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Thank You For Your Loyalty Card

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Thank You For Your Loyalty Card to Appreciate Customers

Running a business can be tough as there are so many factors that come into play that you can't help but miss out on a couple of them at times. Almost all businesses make it a point to have their major operations double-checked, and it is often the smaller details that get overlooked. A thank you card that connects emotionally with the customer for their loyalty to your brand is one such aspect that businesses often overlook. What makes it so significant is that it shows your customers that they are appreciated and valued by your business.

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Failing to show you appreciate your customers could potentially lead to breaking the relationship between you and your customers. A thank-you note sent every time a customer makes a purchase can do wonders for your business. Not only will it help you cement their trust in your business but also subtly encourage them to return to your business.

Many businesses believe that sending a digital message or showing a pop-up that says thank you is enough to form this emotional connection with the customer. Although they are not wrong to think this, it is not an ideal way for getting the best results.

So what is the best way to form an emotional connection with your customers using a thank you note? Well, as the goal is to form an emotional appeal to the customers, you need to add a human touch to your thank you note and show that you are willing to go above and beyond your call of duty for your customers. The best way to do this is by using a tangible “thank you for your loyalty” card. It is important that you personalize your message to make the maximum impact on the recipient. While sending a thank you for your loyalty card via email works just fine, your best option is to use a printed version.

This article discusses the use of thank you for your loyalty cards and the significance of sending thank you messages to your customers. We also discuss when you can send a thank you email or postcard to your customers to appreciate them. We take you through the steps you need to take before sending a thank you postcard or a thank-you email. The article also discusses the different types of thank you messages you can use for the mails and postcards, including thank you messages for payment, purchase, subscription, loyalty, and review. The article aims to give you a comprehensive picture of thank you cards and their use for your business.

Why You Should Send Thank You Messages to Customers

Thank-you emails or postcards have been employed by businesses for ages to effectively reach out to their customers and maintain a long-term relationship with them. Thank-you emails and postcards effectively show the customers that your business values their relationship and cares about them. Although it may seem like a small gesture from your side, it can significantly affect the customer's minds and how they perceive your brand. Always remember that your mail or postcard should be personalized for each customer so that they know how much your brand values them.

There are several reasons why you should send messages like “Year-end thank you” to your customers, and we have outlined the major ones above. But, it is necessary to understand the nuances involved in it because, unlike other accurate, measurable metrics, the effect of customer appreciation postcards or emails is more arbitrary. Another notable aspect or advantage of thank-you emails or postcards is that they boost customer engagement. Through effective engagement, they foster higher brand loyalty which effectively allows you to enhance your revenue potential.

Furthermore, in the modern-day world where every interaction is through digital channels, you can stand out by using a more tangible approach like thank you postcards. The human touch and tangible nature of postcards are even more effective in establishing an emotional connection with the user. When done right, thank you postcards cement your relationship with the customer. Furthermore, you also can personalize the postcards with relevant images that can potentially market new products to the customers, but you should be careful not to look intrusive.

The fact that you can use either online or offline communication channels to convey your gratitude to the customer makes it extremely flexible. Therefore, thank you emails or postcards are implementable for businesses of all sizes and nature. Additionally, this is a strategy that can be used for more than one end goal. The goals are achievable by sending thank you notes including recognizing the loyalty of your customers, using it as a touch-base for saying hello to them, and also thanking them for completing the desired action, which is not necessarily making a purchase.

How to Send a Thank You Postcard

When it comes to sending thank you messages to your customers, you can either choose the email/digital approach or the postcard approach. Of the two, the digital approach is much more easy and convenient for most of the companies out there. However, that's not strictly speaking true because you do have fully automated services that do the job for you today. However, mails are still cheaper than sending direct mail postcards. But, if it's the effectiveness that you seek, then using a tangible postcard for conveying your regards to the customer is the way to go.

Preparing The Content

You need not spend valuable resources on writing a customer appreciation postcard, but you do need to take your time to make sure that you got it right. You must prioritize creating a well-worded letter without any form of mistakes in it. Ideally, you should start off by writing your idea into a spare piece of paper before finalizing what content is to go inside the postcard you wish to send. Doing this will help you get a better understanding of how you should present your content and also avoid any errors in it.

When it comes to the content, make sure that it sounds positive, and this means that you should try to avoid sounding bland or boring in your postcard. Furthermore, the content should be genuine and engaging to the recipient.

Remember, the whole point of sending a postcard thanking them is to form an emotional connection, and sounding mundane or robotic defeats its purpose. These are the qualities that you should keep in mind when preparing the content for customer appreciation postcards because they can easily influence how the customer feels about your brand.

What to Include in The Postcard

Your thank you postcards can include more than just a thank you message. You can use the opportunity to pitch new ideas to your customers. Therefore, you should try including any new or special offers along with your “thank you” message.

One of the popular approaches seen in direct mail postcards is including a voucher or coupon code as part of their welcoming offer to encourage customers to buy more. Similarly, come up with unique offers that can work best for your target audience and industry circle to make the most out of your thank you postcards.

