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With high competition in the market and ever-changing preferences of customers, it is always good to keep connecting with your audience. One great way of acquiring these connections is by sending them direct mail items from time-to-time. Flyers are a great option for mailing as part of a direct mail marketing campaign. They can be used to inform your audience about your products and services, announce new launches or special offers, or to promote your brand generally.

  • Print and mail flyers quickly and start your campaign in the shortest time possible.
  • Straightforwardly divert the attention of people towards your brand.
  • Get personalized and on-demand flyers printed and ready for mail-in just two days.
  • Reach out to more and more people every day and create a powerful network.
  • Want to perform a campaign on a budget? PostGrid’s Flyer Printing and Mailing solutions will do it at competitive rates, fetch you better ROI and allow you to connect with people deeply.

Benefits of Using PostGrid’s Flyer
Printing and Mailing Solutions

If you wish to print and mail flyers, use our direct mail automation platform with a secure API to get everything ready to go quickly and in the most productive manner.

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Unlimited Number of Customizations and Personalization

The customizations required for direct mail flyers differ greatly based on their purposes. A promotional flyer will have bigger texts talking about the deals and offers than a postcard. On the other hand, an event flyer will have more space showing off the theme of the event and its details.

  • Choose from hundreds of in-built templates for your flyers. You can edit these templates according to you with the template editor feature.
  • Half page, quarter page, full size, single-sided, double-sided and other options are available for you.
  • Insert engaging punch lines for increasing audience engagement. Insist them to visit your website with customized URLs.
  • Make space for some testimonials to gain trust.
  • Segment your audience and personalize every flyer with recipient details. Reach out and make a bond with people.
  • PostGrid’s API will help you create attractive and engaging flyers with as many customizations as you want.

Highest Levels of Security

  • Our flyer advertising solutions treat security crucially. We have in-built features to keep your data safe.
  • You are the sole owner of all your files and other information. Our platform does not use your data for anything else other than printing and mailing. 
  • The API integration with your CRM also provides security and confidentiality at the highest levels.
  • We comply with PIPEDA, SOC-2, HIPAA, and other data security laws as we absolutely respect your privacy and interests. 
  • Our platform uses Amazon Web Services to assure safe operations.
Enterprise Security
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Tracking Every Single Flyer

  • When you conduct flyer printing and mailing with us, all the details are available readily on your dashboard. We offer complete transparency when it comes to tracking.
  • You can easily trace your direct mails and see on which stage it has reached. From designing, processing, and printing to mailing, you can see all your mails' status reports.
  • Also, you can view the tracking statuses of all your previous flyers.
    All direct mail flyers that are sent out have barcoded labels, which allows real-time tracking easily.
  • This way, you know exactly when you need to take the further step.

Address Parsing For You to Build and Extend Mailing Lists

  • You can integrate all your files from the database with PostGrid’s API. By doing this, you can easily add mailing lists for a campaign.
  • Our software allows you to run a quick check on all of your mailing list's addresses at once. This process gets all addresses verified according to the local postal addresses to ensure that there are no wrong addresses in the list.
  • Build new lists with our address parser, which sorts, validates, and presents verified mailing lists in front of you in just a few minutes.
  • PostGrid also lets you use Zapier within the platform for integrating with about 1600 applications to fetch new lists and keep extending your pipeline.
  • You can also build specific mailing lists with our demographic filtering options.
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Personalized Messages

Complete Flyer Sorting and Mailing Fulfillment

  • For efficient flyer printing and mailing, we have an easy-to-use platform that will initiate the process in just a couple of steps.
  • You need to go to the flyers section and select a type, design, specifications, paper, and coating options. The turnaround time and quantities are also to be chosen by you.
  • From here, our tool will take care of executing everything. We have collaborations with trusted printers to get eye-pleasing direct mail flyers printed for you in high quality.
  • The flyers will then be sorted according to the recipient’s addresses, and any further personalization will be done.
  • They are then mailed, and the tool takes care that they are successfully delivered by constant tracking.

Traditional Flyer Campaign vs PostGrid’s Automated Flyers Campaign

A lot of factors decide on the success of a direct mail campaign. Some factors are very important to be considered while choosing the way the campaign will be conducted. Find below the comparisons between traditional in-house flyer printing and mailing and PostGrid’s smart flyer printing and mailing:

Size of the Campaign

  • Traditional flyer advertising usually doesn't offer the flexibility to conduct huge sized marketing campaigns due to meticulous planning, designing, and printing hurdles.
  • PostGrid’s automated system lets you plan small as well as large campaigns easily and quickly without second thoughts.

