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Send Postcards Online

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how to write a postcard

Send Postcards Online

Printing and mailing postcards online is a quick, easy, and reliable way to conduct direct mail campaigns and advertise your brand effectively.

how to write a postcard

PostGrid’s automation API can help businesses send postcards without any hassles. It is ideal for all kinds and sizes of companies. Postcards are suitable for mailing on multiple occasions and are an excellent way to connect with an audience.

Send Postcards Online

Design, print, and mail marketing postcards using PostGrid, and we will do the legwork on your behalf. Spread the word about your brand’s products or services by connecting with your targeted audience via branded, personalized postcards.

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Printing and Mailing Postcards Online

  • You can personalize your postcards for better impact and customize them according to your thoughts and requirements.
  • Including powerful and thought-provoking messages accompanied by eye-catching backgrounds and graphics allows companies to get more responses and increase ROI.

Prime Benefits of Sending Postcards Online

  • No more manual printing, stamping, and addressing
  • Save time and double the accuracy
  • Send postcards online to your existing and target audiences quickly
  • Get discounted pricing for bulk mailing service
  • Integrate PostGrid’s API with your system to send event-driven postcards
  • Create highly customized postcards that are appealing and impactful
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Design Your Postcards Online

  • Use our HTML editing system to customize and design your postcards for your target audience
  • Deep customization and personalization features

Custom Invitation, Greeting, and Branding Postcards

  • Companies can send invitation and greeting postcards to their existing and prospective customers to acquire better relations with them.
  • Businesses frequently send postcards for holiday seasons, birthdays, anniversaries, event invitations, and various other occasions.
  • Using PostGrid, you can send any type of postcard for any occasion or simply for marketing purposes.
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Automate Postcard Sending

  • Automate your postcard printing and sending tasks with our automation software.
  • It can help you get all your postcards designed, customized, addressed, printed, and mailed in one go without any manual work.
  • PostGrid assists you in doing everything online in the least amount of time possible.

Drive Customers to Online Channels and Generate More Sales

  • Use postcards as a means to drive your customers to your online platforms by incorporating specific links that will take them straight to your online social media pages or websites.
  • Prompt your audience to tag you on their pictures on Instagram, or give them a discount code to be redeemed on your website. This way, you can do your marketing and increase your online visibility at the same time.
  • Postcards can be used as direct mail pieces easily to capture new markets and increase sales.
  • Companies can generate a positive ROI by sending appealing postcards with highly personalized messages and inducing offers.
  • There is a great chance to win over customers when you send tailored postcards that are both attention-grabbing and to the point.
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Send Any Number of Postcards

  • There are no minimum and maximum limits to send direct mail postcards online with PostGrid.
  • Businesses can send as little as one postcard or send a million postcards altogether.
  • Our direct mail API is scalable and can handle any number of postcard processing at the same time.
  • You can send postcards in bulk to get discounted rates. Furthermore, the cost of one postcard is also relatively low.

Promoting New Products and Announcing Offers

  • If you have launched new products or have started offering a new line of services, you can always use PostGrid as your marketing assistant to send postcards online – promoting these new additions.
  • Announce your target audience about exciting offers and discounts through postcards.
  • PostGrid’s Postcard API can help you design, print, and mail your postcards within two days so that your customers can grab these offers at the right time. With PostGrid, you can plan anything and get it done speedily.
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Communicating Transactional Messages and Mailing Invitations

  • A unique and exciting way to communicate your transactional messages is by sending postcards.
  • Postcards are a good fit for any purpose, and their appearance is an excellent way of expressing just about anything.
  • Hence, if you want to remind a client to pay or notify your customers about something informally, postcards can do that for you in a winsome way.
  • Invite your audiences to local events conducted by your brand or trade shows where you are participating.
  • You can print and mail invitation postcards online using PostGrid with event details so that you get a good crowd at these events or exhibitions.

