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How to Ship Important Documents By Mail

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How to Ship Important Documents Securely By Mail With Minimal Delay?

Sending important documents via postal mail is always challenging, especially for business organizations. Time-sensitive and vital records can often get delayed by silly human errors. Choosing the exemplary mailing service for your business’s critical documents is essential for proper communication.

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What is the best way to ship important documents?

Below we will help you find the answer to this simple question. Furthermore, you will also learn the different mailing services you can use for sending important documents. It will help you understand the characteristics of the various mailing options you can use. Hence, we will help you pick the best way to ship and send important documents for your business.

What Is The Best Way To Ship Important Documents?

“What Is The Best Way To Ship Important Documents?” is a question that does not have a definitive answer. Businesses can use several postal delivery options for sending their valuable business documents. However, the best way for you to send your documents depends entirely on your requirements.

Some of you may want your essential documents to reach the recipient fast. At the same time, some of you might want to get a received receipt from the addressee. And for businesses that use bulk mailing, the primary consideration may be the price.

Hence, it is impossible to suggest the best way to ship important documents without knowing the context or requirements. However, we can list out the mailing services that are most suitable for sending important documents.

USPS Certified Mail

USPS Certified Mail is often considered the best way to mail sensitive documents. You can use different shipping methods combined with the USPS Certificate of Mailing based on your requirement. 

Proof Of Mailing And Delivery

Individuals and businesses prefer Certified Mail for sending important documents because of the proof of mailing and delivery. 


Certified mail comes with a timestamp that records every central point in the mailing process. It means the timestamp records the details of every post office it passes through. The sender can easily view this information through their secure USPS Certified Mail account for as long as ten years. 

Optional Signature Requirement

The sender can also opt for a signature requirement from the recipient. Regardless, USPS will still inform you about the mail delivery. However, we suggest opting for the signature requirement if you send essential documents.

Priority Mail Express

Priority Mail Express is the best way to send important documents if you want super fast or next-day delivery. The lower transit time also implies that the mailer spends less time in transit, which means minimal damage and a lower chance of lost mail.

Includes Insurance Upto $100

Priority mail comes with a $100 insurance that protects your important documents. You also have the option to buy additional insurance if necessary. Hence, it is the best way to mail sensitive documents if you must have them insured.

Priority Mail Tracking

The tracking information is included with USPS’s Priority Mail Express service. However, USPS does require you to specify if you need a signature upon delivery. 

It is worth noting that Priority Mail Express is the most expensive domestic mailing option from USPS. So it might not be the best idea, economically, to use it for bulk mailing.

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Priority Mail With Signature Confirmation

Priority Mail with signature confirmation is the best way to ship important documents for many businesses. As you can guess, the signature confirmation is an add-on for the Priority Mail service. Although the add-on costs a few bucks extra, it is still worth having as it can give you peace of mind.

Includes Insurance Upto $50

Similar to Priority Mail Express service, Priority Mail also comes with insurance for your mailers. However, in this case, it is only $50 compared to the $100 in Priority Mail Express.

Tracking + Delivery In 1-3 Business Days

The Priority Mail service comes with free tracking for the mailer. Additionally, it has a more extended delivery period than the Express service, and you can expect delivery in 1-3 business days.

Cheaper Than Priority Mail Express

Suppose you wondered how to mail important papers at a lower price than Express. In that case, Priority Mail is the answer. Even with signature confirmation, the cost of sending Priority Mail is relatively low.

First Class Mail With Certified Mail And Return Receipt

The First Class Mail is one of the most affordable ways for sending your critical documents. However, it is not advisable to use First Class Mail for sending vital records without some add-ons. First Class Mail with add-ons like Certified Mail and return receipt ensures your mailer reaches its destination safe and secure.

Delivery In 1-3 Business Days

Although sometimes it may take longer to deliver First Class Mail, generally it is delivered in 1-3 business days. Hence, it is only the best way to ship important documents when they are not time-sensitive.

No Insurance For Documents

USPS provides insurance for First Class Mail packages but not for documents. Hence, it is not the ideal mailing option for mailing important documents that require insurance.

Most Affordable Domestic Mailing

First Class Mail is the best way to ship important documents domestically. Hence, it is ideal for sending bulk mail. You can bring down costs further by using a direct mail automation tool like PostGrid.

Global Express Guaranteed

Global Express Guaranteed is the fastest way to send your business’s important documents internationally. USPS can deliver to 190 different countries worldwide within just 1-3 business days. 

Includes Insurance Upto $100

Similar to Priority Mail Express, USPS’s Global Express Guaranteed offers $100 insurance. Here also, you can purchase higher value insurance for your documents.

Tracking Capability

The Global Express Guaranteed service enables the sender to track their mailer and see the location of their item during its journey.

Priority Mail Express International

Priority Mail Express is the answer to the people who wonder how to mail important papers without using the expensive Global Express Guaranteed service. In this case, USPS can deliver to 190 countries, but it can take anywhere between 3-5 business days.

Includes Insurance Upto $100

The standard $100 insurance also applies to USPS’s Priority Mail Express International service.

Flat Rate Envelopes Available

You can send your international mailer using a flat rate envelope for Priority Mail Express. It saves you time and effort by not having to calculate the postage for international mail.

Priority Mail International

Priority Mail International is the best way to ship important documents if you are not in a hurry. It is also the most affordable way to send your essential documents internationally. The delivery time of Priority Mail International can range from 6 to 10 business days.

Includes Insurance Upto $100

Perhaps having a $100 insurance on Priority Mail International posts is more valuable and apt. Why? Because Priority Mail International has a relatively longer delivery time, the chances of the mailer getting lost are also somewhat higher.

Flat Rate Pricing

Priority Mail International enables you to print and mail documents internationally without burning a hole in your pockets. Like Priority Mail Express, you can get flat-rate pricing depending on the destination country.

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How To Optimize Your Mailing Process With PostGrid’s Direct Mail Automation?

Once you hand over the critical document or mailer to the USPS, it essentially becomes protected by more than 200 federal laws. But how do you make sure that you print and deliver your mailers securely to USPS? It is where PostGrid’s automated direct mail tool can be of huge help to you.

PostGrid lets you personalize, print, and deliver your important documents securely. It even has HIPAA compliance, which means healthcare organizations can use PostGrid for securely printing (PHI) Protected Health Information. Hence, PostGrid helps you truly achieve the best way to ship important documents.

Organizations can use PostGrid for printing important healthcare documents like EOB (Explanation of Benefits) and patient billing statements. Furthermore, PostGrid can easily carry out bulk printing and mailing for your business organization.

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USPS offers many options to mail essential documents for individuals and businesses. There is no way of selecting the best way to ship important documents as the needs of each sender can vary. A business organization can choose any USPS mailing service based on its unique requirements and budget. You can streamline your direct mail communications with the help of an advanced direct mail tool like PostGrid.

PostGrid offers businesses an automated direct mail solution to personalize, print, and deliver business documents. It also provides advanced tracking and insights on your direct mail communications that can help you optimize your business operations.

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