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Top 10 Best Real Estate Software

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Top 10 Best Real Estate Software You Must Look Into

The real estate market value will reach $5.85 trillion by 2024! This sector has been producing many opportunities for existing and new businesses, owing to high demand and more property developments across the country.

But please note that it also means rising competition!

It is why many businesses use the best real estate software for brand positioning, listing management, lead generation, client communication, and more! The program allows them to build seamless workflows and improve working efficiency for better results!

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However, you may encounter hundreds of real estate software when selecting one. We understand searching for the best one that suits your business needs is time-consuming and hectic. 

So we compiled this list of the ten best real estate CRM software for your reference. We did the research and legwork, so you don’t have to!

Let us dig in!

How Do I Select the Best Real Estate Software?

Many software programs for your real estate business that perform different functions are available. Some offer excellent marketing tools, while others let you strengthen client correspondence and expand your network.

There is no right or wrong here! But you can always prefer one software over another based on factors like-

Lead Generation and Nurturing

Your real estate software tools must allow you to generate more leads in your sales pipeline. They should let your sales team always work with qualified prospects whom they can easily convert and retain. 

Thus, choose a platform that saves time and money during your lead generation processes. It should help you find people who may be interested in buying or selling properties and would like to speak to you. 

The software must also let you nurture leads and push prospects ahead of your marketing funnel. It should enable you to stay in touch with customers and follow up on time to convince them to use your services. 

Website Building and Maintaining Online Presence.

Nearly 97% of homebuyers search for homes on the Internet. It helps to have a functional and informative website to enable your audience to look up your services. Also, it lets them quickly find your contact information. 

The best real estate software applications allow you to build SEO-optimized websites, add posts, post updates, and more. Choose a program to link your online presence to your website to expand your reach and boost credibility. 

Promoting Open Houses and Other Events

Open houses and other events can be promoted using the best real estate software. 

They also let you plan these events, manage RSVPs, record responses, and allocate leads to account managers. 

The best part is you can integrate your real estate CRM with other tools, like PostGrid’s direct mail API. You can use it to prepare and send marketing mailers, event invitations, and other mailers to your targeted audience online.

Transaction Management

The best real estate transaction management software offers many features, like link sharing, e-signatures, rent payment collections, and more. Real-time revenue tracking and budget management are possible with these platforms.

Hence, you always stay updated about your finances and transactions, allowing you to make quick business decisions. 

Ask your vendor if these features come pre-built or if you must sign up for an upgraded version. Some real estate software tools have different models with separate sets for transactional, marketing, management, and other tasks. It is best to learn about them before selecting a package. 

Property Listing

This category is popular among all real estate businesses worldwide. Agencies look for listing websites to post property details and add their contact information. Buyers and tenants can use filters to narrow their search results and look for properties of their choice. 

Sellers also refer to these websites to find realtors working in specific niches and locations who can help them sell their properties. 

Hence, the top real estate software also offers listing properties. Businesses can post listings, view responses, contact respondents, and manage follow-ups via their platform. 

Integrating PostGrid’s modern and automated direct mail solutions into your real estate CRM lets you send offline mailers to the respondents. It takes the conversation ahead and leaves a long-lasting impression on them!

Office and Communication Real Estate Software Tools.

You require innumerable accounting, paperwork, back-office, and other tools to operate. Hence, your software must provide them, ensuring you don’t need to use other add-on platforms to get basic, everyday features. 

Inquire whether your vendor offers a free trial period, helping you get accustomed to the features and learn whether the software provides everything you need.

10 Best Real Estate CRM Software You Must Look Into

Below are the ten top real estate software you can use to enhance your business functions, save money, and automate most of your workload. 

Let us look at the features, pros, and cons of each to help you understand which one best fits your requirements:

#1 Zillow Premier Agent

Zillow is one of the best platforms in the housing industry for buyers, sellers, and renters. It has thousands of active listings, enabling users to search properties based on their preferred location and facilities. 

But the Premier Agent app works best for realtors who want to promote themselves, create a reputed portfolio, and expand their outreach. 

This best real estate software lets buyer and seller agents generate high-quality leads by connecting with the Zillow network. 

Buyer agents can present themselves as buyer’s representatives on the platform by paying a fee. The costs depend on the property’s ZIP code and competitor businesses. 

So, you may need to pay high rates if you compete for sellers’ attention in a locality with many real estate businesses. 

Seller agents can post and claim their listings on Zillow. It places its brand’s information next to the listing. 

All Zillow Premier Agent users have a profile page to showcase their past transactions, biographies, headshots, current listings, and customer success stories. 

