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5 Rooftop Geocoding Use Cases to Help Your Business Expand in US

Did you ever turn on your device location and let Google Maps tell you how far a specific restaurant is? Most people also check the driving distance from their place to a supermarket, salon, movie theatre, club, etc., beforehand—making rooftop geocoding the talk of the hour!

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Unless you want to shoot a shot in the dark, checking the location details in advance using rooftop geocoding and mapping is the way to go!

Tools like PostGrid can help you combine address verification with geocoding to get the best results at breakneck speeds. 

Let us discuss how geocoding can benefit your business and how PostGrid can help!

What is Rooftop Geocoding?

Geocoding combines the location details from multiple sources, like navigational data and the census. It helps you pinpoint the longitudes and latitudes of a street address on a map using specific location algorithms.

However, rooftop geocoding takes this mechanism a step ahead by pointing out the exact apartment and not just the center of a parcel.

Healthcare, insurance, real estate, telecom, retail, and nonprofit organizations utilize geocodes to make profitable business decisions. The more precise your geocode USA data, the higher your chances of achieving your marketing and operational goals!

You must select a geocoding API like PostGrid that helps you get the coordinates of any location on the planet in the blink of an eye. Thus, you can skip spending on location intelligence and affordably access precise, multi-use data.

How Can Rooftop Geocoding Benefit Your Company?

Along with letting you to your getaway destination in the middle of nowhere, geocoding is quite a helpful tool for businesses. Its wide-ranging uses make it a must to incorporate into your administrative and promotional strategies. Here is how you can make the best out of PostGrid’s geocoding capabilities:

Data Analysis and Segmentation

You may have thousands of customer addresses without knowing how to put them to profitable use. Luckily, rooftop geocoding lets you coordinate sales, decide on selling territories, analyze customers on a digital map, and plan delivery routes using your database.

For example, imagine you have thousands of customers living in Santa Monica. But you don’t have a franchise in the city yet! Analyzing your database using geocode USA details helps you notice this penetration opportunity and take it on.

Thousands of businesses use geocoding to determine where they can open their next franchise or lay down their first store, etc.

Location-Based Targeting

Geocoding helps businesses deliver targeted messages to their audiences based on their location. For example, rooftop geocoding enables a restaurant to send marketing postcards to everyone living in the neighborhood. Also, it makes mobile marketing possible, wherein you can send custom notifications or alerts to people as they enter a specific area.

Here’s an example of location-based marketing using geocode USA data:

If you are participating in a trade fair in Florida and want to send the event details to your prospects and customers in the city, geocoding can help you. It lets you send letters or invitations to a relevant audience, allowing you to increase the footfall at your stall.

Address Validation

Most address verification solutions like PostGrid use rooftop geocoding to validate your mailing lists accurately. Here’s an example for your reference:

When you integrate our address verification API into your website, the rooftop geocoding feature captures the customers’ mailing addresses while they shop on your website. The API automatically fills in the customers’ address details as they begin to type—saving time and improving your website’s user experience (UX).

Hence, rooftop geocoding enables you to mail orders to the correct customers in time without risking mail returns and delays.

Marketing Message Personalization

Personalize your marketing messages and direct mail items by using geocode USA data. You can include your nearby store’s address in a mailer to motivate people to visit you. Or you may email the discount offer details to your prospects living in the same locality as your branch. Either way, you can use rooftop geocoding to personalize marketing efforts and add value to your campaigns.

Understanding Location Landscape

Insurance and mortgage companies need to analyze the entire neighborhood to decide whether to approve a client’s insurance application or not. The geocode USA data helps them make crucial decisions that affect their profitability considerably. For instance, an insurance agency is more likely to incur losses if it accepts a policy application for property insurance located on a flood plain.

Typically, rooftop geocoding companies measure the distance from one place to another, like calculating how far your home is from the river or if your new store is near a school.

Knowing More About PostGrid’s Rooftop Geocoding and Adress Verification API

Our address validation services help you perform an address lookup and get the correct mailing details and geocodes. You don’t need to integrate a geocode USA tool separately or need complicated API requests. Our integrations are quick and easy, and you don’t need technical expertise.

Below, we have enlisted some of our best features to give you an idea of how we work:

Address Autocomplete and Standardization

PostGrid helps you autocomplete mailing addresses or add missing details to your existing delivery lists. After integrating our API into your website or CRM, PostGrid automatically auto-fills addresses using rooftop geocoding and reformats them according to the USPS guidelines.

Thus, we assist you in improving your data quality and reducing undeliverable mail.

Supplemental Information

PostGrid’s rooftop geocoding capabilities also help you get additional data about your mailing addresses. For example, our API can mark vacant and under-construction addresses to let you know you can mail your items to these places!

Also, PostGrid adds extra delivery details to your addresses—to make the delivery process faster and more efficient. It combines SuiteLink, Residential Delivery Indicator, Delivery Point Validation, NCOA data files, etc., to help you access a top-quality database.

Latitude and Longitude

You can now get the geocode USA data within seconds using PostGrid. Our online address validation solutions help you get the geographical coordinates of any destination for data mapping—with the accurate address for smooth shipping.

Bulk and International Address Verification

As said earlier, PostGrid lets you cross-check the addresses of any location you need. Its international address validation solutions using rooftop geocoding help you verify the details of any ship to 245+ countries.

Additionally, you can conduct on-demand or bulk address verification according to your needs. Our API is scalable and can process millions of API calls at the same time.

Pricing and Customer Support

Our support and sales team is available for you every step of the way! Thus, you can reach us with any query about rooftop geocoding or other things we can help you with, and we are happy to assist you.

You can go through our pricing plans and features here. Our tailored rooftop geocoding solutions at competitive costs allow us to help our clients succeed!


It may not seem essential to employ rooftop geocoding until you want to expand your customer base and give your competitors a tough fight. Also, PostGrid’s address verification API makes it simple to get your hands on the best technological solutions like rooftop geocoding and location mapping!

Request a demo to know more about our address validation and rooftop geocoding combination to help you access an updated database always!

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