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Where to Buy Postcards?

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How To Find Where To Buy Postcards Online For Effective Business Communication?

Did you ever notice that we tend to have a little soft spot for postcards? Perhaps it is because most of us have some deep memory associated with them. It often reminds us of a good time that went by. Hence, seeing it grow as a desirable marketing channel is not surprising. Half the recipients, or 50.9% of them, find postcards helpful. 

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It would also explain why several business organizations are now trying to find where to buy postcards online or in-store. Of course, buying postcards online would be much more convenient for a business organization. 

But what is the best place to buy postcards online for your business? Here are some sources from where you can buy postcards online.

#1 Walmart

Whether looking for where to buy postcards online or at the store, Walmart is a great place to start. The multinational corporate giant has an extensive collection of postcards to choose from and offers competitive prices too.

Some of the popular choices of postcards you can choose from at a Walmart include the following:

  • Avery Postcards
  • Blank Postcards
  • Motivational/Inspirational Postcards
  • Puppy Dog Postcards
  • Wild Animal Postcards
  • Thanksgiving Postcards
  • Travel Postcards

The availability of Avery and Blank postcards at a reasonable price makes Walmart the best place to buy postcards for your business. The Avery postcards are perfect if you want to customize them with your branding or design. However, these postcards are ideal for printing menus or wedding cards.

On the hand, there are postcards still available on Walmart’s site and store, which is ideal for your promotional ideas. Yes, we are talking about the blank postcards. You can also use them to pitch a grand opening of your new branch or outlet or convey a special announcement to your audience.

#2 Amazon

Amazon has everything a person needs to live for their entire life. Unsurprisingly Amazon is arguably the best place to buy postcards online for your business’s direct mail efforts. You can buy postcards in bulk, and it offers some of the best deals on various postcards.

Amazon always has some interesting choices of products, and their postcards are no different. Here are some of the best-selling postcards on Amazon.

  • Postcards with funny puns.
  • Postcards with fun facts about animals.
  • Vintage travel postcards.
  • Blank postcards.

These are just some of the choices of postcards available on Amazon’s eCommerce site. It has virtually countless vendors selling on its eCommerce platform. Unsurprisingly, you can easily find several vendors who sell postcards on Amazon. However, shopping for postcards for your business organization on Amazon is unlike personal shopping.

Suppose you have a general idea for a postcard and do not have the resources to design a card in-house. In that case, Amazon is the best place to buy postcards because of the wide range of options and good deals.

#3 Walgreens

Another corporate giant from where to buy postcards online and in-store is Walgreens. Their full photo postcards are very popular among businesses and individuals. Real estate agents often use full-size photos of their listed properties on their marketing postcards. Real estate postcards are tremendously effective; we discuss real estate postcards here.

Of course, that does not mean Walgreens is the best place to buy postcards online or in-store. Of course, you also get generic types of postcards at Walgreens. Some of the best-selling postcards at Walgreens include the following.

  • Travel postcards.
  • Beauty and spa postcards.
  • Thinking-of-you postcards.
  • Construction and repair postcards.
  • Education postcards.
  • Food and entertainment postcards.
  • Health and wellness postcards.

As you can see, Walgreens is the best place for online and in-store postcards for various businesses. Besides all that, you can use Walgreens’ business cards as marketing materials, such as

  • Brochures
  • Newsletters
  • Flyers

And the best part is that Walgreens lets you customize postcards using your pictures, logos, and text. However, you only get basic printing capabilities with Walgreens’ postcard editor. It is a long shot from the template editor from advanced direct mail solutions like PostGrid. But Walgreens could be the best place to buy postcards for home-based businesses that have minimal to no resources.

#4 CVS

It might come as a surprise to some of you that CVS sells postcards too. You can find the postcards both online and in-store. The postcards available at CVS are pretty standard. However, that should not be a surprise as you know postcards are not their niche. It may not be the best place to buy postcards for your business.

However, their prices and convenience, both in-store and online, make CVS a viable option. Furthermore, several small-scale businesses still turn to CVS for buying postcards, even though it is hardly the best place to buy postcards online for businesses. One last thing to note about CVS is that their stores do not sell postage stamps. Hence, you have to get it elsewhere.

Of course, you can save all this trouble by using an automated direct mail system for your business. A fully automated direct mail system like PostGrid takes care of everything for your company’s marketing postcard. The system does everything from printing standardized addresses to applying the necessary postage. You can see why we can’t call CVS the best place to buy postcards for your business.