The good news is that this top real estate software helps users find agent profiles via the Finder page, which lets prospects find agents within specific ZIP codes. Thus, all agents have high exposure, boosting their lead-generation activities. 

Key Features: 

  1. You can download the Zillow Premier Agent mobile app for on-the-go networking. 
  2. Access to the largest real estate marketplace. 
  3. Custom lead routing for effective follow-ups. 


  1. Zillow’s best real estate CRM software has an easy-to-navigate dashboard for performance tracking. 
  2. Filter leads to assign them to your sales representatives and get better outcomes. 


  1. High costs in high-competition ZIP codes. 
  2. Non-responsive leads. 


  • Per lead can cost you $20 to $60. 

#2 Real Geeks

It is one of the best real estate software for agents looking to capture leads using a customizable website and result-driven landing pages. 

Real Geeks allows individual agents and realtor companies to find prospects and take them ahead in their buying or selling journeys. It also has a customer relationship manager (CRM) with automation and marketing functions to nurture leads and improve brand awareness. 

Agents can create local pages for better visibility and improved lead flows. 

Real Geeks enables agents to use many marketing tools within a single platform. They can leverage paid advertisements from Facebook Lead Ads and Google Pay-Per-Click to drive leads to their landing pages. 

This top real estate software lets you add personalized content to your ads to prompt prospects to fill out your contact form. These landing pages have home valuation reports, market insights, coming soon sections, and more. You can customize these elements based on your preferences. 

Also, you can add embeddable widgets to your landing pages, allowing prospects to access more information and fill out their details without leaving the pages. Thus, you have better chances to hook users and convert deals. 

You can integrate the best real estate CRM software with PostGrid to send personalized offers to your hot leads. This ability lets you become proactive when responding to inquiries or interested clients and grab opportunities before your competition does. 

PostGrid’s direct mail API allows you to send postcards, marketing letters, newsletters, onboarding messages, thank-you notes, and more. Hence, you can strengthen personal bonds throughout the customers’ buying or selling journeys.

Key Features: 

  1. Paid add-ons for digital advertising. 
  2. Third-party lead generation integrations. 
  3. Buyer and seller marketing via customized landing pages to target specific clients. 


  1. Easy ad performance tracking. 
  2. Connect the best real estate CRM software with your social media pages to improve your online presence. 
  3. IDX website with user-friendly features. 


  1. No niche leads for FSBO, foreclosure, and expired listings. 
  2. The live chat function for customer support is unavailable. 


  • Packages start at $299 monthly. 

#3 Top Producer

Top Producer’s real estate software tools offer a full-service CRM with many utilities, like contact management, lead conversion, and transaction handling. You can customize your dashboard and group your leads to a search for contacts and follow-up. 

This software has many packages you can select from based on your budget and needs. The most popular plans include Social Connect (for social media marketing) and Smart Targeting (for AI-based property farming) add-ons. 

Social Connects allows you to post ads and generate leads via your online profiles without doing any work. Hence, your staff can save time, automate tasks, and attract prospects. 

Also, this best real estate software has other features, like offering social insights about leads to customize your communications. For example, imagine one of your prospects has an active LinkedIn account. Top Producer can automatically pull and add the bio to your records, helping you have relevant conversations with the prospective client and take them closer to conversion. 

Key Features

  1. Get reports on your prospects’ online search behaviors for better understanding. 
  2. Track activities and review changes. 
  3. All-in-one best real estate transaction management software for 


  1. Super customizable to help agents use the features they like. 
  2. This top real estate software also promotes your sold and active listings. 
  3. You benefit from the quick setup and easy-to-use functions. 


  1. Top Producer only allows for up to 25 agents in the team option. 
  2. You cannot avail yourself of SEO or PPC lead-generation tools. 
  3. You may take some time to learn about the design interface. 


  • The prices start at $109 monthly. 

#4 Wise Agent

Many agents ask- “How do I get a top-performing CRM at affordable pricing? And the answer is—Use Wise Agent’s best real estate CRM software to save money and get specialized features. 

You can use it as a new agent who wants to try new functions, manage client correspondence, and improve revenue. But you may also leverage this CRM as a medium or large-scale enterprise that needs a highly-efficient tool to handle everyday tasks. 

Wise Agent offers many features as a standalone top real estate CRM but integrates into many other tools. Hence, you can add extra functionalities whenever needed. 

This platform lets you create workflows, manage incoming leads, store accurate records, and convert clients. It helps you throughout the sales funnel, ensuring you get qualified prospects and close deals before your competitors reach them!

