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What Are Expired Listing Postcards and How to Improve Their Impact?

Did you know that nearly 1.49 million real estate listings expired in 2021? Moreover, new agents relisted 20% of them right away in 2022! It indicates the power of using expired listing postcards to your benefit and generating higher sales. 

Many agents or homeowners find selling their houses and other properties puzzling. Their online listings expire, and they look for other methods to close deals. It is the ideal time for you to reach out and offer help to them! 

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Explain your strategies for collaborating with them to accelerate property sales. But how can you connect with homeowners or real estate agents with expired listings?

Use expired listings postcards to communicate with them 1:1 and build a strong foundation based on trust and confidence!

This article covers how expired listing postcards help produce more business for your agency. It also discusses the tips and tricks to get the most out of these direct mail items!

Let us get started!

What Are Expired Listing Postcards?

Many refer to expired listing postcards as ‘we buy houses’ items. The purpose of sending these mailpieces to prospects is to introduce yourself and offer a robust solution to help them!

But what are expired listings?

Let us discuss this with an example. Have you ever seen houses with the ‘For Sale sign outside? Imagine nobody approached the owner or the listing agent to buy it. It signifies an expired listing. And the same thing may happen online on websites like, Zillow, Trulia, etc.

You can conduct an expired listing postcard campaign to connect with these people! Highlight why they should choose you as the relisting agent and the unique benefits you could bring to the table!

The expired listings postcards help bridge the gap between you and the person responsible for selling the property. Try showcasing how your experience can enable them to close complicated deals. 

Why Use Postcards for Expired Listings?

Many people think of contacting people with expired listings via call or email. Though phone calls instigate direct communication, it does not help you differentiate your brand from others! There are high chances these agents or homeowners have already received a dozen calls from various companies. 

Using expired listing postcards gives you the upper edge! They help you send something tangible that prospects can hold onto and save for reference. These mail items carry your contact details, company information, and more. 

Also, postcards have a response rate of 4.25%! They are personal, memorable, and eye-catching. People save expired listings postcards more often than you may think. They stick them to their refrigerators or keep them inside their drawer to take a glance whenever required!

Postcards create a nostalgic effect among audiences. Using bright imagery and catchy headlines for your expired listing postcards can ensure your prospects pick up their phones immediately and give you a call!

How to Boost the Performance of Your Expired Listing Postcards?

We buy houses postcards have a significant impact on your prospects. They get all the information they require on one page. It is the best method of putting your proposal directly in front of them and starting a conversation!

You may employ several expired listing postcard ideas to boost engagement and receive the desired results!

Use a Friendly Tone 

Though expired listing postcards present a business proposal to potential clients, try using friendly language. Use phrases like

  • We can help
  • Keep hope
  • I am here to support you
  • Avoid wasting time and call me

These simple yet effective words can help garner attention and motivate prospects to contact you!

To add a personal touch, draft the copy for your expired listing postcards in the first person. 

Include the details of a trusted agent from your firm for people to connect with on a one-to-one basis. It makes your postcard recipients feel they can talk to an actual person, increasing their confidence and trust. 

Add Pictures

When we suggest you add images, it does not refer to the apartment’s pictures. Remember you are not advertising direct selling of a property. Instead, you want to execute an expired listing postcard campaign to promote your services!

So what pictures can you add to your expired listings postcards?

Many agents add their headshots to their postcards to establish personal connections. Including your pictures signifies that you are serious about your proposal. It also indicates your professionalism and personality. Please note that it is easier to initiate conversations with prospects when they see you as more than a brand name!

Think about how often you skipped a LinkedIn profile because of a missing profile picture. Putting up your image using expired listing postcards brings prospects closer and increases your chances of bagging a client.

You may also add relevant imagery related to your work. Click pictures of the people you have helped and their homes. Or opt for generic images that best represent your services and make your expired listings postcards more appealing. 

Focus On the Graphics

Pictures are only one factor to help make your expired listing postcards attractive. You must focus on numerous other things, like the layout, colors, fonts, templates, etc.

PostGrid’s direct mail services can help you design your postcards using our pre-built templates. You can pick any expired listing postcard template and customize it based on your preferences!

Try paying attention to the colors and layouts to hook the readers instead of turning them off. Your postcards must be creative and unique to grab attention and push prospects to save them. 

Use bold fonts for headlines and other sub-headings because people read them first. Also, leave adequate white space between words, sentences, and images to make your expired listing postcards breathable and easily graspable. You may also add bullet points, statistics, small tables, etc., to express your message more clearly. 

Offer Social Proofs

Imagine you get a proposal from a random company! You may think about whether you can trust the sender and talk to them or ignore the message. 

Similarly, your prospects require proof of your work and experience! We understand it can be hard to add all the details in your expired listings postcards, but you can try!

Add testimonials from your past clients to your expired listing postcards or letters. Include their names to confirm authenticity and credibility! You may also redirect recipients to your website or Google account page, where they can read more reviews!

Educate Your Prospects

Your expired listing postcards allow you to educate people regarding what they did incorrectly. Why did their listings expire? What steps can they take to rectify the situation and sell the property faster?

The ‘we buy houses' postcards help you get new clients by showcasing your industry knowledge and expertise. Try sharing case studies or past client stories to make your messages relatable. 

You may also link your expired listings postcards with your website, enabling readers to get more information.

Add QR codes or pURLs to redirect readers to your blog page, where they can find success stories, how-to tutorials, and other informational content!