Mailing List

  • You need to manually sort and make mailing lists for traditional flyer printing and mailing. These lists are prone to mistakes.
  • With PostGrid, you can build large mailing lists and keep expanding it every day. Everything is automated and done in minutes.


  • If the purpose of your campaign is to connect with people in your neighborhood or a few closely related members, you can opt for traditional mailing.
  • However, for reaching out to large masses and better promotional campaigns, automated flyers printing, and mailing is advisable.

Intended ROI and Accuracy

  • The ROI is usually significantly less in the traditional mailing of flyers due to anonymous mailing lists and incomplete statistics.
  • PostGrid’s platform for flyer advertising assures a good rate of ROI as the entire process is carefully planned, analyzed, and then executed accurately.


  • The cost of traditional direct mail flyer can be relatively high due to the divided costs of designing, printing, mailing, hired teams, and overall administration.
  • The total cost is much less due to unified operations through PostGrid that gets everything integrated for you, reducing the per flyer prices. There are no set-up charges. Additionally, PostGrid’s collaborations with closely located printers and understanding of postal requirements get you discounted rates.

Why Should You Choose PostGrid’s Web-Based Flyer Printing and Mailing?

PostGrid’s flyer printing and mailing solutions are focused on providing the best. Flyers are incredible direct mail collaterals and can achieve great results when designed and distributed with an automation tool.

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Conserve Your Time and Resources to Use for Other Important Tasks

Businesses are always packed with the day-to-day handling of operations. It can be difficult to set aside exclusive time to ponder about marketing. PostGrid’s flyer advertising services will help you easily plan marketing campaigns and get it done in a few steps. The all-in-one solutions that our platform provides enables you to save lots of time and resources. You need not find and coordinate with third parties for designing, printing, and mailing separately. Rather, you can focus on your business and let us handle it altogether. Our automation software for direct mail flyers handles all the inventory for you and gets the printing and mailing done as needed.

Pick From a Ton of Designing Options

PostGrid always offers a wide range of options for you to select from, viz:

  • You can get your flyers printed in ten different sizes. The paper stock options available are matte, glossy, and uncoated.
  • You also get many layouts, color combinations, fonts, and text options.
  • The designs can be edited to accommodate any additional details and variable data for personalization.
  • Die-cuts, premium, and foil-stamping options are also handy.
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Cut Down Manual Efforts

Manual efforts can be cut down widely by automating your direct mail flyers printing and mailing. Sorting lists, printing labels, designing and dispatching are all done in automated ways.
The automation tool ensures that everything is done on time and with least efforts on your part. All you have to do is make a few selections and give orders to the system.

Get Campaign Insights

  • PostGrid’s platform sends you timely reports that contain detailed analytics on every aspect of your campaign, from delivery statuses to engagement statistics. 
  • The customized URLs, contact details, and QR codes on the direct mail flyers help track and analyze the response rates.
  • These campaign insights will help you have complete knowledge of the performance of your campaign and provide you with details of what works and what has to be changed.
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Ensure Mailing Precision

  • PostGrid’s flyer printing and mailing solutions handle orders of all sizes with utmost accuracy and effectiveness. 
  • You can accurately plan budgets and get your flyer advertising done in any frame of your choice. 
  • Targeted mailing lists are prepared with validated addresses.
  • Regular follow-ups are done to ensure that everything is on track. 
  • You can also schedule the flyers printing and mailing in-advance. The platform will keep this information stored and do the needful from time-to-time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of flyers can we send, and for what occasions?

Promotional, die-cut, business, and event flyers are the most popular ones. You can send flyers for occasions like event announcements, product launches, introducing offers, and general advertising.

How will the automation software help you to print and mail flyers?

Automation in flyer printing and mailing helps save time, resources, and overall assures a better ROI. It gets everything executed smartly and quickly.

Why should you invest in PostGrid’s flyer printing and mailing solutions?

PostGrid is a trusted platform for providing flyer advertising solutions. Our tool ensures the highest levels of precision, efficiency, and security.

Can I get customizations and personalization done on my flyers?

With our API, you can integrate your data and personalize every single flyer. Customization options are available so that you get your flyers printed exactly the way you want.

How long does it take for the entire process of flyer printing and mailing? Can I track my direct mails?

It takes two business days for us to get processing and printing done. It is then mailed according to your turnaround time, and you can track all of your mailers through your dashboard.

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