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A Complete Guide On Real Estate Advertisements With Top 7 Real Estate Advertising Ideas

Real estate operations are often complex, and most people know little about them. Lack of knowledge and familiarity with the industry makes it even harder to launch a successful real estate advertisement.

real estate technology trends automation

But you can still succeed in real estate advertising or get the desired results for your marketing efforts. It is only a matter of executing interactive marketing campaigns that connect with your target audience.

This article will explain real estate advertisements and how you can seamlessly execute them to boost engagement and conversions. We will discuss diverse real estate marketing ideas and strategies to help your business.

What Are Real Estate Advertisements?

Real estate businesses are finding new and innovative ways to grow their business. Every day there are new real estate advertisements hitting the market that are better than the others. We are not just talking about regular advertisements on TV or online.

There are many different innovative channels for real estate advertisements today. You can use everything from social media to automated direct mail marketing your real estate business. Advanced campaigns seamlessly integrate marketing efforts on different platforms or channels.

Adopting An OmniChannel Approach

Companies are using an omnichannel approach to enhance their real estate advertising. It is an approach where your marketing efforts across various channels combine seamlessly to form an integrated experience.

The omnichannel approach is a massive upgrade from using real estate Rolodexes for promoting real estate businesses. You can use software solutions to automate real estate advertising and marketing campaigns, saving you valuable time and money.

Advanced solutions like PostGrid enable you to automate offline marketing channels like direct mail. It lets you connect your online and offline real estate advertising efforts in a seamless manner. The transition from offline to online medium in the campaign is so smooth that the user barely notices it.  

As a result, it becomes easier for you to execute omnichannel campaigns combining offline and online marketing channels. But, the omnichannel is just one of the many ways to implement effective real estate advertising for your business.

Importance Of Individual Channels

It will help if you use multiple channels and strategies to determine the most effective ones for your real estate business. Either employ these real estate advertising and marketing efforts individually or unify them with an omnichannel campaign.

The key is creating real estate advertising ideas that can work well as stand-alone campaigns and integrate seamlessly with omnichannel efforts. That way, you can run the same marketing campaigns regardless of variations in your marketing requirements. 

How To Advertise A Real Estate Business Successfully?

The rule of thumb for creating successful real estate advertisements is to create ads that connect with the audience. We know it is easier said than done. However, it is essential to emphasize this part because businesses often need to refocus on this goal.

Creating real estate advertisements that meet all your requirements takes time and effort. To develop aesthetic and quality content, you may need to reconnect your campaigns with the target audience.

Keeping this in mind, let us discuss how you can formulate effective real estate advertising campaigns for your business. The best practices you can implement to ensure a successful real estate marketing campaign are as follows.

Get A Clear Understanding Of Your Audience And Their Needs

As we stated before, the success of your real estate advertising campaigns depends on how well they can connect with your target audience. The only way to ensure that your campaigns connect with the audience is by getting a clear understanding of the audience.

You must understand what the customer wants from your real estate business. It is a challenging task. But you can do it more efficiently by creating a customer persona for every real estate advertising campaign.

Creating a customer persona involves understanding the likes and dislikes of the customer. But a more accessible place to start building an ideal customer persona for your real estate advertisements is demographic data.

Using Demographic Data

You don't need to target people with real estate advertisements if they are too young or old to buy a new house. Then there are also different age groups within the targeted age demographic. A young couple is more likely to look for a more affordable option.

“81% of first-time home buyers in 2021 were between the ages of 23 and 31” – Statista.

On the contrary, a family of four may have other priorities like proximity to schools. Hence, the real estate advertising strategy, message, and offer might differ. The better your understanding of the audience, the easier it is to create a more compelling ad campaign.

Set Appropriate Goals For Your Real Estate Advertisements

You need to set a goal for it to measure the effectiveness of your real estate advertising campaign. It would be best if you did not put unrealistic campaign goals. Define the purpose of your campaign even before creating the ads.

You will likely fill your real estate advertisements with unnecessary details or elements without a specific goal. Doing so might seem harmless at first glance. However, it could have severe consequences, such as low or zero conversions.

It is no different from going on an impulse buying spree because you thought you needed something for the ad. So, how can you stop this from happening and ensure that you set the appropriate goals for your real estate advertising campaigns?

The simplest solution you can adopt here is to ask yourself, “what is the most important thing for my business needs right now?” Do you need to generate more traffic to your website, boost conversions, or get ahead of your local competition?

To execute a successful real estate advertising campaign, you must first know what that success should look like for your business.

