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Same Day Check Printing

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Same Day Check Printing

Same-day check printing is usually required when businesses or individuals need to pay immediately but do not have any checks at-hand. It helps to have ready checks available to be mailed instantly so that the payments are completed on time. Companies may need to pay off a supplier’s dues or clear the broadband fees for uninterrupted operations. For any reason, we all need to honor payments through checks on an urgent basis at some point. Banks take a few weeks to print and mail the checkbook to you. Hence, it is not always the best option when it comes to quick payments. Same-day check printing can come to your rescue and enable you to pay immediately.

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How to Get Checks Printed the Same Day?

1. Contact Your Nearest Bank Branch

In case you need checks for urgent payments, you can visit your bank’s nearest branch to get a limited number of emergency checks. You may need to show a valid ID, and the bank may charge some amount for these checks, but you can always keep it an option for same-day check printing.

Counter checks

Counter checks are similar to starter checks. Banks give a couple of starter checks to new account holders for making payments until their official checks are processed, printed, and mailed to them. These checks look temporary with minimal information printed on them and can be used when you don’t have your official checks with you. The only difference between counter checks and starter checks is that starter checks are given free of cost by the bank after opening an account with them, whereas counter checks can be taken from the bank anytime by paying a certain amount. However, it is recommended that you enquire about the availability of counter checks beforehand and visit the branch that does the work of issuing counter checks. Some branches may not have this option available for you. Once you go there and show an ID to the cashier, your checks will be printed and given to you in a few minutes. This option is very handy for same-day check printing in case of emergencies.

Basically, counter checks are checks that enable you to pay to third parties using your account’s funds, even though you don’t have any checks available with you. They are like replicas of your original checks, although anyone can tell that they are temporary copies. Legally, counter checks are negotiable instruments and can be used for making payments conveniently. The prime advantage of these types of checks is that they are available for use in very little time. But, it is important to note that many vendors do not accept counter checks. It is because the checks look temporary with minimal details about your account. Moreover, these checks are not numbered, which makes people think that they are invalid. Counter checks are to be filled the same way as regular checks, and the fee charged is usually nominal.

Certified checks

Unlike regular checks, certified checks are drawn by the account holder and assured by the bank. The bank guarantees that the check will be cleared. Payees that say no to counter checks can definitely accept certified checks as these are very promising. The appearance is different from that of counter checks. Counter checks look temporary, but certified checks look the same as regular checks. These checks are a little expensive, which is why you should always order them in limited quantities. Furthermore, you have to visit the bank personally to get certified checks.

Banks certify these checks and freeze the check amount in your bank account. Therefore, it is essential that you have enough money in your account to cover the amount and the additional fees at the moment of drawing a certified check. It assures the payee that the check will not get bounced, and the funds will be transferred to their account successfully. Basically, the bank guarantees that there are enough funds in the payer’s checking account to honor the payment. Certified checks are very safe as the account details and the signature are all verified by the bank. Fortunately, you can get these checks on the same day after paying the required amount.

Oftentimes, certified checks are used when the payer and the payee are dealing with each other for the first time, and there are prevailing trust issues among both the parties. These checks can be purchased through your bank or credit union. However, non-account holders can also visit a bank that readily offers certified checks to outsiders. After you receive the check, you will have to fill in all the required fields. The bank officer or cashier will view your account balance and then “certify” your check. The two main drawbacks of certified checks are high costs and the inability to stop payments after handing over the check to the payee.

Cashier’s checks

Cashier’s checks are drawn by the bank itself and are fulfilled using the bank’s funds. They are ideal for making purchases for high-value things or for honoring payments of large amounts. You can also use them for same-day or urgent payments. Similar to certified checks, you will have to visit the bank personally to get a cashier’s check. These checks have additional security features like micro prints and watermarks, making forging and counterfeiting difficult. It is often used to safeguard checks and create confidence among the payer and the payee that the transaction will be completed safely. These checks are also known as official checks.

You should keep an ID, your account details, and the payee’s details handy when you visit the bank to get a cashier’s check. Usually, the word “cashier’s check” is written on top of the check. The cashier will sign off your checks after verifying the details. To avoid fraud, you should only accept cashier’s checks from people whom you trust and wait for the clearance before using the funds. These checks are also expensive. Hence, you should use it only in case of emergencies or if your vendor has specially asked for it.