Expressing Appreciation to Old and New Customers

  • Appreciating your existing customers is as important as valuable it is.
  • You can send appreciation postcards to your loyal customers to encourage them to maintain their loyalty towards your brand and make them feel acknowledged.
  • A smart way to instantly connect with your new customers and make them feel special is by sending them welcome postcards.
  • With PostGrid, you can set up event-triggered postcard campaigns, wherein personalized postcards are sent to your new customers automatically.
  • Businesses can send postcards on birthdays and anniversaries of their customers or prospects to personally connect with them and show that they care.
  • It helps you become a part of your customer’s life phases and be their first priority over your competitors.
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Sending Postcards to Employees

  • Employees are an integral part of every company.
  • Businesses can express their gratitude by sending postcards to their employees from time to time as a reward for good performance or simply on their special days like birthdays.
  • It helps improve your employees’ morale.

Conducting Seasonal Campaigns

  • Holiday season postcards are very popular, and companies from all industries can send them to their suppliers, customers, prospects, and employees to strengthen relationships and gain trust.
  • Seasonal direct mail marketing campaigns are an indirect way of advertising your company with branded postcards.
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Appointment Reminders

  • Companies can send reminders to their customers to prompt them to complete their appointments.
  • This step helps companies convert more prospects into customers and also keep their current customers engaged with them.
  • Sending postcards as appointment reminders is a great way to delight your customers and induce them to use your products or services regularly.

Don’t Let Abandoned Shopping Carts Reduce Your Sales

  • You can recover lost sales opportunities by pairing your reminder emails with offline marketing postcards. Incentivize your buyers to complete checking out on your online store by sending postcards with discount offers, coupons, cashback, and more.
  • It helps shoppers make quick decisions about returning to their shopping carts and completing the purchase. 
  • Use PostGrid’s triggered direct mail feature to set up action-based triggers for mailings. Hence, you can automatically mail postcards to buyers who add products to their carts or wishlist items, and exit your page without completing a transaction.
  • You can send exclusive coupon codes to prospects who hesitate to buy from your brand the first time. This marketing tactic makes them feel special and helps convert them into loyal customers. 
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Send Postcards Online Wherever You Want—Within or Outside the US

  • PostGrid lets you ship postcards online to 245+ countries and territories. You can mail your items in any volume to your prospects, customers, and stakeholders, irrespective of location. 
  • Businesses can reach out to their international audience and encourage them to continue buying from their brand. 
  • International mailing capabilities allow you to expand your organization beyond borders. It lets you tap into new markets, connect with your prospects worldwide, and boost your business revenue.
  • All you need to do is add your global audience’s delivery addresses. PostGrid can do everything from verifying and transliterating them to completing the customs process on your behalf. You don’t need to fill out forms, take care of the international mailing requirements, or email your customers asking if their addresses are correct. 
  • The process of sending postcards outside the US is similar to local and national shipping. Hence, you can launch your campaigns with the same efficiency.

Do You Need a Mailing List for Your Upcoming Campaign? We Can Help!

PostGrid’s direct mail services let you build targeted mailing lists based on your audience’s

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Income level
  • Profession
  • Location
  • Online buying behavior
  • Preferences

They make connecting with an audience most likely to respond to your offers hassle-free and quick.

PostGrid assists you in retargeting, list compilation, address verification, and finding your customer lookalikes. You can ensure you send postcards online to customers with a high chance of purchasing something from you!

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Different Postcard Sizes You Can Use

Postcards are among the most flexible direct mail formats—available in many sizes, colors, and paper stocks.

You can choose a type that best suits your needs, budget, and marketing goals.

Below are the most popular postcard sizes you must look into for your business mailings:

Standard-Sized Postcards

The standard postcard size in the US is 4” x 6”.

It helps you prepare postcards that fit USPS guidelines, allowing you to bag the lowest postage rates.

USPS specifies that the minimum postcard dimensions must be 3.5” x 5” x 0.007”. And they should not exceed 4.25” x 6” x 0.016”. Since the 4” x 6” postcards enable businesses to fulfill these requirements, they consider it the standard size!

They are the cheapest and most popularly-used postcards, letting you stay in touch with your audience affordably.

Other standard-size postcards are 3.5” x 5” and 4.13” x 5.83”. You may also consider the 4.72” x 4.72” square postcards, but USPS only considers rectangular cards as standard.