Pro Tip: If you need clarification on the specific goals for your campaign, try to figure out what business metrics are most critical for your business.

Understand Your Budget And Its Restrictions

Regardless of how well-off you or your organization is, you must clearly understand your advertising budget. Even the most expensive ad campaigns have a budget. It is worth assessing your funds and real estate advertising goals to determine your campaigns' ideal budget.

Letting your imagination loose and developing grand strategies bound to turn heads is tempting. However, it is only practical to do that by taking a closer look at the numbers. Not creating a reasonable budget for your real estate advertisements is a loose cannon.

It can lead to unaccounted expenses that can considerably affect your overall revenue. A real estate advertising campaign without a detailed budget could end up costing you more money to run than the money it earns for you.

Capture Audience Attention And Keep It

The basic rule of advertising is to capture user attention and keep it. Your real estate advertisements are no exception to this rule. Pay special attention to the “keep it” part because any edgy approach might capture the attention.

But it only does you good if you can turn that attention into conversion. Ideally, your ad message must be crystal clear and drive your point across to the target audience at a glance. It is the only way you can ensure the success of your real estate advertising campaigns.

Then there are also the real estate pics you need to worry about because low quality does not cut it. A high-quality original picture shot by a professional can do wonders for your real estate advertising campaigns.

For instance, you can add a high-quality photo of a listed property in your direct mail and send it to prospective buyers. Using the original and aesthetically pleasing photo can immediately appeal to your audience. Such real estate advertisements aim to give the prospect a mental image.

This image can vary from one audience to another. A couple receiving the mail can picture themselves having a romantic evening by the fireplace. For a family of four, this image might be of them spending time together near the fireplace opening Christmas presents. This example shows why it is crucial to include photos in your real estate advertisements.

Top 7 Real Estate Advertising Ideas To Try For Your Business

Organizations rarely come up with original and revolutionary real estate advertising ideas. In most cases, these ideas are either borrowed or inspired. The most effective way to accomplish such feats is to improvise on existing advertising ideas.

Below are some of the most effective real estate marketing ideas that realtors use now. Use this list to develop an ideal advertising strategy for your real estate business that can effectively meet your requirements.

#1 Direct Mail Real Estate Advertisements

Some may find it surprising that direct mail real estate advertising is still one of the most effective marketing channels for real estate. But real estate direct mail goes long back, and many companies still depend on direct mail.

A mind-blowing 70% of people admit that direct mail is more personal than any online or digital interaction. Besides that, direct mail has significantly higher open and response rates which are ideal for your real estate advertising campaigns.

Furthermore, direct mail marketing has evolved significantly over the years. You can fully automate your direct mail real estate advertisements using an advanced software solution like PostGrid.

Automation significantly enhances the direct mail capability of your business. You can fully personalize your real estate advertising through direct mail. It also means that tools like PostGrid enable you to execute complex real estate ad ideas that were once challenging or even impossible.

Send Housing Market Updates

One of the best real estate advertising ideas you can implement using direct mail is to send housing market updates to your prospects. The good thing about the real estate industry is that it is often predictable.

You can use this to your advantage, but remember that the landscape can change anytime. It is relatively easy to obtain housing market updates. With a direct mail automation tool like PostGrid, sending these updates as part of your real estate advertising efforts is even easier.

All you need to do is compile the newest updates in the housing market, specifically your farm area. You can then use the automated system from PostGrid to print personalized real estate advertising postcards and send them directly to your audience.

Quick Cooking Recipes

The best real estate advertising ideas are the ones that look different from an advertisement. Sending quick and easy cooking recipes is one way you can build awareness around your brand without looking nosy.

You can rely on this type of real estate advertising efforts to gain the desired results because it offers value. If the recipe you provide is helpful, the prospect will likely keep it with them to use later. They interact with your company through the branding on the mailer every time they use the formula.

Ensure that you include your contact information in the recipe because the customer could try contacting you anytime. You can also consider thole-punching the recipes or making them magnetic. It allows the customer to store or display your recipe safely. As a result, your direct mail real estate advertising can yield results even after a long time.

Provide A Free Market Analysis Comparison

The general public has limited knowledge of the real estate market. Even people actively searching for a new home takes time to wrap their heads around concepts like market analysis. You can provide a helping hand to the audience by sending them a free, comparative market analysis. It can be a traditional real estate advertising method for your business.

Offering a market analysis is an effective way to help your target audience, showcase your expertise, and establish a relationship with the audience. Hence, it is one of the best real estate advertising strategies you can implement for your organization.