Money orders

A smart and affordable alternative to a check is a money order. It can be used by people who don’t have a bank account or by companies and individuals who are simply looking for a cheaper option. Moreover, you don’t have to visit a bank to get a money order as they are also available at certain convenience, medical, and grocery stores. The denominations of money orders are usually $500 and $1,000. If the amount you want to send is higher than that, you will have to purchase several money orders. It can increase the overall cost of sending money. Therefore, select this option only after considering the amount to be sent and other available options.

Online issuing

When you open a checking account with a bank, it often comes with online banking options. Almost all banks offer the capability to issue checks online for their account holders. It is a very convenient way of making payments at the earliest if you run out of checks. You have to fill up all the required details, similar to physical checks. Once you fill everything and draw the check, your bank will send it to the payee. Either the check is issued in an electronic form, or the bank mails it. Many banks offer this option free of cost. It is also a good option for paying those vendors who are not ready to accept counter or starter checks.

2. Print Checks Yourself

You can print the checks yourself if you have the necessary inventory and equipment. The things required are a printer, check paper, magnetic ink, and a check writing software like PostGrid – that can help you draft and customize your checks in just a few clicks and a couple of minutes. Once drafted, you can use your printer, magnetic ink, and check paper to print checks yourself at your home or office. Both personal and business checks can be printed on your own. It makes the check printing process easier, and you can get your checks ready on the same day.

3. Contact a Local Printer

Alternatively, you can contact a local printer and ask them about same-day check printing. They might print your checks the same day or take overnight to complete the task. Either way, you can get your checks speedily. The hours of operation are dependent on the timing of the shop. The price also varies from printer to printer, depending on the print quality and the turnaround time. However, these print shops are often closed on public holidays and weekends. So make sure you enquire about these things.

4. Use Online Check Printing Services

The quickest, easiest, and cheapest way to get same-day check printing done is by using online check printing services. These solutions are meant to facilitate check printing at any hour of the day. PostGrid can help you draft, design, print, and mail your checks within minutes, speeding up the overall process. Same-day printing option is also available with PostGrid as it processes your requests very quickly. You can get all your checks written through our platform. After drafting your checks, you can select between printing from your own printer or the remote printing option. PostGrid has partnered with several trusted printers who can get the checks printed for you. Additionally, they can send it to you on the same day, as required. PostGrid’s printing partners are spread throughout the country, facilitating the checks’ printing through a printer that is situated close to you.

Our automation platform and API allows you to integrate with your system and import all the details instantly. This step can help you to save additional time in entering the payee’s details as everything can happen in just a couple of clicks. Moreover, the checks printed through PostGrid have several security features like chemical reactivity, MICR toner, watermarks, colored backgrounds, and more. Online check printing solutions like such can help you save extra time and speed up the printing process. These services are very convenient as you can use it any number of times and for any number of checks, for a very nominal fee.

Differences Between Certified Checks, Cashier’s Checks, and Money Orders

Let us first discuss the differences between certified and cashier’s checks.

  • Certified checks are signed by the account holder, whereas cashier’s checks are signed by a bank officer or cashier.
  • They are both issued and guaranteed by the bank. Furthermore, both have high-security features making them a safe option for payments.
  • The major difference is that certified checks are drawn on the customer’s account, and cashier’s checks are drawn directly on the bank’s account. In the case of cashier’s checks, you pay the bank to pay your client. On the other hand, certified checks are meant to make payments from your own account after getting your checks certified by them.
  • Some banks give a certain number of certified checks free of cost to its customers. But after that limit is used, they typically charge about $15 for every certified check—a cashier’s check costs between $10 to $15. Money orders are comparatively very cheap.
  • Coming to money orders – unlike certified and cashier’s checks, they aren’t guaranteed by a bank. The entire amount is paid to the bank, credit union, or store initially from where the money order was purchased. Since the amount is paid in advance, there is no need for an institution to certify or guarantee that the payment will be completed.
  • The biggest difference between checks and money orders is that you don’t require a bank account for purchasing and using a money order. Although some banks give certified and cashier’s checks to non-account holders, this option is not available at most places.
  • Money orders are typically the denominations of $500 and $1000, so you don’t have a choice of sending the exact amount altogether. In the case of checks, you can send the entire amount with just one check.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, same-day check printing can be required by any company or individual to complete urgent payments. If you do not have checks available for making these payments, you can either print your own checks, contact your banks for emergency checks, or use online check printing services that are capable of getting it all done for you within one day. There are many options available, and you can select the ideal one depending on the time available and the overall costs.

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