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Requirements to Print Your Own Checks

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print and mail checks

Print Your Own Checks Online in 2024: A Complete Guide

Are you a business owner of a small or medium-sized business?

If so, then you might find yourself deep-diving into the thoughts wondering how to print your checks.

As a business owner, you may want to print checks online for a variety of reasons. Using software solutions like PostGrid can help you print and mail custom checks that match your brand in just a few clicks. As a result, your brand will be reinforced, and your professional image will be enhanced.

We know that you are curious to know more…

print and mail checks

Over the past few years, the print and mailing industry has shifted more towards modern technology and innovation. Previously, you had to order and get printed checks from your bank and wait for weeks for them to arrive. However, now it is the opposite of today, printing your checks instantly with online check-writing software.

And, to help you with the same, we are here! Today, we will be discussing all your requirements as a business and insights on how to print your checks.

Though you can be a little hesitant when thinking about your old systems with new technology, we assure you this change can pay off quite well in the long run.

Let's see how

Requirements to Print Your Own Checks

Still, asking questions like – can I print my checks using the technology or even a tool?

The answer is a Yes!

To do so, you first need to gather basic check printing materials. It can be daunting because printing your checks requires more than regular printing paper.

Some businesses make the most of investing in check printing materials, whereas some do not. So, you must perform a thorough cost-benefit analysis before settling on one, or whatever path makes the most sense for you.

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1. Software for Printing Your Checks

The very first thing you need to print your checks is the check writing and printing software. No wonder you also need graphic design and your checks formatted just the right way to be acceptable by the bank.

The software can help you create such checks and reduce your overall effort and labor considerably.

However, if you decide to integrate a print mail API, like PostGrid, you can create professional checks and automate their printing and mailing. The check API can also help you personalize your checks, enabling you to print your company’s logo, pURL, and other essential details.

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2. Check Stock Paper

After getting the right check printing software, you’d need to get the check stock paper. You can easily get such compatible papers with your software and printer in any office goods store or from online retailers. While getting the stock paper, you’d need to take care of a few features, like microprinting, security warnings, etc., that must be available with the stock papers you purchased.

3. Printer

Once you have the right type of check printing stock paper, you can easily print your checks with almost any printer as long as it is compatible with magnetic ink. You need this ink to print the MICR code of your check.

So, if you don’t have such a printer, you can outsource this printing step from printing companies. And once it’s done, you can then use the pre-printed checks in your printer to get the other essential details and customization.


MICR code is what the special computers use to process the checks. You have to type all the essential bank information in the MICR font at the bottom of the check. The details include your routing number (the nine-digit number used to identify the bank or the financial institute), your account number, etc.

5. Magnetic Ink

MICR stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition. The special computers based on MICR technology use this ink to understand and process your MICR font. Although, now, most banks use check scanning devices reducing, or eliminating, in some cases, the need for magnetic ink for your checks.

6. Counter Checks

A counter check is a form that the bank provides to withdraw money from your account. Sometimes, you don’t need a whole bunch of checks but only a few or even just one. In that case, you can request a

Check Printing and Mailing Service

Everybody wins when you choose PostGrid to handle your business checks. Save time and money to send or receive their payments faster.


How to Print Checks at Home: Steps to Print Your Own Checks?

Now that you’ve understood all about how to print your checks in-house, you might be wondering about the whole process. Well, here’s the complete step-by-step process for you to print your checks.

1. Invest in the Check Printing Software

As already discussed in the upper section, if you want to save yourself from the hassle and print the correctly formatted checks, you’d need to buy offline or online check printing software. So that’s your first step while beginning to print your checks.

2. Get the Check Stock Paper

Step 2 is a no-brainer. Get the stock paper just as described above.

3. Get the MICR Font

Step 3 would be to go get the MICR font. Now that we’ve made an understanding of what it stands for and what it is. You just have to purchase the font from the Microsoft app store for Windows and from the Apple store for Mac. Once bought, just install it and start using it for your checks.

4. Add Your Account and Routing Number

Your next step would be to enter the routing and account number. To get it on your check, just type the routing number at the bottom left corner of it and your account number next (right) to it. Both of the numbers should be in MICR Font.

5. Add Your Personal Information

Your personal information goes to the top left of the check. The details include your name and address. If you want to include the bank’s logo, it goes to the upper-right corner of your check.

6. Add the Check Number

Your check number goes to the upper right corner of your check. Additionally, you’d also need to place it at the left-bottom of the check but right to the account number.

Everything that’s placed at the bottom is written in the MICR font.

7. Add the Bank’s Fractional Number

Just below the place where you’ve put your check number goes your bank’s fractional number. The fractional number is a digit followed by a dash, which is further followed by a large number. It is simply there to indicate the region where your bank is.

We advise you to write it in a smaller but readable font.

8. Add the Date Line

In the upper right corner of the check, where you’ve put your check number, place your date line below that. The word “Date” would be present at the left of the check number and the line, where you’d add the date, just below it.

9. Add the Payee Column

On the right side of the check, you enter the name of the payee to whom the check is to be delivered. Type “Pay to the order of” and put a line or two below or next to it. End the line at the $ sign.

10. Add the Amount Box

Below the date, add the box where the amount to be paid goes in fractional numbers. Place a $ sign to the left of the box.

11. Add the Amount Line

Below the payee column, add the line where you’d put the amount in words. Then, add the word “Dollars” at the end of it.

12. Add the Memo Line

On the left side of the check, add the word “For” and extend a line. That’s where you put the memo.

13. Add the Signature Line

To the right of the memo line, put a box or another line for the signature.

14. Review Everything

Once it’s all done, review everything once again to confirm everything is accurate.

15. Print Your Check

After reviewing everything carefully, you can print draft checks with confidence.