City/Community Digest

Sending city or community digests to prospective buyers is another innovative real estate advertising idea you can use. According to USPS, a person can spend an average of 30 minutes daily reading their mail. Therefore, sending a city or community digest instead of a brochure will likely result in better marketing campaigns.

It lets you take up the role of a local guide for the prospect in your farm area. Sending a local digest establishes how well you know the city and landscape. Such quality is something real estate buyers look for in their realtor or agent. As a result, these local digests can turn into effective real estate advertising channels for your business.

Cleaning Checklist For Spring/Fall

One way your real estate advertising can help homeowners in your farm area is during their sprint or fall cleanups. People habitually clean their homes during the sprint/fall season and often miss cleaning some parts of their place.

Sending a cleaning checklist could help these homeowners out. And they may very well decide to keep the list to use next year.

#2 Real Estate Advertising On Facebook

Facebook ads are the equivalent of television ads in the 90s. It can reach broad audiences from different demographics. The diverse audience in the platform includes millennials who are ripe for buying their first homes. At this point, having ads on Facebook is a must for your real estate advertising campaign.

Facebook is especially ideal for real estate advertisements because it is a community-oriented platform. It means it is easier to find people and families trying to find a new home on Facebook. Moreover, Facebook offers advanced targeting capabilities to make things even more accessible.

Feature A Success Story On Facebook

One of the best ways you can use Facebook advertising for real estate is to feature a success story of your real estate business. Ensure that the featured report is detailed and precise, as it humanizes your efforts. It is a secure way of saying, “yes, we can do this for you too!”

Once you humanize the real estate advertising campaign, it is relatively easy for your customers to picture themselves in the same position. You can use successful real estate sales to appeal to your audience who wants to buy a new house.

It is also ideal for including details like the listing price to show how good a deal you got your previous clients. Prospective clients who see your real estate advertisements on Facebook will compare the price you got for your clients. It creates an impression that sticks in their mind.

Extend A Home Evaluation Offer

One of the most effective real estate advertising ideas you can use for your company is to extend a home evaluation offer to prospects. It is a classic yet effective strategy to generate potential leads for your real estate business.

Although it is one of the oldest real estate advertising ideas we still use today, its implementation is much different. Now, you can use this tactic across various marketing and communication channels, including social media.

You can even use direct mail to pitch your prospects a home evaluation offer. But wait, there is a twist here because direct mail underwent many transformations over the years. You can now automate the entire real estate advertising process via direct mail.

Realtors can also include a QR code in the mailer, which the prospects can scan to fill out an online for the home evaluation offer.

#3 Share A Video Of Value

We are sure that you know videos are an excellent marketing tool. You should know that the demand and consumption of video continue to grow. The success of apps like TikTok and emerging trends like Instagram Reels is proof of video content popularity. Your real estate advertisements can also include video content.

It is also worth noting that engagement for video content is always high regardless of what platform you use. A video can convey more information in 5 minutes which takes an article 20 minutes without boring the user. More importantly, you can use real estate advertising videos on different platforms, including social media.

You can consider creating all types of videos, such as educational ones, quick Q&A sessions, or something else. Ensure the real estate advertising content is valuable to the target audience. Additionally, you can make a video online to establish your expertise in real estate and build a reputation among your audience.

Highlight What Differentiates Your Business

Videos are an excellent way to highlight the differentiators of your real estate organization that set you apart from your competition. In a video, you can directly address a challenge the target is likely facing. Such an approach to real estate advertising is excellent for building trust among your target audience.

Highlight Local Attraction Near The Property 

Anyone looking to buy a new property will also want to know more about the locality and nearby attractions. You can make this easier for your clients and prospects by including a video highlighting all the local attractions. For better real estate advertising results, consider personalizing the video with local attractions of interest to the clients.

Make A Lasting Impression By Featuring Drone Shots

Drone videos are always so cool to watch; they provide an aerial view of the property and its locality. Real estate companies are already giving their clients 360-degree videos of a property. With a skilled videographer, you can shoot videos inside and outside the property for your real estate advertising efforts.

Adding drone videos to your real estate advertisements can make your company stand out. You can also include a visual narrative highlighting the local attractions and availability of essential services.

Host Memorable Video Tours

One of the best real estate advertising ideas using videos is to host a video tour for your prospective buyers. Since almost every real estate company already uses video tours, making the whole experience more memorable is essential.