Though Wise Agent does not provide a search-enabled website, it allows you to create personalized landing pages. 

Key Features: 

  1. Wise Agent’s best real estate CRM software offers a weekly calendar to keep you organized. You can see it on your dashboard and plan your meetings and other tasks accordingly. 
  2. It provides efficient customizations for every team member with note-sharing and other options, helping your staff work individually and with their teams. 
  3. You also get unlimited storage space for your documents to record your closings without a large pile of paperwork on your desks. 
  4. The AI writing assistant allows you to create curated content for your drip campaigns, text messages, emails, sales pitches, and more.


  1. You can use Wise Agent as the best real estate transaction management software at low rates. 
  2. Best for everyone, from solo realtors to large-scale companies. 


  1. The design could be better. 
  2. Realtors do not have access to a front-end website with Wise Agent.
  3. The campaign builder has a learning curve. 


  • You can use Wise Agent for only $32 per month. 

Pro tip: Most real estate software applications offer digital marketing. So you can take a different route and add direct mail to your marketing mix to stand out from your competitors. It lets you be unique, create personal bonds, and let prospects and clients remember you for a long time. 

If you want an affordable automated direct mail solution, try PostGrid! It lets you start mailing without a hefty investment, setup charges, or hidden fees.

#5 Zilculator

Zilculator provides real estate agents with automated property analysis. It lets them calculate crucial metrics like net operating income, mortgage payments, gross rent multiplier, etc. This information helps them pitch their services to homeowners, landlords, multi-apartment property owners, potential buyers, and others. 

It is among the best real estate CRM software that offers in-depth market reports and property valuations to enhance your knowledge. This data lets you stay prepared to answer clients’ questions, narrow their lead-generation tactics, and generate more qualified leads. 

The dashboard is the most helpful feature this top real estate software has to offer realtors. It provides property notifications and updates for better buyer and seller communications. 

Key Features: 

  1. It helps you produce buyer leads. 
  2. Property comparison report generation. 
  3. Add branding to your market reports to help you share them with prospects and clients. 


  1. You can access shareable reports to discuss market research analysis with your team members. 
  2. Create custom contact forms for your clients. 
  3. Search and compare residential and commercial properties. 


  1. Zilculator does not have a mobile app. 
  2. Its prices are higher than other best real estate CRM software systems for market analysis. But you can stick with the free subscription with the basic features. 


  • The pricing starts at $17 monthly. 

#6 Back Office

Back Office is a Propertybase product and the best real estate transaction management software for realtors. As the name suggests, it offers end-to-end back-office support to agents. 

It allows agents to manage daily activities online to enhance working convenience and support team collaboration. You may use it to automate your regular workflows, keep records, and manage file sharing. 

The Back Office’s real estate software applications provide many extra features, including schedule management, agent activity tracking, and transaction handling. 

Key Features

  1. Back Office has a central workspace system. You can align your teams, streamline operations, and track all activities and their results in one place. All users can add and edit data based on the set permissions, improving group work. 
  2. Its safe record management capabilities let you store documents on your cloud account and access them from anywhere, whenever needed. 
  3. You can add e-signatures to your documents with other elements to customize them based on your preferences. 
  4. Since Back Office is the best real estate transaction management software, you don’t need add-ons to manage your finances. 


  1. User-friendly interface and syncing options with Google Calendar. 
  2. You can create and share checklists to ensure you follow up on every lead. 


  1. Too many clicks. 
  2. The customer support system could be better. 


  • You can contact a back office representative to get custom rates. 

#7 Ylopo

Ylopo is among the best real estate CRM software for marketing, lead nurturing, and client communication. It allows your sales team to never run out of prospects to contact by generating new buyer leads via PPC and social media. 

Also, it lets you re-open lost opportunities in your database to use your old records to their maximum potential.

Many refer to Ylopo as the smartest and top real estate software owing to its automation features. It provides lead nurturing tools, campaign management, branded websites, dynamic ads, and other functionalities. 

Its AI-driven features feed on user behaviors to personalize client interactions, helping you engage prospects more effectively. 

Key Features

  1. Extensive social media marketing capabilities. Realtors can optimize their profiles, post ads, and interact with followers via an integrated platform. 
  2. Ylopo’s best real estate automation software provides business analytics to help agents use market research and trends to close more deals. 


  1. It offers the best online lead generation tech. 
  2. Re-engagement of old clients. 
  3. Advanced social media and PPC campaign management tools. 


  1. Ylopo does not provide a native CRM.
  2. You may get better options for ad customizations to target specific prospects. 
  3. The software is not good with SEO. 


