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Utility Bill Printing and Mailing Services

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Utility Bill Printing and Mailing Services

For some businesses, it is effortless to communicate with their customers. It comes naturally to them. However, there are also businesses for whom communication is the biggest challenge, and Utility Companies are one of them.

The main reason for this is that nothing is enticing about the product they are selling. Secondly, it is hard to convey information or ensure quality customer service for utility companies. Why? Because you can not advertise utility products via Google Ads or social media. 

Furthermore, the printing of utility bills and statements is under strict government regulations. Due to these limitations, it is best for utility companies to outsource their utility bill printing and mailing. Outsourcing can help you overcome these limitations in utility bill printing and mailing. Apart from this, outsourcing has numerous other advantages.

So, if you run a utility company and are unsure about utility bill printing and mailing services, you should keep on reading. As we advance, we will discuss the various advantages of utility bill printing and mailing, types of utility bills, and more.

Advantages of Utility Bill Printing and Mailing Services

The process of processing, printing, and delivering statements is neither easy nor fast. Hence, it is not uncommon to see utility company customers complain about delays in utility bills delivery.

The delays in delivering utility bills and statements on time are the different stages involved in the process. Also, each of these stages requires a lot of effort and professional expertise. Outsourcing utility printing and mailing services can be a massive help as they can easily organize the process for you.

  • You can delegate every responsibility and task. You can start from the design to delivering your utility bill to an outsourcing company.
  • Experts in direct mail printing and distribution, such as PostGrid, have access to advanced printing equipment.
  • Direct mail outsourcing companies like PostGrid have tie-ups with the USPS. Hence, PostGrid can cover your mailing services.
  • You can use different types of advanced and automated direct mail regardless of the utility service you sell.


The most significant advantage of using utility bill printing and mailing services is its incredibly cost-effective. With the help of utility printing and mailing services such as PostGrid, you can optimize your mailing process.

This optimization spreads to every aspect of the direct mail process, from the cost of materials to storage and delivery. Furthermore, direct mail systems like PostGrid even offer an address verification API. As a result, you can practically get rid of return mails and minimize wastage and expenses.

Better Customer Service

Delayed delivery of the print utility bill is the number one complaint customers have about utility companies. However, it is also true that an overwhelming 91% of consumers prefer printed bills over digital ones.

According to the billing data analysis by the USPS, even among the newest utility customers, 89% prefer the print utility bill. This group of customers is highly tech-savvy, and yet they choose a printed format for their bills.

Every customer wants the print utility bill. But, the problem is with delivering them without delays. Using a fully automated system like PostGrid can cut errors and streamline the direct mail process. It can even help you optimize the direct mail delivery for USPS.

Regulatory Compliances

As you know, the government strictly regulates utility bill printing and mailing. The need for such strict regulations is that utility bills are considered sensitive documents. This is because they contain the personal details of the customer. Therefore, such personal details must always be kept private.

Hence the federal and state laws regulate the processing of such documents or sensitive data. So, unless you are well aware of these laws or compliances, you should not dive straight into utility bill printing and mailing.

Service providers such as PostGrid already come equipped with all the necessary utility bill printing and mailing compliance. And since outsourced services like PostGrid ensure data privacy and law obedience, you can remain carefree.

Concentrate Your Focus on The Business

Utility bill printing and mailing is not easy, and as we have already mentioned, it takes a lot of time and effort. Outsourcing utility bill printing and mailing means you don’t have to put in the long hours or extra effort. Hence you can save valuable time and resources.

You can then direct this additional time, effort, and even resources to focus on the more essential aspects of your business. Therefore, you can efficiently utilize this time to optimize your processes and provide better customer service.

Types of Utility Bills

Sometimes new companies are unsure whether they need utility bill services. Businesses must consider every minor aspect of the process involved. They must keep in mind that utility documents are primarily connected to the resources they can provide to the customer’s household. It could be water, electricity, gas, and so on.

But, not all resources provided to a household need to be classified as a utility. Hence we have listed all the primary utility services that a company can offer to its customers. Check the utility bills listed below to determine whether your company also requires printing and mailing utility bills.

