What is Snail Mail API

When you use direct mails to convey your marketing message to your customers in a personalized way, it’s called snail mail marketing.
These mail pieces can be anything, including letters, catalogs, brochures, postcards, gifts, and so on.

They are popular to bring a personal touch to your marketing techniques, providing a better response and conversion rate.

To create a typical snail mail, you’d need to design a creative mailpiece with graphics, personalized notes – which can also be handwritten – compelling copy, and a clear call to action.

When you create send these mail pieces with a snail mail API, like PostGrid, every step is done automatically. For instance, you integrate the API with your CRM, it fetches your customer details within seconds, gets them verified, and sends your direct mails – the ones you designed and processed with our in-built editor or templates – to get printed and shipped.

Furthermore, once you have launched the snail mail campaign, the API will store the details used. This way, you can launch similar campaigns in the future with a few clicks only.
It helps you save time, money, effort, and a lot of resources that’ll be spent when you’d do things manually.

Types of Snail Mail

Here’s a list of the different types of snail mail that you can send to your customers and prospects:


If you need to send your customers a short and concise message, an offer or discount details, wish them on special occasions – like, festivals, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. – postcards are the best options available.

Plus, they’re the cheapest ones among all the snail mails and take little time to design. Thus, you can send postcards to your mailing list regularly.


Even though postcards are one of the cheapest snail mails available, you should not use them for every direct mail campaign that you launch. The main reason behind it is that even after having a great open rate, they cannot carry a lengthy message for you.

I’m sure you’d be familiar with the design of a postcard. You have to write your address details and your message on the same side of the card. That’s why you should prefer sending letters instead. They can convey your right message and keep your audience hooked with the creative designs and graphic images.

3D Mails

Three-dimensional direct mails are also popular in the corporate world. Depending on the message you want to convey and to whom, you can use these snail mail forms.


If you’re a B2C firm, you can take advantage of brochures and catalogs without worrying about their processing, using an API. Most companies, like PostGrid, offer snail mail API to launch such direct mail campaigns without any problem.

These snail mails have a great engagement rate, and they can bring your customers to visit your store if your copy and offer are just right for them. And, of course, if you have targeted your customers well.

Now that you know what different kinds of snail mail you can send, you should see why this traditional marketing form still works?

Why Snail Mail Marketing Still Works

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No one can deny that you can get your ad in front of thousands of people at once through digital marketing. But let’s just look at the figures. Is it really worth it?

When you launch a digital ad campaign, then the best click-through rate you can get is 1.19%. Similarly, when you launch an email marketing campaign, you can expect an open rate of around 15-25%. Then the click-through rate out of this open rate will be around 2.5%.

It’s not the same in direct mail marketing campaign. The open rate of direct mail marketing is 90%, and the response rate is 15%. Both of the stats are way higher than the digital marketing stats.

Let’s understand why there’s such a big difference between the results of both marketing strategies.

When you send someone direct mail, people open it out of curiosity and read it despite what the reason is. This way, your message got in front of your audience and got read! Isn’t that the goal?

Now, if you have rightly targeted your audience, causing your direct mail to land in the right hands, you’ll make more money.

The second reason is that in the digital age, where everything is online, people like to receive something tangible. And when you personalize your snail mail, they bring even better results for you.

Besides that, mailboxes have no spam folder, which is why your snail mail pieces can never be blocked.

Let’s understand what different snail mail marketing strategies you can use to double your conversion rate. 

When you send someone direct mail, people open it out of curiosity and read it despite what the reason is. This way, your message got in front of your audience and got read! Isn’t that the goal?

Now, if you have rightly targeted your audience, causing your direct mail to land in the right hands, you’ll make more money.

The second reason is that in the digital age, where everything is online, people like to receive something tangible. And when you personalize your snail mail, they bring even better results for you.

Besides that, mailboxes have no spam folder, which is why your snail mail pieces can never be blocked.

Let’s understand what different snail mail marketing strategies you can use to double your conversion rate.

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Snail Mail Strategies

To make every penny you invest in your snail mail marketing count, you would need to do things differently and efficiently. Undoubtedly, you’d need to make your designs more creative, copy more compelling, add different images to make it more engaging, and provide a clear call to action, so people would know “what to do” next.

Yet, apart from these norms, you can use different strategies to get a better engagement, response, and conversion rate.

Here are a few tips that you can use in your snail mail campaign.

Give Something Extra

How many times has it happened that when you receive something extra – especially when you didn’t need to pay for that added stuff – you developed a loyalty to that brand in your heart.

That’s exactly how your customers would feel when you send them something extra. It’s nothing but psychological. People tend to like gifts, especially when they’re made for them.