  • The rates range from $295 to $795 per month.

#8 offers the most effective and top-performing real estate software tools to help realtors with lead generation and listing. It allows agents to post property ads to attract high-quality prospects and start conversations. 

All available listings have lead forms next to them, prompting potential clients to fill out their contact information. Also, the platform displays the agent’s Instagram and Facebook ads on the side, showcasing other listings to spark interest in your audience’s minds. 

This top real estate software enables agents to respond to and manage leads using the website or the mobile app. So realtors can work from anywhere globally, ensuring they have quality client records in their pipeline. 

Key Features: 

  1. Realtors can market their brands by becoming “local experts.” It lets them keep themselves top of mind for property sellers and buyers by showcasing targeted ads. 
  2. You can pull listings from MLS to enrich your sales processes. 
  3. is among the best real estate CRM software with extended hours for customer support. 


  1. Helps agents list and promote all listings. 
  2. User-friendly interface. 


  1. Low-quality leads. 


  • Rates start at $200 monthly. 

#9 Spacio

Spacio is among the top real estate software applications that help agents schedule successful open houses. It provides an online sign-in sheet and marketing tool to promote these events and get high foot traffic. 

Realtors can download the Spacio app to collect prospect data and promptly follow up with hot leads via mobile devices or tablets. 

They can use it to customize the visitor registration form for the open houses to gain details, like when the client wants to move or whether they are currently working with another realtor. This data lets you plan interactions and curate well-thought sales pitches to close deals faster. 

Key Features: 

  1. Automated follow-ups. Realtors can set specific actions to trigger client correspondence at the correct time, like sending a short message when a potential buyer navigates a property listing. 
  2. Remarketing. You can conduct remarketing campaigns to target interested prospects who visit your open house. 


  1. Helpful to record client information instantly. 
  2. Easily shareable customer lists with their names and contact details. 
  3. Sending open house reminders. 


  1. The platform could be more user-friendly.
  2. It can freeze sometimes. 


  • Plans start at $25 monthly. 

Editor’s Note: You can set action-based triggers for direct mail marketing using PostGrid’s direct mail API or dashboard. Hence, you can connect with potential and existing clients whenever they complete an action, like visiting your website, filling out the contact form, saving a listing, and more. It is the best way to reach them when your listed property is still fresh in their minds, improving your conversion rates. 

#10 Shaker

Shaker is among the best real estate transaction management software that helps agents manage activities and improve workplace collaboration. It facilitates client correspondence, tracks timelines, and provides detailed visibility about the status of every lead. 

This best real estate CRM software ensures you don’t miss out on any leads. It provides the tools to generate leads and nurture client relationships with in-depth reporting. 

Key Features

  1. Automate client reminders to help your sales staff follow up on time. 
  2. Get performance reports to see where your efforts are lacking and how to improve. 
  3. Access the dedicated portal for client communication to ensure you stay in touch with them. 


  1. The platform lets realtors convert leads into clients via a streamlined workflow. 
  2. Its customer support team is excellent. 


  1. More options for marketing and team collaboration could help improve efficiency. 


You can access Shaker’s top real estate software with rates starting at $159 monthly.

The Top Real Estate Software and Direct Mail API Integration

Direct mail campaigns generate a response rate of 4.4%, which is higher than most digital marketing channels. Thus, many real estate companies adopt this offline platform to connect with their targeted audience and close deals. 

They can incorporate direct mailing features into their best real estate CRM software to send printed items to their intended recipients within their existing workflows. There is no need to start from scratch, import bulky files, or spend hours and days setting up a new platform. 

Here are some real-world instances of how this integration can do wonders for your business: 

Personalized Marketing Campaigns

Direct mail is an excellent channel to send personalized messages to your clients. Most people value businesses taking the time to send relevant mailers instead of conducting generic, one-size-fits-all campaigns. And the top real estate software and direct mail API integration can help you get there!

PostGrid’s direct mail API offers variable data printing, allowing you to print and send unique mailers to every client. You can leverage the recipient’s full name, location, preferences, and search history to customize the message and grab their attention. 

For example, one of our clients used personalized marketing to contact 1,000 clients who had clicked on different listings. Our platform helped them segregate the leads and add the relevant property details for every prospect. 

Integrating PostGrid with their real estate CRM helped because they didn’t need to import the data. The process was quick and upfront!

Promotional Campaigns

You don’t need to wait for a specific occasion to promote your brand and generate quality leads. Send promotional direct mail any time of the year to increase visibility and intrigue people. 