You can get creative with your videos to grab the customer attention and make them attractive. Don't stick to the plain old documentary-style videos. Experiment with different themes and even impart fictional stories to make your real estate advertising enjoyable to your prospects.

#4 Real Estate Advertisements on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most successful social media platforms that almost everyone uses today. Its focus on media content sets Instagram apart from other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Instagram is the best platform to pitch real estate advertising in a picture or video format.

You can use real estate advertising on Instagram to boost your organic leads or build awareness around your brand. Instagram allows you to promote small bite-size videos on its platform. Use it to promote educational content about real estate topics that are useful to your niche audience.

Or you can use a more traditional-like real estate advertising approach where you use sponsored ads. The ads can play between Instagram stories, and you can directly send the audience to your website. You can run Instagram ads locally to boost your reach and grow your reputation as an expert real estate company.

Event Announcements Via Instagram

One of the most effective real estate advertising ideas you can implement on Instagram is to use the platform for event announcements. People always look for free webinars and workshops about subjects they wish to learn.

And as luck would have it, most people have yet to learn about real estate or how it works. Use Instagram real estate advertising to pitch such events to prospects as they offer significant value to your audience.

Assuming that your targeting is correct, they are likely looking for tips and tricks to help them with their real estate transaction. Using real estate advertisements on Instagram for more significant events like a masterclass for investors or live webinars for first-time buyers is also advisable. Doing so puts you in a position of authority over the subject and your industry.

Maximize Your Reach Using Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels is all the hype today; everyone wants a piece of it. It is easy to post an Instagram reel. But creating an Instagram Reel and ensuring it is ideal for your real estate advertising efforts is not a walk in the park.

Although there are additional expenses, it is worth considering influencer marketing for your real estate business. You can collaborate with relevant influencers to pitch your real estate advertising ideas and immediately boost your reach.

Another great thing about Instagram Reels is that you may post them organically or as sponsored ads. Instagram also provides you with advanced analytics features to measure your engagements. All this makes real estate advertising on Instagram significantly easy and effective.

Use Instagram Carousel Posts To Show Multiple Photos

A nifty feature in Instagram is the carousel post. Instagram carousel lets you post multiple pictures of the property you want to sell. It is a budget-friendly alternative to pricey drone videos or AR/VR home tours. A carousel is perfect for your real estate advertising efforts as it lets you show the property highlights.

#5 Real Estate Advertisements on LinkedIn

LinkedIn may have less diversity of audiences than Facebook or Instagram. However, it is still helpful for your real estate advertising campaigns. You can use LinkedIn to target more than two hundred fifty million users.

Like Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn lets you convey your marketing message to its users. The challenge with using LinkedIn for real estate advertising is that it only allows you to focus a little on the visuals. LinkedIn marketing is relatively challenging to implement because of limited options for featuring media content.

Build Authority Using Expert Tip Posts

LinkedIn is more of a professional platform, and people expect content that aligns with the platform. If your business already has professional credibility, your real estate advertising ideas can go a long way on LinkedIn.

Use content or posts that show your in-depth knowledge of the subject. But make sure that your audience can understand what you are saying. Your expertise in real estate advertising must demonstrate, and the reader can learn something valuable.

Share Listings Relevant To The Audience

The basic rules of social media marketing apply to LinkedIn too. All your LinkedIn posts should be relevant to your connections. If not, your LinkedIn real estate advertisements would not affect the audience.

It would be like talking to a wall where you get no answer or response from the audience. By sharing your latest listings, you can avoid the small talk and help your audience find their new homes.

#6 Real Estate Advertisements Via Email

Email marketing is not new to real estate businesses and should be relatively easy to implement. Moreover, email marketing continues to be an efficient way to pitch your real estate advertisements even after all this time.

You can still get an incredible ROI if you employ email marketing correctly. As with many other real estate advertising ideas we discuss here, email marketing also requires you to offer something of value to the audience.

Share Valuable Information Via Email

Email marketing may send your prospects valuable information concerning real estate transactions. Providing information or resources that the reader finds helpful enables you to add value to your email. It can have a significant impact on your real estate advertising efforts.

Draft An Ideal Welcome Mail

Did you know that most online sites send a welcome email to customers? You can send real estate advertising messages using triggering action. In this case, the triggering step could be signing up for a newsletter, listing their property with you, Etc.

Offer Free eBooks

One of the most effective real estate advertising ideas you can use in your campaigns is to offer free eBooks to your audience. For example, you can provide your target audience with an eBook like “The Complete Guide For Selling A Home In Brooklyn.” Additionally, the eBook must be relevant to the target audience to get the best results for your campaign.