So the Post Office might charge an additional fee, which kills the purpose of choosing a standard-size postcard.

Medium-Sized Postcards

These postcards cost more than the standard ones. But they are apt for communicating messages that don’t fit within the 4” x 6” frame.

Also, they are broader than most envelopes and cards your recipients receive in their mailboxes. Thus, medium-sized postcards are helpful for businesses that want to impress their prospects, grab attention, and motivate them to complete the CTA.

Medium-sized postcards include

  • 5” x 8”
  • 4” x 9”
  • 3.67” x 8.5”

Oversized Postcards

They are excellent for organizations that want to stand out and improve brand visibility. Though expensive, they help them maximize responses and engagement for a better ROI.

Oversized postcard sizes include 6” x 9”, 6” x 11”, and 11” x 15”. Most retail and luxury brands use them to make a statement and drive sales.

However, other industries also use oversized postcards to connect with high-ticket clients or when mailing to a high-intent audience.

You have many options to select from—standard, colored paper, offset, ultra, and nonprofit postcards. The opportunities for you to get creative and leave an everlasting impact on your customers and prospects are endless!

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Combine Your Marketing Channels Via Our API Integrations

  • Send your marketing postcards through direct mail alongside other advertising campaigns using our direct mail API. 
  • Integrating our API into your CRM enables you to auto-fetch and autofill your customer data into postcards, facilitating personalization. Hence, you don’t need to manually enter different details into every copy to make your postcards unique for every recipient.
  • Also, you can conduct multi-channel campaigns by incorporating our direct mail features into your favorite tools, including Zapier, HubSpot, Salesforce, Marketo, and ActiveCampaign.
  • Create, print, and mail your postcards from the same platform you conduct your digital marketing campaigns!

Get Timely Reports and Campaign Insights

  • PostGrid’s postcard printing and mailing services let you track your postcards as they move throughout the USPS infrastructure. It helps you be prompt and follow up with your recipients on time.
  • You don’t need to enter your USPS tracking numbers one after another on the postal website. PostGrid lets you access a consolidated view of all sent mailers, simplifying your tasks, saving time, and boosting efficiency.
  • Get timely campaign reports and analytics to determine whether your campaign was successful. They help you learn your response and conversion rates. You can use these insights to know what works well for your brand ad how to improve your upcoming campaigns.
  • PostGrid lets you add custom QR codes and pURLs to your campaign. They redirect your recipients to your dedicated landing pages, where they can complete your CTAs. It helps you add more value to your postcards and drive online traffic to your website.

Send Personalized Photo Postcards to Engage More Customers

  • Convert your photos into personalized, printed postcards you can send to your targeted audience to establish personal bonds. 
  • Share glimpses of your work culture using pictures from your office events, conferences, trade fairs, and meetings to add a personal touch to your postcards. You can also add images of your loyal and happy customers to make your messages more relatable to readers. 
  • You can add your message at the back. PostGrid helps you design your front and backside separately, allowing you to use the available space efficiently. 
  • Also, our variable data printing enables you to send personalized postcards with different images, messages, and offers for every prospect! 

How to Send Postcards Online?

Sending postcards is easier than you think! The trick is to embrace technological advancements and automate your mailing processes. 

PostGrid’s postcard API allows you to send postcards online. Find below the steps to start and launch your campaigns:

Step 1: Choose Your Preferred Template.

You can create your artwork in a few minutes by working with one of our professionally curated HTML and PDF templates. Upload your images and add marketing texts to customize the design based on your message and preferences. 

Step 2: Upload Your Mailing List.

PostGrid simplifies adding and selecting contacts for shipping. You may also send postcards online by creating a custom mailing list with us based on your targeted demographics. 

Step 3: Choose Your Delivery Service.

Select from First-Class, Express, Marketing, Certified, and Registered Mail options. You can also choose a specific date to launch your mailings, which makes pre-scheduling possible.

Choose 4: Execute and Track.

Once you select everything and place your order, you are ready! 

You can check your campaign’s progress via your dashboard. Also, PostGrid lets you track your mailers in real-time to keep you informed.

