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Check Print & Mail API

Same Day Check Printing: Everything You Need to Know about Same Day Printing & Mailing Checks Using PostGrid

Despite what industry you're in, checks are something that every business needs. Although, the quantity may differ.

Now someday, you come across a situation where you have to send an urgent check. It's Sunday, all banks are closed, and no one is responding to the helpline number you called because it certainly doesn't come under the category of a standard problem.

Learn More About: Check Printing & Mailing API

Check Print & Mail API

That's the day you consider that same-day check printing is something you should think about to end this problem for now and forever. But then the next problem arrives, and that's that you don't know how it works. Don't worry. We've got you covered.

Let's understand every know-how of same-day check printing from the beginning.

How to Start Same Day Check Printing

Same-day check printing can be efficient and instant. You can get started in three simple ways:

The first method is to get the blank checks created from the check printing API, like PostGrid. You can customize these checks just as you need. Plus, you need not worry about the essential requirements, like the MICR code. PostGrid handles all such things on its own.

Furthermore, you can also leave the check details on the API as it has hundreds of check templates. All you'd need to do will be to choose the one that suits your bank's needs.

Once your check sample is ready, you can review and download it. After that, print it with a printer that has MICR ink. The banks' special machines need it to process the checks.

The second method is to get the blank stock of checks. Type all the essential details required yourself, and print it from the type of printer mentioned above.

However, you must have a few things like the MICR font and a laser printer that can print its ink. Plus, everything in the check should be formatted appropriately and in the right place.

The third method is the easiest one. In this one, all you'd need to do is place an order of your same-day check printing requirement to PostGrid. We'll create and print your own check urgently and mail it back to you on the same day.

Can You Get a Custom Check With the Same Day Check Printing Services

If you order your checks with PostGrid, you can get fully secure and customized checks the same day. You can add your company's logo or URL to the check if you like.

The final check you'll get will have all the essential security features to keep you from the risk of fraud or duplication. Plus, it will be formatted as per the guidelines of your bank. Besides that, they will be compatible with the popular software that banks use to process the checks.

Different Ways to Get Checks the Same Day

In the first section, we discussed some regular ways to print checks on the same day. We understand that checks are equally essential, whether it's for personal use or official. Here are some other ways that you can use not only for same-day personal check printing but for business purposes too.

These are usually for the time when you're not in a hurry or you have no urgent requirement of checks instantly. For instance, if you have to pay the rent or utility bill, etc. In those cases, you can use these methods to get the checks.

1. Counter Checks

These are also called starter checks. Usually, the banks assign these checks to you in need of urgency or if you have a newly opened bank account. You can get these checks within a few minutes of requesting.

However, you may need to pay an additional fee to the bank to get these counter-checks. The charges usually vary from bank to bank. Such checks may include your bank number or are blank for you to fill in yourself.

Additionally, before you request these checks, ensure that the vendor where you will use them for payment accepts counter checks. In some cases, certain companies or suppliers don't accept these types of checks. So it's always better to be sure beforehand.

2. Home Printer

You can also print your own checks at home. However, it may turn out to be a little more expensive for you if it's for personal use. But if you're a small business owner, you're good to go. The investment will be worth it.

So the requirements for the starters would be a laser printer that can print the MICR ink, a check printing software to create an official and legally acceptable check, and blank check paper.

In this case, you don't need to wait at all. You can get your check ready from the software and print it easily within minutes.

3. The Print Shops

Here's another way that you can choose to print checks on the same day. And that's by contacting your local printing shops.

Most shops offer to print personal checks within a day or the next day. It'd be better to confirm the timing by meeting them in person and telling them about your requirements. Plus, the charges will also vary from shop to shop. There are no standard charges that we can list here for you.

4. Online Check Printing Services

As discussed earlier, if waiting for a day or two is not an option for you, it's better to print checks online with online printing services. Some of them offer to print and mail your check instantly, but not on the same day, like ASAP Checks services and Checks Next Day.

PostGrid can deliver you your ordered checks to you on the same day.

Depending on the time when you have ordered it, you can get it within 24 hours. Charges for all of the services will be different. You can request them at [email protected] for instant answers. One of our experts will get in touch with you shortly.

What are the Essential Details That Business Checks Printed Same Day Should Have

The requirements of a standard design, legally acceptable, and professional check would be the following:

  • It should contain your personal information like your name and address at the top left corner of the check.
  • You should have the MICR font. You can download it easily for Windows and Mac from their respective stores. The font is primarily needed to type your routing and account number at the bottom of the check. The more specific location would be the bottom left corner for your routing number, and your account number goes next to it.
  • Then you'd need to add your bank information like routing number and check number. The check number will go at the top right corner of your check. You would also need to add it at the bottom of the check, next to the account number. And in that place, it will be typed in MICR font. So everything that's written at the bottom of the check is written in the MICR font.
  • Below your check number, type the word “Date,” and then extend a line to enter the actual number.
  • To the left of the check comes the payee column, where you have to enter the payee's name.
  • Below the payee's column, you extend a line and end it with the term, “Dollars.” Here you'll enter the amount to be paid.
  • To the right of the payee's column comes a box starting with the $ sign. That's where the amount to be paid comes in fractional numbers.
  • Below that, on the left side of the check, you'd need to enter the memo and leave some space for it.
  • And next to the memo, place a box or another line for the signature.
  • Review everything and print it out.

The process is easy once you understand it. But no doubt, it's a lot of hassle.

You can keep yourself from all of this if you take online check printing services. All of these columns will come prepared in pre-printed checks.

Plus, you also have the facility to choose your preferred check from the provided template. So it won't be a problem either.

Plus, after placing the order, you get checks printed the same day.

Use of Custom Business Checks Writing and Printing Software

If you decide to get PostGrid's check printing and mailing API for same-day business check printing services, you get a number of benefits.

Here's a list of a few of them.

  • PostGrid offers on-demand check printing and mailing solutions. You can get as many checks printed as you require on the desired date and time just by placing an order.
  • The automated API is highly accurate and secure.
  • You can personalize your checks by adding your logo, fonts, colors, graphics, everything of your choice.
  • Without putting in any manual effort, you can get everything done from a reliable source. All you'd need to do is decide on the format to customize as per your requirements. And it will be printed and mailed in the shortest amount of time.
  • You can also opt for templates. We have hundreds of them.
  • Forget about messing up the tiny details—PostGrid's automated solution delivers your printed checks with 99.9% accuracy.

Same Day Check Printing Has Never Been Easier

Let go of the waiting for banks to print your checks and the work done in-house within a minimal amount of time.

If you still have any confusion like, “where can I get checks printed the same day?” Reach out to us, and one of our experts will explain the process to you in full detail.

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