Targeted Email Videos

The great thing about using email as your marketing channel is that it can support content in pretty much any format. You can include PDFs, DOCs, JPGs, and, more importantly, videos for real estate advertising.

For example, you can send a personal video and follow-ups to the target audience. By combining videos with email, you can scale it up as a highly-personalized communication tool for your real estate advertising efforts.

#6 Real Estate Advertisements On YouTube

All types of real estate advertising are now dependent on video content. Therefore, it only makes sense to include YouTube as one of your marketing channels. According to the data from Statista, 81% of internet users in the US use YouTube.

With so many potential clients on YouTube, you must consider the channel for your real estate advertising efforts. But it is also worth noting that an insane amount of videos get uploaded on YouTube every day.

Invest In Your YouTube Channel

Running a YouTube channel for personal or business reasons is no child's play. Succeeding on the platform takes a lot of time and effort. Moreover, real estate companies are swarming YouTube to establish credibility through their innovative real estate advertising videos.

Do not think of YouTube as a single-shot marketing channel. Instead, use it to release your vlogs that your audience can binge-watch. Your real estate advertising approach on YouTube can include content featuring active listings and valuable advice.

Some companies also use luxury listings to grab the attention of the audience, typically including in-person tours. You can also use a similar real estate advertising approach for initial engagement with the target audience.

Create Vivid Video Ad Content

When we say that you should create vivid video ad content, we don't mean the graphic quality for videos. An ideal real estate advertising video makes its audience lose track of time. Some videos are so good that the viewer forgets it is a real estate video even as they are watching it.

As discussed in the case above, you can impart a little fiction into your videos to make them more attractive. For example, a leading real estate company uses a Zombie-themed video to showcase the home features, such as security. You can adopt similar real estate advertising approaches for your marketing videos too.

However, you can also go for a much simpler approach. For instance, you can create a video of a family occupying the property and enact a “normal day” video. The real estate advertising video can highlight scenes featuring local attractions, amenities, Etc.

#7 Outdoor Real Estate Advertisements

Despite the dominance of digital media in our lives, traditional outdoor real estate advertisements continue to be highly impactful. You can use this old-school strategy to market your real estate business effectively.

The location is crucial for your outdoor real estate advertisements like billboards. Ensure that you place the ads where there is much visibility. Use the following ideas to make your outdoor real estate ads more impactful.

Keep It Short And Fun

Outdoor real estate advertising, like billboards and posters, offers ample physical space for your marketing message. But you can still write a (relatively) short story on these real estate ads.

The best approach is to keep it short so that even people driving by can quickly read your message. It is also advisable to place your real estate advertisements where vehicles are more likely to slow down. Besides that, you can use some intelligent wordplay, including puns, to make your ads more likable.

Use Simple And Sleek Designs

Your outdoor real estate advertisements are more likely to capture user attention with simple and sleek designs. It can intrigue the people walking or driving past your outdoor ads and take note of your ads. Even using extra large and bold fonts in the ad can have a noticeable effect on the target audience.

What Is The Role Of Automation In Real Estate Advertising?

Automation in real estate advertising reduces manual and mundane labor, saving you valuable energy, time, and money. It includes setting up marketing or communication channels with automation capabilities like mail, email, notifications, Etc.

As a result, it can help you streamline your marketing efforts by making them easier to manage and execute. Automated real estate advertising is also more efficient and effective than manual advertising.

You can even automate offline marketing channels like direct mail with the help of advanced software like PostGrid. Typically, an automated tool such as PostGrid integrates with your CRM solution. Hence, having a reliable CRM solution for your real estate advertising efforts is crucial.

Benefits Of Real Estate Advertising Automation

There are several benefits to automating your real estate advertising efforts. We can only list some significant advantages of real estate marketing automation as it offers numerous benefits. However, we can list the considerable benefits of automated real estate marketing and why you should employ it for your business.

Save Time

As you know, implementing an advanced real estate advertising campaign for your business takes work. Before launching your campaign, you must develop a strategy, find the appropriate audience, and much more. And the worst part is that most of these tasks are time-consuming ones.

With the help of automated real estate advertising, you can significantly minimize the time for implementing your marketing campaigns. You can even automate offline marketing channels like direct mail using the latest software solutions.

Target The Right Audience 

Another primary benefit of real estate advertising automation is the ability to target the right audience. On average, a person looking to buy a real estate property begins their research almost six months before purchase.

