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As a matter of fact, response rates and levels attracted by catalogs have accelerated by 170% between 2004 and 2018. Product experiences are displayed in front of people, which prompts them to take action: like visiting the company’s website. You can quickly plan a marketing campaign to print and mail catalogs with PostGrid’s direct mail automation software.

  • Plan, automate, and see the results. 
  • Print and send various types of catalogs on-demand. You can experiment with different types, designs, colors, and sizes. Imagine what you wish for and direct the system. 
  • Use direct mail catalogs for new product launches, existing products, or anything else that you want to communicate.

Features of Our Automated Catalog
Printing and Mailing Solutions

There are lots of high-end technology features of PostGrid’s catalog printing and mailing solutions that are simply excellent. It helps you get through many hurdles in the way to plan, design, print, and send direct mail catalogs effortlessly.

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Event-Driven Catalog Printing and Mailing Making Use of the Right Time

Event-triggered catalogs printing and mailing ensures that you are sending catalogs at the right time to the right audience. Sending the direct mail catalogs at the right time drastically increases the response rates. This is also called targeted direct mailing wherein direct mails are sent to people who are already engaged with the brand in some way. These people already know about the brand and are more likely to respond. You just need to integrate our API with your system. It will track all happenings like:

  • Subscriptions or program joining
  • Navigations through the company website
  • Adding things to carts by people

Excellent Designs and Personalizations

  • You will find hundreds of design combinations in-built on our platform. Firstly, you can start by deciding the tone and theme of the catalog. It greatly depends on the products and the purpose of sending the catalogs. 
  • You can design these catalogs either in a landscape format or in a portrait layout. High-resolution photos, consistency, and attention-grabbing texts fill up the catalog and make it eye-catching. 
  • Catalogs can prompt online action to a great extent. Hence, you can add URLs, coupons, or QR codes. The software fits these things smartly in the designs so that it doesn’t over-dominate the design but also gets attention from the readers. 
  • Custom paper types, printing effects, coloring systems, and other features are readily available for you to bring all your thoughts and messages together in your catalogs. 
  • You can choose between size options according to the content to be printed so that it fits in perfectly and gives a luxurious and classy look to the recipients. 
  • Create unique and visual-friendly catalogs while also personalizing them with variable data. Personalization drives responses, maintains customer loyalty, and improves the overall relations of the brand with its customers.
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Efficient and Real-Time Tracking System

  • You can immediately start tracking after placing an order for a few or bulk catalogs. This way, you can trace the entire process of printing and mailing catalogs. 
  • The status of each and every catalog in bulk orders is made visible for you clearly. Real-time tracking lets you create reports and plans of your direct mail campaigns. You can have better control over everything. 
  • Also, you can measure the progress of your campaign through call tracking. One unique number of your company is printed on every catalog so that you can keep a record of the number of calls on that line. Hence, you can literally track your direct mails right from the starting until it bears results.

Create and Add Mailing List

You can link your entire existing database with our API for printing and mailing catalogs. The platform will sort through the addresses, verify them, and initiate the process.

  • It is incredibly easy to add new mailing lists as address validation takes place in just minutes. You can store this reliable and useful data. 
  • Our software not just assists you in direct mailing campaigns, but also helps you add to your mailing list which ultimately initiates an increased pipeline for you. 
  • Buying data from third parties is no longer needed when you can yourself produce quality data. 
  • Send direct mail catalogs regularly to your existing and new audience and get assured responses.
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Catalog Printing and Mailing Fulfillment

  • The entire process of catalogs printing and mailing can be automated with PostGrid. Plan on how many catalogs you want to send, decide on the design, and give orders to the platform. The process gets both simple and quick this way. 
  • We have tied up with trusted printers to make sure that all your catalogs are consistent and suit the purpose exactly. These printers are well known for high-quality prints and are experts in their work. 
  • The mailing options we give you are according to your needs and the urgency of the campaign. Usually, small orders are needed to be immediately fulfilled, contrary to bulk orders—which are printed and mailed as part of a campaign. The decision regarding the size of the campaign is completely taken by you. 
  • Our platform will execute anything that you decide.