Personalize Your Expired Listing Postcards

You can guarantee your expired listing postcard campaign success by personalizing your messages. Avoid buying lists of expired property listings and send generic proposals to everyone. It can waste your time, effort, and money and yield no results!

The least you can do is add the prospect’s first name and their apartment location. For example- 

  • Hello Harry, still trying to sell your house on 2nd Avenue, Pasadena?

Let us help!

You may add other details to your expired listing postcards, like the listing’s duration or the property value. Here is another example-

  • We hear your property listing expired on December 10!

Call us now to help you rectify the situation within a week!

These personalization tactics add value to your expired listings postcards and hook the readers from the beginning!

Segment Your Mailing Lists

Generic mailing lists can help you launch an expired listing postcard campaign but do not guarantee results. You require targeted mailing lists that guarantee your recipients are still hunting buyers for their properties. 

Many generic lists are old, which means the listed prospects might have already found a relisting agent. Compiling an updated list for your expired listing postcard campaign can help focus on hot leads!

PostGrid’s automated direct mail services help you standardize and validate your lists. You can use these verified addresses to send your expired listing postcards to the correct people! It also prevents mail returns and lost items, helping you save on postage costs. 

Our print and mail solutions can help you compile custom mailing lists based on

  • Location
  • Residence length
  • Market value
  • Absentee homeowners
  • Listing agents
  • Property occupants

Segmenting your mailing lists using such categories lets you save time and money. You can channel your efforts only on prospects offering high chances of conversions!

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Choose Frequency Over Outreach

Try sending expired listings postcards to the same mailing list a few times before you move on. Focus on establishing personal connections instead of contacting more people! 

It allows you to form genuine bonds and improve brand recognition. You may send expired listing postcards with different headlines, offers, and CTAs each time. Use helpful tips and exciting imagery to encourage recipients to save your postcards and respond to your proposal. 

Measure Your Expired Listing Postcard Campaign

It is always advisable to learn your campaign results before you move on with your upcoming program. But why?

Yes, you would be busy handling the responses! But tying these replies or results with your campaign helps you do better in the future. 

It shows how much impact your expired listings postcards had on your audience! You also learn the pros and cons of your programs. 

Try to add QR codes, custom phone numbers, and pURLs to track results. PostGrid’s direct mail API and software can assist you with these technicalities, helping you save time and manual effort. 

You may check your expired listing postcard campaign reports and analytics by logging into your PostGrid account. Use these details to better your marketing strategies and continue getting high responses!

Why Choose PostGrid to Send Your Expired Listing Postcards?

PostGrid provides clients with boutique direct mailing solutions to send postcards, letters, etc. They can use our automation software, API, or dashboard to automate their tasks and eradicate manual effort!

As discussed, expired listings postcards have several advantages. They help you identify and grab new business opportunities, increasing revenue and reputation!

You can send expired listing postcards in-house, but the process is time-consuming and expensive. PostGrid offers a strategic method to help you get the benefits without exploiting your marketing budget and in-house resources!

Here are some helpful features you can consider:

  • Template editor: Our state-of-the-art solutions help you create postcard artwork from scratch. You can add customizations, like your company name, logo, contact information, images, headlines, etc. Resize pictures, choose portrait or landscape orientation, and make last-minute changes easily!
  • Low postage: PostGrid ensures your expired listing postcards adhere to the USPS requirements and guidelines. It lets you save on postage and speed up deliveries. Our direct mail services also help you automate presorting and barcoding tasks, reducing postal fees. 
  • Variable data printing: You may add one or many variables to your expired listing postcards to personalize them. The process is quick and easy, encouraging clients to conduct custom campaigns and get higher results. 
  • No minimum volume requirements: PostGrid can process all orders, irrespective of whether you want to send one or a million expired listings postcards to your prospects. Our scalable solutions can accommodate your ever-growing requirements, helping you conduct your campaigns flexibly!
  • Pre-schedule your mailings: You may pre-set your campaign dates to launch your program at the correct time! PostGrid lets you mail expired listings postcards on any day you want without hassles.
  • Different postcard sizes: Select postcard sizes and orientations according to your message! PostGrid offers many customization options to suit your needs. 


Using expired listing postcards to connect with other agents or homeowners is simple and effective. You can generate more business and expand your client base in a few steps.

Many companies acquire their lists from the MLS records or a list broker. But, PostGrid helps you build your mailing lists from scratch, helping you get updated and accurate records. 

Our direct mail services assist you during every step of your campaigns! You can integrate our API into your HubSpot or other CRM to ship expired listing postcards from your existing system.

Sign up here to get more details on expired listing postcards and how we help you draft, print, and ship them!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How do the expired listing postcards work?

When a listing expires, you may use postcards or letters to connect with the homeowner with a comprehensive sales pitch. You can provide details of how you can help them sell their property quickly. Offer examples of past clients, indicating your unique characteristics and rich experience!

  • How many expired listings postcards to send?

There is no minimum or maximum limit to how many times you can send your expired listing postcards to the same prospects. But avoid spamming and focus on a few target clients to make your campaign successful.

  • Do the expired listing postcard ideas work?

Yes! The tips and techniques in this blog can help you differentiate your brand from your competitors. They allow you to save money and get the desired response faster. 

  • What are the prices to send expired listings postcards with PostGrid?

Our direct mail automation solutions offer all-inclusive prices. The cost to send one postcard is 74c only using the Starter plan! You can grab more discounts and deals by upgrading to our Enterprise program. 

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