Hence, we advise you on PostGrid to send your customers, clients, employees, or any other essential network, personalized gifts occasionally. These gifts can be anything, like a coffee mug, a t-shirt, a traveling kit, etc., as long as it makes your prospects happy.

You can also add a tag, like a gift inside the box, to generate more curiosity. It can boost your open rate, your customer engagement, and eventually, the response rate. As it’s unlikely that your prospects won’t write a thank-you note if you provide your email address at the end and ask them to write their feedback if they liked the surprise.

This way, you can collect the happy customers’ email addresses too. It’ll be easier to market your products to them later on.

Give Away Coupons

Just like the 3D mailers, it’s usually beneficial to send your customers coupons. More than often, when people receive mail pieces in the form of catalogs, brochures, postcards, or letters, they throw them away.

However, if you send them coupons with your marketing message, they’re more likely to keep it. The primary reason for it is that they can redeem it whenever they want. Plus, it can also help you increase your brand awareness, as people share stuff all the time. And who knows, they accompany someone to your store next time?

Some Quick Tips to Follow

1. The best way to have a reasonable selling rate is to understand and know your ideal buyer. You should have all the details of them. You should know who they’re like, their income status, where they hang out, what language they communicate in, what mediums they use to communicate, their buying habits, and so on.

It helps you find out how exactly you should advertise them.

The second thing is to only focus on your primary buyers and follow up with those who showed interest. If someone clearly says they don’t want this particular product or service of yours, you’re probably spamming them.

Yes, you heard it right. Just because no one can put your direct mail pieces into a spam folder doesn’t mean you cannot spam them. We don’t recommend this at PostGrid at all.

2. Your call to action should always be evident, precise, and show them the next step. If you want your prospects to really take action on something you’re asking them to do, you’d need to take them from hand, head them where you want them to go, and make them take action.

There should be no confusion at all. The call to action should seem like the next step your prospects must take to fulfill their needs.

3. Never try to sell. No one likes being sold to. Your copy’s primary approach should be to tell your prospects they need what you’re offering. Not that you want to sell them your product because you want to take their money.

The best way to do it is to understand and explain their problems to them and then offer them the solution in the form of your products or services. They should feel understood.

Once you’ve got the grasp of it, you’ll sell like crazy.

4. Deadlines have the power to get the best out of even the laziest person in the world. You know why? Because they create a sense of urgency in the brain, they make you feel you’re losing something. That’s why always give your customers and prospects an expiry date for your offer.

When they feel like they may lose the great offer, they’ll act.

5. Creative design and beautiful images aren’t the only ones that can help you make sales. The offer you’re making and the discounts you’re offering should be relevant to your customers.

When you study your customers well and retarget your customers with just the right offer based on your purchase history, they’re more likely to buy from you.

6. Integrate an address verification API with your CRM to ensure that all of your mail pieces reach the right audience and on time. It helps build customer trust – especially if you send confidential information through snail mail – and enables you to reduce misspending by preventing your sending direct mails to wrong and duplicate addresses of your mailing list.

How to Send Snail Mail That Outperforms the Other Mailers in the Mailbox

When you send a mailpiece to your prospects, no doubt, you’re not the only one trying to steal your prospects’ attention. Your competitors would be doing the same.

That’s why you must send unique snail mail that can beat the competition and convey your message too.

We have some common tips here for you to include in your direct mails to outperform your competitors.

  • Personalization: We cannot emphasize enough how much necessary it is to personalize your snail mails for better results. You can customize your mail pieces by adding your customers/prospects’ first name, a handwritten note, or anything else. Personalization ensures the prospective client that the letter is exclusively sent to them, enabling your mail piece to be more welcomed.
  • Branding: Apart from personalizing your direct mail for your customers, you can also customize it for branding purposes. For example, you can create a wonderful design and add your company’s logo, URL, or other similar information. This step will help you increase your brand awareness.
  • Customer-History Driven: Ensure to send the follow-up direct mail pieces to your customers based on their purchase history. It’s just like retargeting ads, which have the strongest influence on people.  60% of US citizens notice the ads based on their previous purchases. Plus, they have a conversion rate of around 55%. Now, if you send the tangible ads based on the retargeting, it’ll definitely bring some great results.
  • Next Step: The secret of the best ad copies is that they tell customers what to do. For example, when your customers read a particular message – that, of course, you sent – but you haven’t clearly mentioned what they should do next. They’re more likely to put your mail piece aside after reading it. That’s why it’s essential to add a clear and concise call to action at the end of your snail mail.

How to Double Your Response Rate with Snail Mail

Millions of businesses send snail mails regularly, but it’s unlikely for everyone to get similar results. Of course, some of them are definitely doing something different from the others, which is helping them bring results.