On-Demand Catalog Printing and Mailing with Complete Security

  • Our automation platform takes utmost care to keep your files, information, and data safe when you link them with it. 
  • We thoroughly follow the HIPAA and PIPEDA compliant laws to maintain strict data privacy.
  • PostGrid’s on-demand catalog printing and mailing solution uses your data only for the required purpose. Our platform’s infrastructure is designed to keep everything in compliance with the security requirements.
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Ways how PostGrid’s Catalog Printing and Mailing Solutions Can Help You

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Let Us Save Your Valuable Time and Resources

  • Save your company’s time with PostGrid’s catalog printing and mailing solutions. It is capable of getting things done in minutes. You need not pay attention to every minor detail and keep checking up on it every time. Rather, you can invest this time in other aspects of the business and build a competitive image of yourself in the market. 
  • Catalog printing and mailing require a lot of inventory like different types of paper, ink, binding materials, and many other printing equipment. It is not convenient for companies to stock these things and hire teams to design, print, pack, and mail the catalogs. In this scenario, our direct mail automation platform comes to your rescue at comparatively low costs.

Choose From a Variety of Options

  • To print and mail catalogs, you have a lot of choices pertaining to the paper type, design, ink, coating, binding, and size. We readily give you all these options so that you can select and get high-customized mail pieces for your brand. 
  • You can choose from the matte or glossy coating and the various paper options our platform offers. There are also options for high-gloss and UV printing in case you want to go in for more quality. 
  • Our binding options are not just limited to saddle stitches. Marketers can decide whether they want wire-O, perfect bound, or spiral bound binding options.
  • Similarly, the page count, the size, the cover appearance, and the weight are all decided by you. 
  • Our platform takes care of a variety of options and gives you the best of catalog printing and mailing solutions.
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Boost Productivity With Least Manual Efforts

  • Replace manual efforts with automation to smartly handle catalogs printing and mailing. Catalogs need a lot of planning. Designing layouts, fitting in images and texts, and deciding from hundreds of color options and branding can be easily handled with automation. On the other hand, manual efforts will make it long and tiresome. You can boost the productivity of your staff members by cutting down these tasks for them. Moreover, manual efforts are prone to mistakes and delays. Our smart automation API will solve these issues for you.
  • PostGrid’s catalog printing and mailing solutions will help you create a reputation for your brand with excellent quality catalogs doing their jobs. This step will, in turn, create a strong pipeline for you to get increased sales. The overall performance ought to be improved which boosts the morale of the employees and motivates them to perform even better. Use our automation tool to create a base and move forward.

Print and Mail Catalogs With Highest Levels of Accuracy

  • Handling a huge number of catalogs can be very difficult for your physical teams. For quick executions and accuracy, use our direct mail automation solutions. It sorts and verifies your data ensuring no wastages exist and the direct mails reach the right people. The platform makes sure to print your catalogs error-free and mail them in a fixed timeframe.
  • Our API enables you to make decisions quickly, which are backed up by statistics. You can choose the size of the campaign, the templates, the messages, and the purpose altogether without having to think a lot. That’s because our tool is accurate with its data and can guide you with everything very easily. 
  • Catalogs printing and mailing can be tedious at times, owing to a lot of printing and mailing technicalities. With us, you can leave the technical worries behind and just look forward excitedly to get the campaign conducted. We assure maximum efficiency with every mail piece handled by our platform.
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Get Reports From Time-to-Time

  • You can easily get insights into the performance of your campaign. Detailed reports containing the delivery status of your mails, the engagement levels and other specifics are made available for you. These reports can be stored and used for planning further marketing activities. Our automation tool collects, stores, organizes, and presents all campaign analytics in a way that can be highly valuable to you. 
  • It provides the base for all your marketing efforts. Simply integrate these results with your plans to make the best out of it. The software can even assist you to filter through the reports to draft the perfectly targeted mail list for a specific campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the events for which catalog printing and mailing would be ideal?

You can print and mail catalogs to announce new product launches, to advertise your existing products, to communicate with your audience or simply to maintain your brand image around the year. Hence, catalogs are ideal for any event you want to reach out to people and inform them about something.

Why do I need automation to print and mail catalogs?

Catalogs are typically a lot of work to get manually done. There are many aspects to printing and mailing catalogs, which will take up a lot of your time and efforts. Automation is advised to save time and increase efficiency.

How does PostGrid assist my business in catalog printing and mailing?

PostGrid’s automation platform will assist you right from the start of the process until the end delivery. We offer in-built designs and layouts, customization options, and overall trustworthy solutions.

Can I personalize my catalogs?

Yes, you can personalize each and every direct mail catalog. Name and other details of the recipients can be easily added to the mails so that your recipients feel connected and respond in a better way.

Can I know the tracking status of my direct mails?

Yes, you will be able to access the tracking details of all your mails through your dashboard on PostGrid’s software. Time-to-time delivery statuses will be updated for you to check.

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