#5 Hallmark

Hallmark is somewhat of a legend when it comes to manufacturing greeting cards. After all, it is the oldest greeting card manufacturer in the US. A list that discusses where to buy postcards online is incomplete without including Hallmark.

The company started way back in 1910 in Kansas City and now sells a variety of postcards which include:

  • Travel postcards
  • Holiday postcards
  • Vintage postcards
  • Blank postcards

Surprisingly, Hallmark stores throughout the country do not sell postcards. However, Hallmark’s website offers several aesthetic and funky designs that you can use for your business. So, if you are still wondering where to buy postcards, Hallmark is an option for you to consider.

#6 USPS or United States Postal Service

As you know, USPS is the most extensive postal mail service in the US. It doesn’t matter if you already know where to buy postcards online. In the end, you would still have to use USPS to send them. Since using USPS is pretty much unavoidable, you might as well buy your postcard from them.

Don’t get us wrong. We are not saying that the only reason to use USPS postcards is that they deliver them. Some compelling reasons make USPS the best place to buy postcards online or at the post office.

With USPS, you can buy pre-stamped postcards USPS, oversized postcards, or blank postcards. However, it would be best if you kept in mind that the availability of postcards can vary significantly for different locations.

On top of that, USPS offers a one-stop destination for all your postal needs, not just sending business postcards. But dealing directly with USPS is not very practical for business organizations. However, implementing automation can turn this around and make USPS the best place to buy postcards for your business.

#7 Barnes & Noble

Most of you already know this, but we would like to say that Barnes & Noble is primarily a bookseller company. And even though postcards are not their niche, Barnes & Noble does an incredible job in offering an extensive range of postcards. Hence, they are definitely in the run to become the best place to buy postcards online for your direct mail campaigns.

The bookselling company has more retail outlets in the US than any other company or brand. But here is the not-so-exciting news – you can’t buy postcards from their retail outlet stores. Although the company does well on the online front, you can not call it the best place to buy postcards if you want them in-store.

#8 Target

After seeing Walmart on the list, at least some of you were expecting Target’s name down the line. Like Walmart, Target also offers a wide selection of postcards on its website. Some might consider Target the best place to buy postcards online because of its extensive collection of postcards.

Here are some of the popular types of postcards you can find on Target’s website:

  • NASA postcards.
  • Pep talk postcards.
  • Thanksgiving postcards.
  • Thank you postcards.
  • Birthday postcards.
  • Hallmark postcards.

As you can see, there are many options to choose from on Target’s website. Unlike Walmart, Target does not sell postcards in its stores. Hence, it’s probably not going to help if you walk into a Target store and ask, “where can I get postcards?” to the target employees.

#9 Office Depot OfficeMax

OfficeMax is yet another familiar name in every household in the US. The company is a retailer of office supplies. As you may know, OfficeMax is now a subsidiary of Office Depot. OfficeMax is ideal for buying your postcards as there are postcards still available at their store and website.

Furthermore, Office Depot OfficeMax has almost 1000 stores in 47 states in the US! It means you don’t have to worry about where to buy postcards if you have a local OfficeMax store nearby. On top of all this, OfficeMax also offers a variety of postcards to its customers, which includes the following.

  • Blank postcards.
  • Kindergarten postcards.
  • Birthday postcards.
  • And more.

#10 Local Gift Shop

If you don’t have a bulk mail requirement or want to send a dozen postcards, you can get them at the local gift shop. You can find greeting cards in most US gift shops, and some also sell postcards. However, this approach can hardly see you as the best place to buy postcards and is best as a backup plan.

What Is The Best Way For Businesses To Send Postcards?

Above, we discussed where to buy postcards online and in-store for your business. Although buying your postcards and personalizing them is a viable option, it is neither productive nor efficient. The best way for companies to send postcards is to print and mail them using an automated solution like PostGrid.

Print And Mail Personalized Postcards Via Automation

With the help of an advanced direct mail automation solution like PostGrid, you can create fully customized postcards for your business. If you think about it, PostGrid is also the best place to buy postcards online because it lets you create postcards how you want them.

The only difference is that you don’t have to go through the trouble of physically handling them. PostGrid’s direct mail automation software directly mails it to your target audience. And all of this is accessible to you through any smart device. Hence, you don’t have to ask, “where can I buy postcards?”

You can connect PostGrid’s direct mail API with any major CRM software, including HubSpot, Salesforce, and more. It enables you to customize your postcards and make them more personal effortlessly. Furthermore, since the whole process is automated, there is practically no error, which saves you a ton of time and money.

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