Here are a few things that you can add to your direct mail to get your customers’ best response rate.

Re-Do the Envelopes

The common envelopes you send are as dull as they can get, and who knows, they’re getting in the way of your open rate? If your envelopes give a feel of an advertisement, then your prospects are doubtful to open them. And if your open rate is bad, you can forget about the response rate. Hence, we advise you to make your envelopes look essential and unique. You can try official notices’ look — no one in their right senses would ignore it — or if you can afford, send the padded envelope to show some value.

3-Dimensional Mailers

You can also try and send three-dimensional snail mails. They create curiosity, and no wonder your prospects will not throw a box they received without opening it. However, these kinds of mailers tend to increase your direct mail marketing budget considerably.


You should never send a mail piece starting from “dear prospect” on it. It lowers your open rate and eventually the response and conversion rate.

Instead, address your prospects with their first names or probably add a unique font style or a handwritten note that’ll catch their attention instantly.

If it’s a small campaign with only a few prospects on your mailing list, try signing the letters yourself to stand out. You can also add personalized URLs and QR codes for a quick response.

Unique Material

If your snail mails are going into the hands of the decision-makers, try showing some value. You can get your message printed on the materials like wood, plastic, or metal. Even though it’ll cost a little more than the average direct mail campaign, but if you’re in the business of real estate or any other such industry dealing with more prominent clients, this technique can work like a charm. And it’ll certainly help you triple fold your returns.

Short and Concise Message

You only have the attention of your reader for no more than ten seconds. Make that count. Most of the people are busy, so they usually scan the written materials presented to them before actually going through it word by word. Hence, make sure that the letters you send are scannable with headlines, subheads, colorful small boxes with text, and other designs.

Big text blocks with little or no space in between them can kill the chances of your customer engagement considerably.

Never forget, the main aim behind sending these snail mails is to get them opened, read, and respond to. Then, later on, depending on how good your follow-up game is, you can garner great returns.

Benefits Over Feature

It’s always about them. Make a point of it. Never discuss your product in your ad campaign, meaning, instead of writing, “our products can do this, this, and this,” tell them, it can help you do that, that, and that. They should feel connected to your direct mail copy and feel like they really need your product. This step is the primary reason behind sales.

How can PostGrid’s Snail Mail API Make Your Snail Mail Marketing a Cakewalk?

PostGrid’s snail mail API can help you launch countless snail mail campaigns without investing tons of hours, weeks, and months into it.
Every snail mail campaign that you’ll launch will feel as easy as an email marketing campaign.
Here are a few things that you should know about the working of PostGrid’s snail mail API.

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  • PostGrid can help you eliminate a few significant steps in your snail mail campaign launch, like hiring a team of designers and back and forth running to get your direct mail letters printed and shipped. It helps you monitor it all through a single dashboard.
  • You can personalize each of the tens of thousands of your mail pieces on a single command from your dashboard and get a higher engagement and response rate.
  • You can scale and update your direct mail campaigns whenever you want from whichever device you choose to use.
  • You can decrease your turnaround time with better management and on-time delivery.
  • If you wish to send special packages to different customers at a particular time, just enable priority processing of direct mails.
  • PostGrid works with HIPAA, GDPR, DPA (Data Protection Act), ISO 9001, 14001, 27001, 2701 certified partners. Plus, all the addresses available in our database are CASS certified. Thus, your and your customer’s data is secure with us.
  • You can enable tracking notifications once you’ve launched your direct mail marketing campaign through snail mail API. It helps you locate your mail pieces precisely and note how much time it’s taking from sending the mail piece to its final delivery to the intended recipient.
  • You can also enable and get analytical reports of your snail mail campaigns. It helps you analyze the results of your current launched campaigns. This way, you can improve future campaigns to get better results.
  • Integrate your CRM or other systems with PostGrid’s snail mail API and fetch your tons of data within seconds.
  • You can validate and standardize your entire mailing list with PostGrid’s address validation software. It’ll check your mailing list details against the official database of USPS.
  • If you have no mailing list of your own and decide to get one from our system, you can do it carefreely. We have only CASS-certified addresses in our database.
  • You can automate the functions of over 1600+ apps with PostGrid. We offer zapier integration that can incorporate all of your apps.
  • You can reduce your bounce rate considerably by sending mail pieces to only correct addresses. PostGrid’s address verification API fixes all the incorrect addresses and removes all the duplicate data present in your mailing list.
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Are You Ready to Threefold Your ROI?

If you’re fed up giving weeks and months in the launch of your direct marketing campaign, it’s time that you invest in a snail mail API. It’ll help you automate most of the tasks, get your tangible mails printed and shipped without requiring much action from your side.

So let the technology ease the processes and use the remaining time to triple your current ROI.

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