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Printing and Mailing in 2024: How to Get Started

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Printing and Mailing Guide in 2024: How to Get Started

Although 2020 didn't turn out to be as per our expectation, 2021 likely gave rise to a new hope of certainty and an improving economy. That's something good to come out finally. Couple it with the bonus of the technological advancements we possess, we're in for a better headstart than ever. Why not use this vital moment to recalibrate and set up your print and mail campaigns for a fruitful 2024? But before we go, let's find out what direct mails are…

What is Direct Mail?

Direct mail is one of the oldest and most traditional means of marketing. It has existed for centuries and continues to be one of the best marketing means at present. It is a way of sending out physical correspondence to the receiver in the form of letters, postcards, notices, and more. Direct mails are an invaluable part of the communication channel. The entire idea of the direct mail definition is to create a mail piece and deliver it to the end user to boost the response rate and generate leads.

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Using direct mails is an effective way of marketing. However, if you are a small business organization, setting up an in-house direct mail can be expensive for you. This is where a print and mail solution can help you with its cost-effective and easy-to-use way.

What Is Print and Mail?

Many business organizations and firms have plenty of printing and mailing needs arising day in and day out. These can often be time-consuming and exhaustive.

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Simply opting for outsourced print and mail solutions can help them eliminate the process of maintaining a dedicated in-house department for such works. A print and mail service is meant to assist companies, individuals, and organizations in creating, printing, and mailing different documents and letters.

How Do Print and Mail Solutions Work?

Choose the Mail Piece

With print and mail solutions, you can send a variety of documents to the intended party with ease. The thing about print and mail is that it isn't limited to just direct mail and allows you to choose and send any invoices, letters, account statements, one-pager, compliance notices, surveys, awards, and more. Print and Mail APIs and platforms are a cost-effective solution to the ever-growing need of sending numerous documents for the operation of clients and prospects.

Customize and Personalize

Why stop at the first step when you can customize your mail pieces and create an alluring impression on the customer? Get your name or logo printed on the mail pieces, or maybe enclose a personal message along with it. You can also personalize the mail by using different addresses, techniques, and patterns. Select from a wide variety of templates and build a mail piece to your liking. All you need to do is tweak the details on the template, and you'll have an impressive, customized mail piece to send for.

Get the Address Verified

The entire process of print and mail isn't just complete until the mailpiece reaches the intended user. Creating an impressive mail piece is just one cog on the machine. You need to send out the parcels to the customers. But how do you verify whether the address intended for the mailpiece is correct? Verifying the address beforehand can help save you plenty of time and resources. Thankfully print and mail solutions feature address verification options that can help verify thousands of addresses in mere seconds.

Set the Package for Delivery

Time is an important factor in direct mail marketing. Getting your package delivered to the recipient in due time is vital to gaining a better response. According to the common approach to direct mailing, around 20% of the form factor is dependent on things like content, design, and the delivery of the mail. Print and mail solutions help you to get on top of your game with faster delivery turnaround times. You can get your mailpiece delivered across the length and breadth of the nation in just two days. The delivery comes with cost-effective solutions allowing you to save your money while still reaching out to the customers.

Track and Analyze Your Package

The consensus behind sending direct mail is to pique the interest of the receiver and bind them to respond to the mail. Generating a response is the first way to showcase your products and offerings, something that can invariably lead to a fruitful business relationship if timed well. But how do you find out whether your package is likely to get a response or not? Why not track the mail? With print and mail, you can know the exact whereabouts of your emails right from the time of dispatch to the receiving of the package. That can help a long way in finding the response rate and measuring your mail campaign's performance metrics.

Bulk Printing and Scalable Campaigns

Print and mail solutions can help you print bulk mail with ease. Whether it's a single mail or thousands of them, a print and mail API will handle them with ease. With the scalable feature, you can easily increase your number of mail pieces and cover a large area with your campaign. You can further automate the process and start a direct mail marketing automation campaign with trackable analytics anytime.


Types of Printing and Mailing Solutions

There are various print and mail packages that can be created and delivered as part of the campaign. Here's a list of them:

5 Print and Mailing Marketing Trends for 2024 That Can Upscale Your Business

The year 2024 has a peculiarity to it this time. It can either be a transition phase since the worldwide lockdown and economic downfall or can be a breeding ground for innovation and growth opportunities if timed well.

Here are a few marketing trends that you can incorporate into your print and mailing campaigns for 2024.

1) Aim for the Personal Touch

With the world still reeling from the impact of COVID's devastating impact last year, you'd be more attuned with aiming for a personal touch this year. It is the need of the hour, and you can strategically use this to generate better responses from customers. The customers are already filled in with plenty of mail and packages day in and day out. Standing out among these and compelling the reader to respond to it is a great way of starting this year.

