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What Are Remailing Services

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What Is Remailing Service and How Can Businesses Benefit From It?

Remailing services are solutions by third-party direct mail vendors who can reship your mailpieces to recipients using their address and postage stamp. The purpose of doing so is to conceal your identity. Your trading name and location can remain confidential.

Key Takeaways

  • A remailer service allows you to send anonymous letters, postcards, or documents via a third party. Businesses use it for market research, privacy, and paying bills securely.
  • Remailing services are safe, but it depends on the vendor you choose. PostGrid’s direct mailing API complies with HIPAA, PIPEDA, SOC-2, and other laws, helping you use its remailing services confidently.
  • You may need to pay a subscription fee above your postage. Choose a vendor that fits your budget and requirements.
  • Consider primary factors, like speed, CASS certification, pricing, and additional services, to select the ideal vendor.
mail forwarding service companies

But, what is it, and how can it help you ship your envelopes and packages anonymously?

Keep reading further to find everything you must know about remailing!

What Is a Remailing Service?

A remail service is a direct mailing company that re-ships your items to recipients with a new address and postal stamp. Hence, your business name and address remain safe and confidential. Instead, recipients see the remailing company’s details.

It is an excellent option to send something to someone anonymously and still get the benefits of direct mail. Here’s a real-life example to help you understand better:

One of our new clients in the insurance sector wanted to expand their database by reaching out to people who just bought a new house. But, they also thought it was too early to reveal their brand name because they only wanted to collect data and devise tailored marketing strategies. They asked PostGrid’s account specialists about what they can do in such situations. And the answer was crystal clear- mentioned one of our clients.

Typically, the process involves the following steps:

  1. You prepare your items and pack them using envelopes or packaging bags.
  2. You add the recipient’s address on your mailpieces but skip writing the return address. Also, ensure to use unbranded packaging materials to make your items eligible for remailing.
  3. Instead of affixing postage stamps on the mailers, place them inside a box to send to your remailing service provider.

After receiving your items, the provider takes over your mailing tasks. They get your mailpieces out of the boxes and prepare them for shipping again.

In the process, they apply different postmark stamps and add their address to the items. Hence, the recipients can never guess that you are the original sender.

But, remember that you only outsource your mailing tasks using remailing services. You still need to plan a campaign, design, print, and pack your marketing items.

However, PostGrid’s direct mail API helps you from start to end—enabling you to automate every single step.

Why Should You Use a Remailing Service?

Undoubtedly, anonymity is the primary reason people and businesses use a remailer service. They don’t want the recipients to know that the mail came from their end. If you can’t imagine a scenario where you may want to do that, let’s go back to our earlier example:

Our client wanted to conduct market research to identify their buyer persona in-depth. It would help them curate a proper sales script and launch relevant marketing campaigns. Hence, market research is the first and most significant use case of remailing.

Secondly, most companies and individuals employ remailing services because they want to avoid leaking their details. So, privacy and security are other crucial use cases for employing such outsourced solutions.

Below are some more use cases that encourage businesses to mail items confidentially:

Follow the Law

In some cases, you may need to maintain a work address at a place you don’t operate—for legal reasons. Thus, instead of mailing items to recipients from your location, you can opt for remailing services to get a different mailing address.

Send Invoices, Bills, and Statements

If you want to send payment collection letters or financial statements to your clients, remailing can help you ship them privately. It is primarily helpful for businesses having several branches that need to maintain a centralized mailing system. You can select a service provider like PostGrid, having a vast network of printers to prepare and post your items locally.

Affix Local Postmark Stamps

Most customers respond well to marketing items from local businesses. Hence, you cannot underestimate how local mailings allow you to connect with people personally. Also, they make recipients feel like your business can serve them wherever they are.

Thankfully, remailing helps you ship mailers with local stamps, making it impossible for recipients to trace your business location.

Forward Your Mail Returns to a Different Address

If you want to redirect your mail returns to a different location, use a remailer service to forward these items. Try asking your service provider to mention a designated place you select as the return address.

You may also use this step to handle campaign responses, primarily when you use Business Reply Envelope. Hence, you get all the response envelopes in one place, making it easy to follow up.

Pay Your Bills Securely

Sending checks or demand drafts for paying bills may be a regular practice for you. But, you aren’t obliged to provide the recipients with your mailing location. Instead, use a remailing service and pay bills anonymously.

Conduct Large-Scale Campaigns 

A remail service makes conducting bulk mailing campaigns more effective for you. You can choose automated solutions like PostGrid to send on-demand and large-volume mailings from a different place if you don’t have the required space and resources.

Is Remailing Safe?

Most remailing services like PostGrid are 100% safe and lawfully compliant. Our online direct mailing solutions follow HIPAA, PIPEDA, SOC-2, and other data protection laws.

However, you may meet vendors who claim to offer excellent remailing services but do the opposite. Hence, be aware and do your research. Try to understand your service provider’s work in detail before signing a contract or paying for anything.

Try not to send anything through a vendor unless you are sure they are someone you can trust. If anything goes wrong, you would have to face a significant wastage of time and investment.

The best thing you can do is look up their ratings on Google. Check out the positive and negative reviews before deciding whether you must employ a remailer service. Thus, you can discuss several things with your provider beforehand and be alert while entering into long-term contracts. Of course, if you select PostGrid, you don’t need to commit anything or pay unless you use the service.