  • Electricity bills
  • Water and sewage bills
  • Gas bills
  • Trash and recycling bills
  • Internet bills
  • Telephone or landline bills

It is always best for utility companies to outsource their utility bill printing and mailing. By outsourcing the process, you can save loads of time and money. But, more importantly, you can have peace of mind as you no longer have to worry about complex compliances or extensive mailing processes.

Utility printing and mailing services can help you send different kinds of documents. For example, you can print and mail invoices, late notices, transactional forms, and much more.

You can cover all your mailing needs with a service provider like PostGrid and save even more time and resources for your business.

Why Do You Need PostGrid’s Automated Utility Bill Printing and Mailing Services?

Consistency is a significant aspect that separates marketing mail from utility bill mailing. The importance of consistency of utility bill printing and mailing is far more critical than in direct mail campaigns.

You can change the consistency of sending marketing campaign mailers if you have to. But, when it comes to utility bills, there is much less flexibility. You must deliver the mail within a specific time, or your customers may end up paying the price for it.

Specify The Time For Utility Bill Printing And Mailing

As you know, you must send utility bills within a specific time. Furthermore, you must repeat the process on a timely basis. It could be weekly, monthly, bimonthly, and so on. You can easily specify this time gap and automate the utility bill printing and mailing by using PostGrid.

Establish a Long-Term Relationship & Impact Your Business

Try to establish a long-term relationship with your print utility bill service provider. Having a long-term partner like PostGrid can impact your business. It will enable you to access the latest functionalities and capabilities they offer. By doing so, you can always stay a step ahead of your competitors.

Real-Time Notifications

Advanced utility printing and mailing services give you real-time notifications of print utility bill delivery. The constant updates make it easy to ensure that your customers get the top-quality service they deserve.

As a result, you also get superior control over the statement document processing. In addition, you can further identify patterns in print utility mail delivery using advanced insights. For example, you can find delivery routes that take more time than others. You can then send the mailers on that route earlier to avoid late bills.

Integrate With Your CRM

One of the best things about using advanced utility printing and mailing services like PostGrid is automation. However, some of you might wonder whether automation can take away the personalized touch of the mailer. With a solution like PostGrid, you can integrate your CRM into their system.

By doing so, tools like PostGrid can access your customer list and personalize each and every print utility bill you send out. Therefore, you can easily print the name, address, and any other customer details on the utility bill and statements. Furthermore, PostGrid integrates with all major CRMs.

24-Hour support

As far as utility printing and mailing services are concerned, PostGrid has one of the best support you can find. With 24-hour support capability, PostGrid ensures that you never have to worry about being left to fend for yourself.

Furthermore, PostGrid uses advanced technology to ensure that you don’t experience any trouble once you integrate it into your website. PostGrid has a team of experts on standby to help you with any issue regarding their system. So, you can ensure that your utility bills are always on time.

Track Consumer Response

Another significant advantage of choosing PostGrid as your utility printing and mailing service is its powerful tracking capability. You can use PostGrid’s system to track consumer response to critical documents through its advanced integration.

The customer analytics tool enables you to track the performance of your direct mail delivery. It means you can follow the effectiveness of your direct mail campaigns and streamline your strategy. You can also use the data to optimize your internal operations and deliver better customer service.

Ensure Deliverability Via Address Verification API

PostGrid offers one of the best address verification APIs in the world. You can integrate PostGrid’s address verification API into your website and get the most out of it. It includes bulk address verification capabilities that enable you to ensure the deliverability of your print utility bill.

Checking the validity of the addresses using USPS’s official address database is just the start. You also get additional features. One such feature is the Address Autocomplete which automatically fills the addresses as the user types them in. Such a feature dramatically simplifies the form-filling process and gives more power to the user.


Utility bill printing and mailing can become complex considering the long list of rules and compliances it has to follow. Therefore, it is no wonder that more businesses rely on utility bill printing and mailing services.

You can save valuable time by outsourcing the utility bill printing and mailing process to reliable partners like PostGrid. It is also highly convenient. Service providers like PostGrid enable you to automate utility bill printing and mailing fully.

You can connect PostGrid’s advanced solution with your CRM to send personalized utility bills to your customers. Furthermore, you can even schedule when the utility bills and other documents should be sent to the customer. As a result, you can fully optimize your print utility bill delivery for your business.

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