Printing and Mailing Your Postcards

In the past, printing and mailing your postcards might have been challenging, especially if you are targeting a large audience. However, that has changed now since the introduction of advanced direct mail tools such as PostGrid. Tools like PostGrid automate the entire process of direct mail, including printing personalized content, verifying the address with USPS's address database, and mailing the postcard to your customers. Furthermore, the automation also allows you to send out postcards when a customer starts a subscription or buys a product. The address verification feature ensures that the mail reaches its destination without any holdups or delays.

Types of Thank You Messages Your Business Can Use

As we have mentioned above, thank you messages can be sent to your customers for reasons other than them making a purchase. There are several “thank you” messages that a business can use, and below, we discuss some of the major ones that you can use.

“Thank You” For Payments

Thanking your customers for making a payment on your website (or some other channel) is one of the basic thank you messages you can use. In fact, not doing so could potentially weaken your relationship with your customers because they fully expect confirmation from you. So instead of just saying that their order is confirmed, phrase it in a way that you thank them for the payment and confirm that their order has been successfully placed.

You can start the message by greeting the customer and then immediately proceed to show them the invoice details. This can then be followed up with a thank you message, and you can automate this entire process for better accuracy.

“Thank You” For Purchase

Make sure that you thank the customer every time he/she makes a purchase from your business. When the customer notices how you have taken your time and effort to thank them, it instantly creates a positive impression on their mind. A good thing about such thank-you messages is that they can be highly versatile.

Your thank you message can include surveys for getting feedback, submitting reviews for a product they brought, a giveaway alert, or a link to a social media post you want to promote. The possibilities are practically limitless.

“Thank You” For Registration or Subscription

A customer registering for your newsletter or subscribing to an online service you provide should be treated as importantly as them making a purchase from your business. So when a customer registers on your website or subscribes to a service, you can immediately send them a thank you message.

When sending a thank you message in such a case, make sure that the message is easy to read and that it has a good call to action. Like the previous types of thank you messages, this can also be automated, and you can use QR codes or PURLs if you are using postcards for this.

“Thank You” For Loyalty

Sometimes you don't need the customer to make a purchase or complete the desired action in order for you to send them a thank you message. During special occasions like New Year or your company's anniversary, you can show your appreciation to your customers through a thank you message. Not only will this help you hit up dormant customers who have not made a purchase in a while, but it also helps you strengthen your relationship with them.

You can do the same for the client's birthday, which is even better because it is much more personal, and you can make use of a postcard in this situation to make the most impact on the customer's mind.

“Thank You” For Reviewing

Reviews are a great way for boosting customer engagement but getting them is not as easy as one might think because it takes time and effort on the customer's part. So, when any of your customers go through the trouble to submit a review for a product or service you sell, you must make it a point to thank them. Every time a customer submits a review, ensure that you send them a thank you message, and the easiest way to do this is to simply automate the process. Furthermore, you can also try encouraging review submissions by offering them loyalty points or other rewards.

Handwritten Thank You Notes Boost Your Business ROI

By now, you must be thinking- Okay, that is great, but I have a limited time. Therefore, I need something quick.  And handwritten thank you notes- Are these notes quick to implement? Do they generate a high revenue or boost ROI?  Are they scalable?

The answer to all these questions is that ROI on handwritten notes may vary from business to business. But, they do have a lot more to offer i.e. speedy implementation, high customer retention, goodwill, repeat business, and much more. 

One such example is Wufoo, the company is known for building forms. This unique platform takes time to share handwritten thank you notes or cards with the customer. 

Around 800 customers received handwritten cards from Wufoo last year. However, with a 50% boost in customer retention, said Renee Morris, Team Lead from the Customer Ops Department.

Here, a 50% means better customer retention and better ROI!

Additionally, another firm named DONORS CHOOSE makes things simpler for the donors to help various classrooms in need. The company's founder made his staff send handwritten thank you letters to half of their new donors and left the other half. Founder Charles Best found that nearly 38% of the donors who received thank you notes were more likely to donate again. 

This proves that handwritten thank-you notes increase the chances of repeat orders or donations in a positive manner. 

Besides customer retention and other business-related benefits, handwritten thank you notes can also elevate your brand value. This can further scale to thousands of people efficiently, thanks to social media.


Ensuring that your customers feel valued and appreciated by your business is an essential part of establishing a good relationship with them. Thank you for your loyalty card plays a vital role in accomplishing this. Receiving thank you messages via online or offline channels can significantly change the customer's attitude towards your brand. Although both online and offline channels are effective, sending out your thank you messages on a postcard makes a much bigger impact on the customer.

The effectiveness of postcards for conveying regards to the customers is largely due to their tangible nature and personalized nature which makes an emotional connection with the recipient. Furthermore, you can streamline the whole process by using an advanced direct mail tool like PostGrid for automating your communication. Tools like PostGrid allow you to automate, print, and mail your thank you postcards and come equipped with address verification capabilities to ensure the deliverability of your direct mail.

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