Get the Bank-Level Safety & Security

Our checks & envelopes both are made of High-Security check paper and printed in a secure facility.


Why Should One Print Personal Checks from Blank Check Stock?

The major reason why companies decide to use blank stock to print their checks is that it allows them to personalize them for their customers and customize them for their brands.

Furthermore, it also turns out to be a more economical option for the companies that need to send checks in bulk.

Can You Print Your Own Checks Now?

We hope we’ve answered all of your questions regarding “how to print my checks?”

And now that you know the entire process of printing your checks and the essentials you’d need, it’d be a cakewalk for you to print your checks. However, you must consider the fact that it’d take a lot of focus, effort, labor, and time to get all of these tasks done the right way.

Hence, the best option available for you is to integrate an API, like PostGrid, with your CRM to get the best check printing solutions. The web-based API helps you automate this entire process and enables you to customize your checks as per your requirements and complete your check order.

Let Us Do the Work on Your Behalf

PostGrid’s print and mail service allows you to prepare your checks on top of your existing stock or use black paper. The best part is you don’t need to purchase a printer or download MICR fonts on your computer to get started. We help you do everything from scratch—by only pushing a few buttons on your screens!

Use Our Template Editor to Prepare Your Checks

You may upload your check design to our platform to draft and ship checks that imitate the artwork. Or prepare them from scratch by entering a few bank account details. 

Then, you may provide the payee’s name and amount whenever you need to send them a check, and PostGrid can assist you in printing and shipping them! So easy, right? 

You can print your checks without doing any legwork! It is upfront, quick, affordable, and efficient.

PostGrid also lets you customize and brand your checks by adding your company’s logo. Hence, you can conduct trans-promotional marketing, which refers to sending transactional documents containing advertising elements. 

Our automated print and mail solutions ensure you prepare high-quality and professional-looking checks to impress your payees. 

Add MICR Font Encoding

You can use MICR technology to secure your checks from fraud or identity theft. Leveraging MICR in-house is complicated. Hence, most people believe buying their checks from the bank is the correct choice, even though they are costly and take time. 

PostGrid collaborates with a reputed printing network that ensures your checks have the necessary security features, including the MICR line and font. Hence, you can confidently print and mail checks to the intended payee via our platform. 

Integrate PostGrid Into Your Quickbooks Account

We let you integrate our check printing and mailing functions into your accounting or finance CRM solutions, including Quickbooks. Thus, you need not prepare your checks one by one by typing the amounts and the payees’ names.

Our API integrations enable you to auto-fetch and auto-fill these details through your CRM when writing your checks. You can review, approve, and place orders accordingly!

These integrations also have other benefits, like sending invoices, statements, and bills. Your finance team can use them to automate accounts payable workflows in only a few steps! Moreover, you can reconcile your payments immediately without doing extra work. 

Send Checks With Bank-Grade Security and HIPAA Compliance

PostGrid strives to protect your data privacy and confidentiality. We comply with HIPAA, PIPEDA, SOC-2, GDPR, and other laws to ensure you can safely mail your checks and other items. 

Also, we help you send checks with bank-grade security and end-to-end encryption. Hence, they are the same as ordering from your bank, only more affordable and effective. 

Attach a Letter With Your Checks

You may insert a letter in your envelopes to inform payees about which payment the check is for! Or you may need to discuss something else, like renewing a contract, placing another order, or telling the payee that you only paid a part of the due amount. 

PostGrid lets you prepare and mail the letter with the checks in the same envelopes, saving you time and postage. Also, it improves efficiency and helps your finance team keep all parties aligned. 

No More Standing in Queues Outside the Post Office

We allow you to write your checks online and make some selections, like to whom you want to send a check and via which USPS shipping service. All you need to do is choose between a few choices and mark the checkboxes from the comfort of your home or office. 

PostGrid can take your requests and pass them to your printing partners, who print your checks legally and securely. They also insert them into envelopes, affix postage, and presort them, making them mail-ready. 

Then, the mailers go to the USPS office for accurate and timely deliveries. You can choose between First-Class, Certified, and Registered Mail based on your payment urgency.

Also, you can opt for a return receipt when selecting Certified Mail. It helps you get a copy of the recipient’s signature, ensuring your check arrives at the correct place. 

Maintain Accurate API Logs

Track your sent checks and maintain detailed records for all payments. It allows you to stay updated and pay on time. 

The process is simple; you can log into your PostGrid account and access your mailing campaign reports and highlights through the dashboard.

Set Up Triggered Payments

Automate your payments by setting time-based triggers. For example, you can prepare your checks today and schedule the print and mail processes for later when the amount becomes due. 

Or set up triggers to identify when specific payments become overdue, like the 1st of every month. 

PostGrid strives to let you eliminate manual tasks and embrace automation. Hence, you can save time, effort, and money while sending high-quality checks at unbelievable prices. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is printing your checks legal?

Yes. You can legally print checks at home or office for personal and business use. But you need the materials and technology, like MICR, high-end printers, check paper stock, and check printing software. 

Or use PostGrid’s check print and mail API to streamline your processes and save time.

Is printing checks at home cost-effective?

Yes. Printing checks at home is more affordable than ordering a checkbook from your bank. It is also faster and better! 

You can print bulk or on-demand checks via PostGrid, which costs you less than how much you pay banks. Please remember our rates also include shipping them to your payees at their correct addresses. Hence, you save a lot overall!

How can I get started with printing and mailing my checks with PostGrid?

You can sign up here and use your dashboard to place orders. Or get a demo to understand our features better and make informed decisions about whether you want to use the dashboard, our software, or integrate our API into your CRM. 

Don’t worry! We have many options to suit your needs and can guide you throughout. And we are only one click away from you.

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