Try to gain the attention of the customer with the use of personalized emails and content. Take full use of the technology available to this day and create uniquely curated content or mailpieces that stay relevant to the customer. They are more likely to respond to direct mails that are likely to connect them on a personal level.

2) Provide a Solution

The aim of sending out direct emails is to generate responses and turn them from prospects to customers. In a fast-paced world today, not many people have time to read through all the mailpieces and find the message hidden underneath. That is why you need to create value-oriented content on your mailpiece and not come across as someone who is all fluff. Try to provide an amicable solution and showcase how you can help them. That is one sure way to make them take note of you and imprint yourself on the customer's mind and increase your print and mail list.

For say, if you're a real estate marketer, your mail piece should be directed towards providing a solution for buying and selling a house or providing the best possible deal for anyone who is looking for a real estate property. Shoot your mail piece with a clear and understandable message about your offering.

3) Take Note of the Omnichannel Marketing

The past year saw the rise of quite a few technologies and marketing strategies. It has become a common thing to opt for multichannel marketing for a brand or a company. The company not only invests in direct mail marketing but also has dipped into social media marketing, email marketing, and more. So why not incorporate these all to create an immersive experience for a customer? Your direct mail campaign can be a way to integrate an omnichannel marketing strategy.

For say, send a postcard with a scannable QR code in your mail package. The QR code can be linked to your website or social media pages. This can help you provide a basis for tracing the responses and also give them something extra to connect to.

4) Focus on Creating the Experience

Direct mailing campaigns are often deemed as a traditionalist approach to marketing in comparison to modern-day digital marketing. But this is where it can also present an upper hand for itself. The allure of classic is something that will never fade. We've all seen it, the vinyl records' comeback, washed-up jeans, and more. Similarly, the physical touch and feel feature of direct mail is sure to hit the trends in 2024. People are already craving for an experience in the aftermath of the past year, and providing them with the right feel can help you generate better responses. Try to incorporate the standout experience from factors that can help build a long-term association with your company.

5) Automate the Process

You're stepping into 2024, a period of technological marvel, and you've still not tried to take advantage of it? The new-age technology can help you in plenty of ways, and automating the process of print and mailing is one of them. With an automated process, you can simply send commands from the confines of the office and still get your mail piece printed and delivered to the end user. That in itself can help save you plenty of time and resources. Add to it factors like saving space, eliminating multiple stages of mailing, and more. It's a win-win situation to be in. Automation is likely to take the market by storm, and getting on with the trend before others is the best way to take advantage of it.

6 Benefits of Automated Print and Mail Services

1. Easy Management and Smooth Working

The entire process of print and mailing turns out smoothly with an automated service. All you need to do is select the design, and template, and then proceed with the prints. Just click on order with a few simple steps, and your package will be printed and mailed to the intended user.

2. Cost-Effective Solution

A modern-day office requires multiple prints of documents in a day. There are your invoices, statements, emails, letters, notices, and much more to deal with. That can take a lot of space, man-hours, and resources on your part. Simply automating the process will help you eliminate the entire chain of events and focus your energy on business operations. It will help you save plenty of money and time.

3. Expert Support

What if you have to print a notice and submit it to all of your clientele at urgent? This will mean getting someone to write and print the mails while finding someone else to manage the deliveries and all. There are loads of loopholes for errors in this process. Why let an error disrupt your campaign? Opt for automated printing and mailing and let the experts do the chores.

4. Flexibility

The thing about automated print and direct mail services is that they allow you the flexibility that normal print and mail cannot provide. With this, you can easily choose from a variety of templates and select from a variety of sizes. Automated print and mail can take care of all of your direct mailing needs.

5. Secured Data

Automated print and mail solutions comply with the HIPAA/PIPEDA compliant system, helping provide a sense of security to your customer's data. It helps to maintain privacy and provides a basis for continual business operations without any worries about data leakage.

6. 24/7 Customer Support

You can avail of 24/7 customer support for your mail campaigns with just a click of your fingertips. With dedicated support, an automated print and mailing API can help you quickly find the solutions and be ahead of the curve.

Upscale Your Mailing Campaign With PostGrid's Automated Print and Mail API

PostGrid provides an easy-to-use automated print and mail solution to business organizations. PostGrid's print and mail API is integrated with a simple mechanism of ‘Create, Launch and Automate – As Simple As That,' allowing organizations to streamline their print and mail campaigns with just a few clicks.

With easy integration into your existing CRM tool, you can take full advantage of the functionality right from the very beginning. Simply sign in, choose from a variety of designs, and select your campaign. PostGrid's automated print and mail API will do the rest of the work for you.

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