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What is USPS LACSLink?

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address data management system

What Is LACSLink, And How Can It Help Verify Your Customer Address Database?

Keeping track of customer address data is one of the most challenging things for a business organization. And when it comes to postal address data, the most authoritative entity you can rely on is USPS and its LACSLink database.

address data management system

“Currently, there are approximately 5.8 million records on the LACS database of addresses that have been converted.” – AccuZIP.

The USPS LACSLink database is one of the most reliable address databases to ensure the deliverability of your business mailer. And why is that? You will need to read the rest of this article to find the answer to that question and learn more about the address database.

What is LACSLink?

USPS LACSLink is a secure database of converted addresses obtained primarily through the implementation of the 911 system. The LACS in LACSLink is short for the Locatable Address Conversion System. It usually involves changing addresses from rural-style to city-style addresses. Furthermore, the dataset also includes already existing renamed and renumbered city-style addresses.

What Are The Benefits Of The LACSLink System?

The LACSLink system allows business organizations to enhance their address database through different methods. However, you likely already figured that out from the above explanation.

So, let us tell you some of the benefits you may not know about USPS LACSLink. There are three primary benefits of using the address database from USPS, and they are

  • Reduce Undeliverability
  • Reduce Mailer Costs
  • Faster Product/Service Marketing

Reduce Undeliverability

One of the biggest concerns companies have when implementing marketing or communication efforts via mail is deliverability of mail. With LACSLink, you can access the most recent address data for your marketing and communication needs. As a result, the deliverability of your business mailers significantly increases when you validate your addresses against the dataset.

Reduce Mailer Costs

As stated above, LACSLink allows you to reduce the undeliverability rate of your business mailers. And as the number of undelivered mail decreases, the amount wasted on postage, paper, ink, etc., also comes down. 

Using the latest addresses for your direct mail marketing campaigns also minimizes the chance of duplicate mail pieces. As a result, the overall cost of sending mailers for your business comes down.

Faster Product/Service Marketing

Another advantage of using the LACSLink system is that it presents you with an opportunity to speed up your marketing efforts. When you have an accurate mail delivery system, your business mail tends to move faster. Furthermore, the USPS database can also help you standardize your addresses, allowing the mail service provider to process mail more quickly.

Updating Rural Addresses Using LACSLink

One of the primary uses of LACSLink is to update rural addresses. The system accomplishes this by matching addresses against several rural and highway routes and box number addresses. As you can guess, all these addresses are either renamed or renumbered.

USPS updates multiple rural addresses periodically. The new city-style postal addresses are significantly easy to find, so 911 emergency response teams can get there ASAP. However, you can not access the USPS LACSLink address database without the help of a CASS-certified service provider like PostGrid.

Our address verification tool has access to the USPS address database, which it uses to compare and validate your customer addresses. Furthermore, PostGrid standardizes all postal addresses during the verification process, which boosts deliverability and optimizes delivery speed.

How To Read LACSLink Fields?

If you don’t want to use tools like PostGrid and can access the database, you may want to consider learning to read the LACS fields. And even if you are using an automated system like PostGrid, it may be handy to know a little more about LACSLink and its fields.

Values In Lacsind_ field
Y New address
N New address not available
D Derived by data (returned instead of 11-digit)
S Derived by software
Values In Lacsind_ field
A Lacs Record Match
00 No Match
09 Highrise Default
14 Unable To Convert New Address Convert At Run Time
92 Secondary Number Missing From Input Address
LACS Record Match (A)

The code for the LACS record match implies that the input address matched perfectly with the address of the LACKLink master file. It also means that the system can furnish a new address.

No Match (00)

You get a 00 or no match when the system can not find a match for the input address on the master file. Hence, the system can not furnish a new address for you.

Highrise Default (09)

The highrise default or 09 implies that your input record the data on the master file. However, in this case, the old address is a highrise default.

Unable To Convert New Address Convert At Run Time (14)

Similar to the case in highrise default, here also, the system finds a LACSLink record matching the input address. However, the system can not convert the new address into a deliverable one in this case.

Secondary Number Missing From Input Address (92)

If you find the LACS field as 92, it means that the input address you entered matches the record on the master file. But here, the input record has a second number absent on the master file record. In this case, the address is a highrise or ZIP+4 street level match.

How Can PostGrid Help You With LACSLink Address Verification?

PostGrid offers a CASS-certified address verification tool that checks your address database against USPS’s official address database. We can also access the LACSLink database to verify and standardize your addresses.

Our address verification solution can even correct mistakes in addresses or fill in missing details like the ZIP+4 code. Besides address verification, you can also get the following features with our address verification tool.

  • ZIP+4 coding
  • Address Autocomplete
  • LACSLink
  • Geocoding
  • Bulk verify

A leading healthcare provider recently contacted us to implement a bulk verification solution. After talking with the client, we understood they were reasonably concerned about data security. And this is what our lead developer convinced the client about PostGrid’s reliability.

“PostGrid is already serving several clients in the healthcare industry by providing them with streamlined postal mail communication. And as far as security is concerned, you have nothing to worry about because PostGrid meets all the requirements for HIPAA-compliant communication. We have every security feature in place to protect all your customer information.”


The USPS LACSLink provides you access to high-quality addresses, which you can use to verify your customer address data. However, to access the USPS address database and verify your customer address data, you need advanced solutions like PostGrid.

Our address verification lets you verify your addresses using LACSLink and standardize them for faster mail delivery. PostGrid also corrects significant mistakes in your address data and fills in missing details like the ZIP+4 code.

As a result, your postal mail deliverability rate increases significantly, saving you money and time. But the best part is that you can verify your addresses in bulk. And it only takes a few seconds to get accurate and verified customer addresses.

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