions regarding the notification letters you send them. For example, a financial service provider mails a collection letter to one of its customers.

If the recipient feels that the information in the letter is wrong or inaccurate, they would want to contact you. A similar situation can arise in any business, and the recipient needs to be able to talk to you if they wish. Hence, it is crucial to include your address details in your company's notification letters and other communications.

Letter Conclusion

You can end your notification letters by thanking the recipient for their time. To make the letter official, remember to document your (authorized) signature and the Date in the notification.

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Notification Letter Sample

It is impossible to discuss the notification letter sample in every situation. However, the essential elements of the letter and its format stay the same. Below you can find a sample letter that you can use to create your templates and send a notification to your audience. 


[Name of the Sender]

[Addess of the sender, including the ZIP Code]

[Name of the recipient]

[Addess of the recipient, including the ZIP Code]

Re: Celebrating the 13th anniversary of [Company name]

Dear Sir/Madam,

My Name is [Name of the sender], and I am from [company name]. As one of our most loyal clients, we are thrilled to invite you to celebrate [Company name] ‘s 13th anniversary with us at [Event venue] at [Event date and time]. It gives us tremendous joy and pride to tell you that we are now one of the leading eCommerce experts in the country. Nothing will make us happier than sharing this moment with you. 

If you have any questions regarding the event, you can contact us anytime at [Phone number].

Sincerely Yours,

[Name of the sender]

[Sign of the sender]

What Are The Benefits Of Using Automation To Send Notification Letters?

Automation is a quick and easy way to send notification letters to your target audience with zero errors. It lets you optimize your mailing process and ensure efficient communication for your business organization. 

Some of the significant benefits of using an automated solution for your business mailers, including notification letters, are as follows.

  • Track all your mailouts and deliveries
  • Minimize human error
  • HIPAA and SOC2-compliant data protection
  • Easy bulk mailing capabilities
  • Real-time tracking
  • Free template gallery and custom redesign templates
  • Advanced security with enterprise-level hosting

Do you want to implement these capabilities to send your business notification letters? Sign up with PostGrid to streamline your mail communications!

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