With automated direct mail marketing tools like PostGrid, you can start preparing your audience for conversion months ahead. For example, you can send personalized postcards to stay on top of your customers’ mind. You could also use one of the above real estate advertising ideas and automation to maintain consistent engagement with the target audience.

Precise Reporting And Assessable Results 

One of the most significant benefits of using automated real estate advertising is that it offers advanced reporting or analytic capabilities. The results of automated marketing efforts are easier to access and assess for your business.

Take PostGrid, for example. It lets your access direct mail insights and analytic data about your bulk direct mail campaigns. PostGrid allows you to check the deliverability of mail and even track it using USPS. You can also use PostGrid to access your mailing history and keep track of your marketing results. Using this information, you can assess your real estate advertising campaigns and modify them for better results.

How To Implement Automated Real Estate Advertisements?

With an advanced automated solution like PostGrid, it is relatively easy to implement automated real estate advertisements for your business. The basic concept behind all computerized marketing is the same.

You can use a web interface or an integrated solution to automate your real estate advertising efforts. The integrated solution, such as the direct mail API from PostGrid, must connect with your CRM solution to ensure quick and accurate personalization.

Let us look at how your real estate business can automate your direct mail campaigns using PostGrid. Use this guide to understand how to use automated solutions for your real estate advertisements and get an idea of the process behind it.

How To Send Real Estate Postcards Using PostGrid's Web Dashboard?

Sending real estate postcards using PostGrid's web dashboard consists of four major stages, and they are as follows.

  • Template design and creation
  • Contact creation
  • Mailing postcards
  • Postcard tracking and other analytics

Stage 1: Template Design And Creation

Before you can start designing the template for your postcard real estate advertisements, you must create an account and sign in on PostGrid. But you can skip this stage if you already have a design prepared for your postcard.

If you don't have a design, you can easily prepare the front and back template for your postcard using PostGrid. Read this in-depth guide to learn how to prepare the perfect postcard for your real estate advertisements.

Stage 2: Contact Creation

It is optional to specify the address of your direct mailer. But you must provide the recipients' details to execute the real estate advertising campaign. You can create contacts from the dashboard and find an in-depth guide here.

Stage 3: Mailing Postcards

PostGrid lets you send real estate postcards for your business as individual postcards to your contacts or use a variable printing process. You can use either option depending on your real estate advertising needs.

Sending Individual Postcards

To send individual postcards for your real estate advertising campaign, you must first go to the postcards page from your dashboard.

You can find the “Create Letter” button near the top right corner of this page. Click on it to create a new letter for your campaign. Upon clicking the button, the following window appears on the screen.

Fill in all the necessary fields in the new window, including the templates and your contacts. You can add the contact details for the real estate advertising campaign by typing a name or using the drop-down list to add recent real estate contacts.

After adding the contacts for the real estate advertising campaign, you can add a template or use a PDF file for the postcard design. You can hit the “Create” button at the bottom of the page after picking a template or uploading the PDF.

Sending Bulk Mail With Variable Data

First, you must select a postcard template that lets you execute variable data printing, such as the example you see below. You can also choose a template from our template gallery.

Use a variable postcard template for your real estate advertisements. PostGrid will automatically show the following window for the variable data.

You can use the window to specify the variables in our template and populate the variables. After filling in the variables in the above template, your letter would look like this.

Sending Mailers To Multiple Contacts

You can send your mailers, including real estate advertisements, to multiple contacts using a CSV file of your contacts. Click on the “Upload Recipients” button to upload your CSV file or contact list.

You can ensure proper formatting of the contact information. PostGrid promptly informs you about the number of contacts in the file after uploading your contact list. Check if the information is correct and click the “UPLOAD” button.

You can use necessary variable elements in your business letters, including invoices, collection letters, Etc. After ensuring everything is in order, you can send the mail, and PostGrid will automatically send your mailers. The only thing left for your real estate advertising is to track your mailer and assess the analytic data.

Stage 4: Postcard Tracking And Other Analytics

To track your real estate advertising mailers, you must go to the letter page and click on one of the letters you sent.

As you can see, there are four tracking stages for the direct mailers you send via PostGrid, and they are as follows.

  1. Ready to print
  2. Printing
  3. Processed
  4. Completed

The fourth and final stage is when your real estate advertising mail reaches its destination. Additionally, you can receive a tracking number for your mail by registering for our beta service.

You can find a similar approach for all automated solutions you use for real estate advertising, regardless of the communicating medium. Using an API version of the tool is even more effective and provides you with more flexibility.

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