Next, you may talk to industry professionals to determine if your remailing service provider can keep up the claims they make. Understanding their brand image in the marketplace helps you make a better choice.

What Is the Cost of a Remailing Service?

Every remail service provider offers different rates, depending on the postal charges and the solution you pick. The more tasks you need your vendor to perform for you, the higher the prices.

Most services are affordable, but you must pay a remailing fee above the postage to ship your mailpieces. You can pay the charges based on per-piece pricing or opt for a monthly or yearly subscription.

Note that all vendors have different pricing mechanisms, so it’s hard to determine which ones are cheaper. You can divide the quantity you mail by the total cost you need to pay to get a per-piece rate and then compare the services.

The subscription-based pricing rates are ideal for businesses that either ship items in bulk or mail often. This way, they can avail of considerable discounts from the USPS and their remailing service vendors.

However, it is advisable to research prices online and select a provider whose rates are in the ballpark range.

You can select PostGrid’s direct mail services to get industry-best pricing and all-inclusive rates for remailing. Our plans are flexible to accommodate your needs and let you mail affordably.

How to Choose the Ideal Remailing Services?

Are you familiar with Schrodinger’s cat theory? It says- there is no way to know what’s inside a box unless you open it!

You can use this fact in your marketing plans where you can’t guarantee success until you launch a campaign and measure the results.

But, this theory doesn’t apply while selecting a remailer service. You cannot send your valuable mailpieces to a vendor without inquiring about them—and then wait for the results to see whether they are reliable.

Hence, we have compiled a few features you should look for in a remailing service:

  • Speed: Consider how much time the company takes to get your items out of their doors. It should not make you wait for days until your order is out. You held your side of the deal and remailed the items to them with payment; now, it’s their job to process your orders quickly. Look for services like PostGrid with a 2-business day SLA to initiate speedy deliveries.
  • Additional features: Sometimes, the remailing service charges add up because of some features your vendor may offer. PostGrid’s direct mail solutions provide real-time tracking, campaign management, etc., at no added cost.
  • CASS-certification: If you need your remailing services to help verify your mailing lists, select a CASS-certified vendor like PostGrid. It not only mails your items but ensures they reach the correct destinations.
  • Pricing: As said earlier, vendors offer varied pricing for the same services. And you cannot always go with a service that costs you the least because you also need to factor in other things. Hence, choose a company that offers the best rates for the most features.

More About PostGrid’s Remailing Services for Businesses

Our direct mail solutions help you conduct effective offline marketing campaigns. You can use our dashboard, API, or direct mail management software to launch a targeted campaign without doing anything manually.

Even if direct mailing is our prime segment, you can use PostGrid for remailing. While other service providers ask you to prepare and print your items in-house, we complete those tasks on your behalf. Thus, you have fewer tasks to handle, helping you save tons of time and money.

“PostGrid’s integration capabilities are fantastic! We could integrate it into our CRM in a few minutes and launch a campaign immediately. Also, we got the power to design our artwork using their pre-built templates that make the task so simple. PostGrid empowers us to take charge of the campaign and ensure it is successful. With transparent pricing and dedicated customer service, we feel like we are doing everything in-house.”

This comment came from one of the clients we met a few weeks back to discuss remailing. They are in the process of automating transactional and marketing mail and thought remailing is an ideal option to start.

Here are some more details about how we helped their business generate 5x results in two months:

This client is from the real estate industry and wanted a comprehensive direct mailing strategy to distribute crucial documents. But, after meeting with us, they decided to launch marketing campaigns as well to spread brand awareness. PostGrid helped them send 2,000 advertising postcards in the past month, resulting in hundreds of responses.

Today, they have decided to mail nearly 4,000 items monthly on integrating our API into Zapier, giving them access to 1,600+ apps. Also, they were able to update their existing database using our address verification API to reach more people.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you send mailpieces without a return address?

Yes, you can choose not to mention a return address on your items to protect your privacy. However, it stops the USPS from mailing your items back in case of delivery failures. Thus, you have to suffer the loss resulting from the wastage. An alternate way is to use remailing services and forward your returned items to a different address.

How does PostGrid’s remailing pricing work?

We have two plans currently- Starter and Enterprise for direct mailing. But, you can speak to our sales team to know the exact remailing rates. Be assured that our membership programs help you avail of the best features at the most affordable rates in the country.

Can I get a mailing receipt as evidence that my items were delivered?

Yes, PostGrid provides you with mailing receipts for all your sent pieces. You can view them by logging into your PostGrid account or get them on your official email.

Does PostGrid guarantee remailing delivery by a specified date?

PostGrid offers a dedicated SLA for you to decide your campaign timeframe. You can select when you want to launch your campaign. Also, you can choose the appropriate USPS mailing class to ensure your items arrive by a specific date.

Final Thoughts

Businesses mail thousands of letters, parcels, and other articles to different parties throughout their lifespans. But, they cannot assume that every recipient is safe and would use their details responsibly. Thus, they must employ remailing services to protect their information from data breaches.

Try choosing a remailing service that best suits your needs and doesn’t burn a hole in your wallet. It should aid your current activities and increase mailing efficiency.

PostGrid’s direct mail API helps you produce your items from scratch and deliver them through the USPS in only a few days. You can personalize your mailpieces in any way you need, launch triggered campaigns, and download campaign reports. Also, you get access to PostGrid’s detailed API docs to help you set a remailing system according to your requirements.

Request a demo now to know more about how PostGrid’s online remailing services help you streamline your tasks and save money!

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