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What is a Snap Pack Mailer

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How Are Snap-Pack Mailers Helpful to Drive Sales and Improve Your Brand Image?

Imagine you want to purchase a writing pad, and you know there are two stationery shops near your office. Would you visit the one that sent you a 10% discount coupon with a snap-pack item last week or another one?

Of course, you will choose the shop that cares about its customers enough to send them relevant mail items…

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Direct mail recipients spend 28% more on products and services than people who don’t receive mail. Also, this traditional marketing channel offers a 29% ROI!

Yet, you cannot unleash its full potential until you experiment with innovative choices, like corporate gifting or snap-pack mailers.

As Benjamin Disraeli says- “Change is inevitable. Change is constant.” Thus, you must change your marketing layouts and explore new aspects that help you grow!

In this blog, let's discuss snap-pack direct mail and its use cases to help you increase brand visibility. Also, we will discuss solutions to allow you to conduct result-bearing campaigns in a few easy steps!

What Is a Snap Pack?

A snap pack (also known as a pressure-sealed or perforated mailer) is a direct mail advertising item to help you capture your audience’s attention immediately. These mailpieces depict urgency and significance because you send them as sealed forms that recipients need to tear open.

Usually, the perforations are only on three sides for easy opening. They let the recipients tear the outer cover quickly and read the message inside.

Typically, snap-pack mailers have a high open-rate because people are curious to know what’s inside. Also, these unique mail items present your business elegantly and professionally, driving more responses.

Below, we have enlisted some examples of snap pack direct mail:

The concept behind snap-pack mailers is to use formal communication items to connect with your existing and potential customers. You can also add a Business Reply Mail envelope to help recipients respond more proactively.

Most-Commonly Used Cases of Snap-Pack Mailers

Some marketers think pressure-sealed mailers are only for highly regulated industries, like healthcare and financial services. Others believe they can only use them for time-sensitive items.

Though the primary purpose of these mailers is to convey urgency, you need not restrict your marketing reach. Here are a few well-known use cases to portray how different industries use snappack items for multiple purposes.

Direct Mailing

Undoubtedly, many businesses use perforated mailpieces for direct mail marketing. They send several messages using thank-you notes, customer onboarding letters, cross-selling items, etc., to boost sales.

A snap-pack mailpiece helps you get people to open and read your items. It is your design and copy that does the rest of the job! Ensure to use eye-catching templates and compelling offers to persuade people to respond.

An easy technique is to divide your snap-pack mailers into two sections: 3/4th and 1/4th. Add your copy to the broader section and use the bottom part for your coupon or cashback offer. Then, you may fold the mailpieces to envelop size for perforating and mailing.


Your accounts department can benefit majorly from snap-pack direct mail. They can ship numerous documents, like:

Furthermore, they can mail these items using Certified Mail to get a mailing receipt and signature on delivery. Thus, they can save shipping evidence for compliance reasons.


Sending fundraising letters with built-in remittance envelopes allows nonprofits to reach potential donors and raise adequate funds. Luckily, they can employ snap packs to speak to their audience directly and create emotional relationships.

These mailers also help charitable organizations connect with volunteers, ask for auction items, and find event sponsors.

Transactional and Administrative Purposes

From mailing checks to suppliers to providing customers with invoices, snap-pack mailers are ideal for transactional mail.

Your finance team can use automated direct mailing services like PostGrid that offer enterprise-level security and HIPAA compliance. These features help secure your data from fraudsters and mail snap-pack items confidentially.

How Do PostGrid’s Direct Mail Solutions Help You Send Effective Snap-Pack Mailers?

PostGrid offers turnkey direct mail services to companies in all sectors, from retail and eCommerce to real estate. Our reputed network of printers helps you with state-of-the-art printing and pressure sealing for your snap packs.

Here are some more things you can do with PostGrid’s direct mail API

Dedicated SLAs

We have a standard 2-business day SLA, but you can choose a dedicated SLA where you decide when you want PostGrid to print and mail your snap-pack mailers.

Mailing List Segmentation

You can compile targeted mailing lists using demographics, like age, income, gender, location, etc. PostGrid offers up-to-date and custom mailing lists to help narrow your prospect base and focus on the most relevant leads.

We provide doctors’ mailing lists, new movers’ lists, credit score lists, automotive marketing lists, business lists, and much more… You name it!

Premium Paper Stock and Customization Options

Typically, standard snap packs use the #70 offset paper stock. But, you can look into more options with PostGrid and add various customizations to your mailers.

Also, we have several snap pack styles, like z fold, v fold, window checks, etc. You can use one of our templates to design your materials or work with your current layout.

PostGrid also provides B&W and color choices to help you diversify your snap-pack mailers.

High Quality and Low Rates

Our services offer industry-best pricing to help you mail your snap packs at affordable rates without compromising the quality. We currently have two plans, namely, Starter and Enterprise.

The good news is you can prepare and ship up to 500 mailings using the Starter plan only at per-piece rates. Hence, you can start by shipping as few items as you need!

QR Code Tracking

Add trackable features, like QR codes, discount coupons, and pURLs to record in-depth details of all responses. PostGrid also attaches Intelligent Mail Barcodes (IMBs) to your snap-pack mailers to help you get real-time delivery reports.

Here’s a case study that can help you understand our printing and mailing solutions better:

Objective: A client in the retail industry wanted to increase sales around the holiday season. They had tried email and social media marketing the previous year, but the responses did not match their expectations.

So, they started printing and sending letters using in-house resources. Again, they failed to generate the desired number of leads.

Hence, they wanted to create a different marketing strategy to get at least 500 valuable customers to purchase from their website weekly.

Challenges: The in-house production and shipping of items did not work well for them. These tasks demanded weeks and months of their time and a hefty investment. Hence, they had to start planning and printing items before Thanksgiving to launch a campaign around Christmas. These problems restricted them from achieving their goals, which is why they engaged PostGrid.

How Did We Help: PostGrid helped them streamline and automate their mailing tasks, saving manual effort and time. Now, they only had to push some buttons on their device, and voila!

Also, PostGrid helped them replace standard-sized, boring letters with appealing snap-pack mailers. Thus, they experimented with several mail types and generated double the ROI within their desired marketing timeframe.

You can also schedule a demo and talk to us about PostGrid’s automated solutions to help you send custom snap-pack mailers!

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