Though most people only contact realtors when they face a need, like when they want to buy a house somewhere, you don’t need to wait for them to contact you!

Our client conducted many mailing campaigns covering different neighborhoods around their office to spread brand awareness. They would share tips like “What is the best time to acquire a property” or “How to reduce home loan EMI rates with careful planning.” This step enabled the readers to store the postcards or letters in their houses for a long time until they eventually contacted the realtor to learn more details!

PostGrid offers many integrations, including Zapier, that connect you with 1,600+ apps. Our client used it to add more client records to its best real estate software and create more leads in the sales pipeline. 

Triggered Mail

As discussed above, sending triggered messages to clients helps you grab opportunities by reacting to their actions at the ideal time. 

You can use PostGrid’s API integrations to monitor your prospects’ actions and automate prompt mailings. For example, imagine someone posting an inquiry on your social media posts saying, “I need help selling my house in Tuscon. It is a 2BHK with a fully-open terrace area.” 

It is easy not to track your social media likes and comments. But that would mean missing out on opportunities that could add to your revenue. Hence, setting relevant triggers to send direct mail to interested prospects as a reply is best! You can integrate PostGrid into your top real estate software in a few minutes, set triggers, and you are ready!

Also, PostGrid enables you to schedule your mailing campaigns in advance. You can set the dates, and we can handle your print and mail tasks on your behalf!

Multichannel Lead Generation

Multichannel marketing is another benefit you can avail yourself of by integrating your real estate software applications with PostGrid! You can conduct an email or social media advertising campaign on the day when your direct mailers arrive at your recipients’ doorsteps. 

It lets you reinstate your message, create an excellent impression, and convert leads. Also, you can maximize your exposure and reach more people quickly. 

Reporting and Analytics

Drafting accurate and detailed reports is significant to real estate businesses, helping them learn about clients’ perspectives on home buying and other related subjects. 

Learning this information and gathering insights into their preferences allows you to customize your interactions and resolve their queries. You can determine whether prospects have reservations about selling or acquiring properties and offer relevant solutions. 

The best real estate software and direct mail API integrations let you track your mailing campaigns and draft timely analytics. You may use these reports and insights to improve your upcoming marketing activities and receive better outcomes. 

Send Different Marketing, Transactional, and Compliance Mailers

Our clients didn’t just send marketing mail to their prospects. They also used our automated direct mail platform to prepare and ship transactional, compliance, and client communication mailers. 

Below is a list of all the mailers or documents you can send by integrating PostGrid into your real estate software tools: 

  • Yellow letters: These are handwritten direct mail letters investors, brokers, or real estate agents send to grab the prospects’ attention and encourage them to use their services. You may also send mailers that only look handwritten (using online fonts), saving time and effort. PostGrid enables you to create and print high-resolution mailers, helping you increase responses and engagement levels. 
  • Messages to out-of-state landlords: Connect with property owners who stay out of town and may prefer selling their residential or commercial spaces. It is common for people to sell properties in one place and acquire them in another location (where they now reside).

 Hence, reaching out to them and discussing your services before they contact your competitors is an effective sales tactic. PostGrid can help you compile custom lists to gather information on such property owners and assist you in conducting personalized campaigns. 

  • Expired listing notices: You can use your top real estate software and direct mail API integration to send expired listing notices. If your online listings were not adequately responded to, you send them these messages. It means they still have a property to sell! You can contact them via customized mailers, offering a helping hand. It enables you to connect with those who need your help and expand your network. 
  • Privacy notices: These documents are like a disclaimer you send to sellers or lessees to inform them that you may share their details with potential buyers. Most companies regularly send these notices to clients to comply with the law and avoid the consequences of breaching someone’s privacy. 

This list does not end here! Many of our clients have added PostGrid’s features to their real estate software applications to send welcome and thank-you letters to new homebuyers. They also use our direct mail functions to send mortgage receipts, client statements, and more. 


Choosing the best real estate CRM software takes time and effort. But it can be a game changer for your business. You can automate most tasks, save time, and improve internal productivity. 

Also, you can get better quality leads and convert high-ticket clients by following up on time and strengthening emotional connections. The software helps you align your marketing and sales activities to get the most out of your efforts. It lets your staff complete more work by clicking a few buttons on their screens. 

You can integrate your software system with PostGrid’s direct mail capabilities to send targeted mailers to your audience. We ensure your items are of high quality and reach the addressed recipients on time! And you don’t have to go anywhere or do anything in-house, which is the best part!

Plan and launch your direct mail campaigns online and wait for the results! 

Click here for more details on the best real estate software and how to send direct mail via it!

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