We print, presort, stamp, and distribute your postcards to your intended recipients, irrespective of the mailing volume and destination.

Reasons why Postcards Make a Great Marketing Collateral


  • Postcards are not too big and expensive, providing a very affordable option for direct mailing services.
  • They are usually small in size but appealing in nature. PostGrid provides competitive all-in-one pricing to reduce your overall printing and mailing costs.

Deliverability and Versatility

  • The deliverability ratio of postcards is typically higher than that of online messages.
  • Unlike digital channels, sending postcards in mail enables you to get ahead of the digital chaos and directly reach out to your audience.
  • Physical mailboxes are less likely to be spammed. Moreover, postcards don’t require envelopes. Hence, there are more chances for your customers to receive and see your postcards at least once.
  • Land in your customer’s physical mailbox with attractive postcards to get new customers, prompt repeat business, highlight your brand image, or maintain business relationships.
  • Postcards are highly versatile and can fit according to your needs. PostGrid can help you design various postcards for various occasions and send them online.

Valuable Responses

  • You can send postcards with trackable features like personalized URLs or QR codes to measure your campaign’s performance.
  • Personalized postcards enable you to get valuable responses that can be beneficial to your business.
  • Postcards are handy and can be easily passed on from one person to another – leading more people to see them.
  • Some people also pin postcards to their boards or stick them on refrigerators.

Beat Your Competition and Build Brand Reputation

  • Stay ahead of your competitors by sending postcards online frequently.
  • You can plan long-term direct mail campaigns or event-triggered mailings, never to miss any advertising opportunities.
  • Nowadays, more companies are focused on social media campaigns and have undervalued the use of postcards.
  • You can take a step ahead and connect with your customers one-to-one by sending them postcards – that is actually a great way to impress people.
  • Create a strong brand image and enhance your reputation by sending custom postcards.
  • It can help you build trust among people for your brand. People tend to talk about your company after receiving postcards from you – leading to word-of-mouth publicity.

Online Postcard Printing and Mailing with PostGrid

  • With the necessary knowledge and resources at hand, PostGrid can help you print and send postcards online with its automated print and mail solutions.
  • You can plan a postcard marketing campaign anytime and from anywhere, without any manual efforts or stocked inventory to be used.
  • Companies can get their postcards designed and printed with a few clicks.
  • Save your employees’ time, efforts, and resources with quick processing and automated activities.
  • Our easy-to-use API can integrate with your CRM systems and speed up the entire process.
  • PostGrid’s top-notch solutions can assist you in every step of conducting a direct mail campaign.

PostGrid’s Online Postcard Mailing Solutions Include

  • 2-days SLA
  • No minimum requirements
  • Easy set-up
  • Template building and editing options
  • Address standardization and verification services
  • High-quality postcard printing
  • Bulk mailing capability
  • Multiple mailing alternatives
  • Detailed reporting and campaign analytics
  • Real-time tracking
  • 24×7 technical support

Frequently Asked Questions

What size is a marketing postcard?

Standard postcards are 4” x 6” or 148 mm x 105 mm. These are equal to ISO 216 A6 paper size. It is the most commonly used size. 

However, you can use postcards of different sizes to stand out in your recipient’s mailbox and get them to respond.

How much do postcard stamps cost?

One postage stamp to send postcards in the US costs 51 cents. But shipping postcards costs a lot more because you also spend on design, printing, assembling, and other tasks. 

The costs depend on your mailing location, volume, paper stock quality, etc. Hence, PostGrid offers all-inclusive rates to help you pay one price for everything. We offer the most competitive in the US and other countries, letting you send postcards online affordably and conveniently.

What is the best way to prepare and send postcards?

You can ship postcards in-house! But it will take many days or weeks. Also, your staff must complete many manual activities, like assembling papers, stuffing envelopes, affixing stamps, and taking the postcards to the Post Office. 

The alternative and best approach is to automate your postcard mailings. PostGrid lets you prepare, print, and ship postcards online to conduct cost-effective and successful campaigns.

How long does it take a postcard to arrive?

It depends on the mailing service: First-Class, Express, or Standard Mail. You can select one based on your budget and shipping urgency.

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