Unlimited Sending Possibilities for Sales Enablement

Product Information
Strategic Reminder Mail
Campaign Tracking and Performance reports
Thank You Messages
T&C Changes
Update Notices
Promotional Mail
Reminder Messages
Personalised Gifts
Customized Swag
Branded Inventory
Company Policies and Notices
ROI and KPI Reports
Product Update Reports
Early Bird and Special Invites

PostGrid is Built for Automation & Scaling

Highly Personalized

Personalize every mail easily specific to the individual to enhance response rate, designed for personalization and automation at scale.

Target New Audience

Find new customers with our pin-drop feature. Target and Reach a wider audience in any region without having a full address list

Analytics and Tracking

Equipped with analytics and tracking to measure campaign performance, impact and ensure accurate deliverability

Fully integrated one stop solution for automation and scale

  • Automation – Set up triggers to automate sending of letters, postcards or gifts as per your budget, date or event. Our integrated one stop solution will handle all order fulfillment, delivery, tracking and provide accurate insights and reports
  • Personalisation – Be it company swag, maintaining consistent messaging or ensuring unique messaging to receivers interest PostGrid’s solution is built for personalisation at scale.
  • Targeted Outreach and Scale: Enable your sales team to outreach for better quality leads with the right touch points and audience segmentation capabilities and equip them with the tools and influencers to convert quality leads

Motivate and Empower your Team

  • Incentivise Performance – When your employees perform better, your company performs better. Reward and incentivise performances with unique gifts, awards or personalized thoughtful notes or compensation.
  • Automated Sending Solution- Trigger sending out collaterals based on important events, be it dates, anniversaries, upsells, renewals or other important occasions.
  • Centralised Dashboard – Manage, track and execute different activities ranging from sending targeted direct mail to tracking impact or delivery to understanding activities narrowed down to team or user level all in a single dashboard

Track, Analyze, and Improve

  • Analytical Reports – Get regular analytical reports of your ongoing campaigns and improve your future campaigns based on the results.
  • Activity Log – Detailed activity log narrowed down to teams or user level
  • Delivery Tracking – Step by step tracking right from when the order is placed, being fulfilled, handed over to postal service and on route to delivery.

Unlimited Capabilities

Detailed API Docs
Easy Integration
Test Mode
Address Verification (SERP & CASS Certified)
Pin-Drop and Precision Targeting
Demographic Segmentation
Unlimited Direct Mail Options
Pre-Build Templates
Fastest SLA
Enterprise level security
Best-In-Class Pricing
Asset Library
Personalised Trackers
Data Security
Compliant Print Delivery Network
Tracking and Reporting
Dedicated Support

Integrates with your favourite tech stack & tools

Easily improve your workflow and automate your offline process by integrating with your current stack

PostGrid Marketo
Post Grid Eloqua
PostGrid Hubspot
microsoft dynamic

All teams run on PostGrid

Enhance your team’s performance by getting the entire team on a single platform with native integration and automating the process.

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